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This is part of a series. Read the first parts first.

This final night, by agreement, I returned to Pramod’s bed. I enjoyed all the guys, they made me laugh and cum, and feel beautiful. But Pramod also had a special touch, he made me feel like a professor and a trusted friend. So I smiled inside over another night with him.

“What specialty do you practice, Dr. P?” I hugged him as we walked down the hall.

“Gastroenterology, Silky. Why?”

I cracked up with the giggles then. “You do colonoscopies and rectal exams, right? You’re an expert on the subject of people’s be-hinds?”

“Yes, mera pyaara (that’s Hindu for ‘my loved one’) but why do you laugh?”

“Because I know all sorts of things about assholes you don’t know, and now I’m going to teach you!” I gleefully danced a circle around him.

After we got to his room, I stripped my clothes off.

“Hurry up, get naked Pramod! I’ve got a goal now, and when I get focused, nobody can distract me! Is that a new shirt? I don’t think I saw it before… ooh, soft. Did this come from India? Wait, back on mission,”

We wound up in his bed, and I opened my legs wide.

“Get down there like you did Thursday when you ate me out. Now this time, lick me from my clit to my anus. YES, like that!”

He did a great job of following directions.

I began to laugh, which bounced my Mons and that bumped his head. I didn’t mean to chortle, but when I looked down over my kootchie I could see his intense brown eyes burning up into mine with the rest of his face out of sight, and slick spots all the way up his cheeks. I must have been pouring.

“Don’t stop, Kumar. I’m not laughing at you, well not at what you’re doing, it’s just comical to talk to someone about your own butt hole and see them between your legs looking so earnest.”

“You would prefer that I practiced Ob-Gyn?” His forehead revealed his smile, even though I couldn’t see the rest of his face. He poked me in the taint, which set off further peals and giggles.

“OK, stop for a minute. What I want is for you to explore that area with your lips, and learn the taste that I bet has never been part of your exams.”

“Certainly I am getting a whole new perspective… get it, hole?”

After that I could not remain still, and we wound up rolling around on the bed in another tickle battle. So I shared my body in more than one way with my club. Meh! It’s an exclusive bahis firmaları club. The initiation truly is a bitch.

“Look, let’s try to be serious, Pramod. I have learned that anal sex, and ass worship in general, can be very sensual. There’s a lot of nerves down there, and while you can probably name them and draw me a picture of their afferent and efferent innervation, I bet I’ve had more experience with feeling those same impulses.”

I pushed his chest. “Roll over on your front, and I’ll demonstrate.”

He lay prone, and I caressed his tight little buttocks. Too tight.

“Come on, loosen up,” and I playfully slapped him. Finally I shoved a pillow under his hips to get his rear elevated, and began to nibble on his cheeks along his crack. I caressed his balls, and his thighs, and slowly spread his legs.

Then I burrowed in, lightly touching his wrinkled little prune with my tongue. It took him several tries, but he eventually relaxed and let me probe further.

Many people try to describe the taste of clean ass – I’m unable to discuss dirty as I have no experience, nor do I plan to have – but I have heard everything from moldy bread to tuna (and I don’t know of a careful separation of male and female), anyway, with him I tasted a base undertone of peaty earth and mole, with a touch of ducky pheasant and a slight whisker of short-haired cat.

I licked around and pushed into his folds, and slowly see-sawed in and out. His muscles started bulging in time with me, and soon I was deeply tongue fucking his ass. I massaged his peritoneum as I thrust, and let my finger creep up to join the party.

“Your hair, it tickles,” he sighed.

After about five minutes I slid under him and took his rigid cock in my mouth as I solidly reamed his backside with two digits. I prodded his pulsing prostate until he lost all control and fed me a gasconade of glue, an alluvium of dregs that had probably been buried there since before his marriage. Or maybe puberty.

“Oh Chandrasekhar, Sweet Silky! What have you done to me? I believe you have turned at least my testicles inside out! Ganesh, what a sensation!”

He apparently had no issues with ATM, or had never thought about it, for he devoured me with his kisses, and small drops of semen dripped out of his penis for a long, long time.

“That’s what I wanted you to feel. And I have some more.” So we reversed positions, and he demonstrated kaçak iddaa his retentive skills, his ability to replicate what he had learned, in the classic feel one, do one, and teach one paradigm.

I had less reluctance to his invasion, so he quickly showed me not only the basic skills, but also his creativity, in that he bit me and nipped along my cleft, in that special way made famous by Eddie Murphy.

He also experimented with stimulating both my clit and my rectum; I wonder if the guys had shared any stories?

“Dr. P, that’s so good! Oh, Jesus, yes, right there! Oh fuckmefuckme… ahh!” And I lifted into the stratosphere of sensation and flew away.

He regrouped lying there on his side with my butt as his pillow, one hand still stroking my pussy in a post-coital way, and planting little kisses randomly across my flesh.

“Moving far beyond a novice in sex, you are, Padawan Pramod,” I mumbled into my pillow.

We eventually regained enough energy to cuddle up and start kissing again. He moved along my neck and ear, and I just purred. I stopped him, and looked deep into his eyes. “Pramod, there’s one thing you still haven’t done with me, that I would like.”

“You have but to ask, my sweet.” And we kissed some more.

“Actually, you said it.”

“What did I say?” he appeared puzzled.

“You said I have butt to ask…” I smiled an evil grin, and repeated “butt to ask…”

“You mean?”

“I said y’all couldn’t push me, but I’m ready and willing, O master of the be-hind.”

So I rolled over face down again, and he plied my back door with his fingers.

I told you he wasn’t circumcised. Guys with foreskins make much better anal lovers. So he put it, all sacked up, right against my hole, and I pushed back against him, straining as well as pushing. A moment of pressure and then his glans popped inside me, and I felt so full!

Of course, I diddled my skittle while we pushed it in and out, but ’twas just a delightful sensation. As if all my insides were pulled far, far back, and then shoved deep back inside, but all in a good way. Somehow that stresses my clit, and tugs at my labia, and I don’t know… it just feels so good.

He obviously liked it, and I could hear him grunting and moaning as I clamped down as hard as I could, which skimmed his skin back and forth tight and fast and hot. He struggled to shove into me as I rushed to take him deep, and as a kaçak bahis result I knew an orgasm grew inside me like one knows a freight train is far away coming down the tracks.

Just like that, I began to tremble and twitch, and the pressure built and built, and my Doctor pal moved faster and faster. I reached a point where I had no volitional control, and my hips rolled and heaved, my breath whirled in and out, and then like Dorothy, I blew away in a tornado, swirling into blackness on a wave of overpowering pleasure…

When I awoke, Pramod lay spooned against me, smiling so widely he reflected sunshine like a mirror on the beach. My lips, too, stretched to new dimensions. But we matched, as I twisted around to kiss him.

“Wow, Big Daddy, that was Awesome!” I breathed.

“I have learned things about a woman’s body I never dreamed of, my Silky one. You have left me where I will never examine a patient’s anus without at least a moment of wondering if they know these secrets.”

“You make me so happy, Dr. P. And now you have pleasured me every way I know how, so you can’t claim ignorance again.”

“Again? Does that mean it will re-occur?”

“You’re the expert on reincarnation, hot dog. You tell me.”

Monday morning we ate a buffet in the suite. Every muscle in my body, especially the ones IN my body, were so tired they had turned to rubber.

My fan club pretty much felt the same way, even though they got to sleep all night three nights out of four. But did I? Ha, no… but I wasn’t complaining. I felt proud, and happy and sad, and lonesome, all at once.

As I looked around, every man in the room brought special memories. Doggie Doug, and fucking Baldy on the couch in front of all of them, and going to the clubs and dancing. Riding back in the limo! Robert’s afternoon. Every eye whispered a secret to me, and I felt ghost hands on me, and mystic cocks inside me, and glowed with joy and pride.

Me, Little ole me, had provided all four men with all they could handle. They had all shared intimate moments, I had given each of them a piece of me; I mean my heart, I’m serious, here. I knew I could handle any group of men anywhere, and not be afraid or embarrassed. I mused that a girl had come to Miami, and a woman was leaving. A hot, sexy, smart, and caring woman, true that, but still. Not a child. It almost felt wrong to keep their money, I had enjoyed myself so much. Almost.

Ha, I’m not stupid.

Jessica and George awaited me in Birmingham. They held up a sign that said “StinKleY.”

It felt so good to be home. And Jess would be so jealous over my shoes…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32