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It’s just so damn hot today, and the a/c’s broke. I took my evening run, and it’s been hot and humid all day. After showering, I didn’t even bother with clothes and air dried. Now I’m laying in bed, listening to the pink noise off the street outside, with a fine layer of sweat on me, the heat throbbing in my neck, and I begin to wipe the sweat from my brow, and the back of my hand follows down my neck. Before I know it, my hands have wandered lower following the curve of my neck, tracing my nipples, which harden out of reflex, and giving the left one a slight pinch, causing me to turn my head towards the source of pleasure. I caress my firm pecs, my fingers make their way down the soft line that separates my abs, and my thumb lightly circles my navel. Then it’s down the upper thighs that frame my slowly warming, growing manhood.

But not to touch. Not this soon.

Instead, it’s down the front of those smooth, toned thighs I’ve been spending so much time working on. I lift one up to admire the shape before I part them both, lewdly, my legs forming a diamond by bringing the soles of my feet together. And then the fingers discover that oh-so-sensitive inner thigh. By lightly stroking the inside of the thighs with just the tips bahis firmaları of my fingers, just like a guitar, I find my thickening cock responding, craning, the dark plum of the head lolling, like a snake to a snake charmer, the clear venom of desire already wetly beading at the very top. And I continue to play, stroking my thighs, slowly running my hands over my chest and belly, my face, but never touching the very center of my being, to the rhythm of increasingly shallow breaths and sibilant moans. I am both the instrument of my desire and my private audience.

My fingers now curl around my hot, soft, satiny sac and my erection lurches in relief, as if to say, finally.

But it still is not time yet.

I tug and roll each ball between thumb and index finger, grinding my thumb against the turgid base as I pull my ball sac gently down, and the head, which now curves into my belly button, leaves a clear, wet trail on my abs as I do so. I take a finger, wipe a bead of this lust-stuff from the tip of my cock and lick it.

It’s so good. So sweet.

So wet and so close now.

But I can’t play this last movement alone. I need accompaniment.

I get up and reach for some help, seven inches long, curving gently kaçak iddaa towards the end, and from a slim, dark bottle by my bed, I lubricate it with unctuous oil, the same oil I use to anoint the place I’m going to need this help. And then I kneel in front of the mirrored closet doors by my bed, admiring my fit, toned body as I positioning my dildo right at my smooth opening, and slowly, I open myself to it’s girth, easing it in, feeling it slowly filling me up, until the tip nudges that place where I can begin the denouement. In response, my dick throbs and jerks with each inch in me, bouncing off my abs. I lick my lips for the young sexy thing in the mirror looking back at me.

Still on my knees, with one hand I begin to fuck the dildo in and out of me, each time, rubbing up against that golden place in my ass, and my throbbing cock, twitching, swells with each stroke against my prostate, becoming even harder, as the darkening head begins to weep glistening, thick tears which roll down the shaft, in time with my boy-hole tightening around the slick, wet dildo.

I set myself against the floor so that I’m still kneeling but riding my toy, so deep inside me, leaving my other hand free to caress my pecs. With half-closed eyes, lost in desire, kaçak bahis I watch my hands make love to myself in the mirror as I thrust my hardness into the air and ride that cock. I stroke my abs. My balls. My thighs. But I don’t go near the shaft of my twitching, throbbing cock.

And now, at last, I think it’s time.

Blood singing in my head, head rolling with ecstasy, I can barely keep my eyes focused on myself as I wrap my left hand roughly around the head, spreading my own boy-juices down the shaft as I do so, and a delicious glory rising up from my asshole, my heavy balls, up into my chest and into my head, and it comes out of my mouth with a loud groan. This silicone cock fills me up so well, and the wet, wicked noises coming from my ass and slick cock are so loud now, that I can almost not hear the ringing in my head, or my own gasps and rising groans, or feel my spasming, tremoring, sweat-wet body reacting to all this pleasure.

And now it’s here, the climax, my hole tightens hard against the thick dick hitting my g-spot with every stroke, both my hands tighten around my hard, hot, creamy dick, I throw my head back one last time, eyes shut tightly, mouth caught open in a silent scream, my orgasm takes me, so powerful, I’m showering myself with my own cum, a few hot spurts landing by the corner of my mouth which I eagerly lick away.

Sometimes, there’s just nothing quite like time spent playing with yourself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32