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This story is about how Gail became the seductress she is. I really encourage you to read my first story “GTO” to understand fully who Gail is as I spent much more time on her background there. This story takes place at the beginning of summer between her Junior and Senior year of high school.


GTO – The Beginning.

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Gail. Gail Theresa O’Malley. GTO. If you want a really detailed explanation of who I am, you might want to read my first story, “GTO” Short intro here, Just the relevant info.

I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, weigh approximately 120 lbs., hypnotic emerald green eyes, flaming red hair that reaches to the center of my back, and legs that go for miles. No matter how busy I am, I still manage to spend at least an hour a day in my home gym. Personally, I think my best feature is my tight ass and miles long legs, but it seems that most guys (and a fair number of women) tend to drool over my 38D breasts. Let me tell you, trying to slide under a car with those things can be a real challenge.

Both my parents really made an effort to explain to me what they did in their jobs. I ended up having a knack for mathematics, and I would spend countless hours on weekends working on cars with my dad while I was growing up. By the time I was 10 years old, I could rebuild a carburetor practically blindfolded. Mom also taught me the basic physics of engineering in the evenings while she was working on one project or another at home. Unfortunately, mom died in a car accident caused by some stupid drunk driver when I was 11 years old, so from then on it was just me and dad. Dad made a pretty decent living on his own, but because of a really good life insurance from mom, we were pretty well set. Dad did date occasionally, but he really never seemed overly interested in it. I think he just did it because I would mention to him that he needed to get out of the house occasionally.

With mom gone, I really didn’t have a female role model to teach me the finer points of being a lady. I grew up more of a tomboy wearing jeans and tee-shirts, and working on cars. When I turned 15, I went to work at my dad’s shop on weekends and during breaks in school. I was pretty much an outcast in high school because I didn’t fit in with any of the cliques. I was a girl, so the gearheads really didn’t take me seriously. Obviously, I was not feminine enough for the prissy popular girls. I never got into sports, because that would take time away from working on cars with my dad. And I found the nerds to be boring. Dad did insist that I focus on my studies, and he would insist that all my homework was done correctly before he would let me help him in the shop. Truth be told, I actually liked doing my schoolwork, and, because of the work ethic instilled in me early by my parents, I strived to always be at the top of the class.

It should be obvious that I didn’t have many friends in high school. I was pretty much a loner. I was also usually pretty laid back until I was pushed too far. That would happen occasionally. Some cheerleader would start making comments about me, and when I didn’t retaliate she would escalate the bullying. Eventually, she would go a step too far by pushing me in the hallway, knocking the books out of my hands, or throwing something at me. Big mistake! Working on cars can really strengthen you. Lifting transmissions, torqueing head bolts, and carrying engine components around the machine shop can really build some muscles. So there I would be with the crying prissy cheerleader in the principal’s office. I never really got in trouble, usually just a warning about bitch-slapping her. I’m pretty sure that the principal knew what was really going on, because he would dismiss me, then talk to the other girl for a few minutes longer. The other girls would avoid me after that.

Anyway, my dad gave me a really nice built up 1969 GTO for my 16th birthday. Me, being me, I soon began street racing with it and relieving a few pretentious rich boys of their cars. (FYI, as soon as dad figured it out, he put a stop to my street racing for pink slips career). Read all about that in my firs story.

Anyway, just as soon as summer break started after my junior year, dad called me into the living room for a talk. He told me that he was proud of the person I had become, but was concerned about the lack of a female role model to teach me about being a woman. He said that he had discussed it with my Aunt Elizabeth (Mom’s younger sister) and they had agreed that I would spend the summer with her in Boston. No cars, no racing, no mechanics. I protested. I pleaded, I cried. I begged. All to no avail. I was going, and that was that! Dad actually laughed when I offered to race him for it. He politely declined, saying that it was already decided, and he was not going to change his mind. So that summer, I grudgingly went to Boston. Let me tell you, after a couple of VERY interesting confrontations during the first two weeks (Apparently Aunt Elizabeth is really good at hiding her true persona from the rest of the family) it became a really educational summer. I’m bahis firmaları sure if dad really knew who Aunt Elizabeth was behind the classy reserved exterior she showed to the family, he would have freaked out and forbade me to ever associate with her. And this is the story of that summer.

So here I am getting off the plane in Boston. Attitude? Check! Yep. GTO was running on High Octane. Not a happy camper. My temperature and oil pressure gauges were dangerously in the red. Dad told me that he shipped most of my clothes to my aunt a couple days before I left, so I only had a carry-on with two changes of clothes and the necessities. That explained by bare closet and dressers when I packed. I was able to skip baggage claim, and go straight to Passenger Pick-up. My Aunt was waiting for me, and, even though I hadn’t seen her for a couple years, I spotted her immediately. Shoulder length flaming red hair, check. 5′ 6″ (if you subtracted the 4″ heels), Check. Ginormous tits, Check and double check. She looked just like mom would have.

So here I was in my sneakers, faded jeans, and Aerosmith tee-shirt with my hair in a loose ponytail. And there she was in a form fitting grey dress, 4″ open toed grey heels, stockings, and hair that looked like she just came out of the salon. This should be interesting!

“Gail, my how you have blossomed into a beautiful young woman since I last saw you!” Her smile was genuine with a certain sparkle in her eyes.

I reached in for a hug. “Nice to see you again Aunt Elizabeth.” She surprised be with a big kiss. This will probably surprise you, but I am not really a huge fan of intimacy – at least I wasn’t yet.

Perhaps I should explain a few things about my aunt now. It might help to understand the nuclear war that was coming. While mom went into engineering, Aunt Elizabeth went into law school. Perhaps you’ve seen those movies and TV shows where the beautiful, sexy, ball busting female lawyer comes in dressed to kill and proceeds to crush the opponent? That’s her. She revels in making powerful CEOs start to cry on the witness stand. Therapists send her Christmas cards every year thanking her for the business they get after she completely crushes the poor souls who take the stand for the opposition. Shark doesn’t even begin to describe her. At 32, she is already a full partner at her law firm. She laughingly told my dad and I one time how, just for fun, she sent the opposing council a friendly greeting card just after she took on a case. The next day, they were at her office with a VERY generous settlement offer. She isn’t just great at winning battles of wills, she relishes the fight. The “Taking any Shit” circuit in her brain has been hardwired out of order. And the GTO show up at the starting line with the engine revved up and ready to launch down the strip. This should be interesting. Unknown to me at that time, I was about to get an education.

“Where’s your car? I’ll drive, and you can give me directions.” I really hated riding. If I wasn’t sitting in the left front seat with the wheel in my hands and pedals under my feet, I felt completely out of control. After riding in the passenger compartment of the airplane for the last 5 hours, I was starting to go through withdrawals. Yeah, my drug of choice is the adrenaline I get from driving.

Laughing, Auntie explained to me, “Oh Sweetie. I don’t drive. I have my personal chauffer for that nonsense.”

Meltdown in 3, 2, 1…

She must have seen it in my emerald greens. Black storm clouds starting to roll in. Lightning strikes flashing. This was about to get ugly.

Suddenly, my subconscious managed to break through screaming “DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!” Sweet Auntie had the same green eyes that I inherited from my mother. While the mouth still held a smile, that was as far as the smile went. A full-scale hurricane was brewing in the emerald greens I was staring at. Well OK then. Perhaps this collision of storms could wait.

I followed her to the pick-up area and a young woman opened the door to a limousine for us. Now looking back on it, she was rather attractive. I won’t bore you with the ride to my aunt’s house, but will say it wasn’t filled with a lot of chattering.

Dropped off, travel bag retrieved, in the house. We were greeted by a very attractive brunette in her mid-20’s. “Gail, this is my VERY Personal Assistant Bethany.” Hmmmm, the word “very” seemed to be a bit stressed in the sentence.

“If you need ANYTHING at all, just let her know, and she will take care of it for you.” Hmmmm, “anything” was kind of stressed this time.

“VERY pleased to meet you Gail. ANYTHING you need, just tell me.”

OK, so I am still a virgin and obviously don’t have any sexual experience, but I am not stupid. Even though I never got involved in the game, doesn’t mean that I am not aware of what’s going on around me. And I got the VERY distinct feeling that there was SOMETHING going on around me right now.

“Pleased to meet you as well Bethany, but it has been a long flight and I think I just want to take a little nap and relax for an hour or so.”

“Of course, kaçak iddaa Sweetie” Auntie replied. “Let me show you to your room.”

Inside, the house was massive. She leads me through the huge living room to the stairs, up the stairs, and down the hall to the second doorway. Once the door was opened, we entered a bedroom bigger than the living room at home with 2 more doors off to the side.

“This will be your room for the summer. The door to your right is your private bath, and the door to the left is the walk-in closet. I already put your clothes away in the closet and dresser. Get comfortable and relax for a while. You can bathe and clean up after you are rested. I made dinner reservations at one of my favorite restaurants for 8:00. It is rather upscale, so please dress appropriately.”

Well, picking out what to wear shouldn’t be too difficult. I only had one dress that I would wear to weddings. I wasn’t really into fancy gatherings, and whenever dad and I went out to eat, it was to Applebee’s or something just as casual.

After Auntie left and closed the door, I parked by travel case against the wall, took off my shoes and stretched out on the bed. WOW! This bed is comfortable. It was like I was laying on a cloud. I could really get used to this. Unfortunately, I was still too worked up about my predicament to sleep. After about 10 minutes of tossing and turning, I got back up and decided I needed something to drink. I wasn’t overtly trying to be quiet, but just wearing socks and the luxurious carpeting made my footsteps undetectable. As I hit the second step on the stairs, I heard my auntie’s voice and froze in shock.

“Knees Bitch!”


“What about your niece?” Bethany whispered.

“She had to get up early this morning for a 6-hour flight. She probably fell asleep just after her head hit the pillow. Now stop questioning me and get to work slut!”

I’m no rocket scientist, but even I could figure out what was going on. Alrighty then. I’m not really thirsty anyway. Back to the room and lay back down. Hmmmm, I guess I never really thought about sex a whole lot. Yeah, I knew about it, and, as I said, I’m not stupid. I’ve read enough, watched enough TV, and seen enough movies to know what lesbians, BDSM, and dom/sub relationships are. I’m inexperienced, not naive. I’m a virgin because I never really found anyone I was attracted to. The boys stayed away from me because of my attitude. Girls stayed away from me because I am a bitch. My outlet was racing, not sex. Occasionally I would get a little tingle, but when that happened, I would just go out and get in my trusty GTO and tear up the streets. OK, so I was on a first name basis with every cop on our county. They still send me Christmas cards. They knew me, they knew my dad, I was polite to them and stayed off busy streets. A warning, slow down, go home, if we catch you again tonight, we impound two GTOs at the same time. Me locked up for the night is one thing, but they knew I couldn’t bear to have my baby towed to some impound lot. Thanks officer, I’ve already worked out what I needed to, have a pleasant night.

Crap!! Mind starts thinking about what I heard. Bethany is actually really attractive. Wonder what it would be like… STOP THAT!! Need to go out for a driv…SHIIITTTT!! No car. Bethany really is attract…STOP THAT!! Come to think of it, Auntie’s chauffer was giving me a shy smile too. WTF!! WHAT IS WRING WITH ME????? WHEN DID I PUT MY HAND DOWN MY PANTS???? WHY ARE MY PANTIES WET????

OK, enough of this. I need to get up and do something. Yeah, not going down stairs again for a while. Hmmm, Auntie mentioned a bath. That sounds relaxing. I got up and went to the bathroom. All I can say is WOW. It was almost as big as my entire bedroom back home. Marble floors, the shower looked like it could fit 4 people with multiple shower heads directed to the center, and a jacuzzi tub. Alright, I can be a little decadent here.

I started filling the tub and noticed a couple bottles sitting on a shelf beside the tub. They were scented bath beads. I opened the one named “Relax” and it smelled pretty good, so I read the instructions and added the appropriate amount to the water. Once the tub was full, I stripped and slid in. AHHHHHHHH! That was nice. Yes, relaxing. I just sat there for a while and enjoyed the feeling. I let my mind wander. My mind took me into my GTO cruising down a back-country road with no other cars around. Clear air, sunny skies, beautiful green tree covered hills, Bethany in the passenger seat, WAIT, WHAT????? OK, Fuck it. Just go with it. Your driving. Who cares who your passenger is. Just reeeelllllaaaaaxxxxx. OK, so the bath is for cleaning the grime from the day off. I lazily reached for the body wash and dribbled some on my chest. As I began rubbing it onto my skin, my fingers grazed my surprisingly hard nipples. A little shock ran through me, but it really felt good. I did it again.

Another shock. Kept doing it. Kept getting better. Pretty soon that’s all I was doing is rubbing my nipples. God that was nice. I didn’t even realize my right hand had “moved south” until kaçak bahis I felt a jolt as my fingers grazed the lips of my pussy. I took a sudden intake of breath and arched my back. My left hand began gently pinching and twisting my nipple as the fingers of my right hand began stroking my outer lips. OH MY GOD!! On an upward stroke of my finger, I grazed my clit. BANG! I saw stars. My breathing increased. My heart started trying to beat its way out of my chest. My eyes closed. I heard something moaning. Opened my eyes and realized that the sounds were coming from me. Something felt like it was building up inside of me. My muscles were becoming tense. I felt like a soda bottle that was being shaken. The pressure building, and building, and building… Something was about to burst.

My fingers started to dance on my clit as I looked over to the passenger seat in my mind. Bethany wasn’t there. I looked down. She had moved to the floor and was smiling up at me from between my legs. “OOOOOOHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY FUUUUUUCKING GOOOOOOOOD!! SHHHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!” I EXPLODED! Convulsions wracked my body. Fireworks exploded in my brain. My breath was ragged. My heart was leaping in my chest. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, the thrashing stopped and was replaced by quivers throughout my body. My mind couldn’t think. I just slumped lower into the tub. Holy Fuck! That was intense. Where have you been all my life Darlin’? Just WOW! So that is what everyone was talking about. Yes, sad to say, 18 years old, and that was my first orgasm. I just lay there for about 10-minute recovering. Finally, my mind decided to start functioning again and began recalling a few details about what just happened. Well, I guess all the thrashing in the water rinsed the soap off. Kind of like the agitator in a washing machine. OH GOD! How loud did I scream? I hope these walls and floors have a high resistance to sound. Maybe Auntie and Bethany were so caught up in their own uuuummm – stuff – that they didn’t hear anything. OK, pretend you didn’t hear anything and have no idea what they are talking about.

OK. Time to get dried off and dressed for dinner. Let’s see if dad remembered to ship my dress with the rest of my clothes. With that, I dried off and went to my bag for some deodorant. I put on a clean bra and panties from my travel bag and went to the closet. WTF!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY CLOTHES???? Oh, I know what you are thinking. No, the closet was full of clothes, just not MY clothes. No jeans. Not tee shirts, nothing that I EVER wear. It was full of dresses, skirts, blouses, and high heels. Seriously? Was she expecting me to wash clothes EVER DAY? Dark clouds were beginning to form again. OK, Aunt Elizabeth is a very busy woman. Perhaps she just forgot to put my clothes up. I will just ask her where the box that dad shipped is. Back to the travel bag and a clean pair of jeans and tee shirt. Pause at the top of the stairs to make sure there are no funny noises coming from down stairs. OK. Safe to proceed. I found my dear sweet Auntie in the living room drinking a glass of wine and chatting with Bethany and her chauffer (I was introduced to her then. Her name was Jenn.)

“Enjoy your nap Sweetie?” Auntie asked with a hint of a smirk.

That answered the question of the soundproofing. “Very much so Auntie, Thanks.” Deciding to meet her play rather than hide.

That seemed to impress her as she smiled at my response. “I thought I explained that the restaurant we are going to is rather upscale and required a bit classier dress. I’m afraid jeans and a tee shirt will not be acceptable.”

“Yes Auntie. You were quite clear, but when I looked in my closet, I couldn’t find any of my clothes. I came down to ask where the box my dad shipped so I could get my dress to wear to dinner tonight.”

“Why that’s ridiculous Dear. I put your clothes away myself a couple of days ago. Let’s go take a look.”

Back in the closet. “You see dear? The closet is full of your clothes.” Auntie stated as she waved inside like a Price is Right model.

UH HUNH. Obviously there has been a severe miscommunication here, and I began to suspect that it has been deliberate. Oh, the communication between dad and Aunt Elizabeth was clear. It was between them and me where it was cloudy.

“So, ummm, where is the shipment of my real clothes that daddy said he sent?”

Instead of answering me, she just handed me a letter. My instincts were screaming at me that this was not something that would make me happy.

Gail, you are just starting to realize that I was not entirely – strike that – at all truthful when I told you I shipped your clothes to your aunt. Actually, I lied through my teeth. Your old clothes are actually in a trunk upstairs in our attic. As you recall, this trip is to give you a female presence to teach you to act like a sophisticated young woman. Your aunt suggested, and I agreed, that you need to dress the part, so she graciously offered to buy you all the clothes you need for the summer, and they are yours to keep. Instead of sending your clothes, I sent her your measurements. Perhaps now you realize why the extra measurements were taken last month when we were getting your new racing suit. Please understand that I am doing this for your best interests, and I hope you will see that it is for the best.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32