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She had come to the computer room to get me, barely dressed in a stretch lace top and tight cotton sweat pants. Her desire was clear, and so were her hard little nipples. As she rubbed up against me, I nuzzled at the lace covered nubs and caressed her butt. My fingers detected a serious lack of panties, and a warm supple ass.

It didn’t take much to convince me to shower and meet her in the bed. She laid back as I undressed. “You know the story of the Princess and the Pea?”, I asked casually. She was puzzled for a moment, then she turned over quickly and searched under her pillows to find what I had hidden there. Apparently, she remembered that I had recently bought a couple of new sex toys and figured (rightly) that I was referring to them.

What she revealed looked like a large lipstick case. She opened it to find a small vibrator, about the size of my middle finger. She looked at me like I was crazy, but like that amused her. As the last of my clothes hit the hamper I told her, “It’s called a ‘Hide-a-Vibe.’ Cute, huh?” As I headed for the shower I left her with this thought: “First, I hid it. Now you hide it!”

I was a soapy blur. Trying to get thoroughly clean, yet in a hurry to get back to her. My cock was chubby, and the slippery action of my hands didn’t help. But there was no way I was going to wank it tonight! I had other plans for Mr. Happy, and they involved a beautiful woman.

When I opened the door to our room I noticed that she had lit a candle. The soft glow revealed a curious scene. She was kneeling on the bed with her back to me, and her pants were pulled down just over her butt. With one hand, she had reached around and was doing something between her legs.

Dropping my towel, I quickly knelt by the edge of the bed for a better view. She still wore her stretch lace top, but one breast had been pulled loose and with her free hand she was gently casino siteleri toying with her nipple. I moaned and kissed her bare flesh while reaching back to touch whatever she was touching. My fingers found her holding the end cap of the little vibrator, and the shaft was moving in her sex. She was very slick and hot, but the vibe wasn’t even turned on yet.

I took the little toy from her and brought it to my lips, licking her juices off before I turned it on to a low setting. Slipping it back into her pussy caused her to moan a little. She kept fondling her exposed breast while I rubbed the quivering plastic tube all around in her wetness. Rolling it across her clit caused her to shudder with delight, and I soon mastered the art of adjusting the speed one-handed while I taunted her pussy.

With my free hand, I pulled her top open a little more to liberate the other boob. Now I could suck her one nipple while she tweaked the other, and still diddle her with the little humming toy. It must have worked, because in no time she was mewling and heaving. She cried out and pushed her twat back against my hand as she came. My cock was dribbling with anticipation of soon getting buried in that deliciously hot pussy.

Once she’d calmed a little, I helped her recline and I pulled her pants the rest of the way off. I smiled at her flushed face, and showered her with kisses. I fondled her blushing breasts and sucked her turgid nipples, while pressing my cock against her bare thigh. My fluids made a slick spot on her skin, and she began to respond to my caresses. We shared passionate kisses and ribald petting for a few moments, before she crawled around to suck me. It took only a tiny bit of coaxing to get her to straddle my face so that we could make a number. As she slurped on my cock, I lapped up her cum and sucked her clitoris. Once we got into the rhythm of our love-making, canlı casino I tried to spring another little surprise.

Contorting my arm, I reached under the edge of the mattress and pulled out the other new toy I’d bought for her. I fumbled with the cloth I had wrapped it in, without missing a stroke of her tender inner lips. Kneading her butt with one hand, I tried to discretely free the new toy, but didn’t easily succeed. She paused in her cock sucking long enough to ask me what was going on. I pulled back from her cunt and whispered quiet assurances. “It’s just a surprise for you, baby!”

We returned to our oral loving, as I wielded the new jelly-dong: This thing is a full ten inches long and as big around as a cock that size should be. I pulled back a little to smear the blunt head in her juices, before pressing it against her opening. Careful not to force it too fast, I slid it into her in small increments, letting her pussy adjust. She made sexy little noises on my cock as I pushed the dildo deeper and deeper into her.

From my vantage point I marveled at the way her pussy adjusted to the girth of this pink translucent monster. As I mouthed her swollen button, I watched with erotic glee as the veiny textured shaft caused her pussy lips to stretch and move, in and out. Being overly enthusiastic, I pushed a little too much into her a couple of times before I got the hang of it – it’s just so damned big!

This erotic scene was causing my cum to rise, and I didn’t want to finish yet. I had work to do before I shot my jism. So I pulled back, causing my cock to fall from her sweet mouth, and concentrated on fucking her silly. She rested her head on my thigh as I double teamed her with tongue and toy. Her hips moved instinctively, back against the intruders, increasing the thrills that were flooding her senses. I sucked harder, and toggled her clit relentlessly while kaçak casino sliding the big dong in and out, in and out.

Soon she’d had enough. In a space of a few moments she reached her peak, and she came hard – crying out and shuddering on top of me. I kept lapping at her until she jumped off and curled up. She was over-stimulated, but satisfied. However, I still needed to cum, and as tired as her pussy might have been, I knew she would happily accommodate me.

“Baby, get up. I have to fuck you!”, I breathed as I tugged at her. With little wasted motion she got up on her knees, and presented her pussy to me once again. Moving quickly, I slipped my hard dick into her hot center. She didn’t feel the least bit stretched out – she felt just perfect. Her tender flesh surrounded my love muscle as if it was meant to – as if she were made for me.

Grasping her gorgeous ass, I started the ancient ritual. Her slippery tunnel caressed my length as I fucked her – first with slow complete strokes, and then harder and faster. My balls were tight with pent up fluid, and I knew that very soon I was going to release it.

Again, her hips pushed back, as if to encourage me. I fucked her even faster, losing touch with any idea of savoring the moment. Her titties were jiggling and swaying as I gripped her tighter. She whimpered, “I can feel it swelling…” and then suddenly I was grunting and pushing hard against her upturned butt. Our squeals and moans became louder as we came together. It felt like waves of electricity were pulsing out of my cock, yet it was only my hot semen. Her delicate tissues milked me as I squirted into her. Her inner spasms only complicated things, as the sensation of being one with her overwhelmed me.

Eventually, our delirious pleasure subsided, and I slipped out of her, spent. Only later did I realize that she’d had her back to me throughout most of our love making. For all my efforts at hiding things, I had twice missed the chance to see her eyes as she achieved orgasm. I regret that a lot, because seeing her expression as she experiences such intimate physical pleasure is my favorite sight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32