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House guest
“Okay Pari, don’t freak out but-. . .”

A dish slick with dish detergent slipped from Pari’s grip and crashed into several others. It was loud enough to warrant a call from the neighbors who wanted to ‘make sure everything was alright over there’.

“I told you not to freak out,” Odette said in the silence that filled the wake of the glass dishes bashing one another. Her knuckles were white with how hard she gripped at the edge of the serving bar, primarily from the crash, secondarily from what she was about to ask.

“That’s exactly why I’m freaking,” Pari retrieved the dish she dropped, making Hollywood horror eyes that she used to inspect Odette at a distance. The porcelain looking nineteen year old passed all the important mental check marks, leaving only a few warning signs that may have indicated that some action needed to be taken. The first was in reference to her asking that Pari not freak out which, as one might expect, shot liquid anxiety through the brown girl’s veins. The other was the fact that Odette and Pari had just finished dinner, meaning that the next item on the agenda was making sure Odette didn’t miss the evening milking. She arrived home late from her job as a teacher aide at the local college, grading papers and providing some advice to English and creative writing students, and it was clear when Pari picked her up that she had completely forgone the midday milk extraction.

Now, Odette had about doubled up in size, her usual D cup – which already appeared bulbous on her slender torso – had dilated throughout the day with breast milk. If she was wearing a bra at all, it would have to be something ludicrous like an H or I cup, something that would have to be specially made just in time to be promptly outgrown.

“No freaking. I just was thinking about having a friend over,” Odette leaned her body against the bench. She had shed the outer layer of her ‘business attire’ leaving only a collared button down and a pair of panties that hugged her angular hips just right. When the top was bought, it had a hard time buttoning, so in her current state, Odette had to have the first four buttons undone, her generous orbs leaving an inviting chasm in between. Odette’s orbs certainly drew Pari’s attention – for medical and scientific reasons, of course. She noted the way they pushed out at their confinement; full to the brim and threatening another button with their weight. Odette let them rest on the counter, the only reason she hadn’t complained about them being heavy yet.

“You know the rules about friends.”

“Not ‘friends’. Just a friend. And more like a student of mine.”

Pari took pause, noting a chip in the dish she had dropped. She said nothing.

“It isn’t a guy, either. There is a freshman girl who got herself caught in a scheduling bind. Something about having to study for two tests and not having enough time to finish her creative writing project.”

“I’m not worried about guys.” Noting Odette’s tendencies, Pari figured that she wasn’t heterosexual. That wasn’t to mean that Odette may never like a man, but that eighty percent of her crushes had been women. She had a thing for rear ends, probably connected to the fact that she was so top heavy herself, that made her want someone who had a thicker lower region. All of this was worth a grain of salt, though, as Odette had never intimately been with a partner. The closest she had come was having Pari milk her, and even then Odette did not mark those experiences as sexual. Pari had a different impression, but that was to be kept secret for as long as they were doctor and patient.

“You just don’t want anyone to come,” sadness showed in Odette’s voice.

It was true, Pari didn’t like the idea of sharing. “It’s more than that, though. You’ve been able to hide your illness pretty well up until this point. But what is going to happen when it is you and some other girl, alone, and your tits just keep getting bigger and bigger?”

‘And bigger, and bigger, and bigger’ Pari continued in her head, salivating at the thought.

“Oh no, no, no. It isn’t going to be that long. She’s just gonna drop by this weekend for a few hours, I’ll help her with the ‘Hero’s Journey’ and she’ll be on her way. You’ll be here if I need anything, and I’ll keep it professional.”

Pari was silent once again. She watched Odette make her case. She could still see holes in the plan, so much that could go wrong and so many reasons why she had the authority to rain on this parade. Still, watching Odette made her heart sink. Huge amber gems stared back at her with anticipation, pout-curled lips convincing her without words.

“What time?”

Odette sharply sniffed in a breath, her eyes wide like professionally cut gems on fine china. “You didn’t say no?”

“You need to feed your guest something too. Gosh, you never have company. Do you know anything about being a good host?”

“You aren’t saying no?!”

Pari started to feel herself smile. “And you better milk right before she comes or you’re gonna be in so much trouble, do you understand me?”

“But you aren’t. Saying. No!” Odette scooted out her stool, standing erect. Her tits jiggled against their resting place, the fifth button of her top whining at the pressure.

“Bet you have a crush kaçak iddaa on her,” Pari shot back.

“No! No! No I do not!” Red embarrassment rushed to her face from nowhere, instantly coloring her from the shoulders up like roses. Pari chuckled, hands busy on the dishes.

“So what’s her name?”

“Janet. Actually, it’s not-my-crush Janet.” Odette came around the bar and stood next to Pari, becoming the rinse and dry to the twenty-four year old’s wash. The position was perfect for Pari, as sneaking glimpses at the younger woman’s cleavage were rewarded excellently thanks to the height difference.

“So, does not-my-crush Janet have a big bottom?”

“She has a medium sized bottom. Like I said, I’m not crushing on her. My future lover is gonna have a gigantic ass, a mega ass. Maybe even Pari levels of assery,” Odette laughed at her own joke.

Pari couldn’t bring herself to. She felt relief that her caramel colored skin didn’t depict visually what she felt internally. Her face was hot to the touch with what Odette had just said. Not only did she like Pari’s ass, but Pari’s sexy curve was the deciding par on ‘datable’ or ‘undateable’; her natural heart-shaped bottom was what Odette wanted in a lover. Promising words indeed.

With that, the two went about their evening routine, light conversation stirring up between them just when the silence became uncomfortable. When the time had come and Odette had stalled as long as she could, it was time for her evening treatment. Still clad in her button down shirt and lavender panties, she laid on Pari’s bed with her arms supporting her backward recline. Pari was at her desk, properly tallying the date and time as well as physical features.

“Are you in any pain of any kind?”

“No,” Odette answered.

“Do you feel any pressure of any kind.”

“What do you thin-. . .”

Odette almost answered, then found Pari glaring at her. This entry was being properly recorded. “Yes, like a bloated feeling. Not uncomfortable, but hard to ignore.”

This went on the same way it had for months till Pari was satisfied. She closed her book and turned to her sexy patient. Odette’s boobs settled at perfect angles against her rib cage, obscuring part of her view in her current position. Her sandy blonde hair dripped like water, splashing as it contacted Pari’s sheets but not before leaving dashes of straight sideways bangs that partially obscured the little vixen’s eyes. She had no idea how endlessly sexy she was, but she definitely acted like she did.

Pari detected a longing in Odette, one that was tired of the older forms of milking. They had a long practice record together with Pari employing every method she could look up to yield the milk as effectively as possible, but nothing came close to when their bodies were conjoined. Nothing was easier for Odette than spilling her milk into Pari’s mouth. She wouldn’t call that love. In fact, it was more overwhelming than she thought love to be; arrested by her bodily instinct to feed Pari ten or twenty times over. The more milk she had to offer, the greater the lust for having herself suckled; even to the point of having to self relieve. Sessions where she had to do it herself never went well. They were always messy and always ended up with a larger rack than when she started. Pari seemed to be the only one who could meet her need, who could provide her with the service her body demanded, who could sate her demanding breasts in a way that never seemed to cloy.

Pari answered the call of Odette’s body, cautious at first like she was questioning herself, then placed a knee on the bed. She reclined on her side, leaning against her arm and capturing Odette around her waist in a lazy scooping motion. “I’m going to begin now, okay?”

Odette’s answer was a turning of her body, hoisting her left tit over and ramming it straight at Pari’s face. Her mass of flesh smothered Pari, and she chortled at how flustered Pari became. Pari felt the slap, then the jiggle of flesh that had come right to her face, detecting a raised tip pressed against her cheek that begged for her lip lock. First she had to find her breath, being taken aback by the action, but once she created the space to breathe again, Pari sought her pay back. She smirked, pulling at Odette’s center so that they were as close as could be, then flicked her tongue against the point. The flavor of the office shirt was mute, tasting like nothing, but Pari’s mind filled in for the taste of Odette, driving her craving for her sweetheart through the roof. She was a little disappointed that she had been in so much of a rush that she hadn’t stripped Odete down first.

Odette’s body shivered. She knew that a move like that would normally paralyze her, but the cloth provided enough of a barrier to let her keep her head. It still rippled gently through her being, the amazing vibration caused by Pari’s hot breath against her inflamed pink mound. Pari went at it again, two quick swipes this time, and she felt it once more, the feeling of her breasts tingling. The only way she would explain it was like churning, the feeling of the milk building up against the spot right behind her teat, being contained only barely against her will. She needed more to go over, she was leaking canlı casino siteleri for sure, but the sustained explosive force of lactation would only be achieved by focused, deliberate attention.

Pari consumed the sight of Odette’s twisted face, her button nose scrunching, her eyebrows furrowed. She was a sexual mess, and Pari was an experienced tease, working Odette’s left nipple like a strawberry. With each go Odette would wince back a moan with clenched jaw, trying her hardest to remain in control and hold herself back. With each go, she was losing her ability to do so. After awhile the nipple clung to the fabric, the mixture of leakage and saliva causing the woven cotton blend to be transparent. Odette’s frosty skin which stemmed an ocean of breast milk showed beautifully through the thin barrier. Pari was game to continue with her tease, till her excitement had her accidentally graze Odette’s tip with her teeth, the ensuing moan causing a long strand of milk to fire and an electricity to fill the air.

The two started on their side, but quickly had the smaller of the two roll onto her back. Pari impatiently unbuttoned the remaining buttons and tugged the shirt away, revealing two masses the size of overly inflated basketballs. For a moment, she soaked in the view: Odette on her back, head slightly tilted with only her left eye visible under her curtain of hair. Her narrow, angled jaw slightly open and airy breaths escaped from moist, pink lips. She was so small, delicate like a doll with thin arms and tiny hands. Then there were her tits, covering her whole frame with a protective softness that was in constant motion. Pari couldn’t decide where to start, both were so perfectly symmetrical, leaking profusely, topped by delectable inch-long nipples, and slowly but noticeably expanding. As a doctor, she could have taken better care, should have made this whole process quick and painless. Now, with the arousal, Odette’s tits would be working against her, throwing production into overdrive as if they were mindful of their own size and wanting to grow even larger. Odette’s colossal titties would be compensating for what was lost, an inhuman amount of delicious cream that without any mitigation would end with her filling the room, the house, and who knows how much larger.

It was time to get to work. And Pari loved her job.

The ceiling light blurred for Odette, fan swinging in a gentle circle above. Then every single light in the room went dim and her eyes were alight as her body went nuclear in response to Pari’s action. She felt her own right boobs gently swooping and rocking back and forth as Pari played below. She noted her vision blooming with new lights and colors brought on by the orgasmic sensation of release and no matter how much she blinked, the brightness would not fade. Her arms pulled at Pari’s sheets, the rustling stirred up the air around her and filled it with a natural scent: Pari’s scent. In this state, the smell was overwhelming. She moaned the only name that would come to mind, the one that dominated her thoughts and the one responsible for this euphoria.

“Mmm, Pari! O-ohhh!” came the sultry tones.

“Mmmm, Odette. You’re so good.” Pari heard herself answer.

In the time it took to respond, she got a face full of breast milk. Both tits created arcs in the air as they fired off sweetness, but the right one which had earned Pari’s vote of attention was particularly active. With her tongue she coaxed at the aching knob of Odette’s nipple, rewarding the increased flow with more lip work. She wrapped her thick, pillow lips about the nipple, sucking in as much breast as she could fill her mouth with and tasting the fine taste of a denied Odette. If anyone were to read over the notes that Pari had taken, they would note that if Odette ever missed a treatment, the milk she produced would change quality, becoming thicker and creamier. The theory was that the process would be magnified and nutrients would increase in concentration producing milk that had a richer, stronger taste. In the moment, Pari experienced just this; sweet syrup lining the inside of her open maw. It was obsessively delicious, even bearing a light aroma akin to an herbal tea with honey, and addictive beyond what Pari had last recalled. Each time she seemed more drawn to it and during the day, she found herself thinking more and more about milking Odette in this way. When she had a clear head, she would argue to herself. “You’re taking advantage of a little girl who is supposed to be your patient.”

But in times like these when she was busy ravaging and being rewarded for her efforts, she felt like nothing else could feel more right. Odette would squirm under her causing her chest to sprightly jiggle, more tit flesh bouncing off of Pari’s face. Her moans would entice Pari to go further. It was a dangerous, lascivious dance that would not stop until Pari was full or Odette was empty.

Odette’s body moved on it’s own. Her left hand migrated to her left boob and found Pari’s hand there. They both pressed and pulled on the cushy heap, bouncing it against its twin and pushing it to keep up with the lactation process. Odette flicked at her nipple as Pari sucked her casino şirketleri other off. The feeling was bliss. She felt completely at the will of Pari and her own body, each taking their turn making her mind go blank. It felt good to let go. It felt good to be in this position. The pressure inside her, the milk that pushed out against her tight pair of mammaries, gushed out in increasing amounts. This toe curling sensation of her warm milk being sped through her sent her heart a flutter. Then there was the sound Pari made, the wet lapping and the eager swallowing. She could tell her milk was being handled by a professional. In her mind, she could remain in this form of rapture forever.

When Pari was ready – and whether Odette was ready or not – Pari thought it time to properly latch. She got up from her straddling position and tossed aside her milk drenched top and a pair of shorts that had been stained with her own body’s approval. She positioned a few pillows for back support, had a seat at the head of her bed and patted her lap. Odette was in place as quickly as her swaying chest would allow. Even when she was in place, her boobs would not stop moving. They seemed to defy gravity, always bouncing pendulous and dripping with tasty milk. Pari thought that she had done a good job, but her work only showed that her sucking had been just as much as Odette had been producing. The taut flesh globes remained the same size. It was no use, if she wanted to have Odette down to her manageable size, she would have to go at it one-hundred percent.

Who could complain about that.


“Mmhm?” Pari looked down, brushing some hair from Odette’s face with her right hand. Her left was occupied clinging to the girl’s meager body supportively.

Odette rolled her head closer into Pari’s shoulder. “I’m waiting.”

It wasn’t impatient. It was cute. It was flirty.

There wasn’t a moment to lose. Pari scooped up Odette’s right udder and delivered it straight to her mouth, without having to lean. When her hand squeezed from the bottom and her teeth clamped just right, Odette’s head flung backwards and her mouth hung open. She began to seize in Pari’s arms, but there was no cause for worry. In fact, Pari’s excitement built up just in time for the first wave of the evening to nearly choke her. Her cheeks filled up too quickly for her to swallow it down. Some escaped from her mouth, dripping down her lips, saturating her bra and painting her chin and boobs in a glossy whiteness. By the time she had become mindful again, she was three or four mouthfuls in. Her taste buds were overwhelmed, flavor beyond what she knew to be a dessert, addictive and thick enough to give her some trouble swallowing. Then there was the constant melody of Odette crying out again and again.

“Oh! Pari, give it to me! Suck my tit, Mmmmmugh!”

The sound of her swallowing matched the tempo of the moaning, like a constant throaty thump with each wailing cry of pleasure. Odette’s milk rushed down Pari’s throat, faster and harder. She began to sense that her progress was slow. It would be slow milking and thus, an amazing one. She would lose count of the amount of times she had swallowed, lose track of time, enjoying the warmth of breast milk from the girl she had come to love.

Odette watched through slitted eyes as Pari, her caretaker and best friend, greedily sucked her tits. Even with the flow being absurdly powerful, she still found moments to flick her tongue in circles, zapping Odette’s nipples into an exciting buzz. She could feel it all through her breast flesh; in those moments she could feel her every extremity. Every nerve in her tits was on high alert, the massaging from underneath causing her arousal to build up, higher than a skysc****r. She felt intoxicated as Pari met her every physical need without exception. She didn’t know of a better time than this, no one else who could make her feel whole like this. She came again from the stimulation, the third time in that one milking session alone, and she knew the sensation of delicious heat would only grow hotter.

The two girls were burning for each other, each exhibiting their specialties in a reciprocal dance of mirth. Pari would empty her cheeks, her throat loudly thumping as she would chug yet again. For each one, she threw her dexterous tongue into motion to remind Odette just how much she appreciated her. It was almost like she was making love to Odette’s nipple, an experienced mate coaching an energetic partner. The vacuum hold she held was hard, capturing a good portion of Odette’s tit flesh in her mouth and holding it hostage so long as she was repaid with more sweet, sweet nectar. She felt it tingle going down her throat, another sugary glob of warmth descending down behind her chest, not a second away from the one that had gone before it, settling in her core like a pile of burning coals. They were steadily accumulating, pushing Pari’s center away from her hips till she looked distended. There was glory in that for her, feeling Odette’s love deep inside her, like a heater on the inside plumping her out with just the volume of breast milk. Tonight she felt confident that she would end up at a nice size. Her first mental tally had her at a size that she could usually only see after Thanksgiving dinner with the family, a nice hand sized growth that pushed away from her thin middle. She smiled, knowing how much more Odette was capable of producing, and continued stuffing the milk down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32