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Smokey Saga 9: “Housekeeping!”


Here’s an intriguing little yarn I originally spun in 2007. For whichever reason or another, I’ve been going through earlier things of mine lately—I guess because I like these stories (though having written them myself, I’m a bit biased), and being able to make the characters lesbians and have them girl-play together is quite a privilege. This one’s been updated and changed a little more—for example, these characters originally had different names—the names have been changed to protect the horny—and I’m going to set it in the (relative) present. Hope you like it, of course, and as always, feedback is highly welcomed, valued and appreciated.

Side note: I didn’t mention this in my last submission, but as of December ’15, my amount of story views total has reached its first million. Thanks so much, Dear and Beloved Readers, to everyone who helped make it happen!!


Such A Lovely Place, Such A Lovely Face

Friday, December 4th, 2015, 11:18 a.m.

Ding! “Front!”

Yet one more festive weekend was underway at the swanky Meridian Inn and Suites at the corner of 37th and Bradwood Street. It was one of the most renowned hotels the city of Juniper had to offer; a top-of-the-line five-star with plenty of amenities to occupy. Holiday vacationers checked in to have their bags toted up to their respective rooms. Guests relaxed, took a dip in the heated indoor pool, tried their luck in the casino, worked out in the gym or treated themselves to a hearty continental breakfast. Romantic couples settled down in eager hopes of peaceful, worry-free lovemaking, signaling on the outside of the door for “Privacy, Please.” And five sixths of the staff were all smiles, through the smooth patches and the rough. Even in the stressful moments, it was difficult not to enjoy the privilege of calling such a fantabulous resort home. Not impossible, but difficult.

The remaining sixth of Meridian employees who were not so very crazy about their jobs were those on maintenance duty. Both the domestic and imported maids were less than enchanted with their positions. Though they too understood the significance of their posh, schmancy establishment, this failed to make their jobs a great deal more enjoyable. Still, individual feelings on their work formed a fairly broad spectrum. Some of them absolutely hated the occupation, some were merely disconcerted. One particular Meridian Inn maid, however, despite her profession, was the happiest young lass in Minnesota.

Lilly Amshire hummed cheerily as she finished another vacant room and moved on to the next. She was today assigned the ninth floor of the twelve-story inn. Her workload fluctuated, depending on how many guests were in or out, and she often had to go back and straighten up empty rooms which were earlier occupied. But she never complained. She never squawked over the repetitive monotony, get to her though it could. She was happy just to have a steady full-time job, and extra happy for the stable residence—working at home, as it were. For a small chunk out of her paycheck, she and the other hotel staff lived essentially rent-free. And like any other laborers, when her shifts ended, she could do whatever her sweet big heart desired.

But the greatest cause of her joy—as well as the greatest desire Lilly’s big old heart fostered—was her girlfriend, Julie. Lilly’d met Julie Hancock in May, and the two began semi-seriously dating by the start of June. One month later, they were veritably going steady. If Julie’d had a school pin or jacket, Lilly would have been wearing it by July. The Hancocks had named her Julie because she was born right in the midst of moon seven, America’s month of Independence. Bright, intelligent, funny, attractive, sassy, Jules was just about everything on Lilly’s mating checklist, rolled up into one delightful, delicious package…well, almost. Julie’s demeanor and persona could be a bit sweeter for Lil’s personal taste, but no matter; her perks more than made up for the occasional tartness.

By now in Lilly’s life, six months ago had seemed like such a long time. She didn’t know if she’d been just so moody or sour as her fellow maids back then, but once Jules came along, it was a tall order being sour or moody about anything. Julie really was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to her. And if the most Lilly had to tolerate in her relationship was an occasional nip of bitter moxie after a tough day, well, it was a small price. Lil really would do anything for her.

The other maids could not wait for their shifts to end just to escape the mundane boredom surrounding them day to day. Lilly could not wait for hers to end just to collect Julie Hancock in her arms and be taken out for another night of bliss. While on the clock, she turned in a illegal bahis full and thorough job, and kept her mind off the brain-numbing routine by thinking about Julie: favorite dates they’d been on thus far, ideas for future outings, love songs she compiled as a soundtrack of their time together. Her adoration and devotion for Julie was immeasurable, and around the second week in October, at last reached a pinnacle.

Julie worked as a pourer at the Port Canyon Winery and Vineyards, and knew everything there was to know for an oenophile. When they got together, she turned Lilly on to it. A virgin to the wine world, Lil didn’t have a very sharp palate, and couldn’t really distinguish between the varietals. They all seemed to taste the same to her. But Julie told her that was okay, and Lil just wanted to be able to share in her sweetheart’s interests and passions. Moreover, she wanted to be her sweetheart’s foremost interest and passion.

On October 10th, she got her wish. It was a brisk, breezy Saturday night, and Jules took her back to her place for some wine-tinted kisses. She poured them each a glass of fun, flirty Merlot, which just went on flowing. Just because Lilly knew little about wine didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy it. And just because each tasted identical to her didn’t mean they didn’t taste good. Lilly didn’t know about this at first, because at a younger age, alcohol had an adverse effect on her that resulted in kneeling before her porcelain throne. But she hadn’t been sipping wine at that time, and she hadn’t been in love, either. If there was any tummy trouble here tonight as a result of Julie’s sloshing her, it went unnoticed. This goofy juice went the opposite direction: straight to Lil’s head. It made her dizzy and giggly. Julie threw on some soft sexophone tunes to help things along, and before either of them knew it, all systems were go.

As intoxicating as was the selection Jules poured, it proved nothing to Julie’s plush lips, smooth pearly teeth and satiny tongue. Lilly couldn’t locate her defenses with a map and a pickax to begin with, and on top of which, Julie’s devastating seduction turned her entire world upside-down. The tipsy Lilly went straight to blind drunk with the supplement of romance, and commenced to professing her undying love. Holding on to Julie’s hand, she somehow made it around to the bed where her hostess took her.

After this night, the girls’ relationship would never be the same again.


Gratuitous Sex Flashback: Wine Her, Dine Her

Saturday, October 10th, 2015, 9:44 p.m.

“Wha’re we doi’mph…” garbled Lilly, trying to stop her inebriated mind from vertigoing insane.

“We’re fucking like bunnies, silly boobs.” Julie was of course far more skilled at handling her liquor, and found Drunk Lilly utterly adorable. So adorable, in fact, she couldn’t resist teasing her, in every which way. Once Lil inevitably staggered and stumbled onto the bed, lost any semblance of balance she’d had left and tumbled in the mattress, Julie hopped in and straddled her.

Lil’s mind went silly. She reached up and clumsily tickled Julie’s underarms. “Goochie-goochie-goo…” she slurred.

“AAAAAAAAHHH!!” Julie screamed, nearly falling on top of her.

“Baby…please don’t ever tickle me again…or I’m going to have to kill you.”

“Aw, I’m sawwy…” Lil cooed. “You hate t’bein’ tickle…”

“I do. It’s the worst thing in the world. I mean it, baby. Never, again.

“Now…let’s move on.”

Lil’s body heated up, redirecting her bloodflow as her seductress climbed back on top of her. Dozens of tiny stars rode a merry-go-round about her dizzy head, hundreds more over the rest of her tingly body. Julie grinned as she watched how visibly crazy she drove Lilly. Natch, she found this quite flattering. With that, she confidently began to undress her with her teeth. She chose this method so her hands were free to do whatever they pleased: prodding, fondling, pinching, palming, tweaking, fingering…penetrating…

A dreamy, intoxicated, enormous smile lit up Lilly’s pretty face. Even though her mental faculties were all but gone by this point, she thought she could discern that her beloved was directing this whole production. And Lil was all too fine with that. Her princess was spoiling her. She had treated her to a sumptuous vintage from her wine collection, and now to a splendid romp in her soft, cushy king-size. She felt her hormones searingly tugged back and forth as Jules worked her over manually and dentally. After disrobing Lilly to her teeth’s ability, Julie finished undressing her the easy way, as she nibbled, gnawed, tongued and kissed her raw, naked flesh. Lilly’s eyes rolled, slowly up, up and away, straight back in her head. It couldn’t get much better than this.

Once Lil was stark illegal bahis siteleri naked, Julie rose on her knees and whipped her top off over her head in a stretching pose, exposing her taut torso, before she lowered herself back down for the kill. The vision alone set Lil’s juices to flowing. Damn, she was hot. Jules took herself back down as if doing a push-up, dangling her fine unsplit ends over Lilly’s cheeks before their faces touched. Lil closed her eyes and puckered, to feel the tip of Julie’s nose brush her lips. But she didn’t care what it was, as long as it was on her sweetheart’s body, and allowed to be kissed. A few moments later, she at last felt Julie’s dreamy lips press to her own.

Lilly’s blood warmed and sped through her veins. Julie held Lil’s arms down with her hands, suffusing her with the wildest desire she cared to remember, and vice-semi-versa. Jules exercised more willpower to focus on her task and responsibility as top to Lil’s bottom. She could allow herself to be swept away a fair bit, but was looking after Lilly’s satisfaction in the act as well as her own. She settled in, lapped herself delicately but passionately over Lil, and waggled her rump as she ground her knees into the mattress, in and around Lilly’s legs. She broke the kiss to take a breath and whisper a spicy sweet nothing.

“You’d better have a hard time walking when I’m done with you, sweet cheeks.”

With that, she forced another, more aggressive kiss, pushing her tongue into Lil’s mouth to massage her teeth and gums. Lilly gave a squeal, feeling Jules release her arms to palm her cheeks. Limbs free to do as they would, Lil flung them around her, both arms and her free leg. She swirled and swished her tongue with Julie’s, savoring leftover traces of Merlot. It tasted even better the second time.

As Julie’s body pushed and smushed down on top of Lilly’s, she slowly but surely began coercing out liquid arousal, and gradually secreting her own as well. Both sets of heaving tits plumped and swelled with their stiffening nips. The girls squeezed each other and held on extra tight, mashing and grinding their breasts together. Julie was still working up her excitement, but to Lil, the sensations were simply amazing…perhaps too amazing, if she could imagine such a concept. Both her legs quivered, clamped around Julie’s. The kissing progressed. They felt one another’s hot pussies dampen their thighs. And knowing they were making each other so ecstatic in turn made the lasses and their wet cunts even happier.

Moans ensued, permeating the room. Beads of sweat materialized and laced Julie’s and Lilly’s brows, both dripping down the sides of Lil’s face, abiding by the law of gravity. Pleasure coursed and intensified. Their bodies felt so good against each other, neither could resist gripping for dear life, holding on as hard as she could, caressing, stroking, loving…

Lilly couldn’t take it any longer. She fumbled for one of Julie’s hands, found it, kissed it, and pulled it beneath her panties. Jules caught the hint and began rubbing her through the hot autolube. Lilly gasped and rejoiced.

“Yesssss!…” she smiled in a daze, closing her eyes in euphoric delight. “Oh, sweetie, yes…hand-fuck me…I love it.”

“I’ll show you hand-fucking, baby,” Julie taunted, harnessing her manual dexterity to put to use. She groped Lilly’s right tit with her left hand and squeezed, simultaneously sucking her sweaty face through another kiss, and pushing her right fingers through the pussy juice, to start jilling Lilly off at a moderate pace. Lil’s eyelids fluttered helplessly. She sent a hungry growl through the kiss, to Julie’s ears, encouraging her further. Jules needed zero encouragement, but appreciated it nonetheless.

This lovemaking session, circumstances had decided, would be all about Lil. Next time around, they’d more than likely focus on Julie and a big bad ‘O’ for her. For now, after easing her in, Julie kicked things up another notch. She kept her predatory paws to their tasks, added a thrusting hump to the pelvis, and sank her teeth into Lilly’s neck, gnawing what would grow up to be the hickey of a lifetime. Lil begin to lose it. She made one hand into a fist, kept the other open, and threw a hot passion tantrum, alternatingly whapping the mattress with both. Her moans turned to shouts, her growls to howls. Ever sharper, more powerful spikes of lust struck her like falling stalactites. Her swollen, engorged pussy burned and yearned for more, always more, clenching down on Julie’s fingers with each thrust, unable to get enough. Her stiff clit emulated her nipples, proudly bulging forth.

Lilly was on fire. She gasped desperately for breath, through both her flaring nostrils and tight-pursed lips. She blazed up, grimacing for release, arching her back as wave after wave of torrid sizzle drowned her like a pool of electricity. canlı bahis siteleri She couldn’t stand it another second. She screeched repeatedly, begging Julie for an orgasm.


Julie smirked with wicked satisfaction at the knowledge of owning her girlfriend.

“Work for it, baby. Earn it. Tell me you’re my bitch.”


“Tell me your pussy belongs to me.”


Julie grinned.

“And don’t you forget it…bitch.”

With that, Jules kicked it up to turbo mode, forcing the vicious handjob of a lifetime on the fragile li’l Lil. Lilly reacted predictably.

“AaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!” Lilly shrieked, her voice rocketing into falsetto like a five-year-old girl. Julie found this intriguing, as if taking sexual advantage of someone smaller and more vulnerable than she. She leered and kept going. The waves crashing over Lilly tossed and tumbled her, bounced and buffeted her off all the bumpers in the cosmic climax machine. She whapped and hammered the mattress like a madwoman. Her screams engulfed the entire room until she began to get hoarse. But Jules didn’t let up, even as her wrist grew sore. She pumped Lil relentlessly until her cum sprayed out, caking her hand in hot sticky love. Finally, the smoke cleared, and Lilly settled back down. She gave up any energy she had left, dropped practically dead, and fell asleep.

Finally, Julie plucked her fingers from between Lil’s still swollen pussy lips. She smeared the cum over Lilly’s right breast and licked it off, lovingly tonguing her nipple. Once she could see Lil was down and out, she climbed off and slipped out of the room.

“Sweet dreams…



Of All The Hotels In All The World

Friday, December 4th, 2015, 12:17 p.m.

Lilly finished room 934 and exited, vacuum cleaner and cart in hand. She went quiet as usual egressing back to the hallway. Much as she felt like singing and skipping her way along like a schoolgirl, she normally had another maid helping her on the current hotel floor. Today was no exception, and no matter whom she shared the floor du jour with, it was usually a pretty prudent idea not to rub the other maids’ noses in her happiness. So she kept her cheer behind closed doors, inside the rooms where she cleaned. The Meridian Inn and Suites’ hotel room walls were built extra thick for optimum comfort and seclusion, so she could sing and dance around like Mrs. Doubtfire while cleaning up, and not disturb anyone.

Room 935’s occupant was occupying, as evidenced by the “Privacy, Please” on the doorknob. So Lilly moved on to 936.

Though she’d admit it to no one but herself, Lilly’s favorite part of her job was trying to piece together this or that about an occupant by whatever belongings she found around the room. She wouldn’t snoop or try to invade anyone’s privacy, but she couldn’t perform a thorough tidying up without checking a few things out. Sometimes she found valuables tucked away in a specific little nook or cranny, which she could understand. Of course, it went without saying that she couldn’t take anything that wasn’t hers, and she was too honest to steal in the first place. She was ashamedly tempted now and then, but was also only human. Being merely tempted didn’t mean she did anything about it. She valued her job and home far too much. She just enjoyed an innocent pretense of visiting the guests and hanging out with them, partaking in whatever activities said guests enjoyed.

Vacuuming included, each room took about an hour to clean, maybe a bit more. Time fluctuated for each maid; a rough hour was Lilly Amshire’s E.T.C. Sixty-three minutes later, she lugged her accoutrement out of 936 and slipped the door shut.


Lilly turned to see the ostensible occupant of room 936: a middle-aged gentleman in a suit and jacket.

“Sorry, ‘m I interrupting?” he asked.

“Oh, no, no, sir!” Lil waved off. “Not at all; please! I actually just finished with your room.” She gestured him in.

“Oh,” he repeated, this time with a pleased nod. He retrieved a wallet from his jacket, opened it and handed her a tip. “Thanks!”

Lilly gasped. “Wow, ten dollars?? Oh, gosh, thank you, sir! Enjoy the rest of your stay!”

What a generous tip. These were moments Lilly lived for as a maid: true appreciation, and a nice reminder of confirmation. She waited for him to reenter the room, stuffed the $10 note down her front waist pocket, and moved on to the next.

“Dee-dah-dah-dah, dah-dee-dah-dah-dah, dah-deeeeeee…” she sang, entering 937. “…Dah-dee-dah-dah-dah, dah-dee-dah-d—”

Having gotten her cleaning materials inside, she stopped, noticing something unusual.

A distinctively sequined black Coach handbag stared at her from one of the nightstands. Lilly recognized it.


This was Julie’s purse. Lil didn’t need to look inside it. She knew this purse; it was unmistakable.

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