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Her name was Anouschka. I was looking for a shorter checkout queue at a supermarket in a poorish neighborhood and instead chose her queue over the others on the strength of her appearance from behind. She was about 5’8″, long curly dark hair one third of the way down her back with an athletic body apparent through her tight fitting jeans. She was cool. She must have felt me staring intently as she approached the front of the queue, instantly desiring her and she turned to look. There weren’t any other lookers in that joint. I feigned interest in the tattle magazines, my heart racing at the prospect of a mere chance with a complete hottie.

I sensed her look away, but, seconds later, she looked back, and I made sure our eyes met. She was stunning, and had the perfect skin that marketeers use to force older women to wish they were younger. She seemed a little thrown, but luckily appeared to know the checkout mom and turned to chat to her, covering her desires, it would shortly turn out. I listened in to her alluring accent. She was an arts student from Russia, and had been in the US for just over a year. She commented to Checkout Mom that she still found it lonely here; mentioned not having seen her family in all that time.

That was my cue. “You don’t have to be lonely here”, I said. She turned and batted her eyelids in a way that made my dick leap against my jeans – I like a bit of freedom now and then down there. “Really, is that so?” she cooed. She finished paying and wished her friend a good weekend. I watched her saunter off, feeling the defeat of my lameass intro, still ogling her hips and wanting to bury my nose in the smell of her hair.

Checkout Mom rushed through scanning my groceries and said “I don’t think you’re done” as I departed. I turned around and smiled a quick thanks. She was a knowing mother. That smile is still on my face.

I caught up with Anouschka as she sauntered outside a pet store. “So are you a cat owner or a dog lover?” I ventured.

She turned around, feigned surprise. “Neither, actually” she paused, considered. “In fact, animals are not my thing.”

“Then why hang around here then?” I inquired.

She waited an eternity, then dove in “I figured you might pass by here”. She was not risking much, there was only one way to the supermarket through the mall and it went past all the other cute pussies (and bow wows).

My cue. “I have to bahis firmaları let you know – it’s Friday night, I’m free if you are and I really fancy you”.

She wasn’t taken aback. “I know,” she smiled. “I do too.”

She paused, leaned in as lust boiled her confidence over, whispered, in an already horny sounding accent “I haven’t been fucked for over a year now.”

I considered this royal flush for a nanosecond and asked, “Where’s your car?”

We drove back to her flat in her jalopy – I had abandoned both my groceries in my car, and my car. She closed the door to her pad and dumped her groceries at the hall table. She grabbed my hand and pulled me through to her living room and threw me on my back on her couch.

Close to a fantasy for me. Only the start of one for Anouschka.

She fell on me and kissed me, held my face in both hands, interlocked my tongue with hers. I returned the embrace into her mouth, pushing back her tongue with mine. She broke off, straddled me on her knees, and unbuttoned my shirt, bowing over to kiss me all over my chest, licking my nipples in what I could only presume to be the Russki way. Her hands tugged at my belt, popped my buttons and wrestled my jeans half way down my legs. She jumped off me onto the floor. “No underwear?” were the last words out of her mouth prior to her enveloping my precummed member in her hot looking, and wet feeling, lips.

I could pick ’em..

Two minutes later, I had to praise her – “You suck as fucking good as you look.” Anouschka’s head bobbed up briefly between her groans of desire, “You taste the same way!” She tweaked my left nipple to confirm she meant it. She really knew how to give head – no teeth scraping, just oodles of saliva, fantastic porno noises, intense tongue and lip pressure and deep throating capability, no gagging like many girls who are as amateur as many male pussy eaters are made out to be. She serviced me like a pro for 5 mind blowing minutes. I could stand it no more and pulsed directly into her willing mouth.

“Victory” she dribbled mischievously near my head, then we locked faces again and she swirled around my sperm and her saliva in my mouth with her tongue.

I thought it prudent to announce I would return the oral favors as I was already getting hard again from tasting my own egg white. I prised her away, whipped my shoes and jeans off, and stood before her naked. kaçak iddaa And very erect. She admired my abs and member, moving her right hand like lightning down towards her pants. “Oh, no you don’t” I cried, forcibly pulling her tee over her head, revealing previously obscured 36 double D cups. How, no, HOW did I miss those? A little too obsessed with her hair for no real reason, other than I first saw her from behind. Her hand, meantime, reached her previous target.

I concentrated on yanking down her jeans as she arched on the couch in front of me, levered each of her sneakers off over my shoulder. “Remove that hand” I insisted. “Yes, sir” she drawled in her sexy Russian purr. And promptly started wafting that hand in front of my nose. I ignored it, ripped off a startlingly wet pair of knickers and muff dove. I know where the button is. I know where the G is, and together they require tongue and fingers.

I soon had enough juice flowing to wet her arsehole and insert my index finger. Anouschka bucked and laughed her sexy Russki laugh. So a middle finger followed, whilst a thumb circled deep inside her wicked little front bottom. “What age are you?” she inquired, between gasps. “34,” I raised my head before diving again.

“God, I thought you were younger than me. You know how to turn a lonely girl on. I’m twenty oh fooohur ooh ooooh ooooooooh” I have a touch of the Dorian Gray about me, something that makes now makes me feel way hornier for younger women than others my age, usually giving me confidence I lacked in my early twenties. And it seemed to add something for her also. It’s a general vibe I get from young women, and Anouschka was vibing all right. She forced me off her and out of her and rubbed her right palm furiously on her mound for 5 seconds, locking eyes with me as she bit her lower lip and brought herself off. My dick was feeling underused; it was so erotic watching her reach a climax that I had started and could still taste.

Anouschka announced, on breaking out of her trance, “You need to fuck me up the ass. Now.”

What a shame.

She ran away laughing to her room, and returned with KY smeared all over her puckered, lightly haired ass. She kneeled down in front of me, clutching the tube of KY, with a cute mischievous little smile, welcomed me back to her mouth, then rolled on a condom she had hidden in her mouth on me. Some tricks I love. She slowly slurped kaçak bahis off me, stood up, locked all her fingers with mine and led me across the room. Dropping my hands, she stopped, turned to lean forward and reached out to the edge of the very sturdy table adjacent to the wall, urging me to position myself behind her.

I held my breath, traced my fingers over her stupendous taut playgirl ass, bent my knees and manouvered my cock slowly in underneath her hot, slimy anus. Traced it slowly onto the target.. Squirted more of the KY on me and her. Spread her amazing silky ass cheeks Gently probed. Stretched a little. Popped in the head. Then withdrew to the tip and pressed just the head in again. And again.

Anouschka laughed almost manically. I paused, savored the moment. Then suddenly she reversed back all the way. What a trooper. MMMMMMMMM. I leant forward and nuzzled her hair. I was very turned on. Then I remembered the double D’s and smeared saliva all over them with my hands, rolled the nipples. Very content to fantasise with various body parts of mine simultaneously aroused.

She however, had other plans, stood up, with me still inside her, and started moving to her bedroom, where we fell as one face down on to the bed over some hip raising pillows. This time, having just kept the tip of my rod in her gorgeous supple waddling stimulating ass for 15 metres, I took control, and rammed back in even deeper than before, enjoying the added resistance of the bed. I raised myself up on my arms, paused as I watched her manoeuvre a pink sex toy from her bedside to down between her hips and the pillows. I felt something buzz against me and just went for it.

I pounded her pink pert accommodating ass into that bed for 3 unbelievable minutes of animal sex. You don’t ever get this tight with a mere blow job. When I finally reached a crescendo and came, my entire penis pulsed, swelled, jerked uncontrollably and filled my face with sparky eyed waves of blushing pressure. My perineum throbbed too from the completeness of the orgasm. I gasped and held very still. Anouschka, who had urged on every single thrust, bucked once underneath me, stiffened briefly, quietened and then moaned out loud for the next ten or so seconds, grinding herself against her toy with a long anticipated cock in her magnificent runner’s ass (did I mention I admired that ass?). She then turned round and kissed me for the longest time.

I love younger liberated women.

“I think my lonely nights could be over. I’d like to get to know the rest of you.” Anouschka allured.

She’s been an awesome girlfriend these last few months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32