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Ginger’s Spice
Ginger was Italian/Spanish, short, plump, busty with long red hair. She turned heads when she walked with a hip rolling sexy glide. As she talked on a conference call in her private office, she checked her clock knowing her morning appointment was Sandy close. Sandy was her personal assistant, go fer and all around handmaiden. Promptly at 9am every morning she briefed Ginger. Her briefing were thorough and always started with a 2 minute download of last nights backlog.

Ginger waved Sandy to sit as she continued her conversation. In 3 minutes, Sandy could see the frustration building on Ginger’s face. Sandy smiled as she stood up walking toward Ginger. Ginger shook her head “no” as Sandy dropped between her thighs spreading them until a finger tore into her pantyhose . Seconds later Ginger’s cock was groped free of her torn hose and Sandy’s lips closed on it. As Sandy’s tongue swirled her, Ginger’s face grimaced as she tried continuing her business chat! Sandy’s head lifted and dropped as she sucked her cock. “Going to cum, Ginger spoke then added Yes, Mr Franks I mean I may have to come there to assist you” as her cum spurted into Sandy’s mouth! Sandy caught it all, then rose returning to her seat. In a minute, Ginger hung up saying “Damn it Sandy! You can’t just make me cum on a business call”! Sandy replied “Boss Lady you require prompt, on time everything! I was on time, you came in under 2 minutes! My proficiency is 100%! Do you require anything at this moment”? Ginger laughed “another pair of hose, you ruined these”. Ginger and Sandy were also Trans-Lesbian lovers!

Ginger’s preference had always been girls, genetic or T-Gurl. She had an average sized cock and able to satisfy either. Sandy on the other hand was slim, small breasted with barely 3inches of thin cock. She loved sucking cock and being fucked. Both were professional ladies in manner and appearance, yet Sandy out going, spontaneous and could be a slut. She would be for Ginger whatever she needed in her personal life or business use, which included anything and everything. Sandy’s legs opened at Ginger’s command and her ass cunt had sealed many business deals.

It was 11:30 am when Sandy returned to Ginger’s office. She sat glasses on, prim and proper reading a file saying “that time again”? Sandy grinned “your 11:50 appointment will arrive and you know your mind wanders if I don’t get that cum out of you! Hush and spread those legs! We will not lose money because your cock is dripping”! “Bitch”, Ginger grinned. Ginger slid back, opened her legs while digging out her cock. “MMmmmmm”, Sandy moaned as she suckled her. In seconds she added “give me that spice…You know it’s mine, let me have it”. Ginger whimpered “you’ve ruined me….Made me a cum cow…Taking my cum from me”. Sandy quickly stood, turned and dropped her lubricated ass hole on Ginger’s cock! Ginger started grunting as her cock fired inside her! In a minute, Sandy was knelling as she lapped Ginger’s cock clean. As Sandy was leaving Ginger said “sometimes I wonder who the Boss is”? Sandy giggled “really? I thought we knew”? Ginger snickered “Bitch”!

At her condo, Ginger anxiously awaited Sandy, she was out on a business date. Ginger sprang to the door hearing the lock click! Grabbing Sandy at the door, Ginger caressed her face then kissed her, “you missed me”, Sandy smiled. They sat on the sofa chatting until Sandy said “I need to shower..He was so full of cum..He fucked me 4 times”. Ginger smiled as she walked away. In an hour they lay on the bed as Ginger’s head bounced slowly on Sandy’s small cock. Sandy moaned as she suckled her small nut sack, then gulped it with her cock into her mouth. A minute passed until Ginger released it then sank lower to eat Sandy’s ass cunt. She budded it outward letting Ginger swab it soaking it in spit. Ginger crawled up her body saying “Let me fuck it out of you” as her cock probed into her. She thrust slowly whispering “Baby, please cum for me? You know I can’t hold mine…You’ve trained me to cum quickly…Splash for me, please”. Sandy kissed her as her small cock threw cum against her! Ginger moaned loudly as her cock fired, spitting cum inside her! Their tongues met in a passionate kiss until Ginger slid down her and lapped her limp cock. Snuggling Ginger asked “who’s Boss”? Sandy giggled “Bitch”! Ginger laughed “I’m still confused”? “Don’t worry, I know”, Sandy replied. Ginger snickered “Bitch”!

Three hours into a 6 hour flight Sandy noticed that Ginger was antsy, she said “that’s why insisted you wear that wrapping dress. You’re full aren’t you”? Ginger grinned bahis siteleri “I can hold it”. Sandy looked forward telling her that she chose their seating anticipating possibilities. All she needed to do was to slid her flap aside. “Here”, Ginger asked? Sandy replied “I’m waiting”. Ginger’s cock appeared, Sandy’s head dropped! Ginger’s face tightened as Sandy siphoned her cum out! As Sandy sat up licking her lips, Ginger whispered “Thanks”.

On a business trip, at their Hotel, the Bell Hop sat their bags down as Ginger flopped on the couch. Closing the door behind him Sandy walked over lifting Gingers legs to her shoulders and grabbing her cock. Her mouth sank on it until it was buried deep into her throat. Bouncing her head several times she withdrew saying “Think of what you want to eat and I’ll call it in”. Her mouth fell over Ginger’s cock as her hand jerked the shaft. “You’re always thinking of me” Ginger replied. Gurgling, Sandy spoke “Shut up and cum”. Ginger groaned loudly as her cock sprayed into her throat. “Nice appetizer” she mumbled as she sat back. While they waited for their meal Ginger said, “Honestly Sandy, you’ve ruined me. I really can’t fuck anymore. I’m addicted to you…Your Mouth.. My cum builds waiting for you”. Sandy replied “I want it that way!…I want YOU that way…All that you make, I want”. Ginger smiled, Sandy added “I get fucked enough and I give YOU my cum. I don’t desire anyone else to have it”. Hours later, they leisurely lay in bed chatting. Ginger’s cell rang, it was Greg their best friend.

“I don’t know why you two aren’t a couple”, Sandy said? She told her they were long time trusted friends, talked daily and both fought taking it to the next level. Ginger smirked, Sandy added that Greg fucked her at least twice a week and groans “Ginger” too often when he’s cumming. Ginger slid between Sandy’s legs, sucked her cock and Sandy quickly rotated around into a 69 to suckle her. “We both like him and you’re fucking me less and letting your pussy waste”, Sandy eased 2 fingers into Ginger’s ass hole. “This needs fucking and Greg wants it”, she spoke as her lips latched Ginger’s cock. Sandy knew she was having effect on her because Ginger lapped her ass bud, rapidly! Sandy slid 2 more fingers into her. stroked them in and out telling her that he loves to play with a cum filled pussy after he’s loaded it. Ginger came, screaming softly!

Two weeks later, Ginger and Sandy were at the Park Music Festival. Greg played Bass Guitar in a small cover band due to play at 5pm. The ladies arrived at noon and spent the day with Greg. Both of them in thin summer, bright cotton dresses. He could easily see their bra’s imprinting and pantie lines. As they walked along, he took advantage to often walk behind them watching their butts. “He’s looking”, Sandy whispered, “He always does”, Ginger grinned. As they cleared the crowd, Sandy said “you’re lumping” as she saw a mound on Ginger’s dress. Spotting a 2 seat bench facing away, Sandy led her to it telling Greg stay where he was for a minute. With his back to them, he glanced as they sat. In a minute, he saw Ginger’s feet spread wide and Sandy leaned into her lap. In a quick minute, she sat up and they walked to him. “Hope everything came out OK”, Greg snickered! Sandy laughed “not everything! Just a little off the top”! Ginger gasped “I can’t believe you’re talking about me like that”! Sandy giggled “Hush you Cow! I just didn’t want your secret showing”.

Two hours later they sat on a grassy knoll. Greg stood 40 ft below them at the River Walk, glancing back often. “You know he’s looking under our dresses”, Sandy whispered. “I’m being careful’, Ginger replied. “Has he ever seen it”, she asked? Ginger giggled “I really don’t know? I’m know he’s peeped my panties and my bare breast by accident, she paused, Crap! My cock is swelling”. Ginger dropped her knees quickly! “Put them back up”, Sandy whispered! “Nooo! The tip of my cock is out my leg opening”, Ginger gasped! “You have to stop teasing him sometime? Let him see it..Trust me, it will be OK. Ginger smiled, raised her knees again saying “Damn it!..I’m dribbling”. They saw Greg glance back then smile, Sandy said “He saw it”! Ginger’s cock started jetting cum! “Did you just cum”, Sandy grinned? Greg walked up before Ginger could answer asking “was that for me”? Sandy yelped loudly “you did”! Ginger reached for his hand as he helped her stand then threw an arm around her waist telling her he would help her walk for a while. Ginger smiled as he told her she gave up a lot! Sandy replied, “Cow! I’m telling you that bahis şirketleri you could sip her all day”! Ginger shouted “Shut up! You’re embarrassing me”! Greg grinned “Is that true”? Ginger placed a finger on his lips. Sandy watched them chatting and flirting like she hadn’t seen before. The Festival ended with Greg’s Band doing a Roy Orbison hit dedicated to Ginger “Pretty Woman”. It blindsided her so much that she rocked in her shoes. He told him he would come by later after packing his band.

At their house, the ladies showered and changed sipping wine. Ginger’s cock stood, Sandy grasp it and squeezed it firmly until it shriveled, “I’m giving you to Greg” she spoke. “I’m not ready! Maybe he’s not ready”, Ginger whimpered? Sandy kissed her, “You’ll never be ready but I am. I always take care of you. I got this”. At Greg’s he had showered and was admiring his cock. What neither of the girls knew was that he had nodules implanted on his cock recently! Just behind the glans, 1 on top, 1 on each side the size of a 200 mg capsule. Two inches away, the same pattern at 400mg and one inch from his pubic mound a full one inch thick by one inch wide ring encircling his cock shaft. He knew he could use it on Sandy easily but Ginger was questionable? The ring if he sank that deep, might “knot” her? His enhanced cock was now almost 1ft long with a maximum girth 5in’s wide! In a few weeks he planned to add 2 Prince Albert rings through his glans!

Sandy wore a short, sheer, Red Nightie, bare breast with a Black Thong as she let Greg in. Ginger sat in a short, sheer Blue Nightie, bare breast with a White Thong. He could clearly see her thong bulged as Sandy sat beside her. They casually chatted and Ginger thanked him again for her tribute. Sandy’s hand dropped into Ginger’s lap, slowly pulled her nightie back, Ginger said “wait!…Wait, Sandy”! It fell on deaf ear’s as Greg smiled when her panties came into view. Sandy slid her panties to the side, lifted her cock then stroked it as she pointed it at Greg saying “she’s just afraid that she will like it too much. If you want it, take it”. Sandy continued stroking her as cum oozed from it’s tip, “don’t do it Greg” Ginger rasped loudly! He was on his knees watching Ginger in torment as her jaw tightened and her eyes flashed! “Don’t you dare cum Ginger”, Sandy blurted as she squeezed her cock firmly! Ginger hissed, then groaned. Greg leaned forward tracing his tongue around her cock head, slowly. Sandy spoke “she’s full of cum, hasn’t released since before your concert. I’m not going to let her cum, I have her closed off! Show her what she means to you”.

Greg’s lips closed over her cock tip as his tongue swirled! His face sank on her until it bumped Sandy’s hand. Slowly lifting and dropping his head, he sucked her. Ginger whimpered, yelped, moaned and groaned Greg looked at her ball sack glaring red and swollen so tight it was completely smooth. As his head bobbed, his tongue ran the underside of her cock teasing the filled vein. “Does it hurt Baby”, Sandy asked? Ginger moaned “yes”. Greg suctioned her glans roughly causing Ginger to cry. “I can release you”, Sandy spoke. “No!…No, don’t!…Don’t do that to Greg”, Ginger cried. He reached for Ginger’s hand, clasp fingers as Sandy told her, “he wants it…He wants YOU”! Ginger’s other hand came over, caressed his hand asking “Greg, are you sure”? Sandy released her cock before he could react! Ginger hissed loudly as her cock jetted cum wads into Greg’s mouth, she screamed “Greggggggg!…Oh my god”! Cum blasted out of her so forcefully that Ginger sat up and fell back with each slug she shot! Eight times, she rocked back and forth until she fell back wrapping her legs around his head. He remained suckling her until the last dregs of her cum trickled from her. He sat back, lowering her legs as Sandy leaned over her kissing her tear stained face.

Minutes passed, Ginger looked at Greg “stop licking your lips!…I can’t believe you did that…I can’t believe I did that”! Sandy ran her hand into Ginger’s crotch saying “Oh yeah you did and he got it all!..Girl you’re dry there’s nothing in this sack”! Ginger covered her face with both hands as she blushed beet red! “You’re not done yet”, Sandy said as she lifted Ginger’s thigh making her place her foot on the couch, Ginger shouted “No, not that too”? Sandy grinned “other foot! Put it up too”! Ginger sank low on her back as Sandy’s hand lifted her ball sack. Greg’s eye’s zoomed into her crotch as Sandy pulled her anal band aside! “Sandy”, Ginger screamed! She giggled “Hush!…I’m showing Greg your canlı bahis Pussy”! He saw deep, wrinkled slightly brown streak between bright pink ass cheeks. “Push it out Ginger…You know he can’t see it”. “Please”, Greg whispered. She whimpered “Greg…It’s my last secret….I have nothing else”. Greg smiled “you were a Lady when I met you….You are no less a Lady now”. Sandy smiled at him as she felt Ginger tremble and said “she’s showing you”. Greg saw her ass cheeks flexing as she grasp a cheek in each hand spreading them wide. In a few seconds her ass hole yawned then slowly budded outward. Sandy leaned over to watch holding Greg’s hand saying “show him Ginger…Come on, there’s more…Push it out”. Greg huffed breaths, as Ginger panted loudly as her ass bud swelled. Her ass hole ribbon-ed unfolding until it was at least 3inches wide. “Beautiful”, Greg whispered. Sandy giggled “come on Ginger, you know there’s more! Show him all of it”. Ginger whimpered “Pride…Sandy, leave me my pride”. Greg’s cock was nearly ripping his pants, Sandy replied “there is no pride, no shame…All of it…Now”! Ginger inhaled deeply, hissed and grunted loudly! In seconds her ass hole prolapsed outward hanging red and wet as she sobbed.

Greg spoke, “Ginger..It’s like you, beautiful….Thank you for showing me”, she cried harder! Sandy leaned over her, kissed her quickly saying “Fuck her Greg”! He eased up to her hanging prolapse, eased his cock glans into her as Sandy kissed her again saying “Damn it Greg! Fuck her”! He rammed his cock into her forcing her prolapse to sink back inside as his knobby cock rammed fully inside her. Ginger screamed loudly into Sandy’s mouth! Gasping for air she said “Jesus, he’s big”! Greg began a slow thrusting into her, she said “he’s fucking me Sandy..He’s getting my pussy”. Sandy grinned “is it good”? Ginger kissed her “yes, I love it”.

Greg: “I’ve wanted you for so long, I just didn’t know how to get you?… You were right there and I lusted for you but was too afraid of losing you”.
Ginger: “I knew, but I’d been used and broken by too many men. If it didn’t work out with you I thought I’d lose you”

Greg thrust into her asking if he caused her any pain, she replied “no” he actually stretched her but it was in a pleasurable and thrilling way. He touched places she hadn’t felt or even knew she had. Greg rutted into her deeper she said “don’t spare me. Fuck me like you want, fuck me like the pussy you need me to be. I need to know I’m able to satisfy you”. He began ramming and slamming into her, fucking her with pure abandon! Ginger whispered “breed me but save some for Sandy”. Sandy kissed her cheek saying “thank you”, then turned kissing Greg passionately saying “breed her”. As they kissed her throttled faster into Ginger, she squealed “I’m cumming! He’s fucking the cum out of me”! Sandy looked between their slapping bodies and saw Ginger’s cock spurting! She leaned whispering directly into Ginger’s ear “you made it…You’re finally in your place as a woman…Your Pussy is your pleasure, YOU are it’s slave..Your cock doesn’t matter any more…The man between your legs getting your pussy does”. Ginger flinched as his cock threw more cum out! In seconds Ginger shook as her cock fell slack as she pissed uncontrollably! Greg pounded her as the sound of their wet bodies slapping sounded loudly! He fell on her as he sprayed cum into Ginger. “You’re cumming!..Greg it feels so wonderful!…You’re giving me yourself!……Sandy, he’s giving me his babies!…So thick and warm!….I love it”! Greg lay for a minute, Ginger kissed him saying “take Sandy…. I love her so much..Take her please”.
Greg sat back, as his cock pulled from Ginger her ass made small air farts, each popping softly!

Sandy saw his cock and grinned “you’ve grown”! Folding her legs back, he slid easily into her. His thrust were rapid from the start, she said “whore me out! Fuck me like a Bitch! You know I turn my ass up consistently!…I’m a fucking cum catcher”! Greg showed her no mercy! He rammed deeply as she giggled telling Ginger “Ms Piss Pot, go get cleaned up”! She got up and as she turned Sandy said “that’s a first! Your pussy is hanging out”! Greg turned to look as Ginger replied “It’s the first time ever and it feels great! It’s telling me that I really have one”! As she left the room she said “Greg, you know she’s in love with you”. As Ginger returned she saw Greg slam into Sandy and slump! She sat beside them caressing his back as he dumped a load into her. In a minute Greg crawled off sandy and Ginger lowered her face into her crotch. Sandy grasp her head and hissed as she fed Ginger her cum. Greg quickly slid beside her, lowered his face beside hers and kissed her, as Ginger swirled her head then lifted her legs to lap her cum filled ass. In a minute they were joined in a three way kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32