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He was oblivious to my pain. He was looking for his own gratification. It hurt so much. I couldn’t speak. I was paralyzed.

I thought to myself, “He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He doesn’t know its hurting me.”

Suddenly, its over, a twitch of his hips, a grunt and he fills my ass with his cum. Rolling off in an orgasmic stupor before realizing I haven’t moved. My tears have stopped but the my sobs shake me while I lay on my stomach in shock.

“Oh my god, whats wrong? Did I hurt you? Sweetheart, are you alright?” He sounds so concerned but I was lost in the pain.

Wrapping me in his arms, holding me like I was a precious bundle, he whispers apologies and pet names to comfort me. I say nothing and stay there in his arms while I let him console me. Drifting, finally, off to sleep.

I wake a few hours later. I need a shower, badly. I felt dirty.

Leaving him sleeping, I slid out of his arms and out of the bed. My feet hit the cold floor, making my way to the bathroom. Finding clean towels and shampoo,I turn on the hot water. With the hot water running over me, I can feel its magic cleansing me from the outside in.

Rubbing the shampoo into my long, brown hair, another pair of hands takes over. He massages my scalp, working it into a lather. I never heard him come in. He grabs a facecloth, adding shower gel and proceeds to wash me all over. Kneeling in the shower, grabbing my foot and working the soap around my toes. Over and under my foot, around my ankle, making his way up my calf. Over and around my knee, he washes and massages my leg all the way to my pussy.

“Switch feet” he tells me. He thoroughly repeats the same process again on my other leg.

“Turn around, put your hands on the wall.”

He starts at my shoulders, piling my hair on top of my head. Working the soft washcloth up and down my arms, across my shoulders and down my back. I feel the horror and pain of the night before melt away with each slow, circular scrub of the washcloth.

Reaching around, he washes my stomach gently, moving slowly up to my breasts. I feel my pussy tingle as the washcloth rubs across my nipples. I feel his arousal sliding on my soapy ass. I hold my breath. My nipples became highly sensitive, standing at attention while he slides his slippery hands over my breasts. He flicks my right nipple, pinching and rolling it between his thumb and finger making me moan.

“Turn around. Look at me.” I obey without question. “Head back. I need to rinse you.”

He grabs the shower head and washes all the soap out and off, gently ruffling my hair. Reaching past me with one hand, the other on my hip holding me place, canlı bahis şirketleri he shuts off the water. Opening the shower door, he grabs a big soft fluffy towel.

“Lift your arms.” I comply, again, without question. He twists the towel around my body and tucked it into place. Using the one I had brought in with me, he wraps it around his waist. His hard on still quite visible.

Holding my hand, he leads me from the shower stall into the kitchen. Depositing me on a chair, he measures out coffee and water into the coffee maker and turns it on.

Grabbing another towel from somewhere, he wraps my sopping wet hair up. I revel in the feeling of someone else doing my hair for me, rubbing my hair dry in the towel. It relaxes me. He disappears, coming back with my brush from my purse. While the coffee brews, he brushes my long hair, taking out all the snarls with surprising efficiency.

He hands me a fresh cup of coffee, somehow knowing I liked it with no sugar and a little milk.

Grasping my hand and cup, he looks into my eyes, and with absolute conviction and authority he whispers, “You’re mine.”

I feel a thrill hearing him say those words. Even after this man took my anal virginity with such violence and aggression, I still felt an overwhelming attraction and need to please him. Crazy thoughts filled my head. I had just met him two weeks ago. I barely knew him, but I didn’t seem to care.

“Come here. On your knees.” I did it without thinking, dropping to my knees in front of him on the kitchen floor. I can see the tip of his cock under the towel. I look at him for permission. His eyes stare back at mine, glazed with lust. He was right, I was his. He dropped his towel to the floor and leaned back against the counter. His hard cock bobbing in front of me. I reach for it with my right hand.

“No hands. Put them behind your back.” No emotion in his voice. This was a command, and I obeyed.

Wetting my lips, I lean forward to lick the tip of his cock. I circled the head of his cock with my tongue, flicking my tongue in and out of the slit. I drag my teeth as gently as possible across the ridge of his helmet before opening wider and engulfing his hard on in my mouth.

Hearing him groan, I look up at him: on my knees, hands behind my back, with his cock in my mouth. I could feel my pussy dripping. I was willing to do whatever he asked, just to please him.

Moaning, my tongue teasing and tracing the vein running from tip to base. I manage to grab his attention. He stares down at me and growls.

“Mmmm… You ARE an angel.”

Twisting my hair in his hand, he controls the speed of my canlı kaçak iddaa mouth bobbing on his dick. Slow, then fast, then slow again. Hitting the back of my throat making me gag. He pulls my mouth off before pulling me right back down to the base. I could feel his cockhead in my throat. I had never had this done to me before and it was making me wet. I moan again, vibrating his cock in my mouth. I never stopped staring up at him while he used my mouth like a pussy.

“Play with yourself, Angel. Slide your fingers in and out of that wet pussy of yours.”

His filthy words arouse me even more. My hands went immediately to my pussy, dipping in between my cunt lips, sliding in and out. Playing with my clit, I strum myself into a frenzy. He reaches down and undoing the towel still wrapped around me, letting it fall. My nipples are hard enough to cut glass. He grabs one and twists, making me moan with the pleasure/pain. He growls again when I moan. Eyes closed, his head thrown back in pleasure.

Using my hair, he drags me to my feet. I feel his hot, saliva soaked cock poking me in my stomach. He lowers his mouth to mine and uses his tongue to own me, tongue fucking my mouth aggressively. Towels on the floor forgotten, I’m lifted in his arms, our mouths still locked all the way to the bedroom.

Tossed on the bed, he growls, “Get on all fours.”

I obey. He kneels behind me. I feel his hands spreading my ass cheeks. I can feel his hot breath on my tight pucker. I hold my breath again in fear. His tongue swipes my pussy and up to my asshole. Letting out my breath in a long sigh of pleasure. I was so hot I thought I would ignite. I crave his touch and his tongue on my skin.

His tongue circles my rosebud before dipping back to my wet cunt. Wetting a finger, he teases my tight opening, making my back arch. This wasn’t like last night. This is sensual and slow. His finger slips past my tight barrier. His other finger slides easily into my pussy, tickling and teasing, making my ass relax. Relaxed enough to finally sink his finger into the knuckle. His tongue busy rimming my tight opening and fingers sliding in and out of both my holes til I’m close to orgasm. Two fingers in my ass, he slides a third in, letting me get used to the feeling.

He reaches for the lube sitting on the bedside table, with three fingers buried in my ass, he trickles the lube down my crack and onto his fingers, easing them in and out slowly til my ass is as slippery as my sopping pussy.

Removing his fingers and he adds lube to his hand and strokes his hard dick, readying to spear my willing ass.

SMACK! His hand slapped my ass making me jump. canlı kaçak bahis The lube on his hand making it sound worse than what it was. It still stung. I could feel his handprint and it was making my pussy overflow.

“Who’s ass is this?” He ended the question with another slap on my tender young ass cheek.

“Answer me! Who owns this ass?” SMACK!

I moan. “You do.” I gasp, as he slaps my other cheek and drives his cock into my pussy, burying himself to the balls. Grabbing my hair, he yanks my head back, fucking me savagely me til I cum, clenching my pussy around him.

“You’re right, I own this ass, Angel.”

He pulls out of my pussy and places his cockhead at my asshole. Grabbing my hips, he pulls me back on his stiff prick til it pops through my rosebud. There’s a twinge of pain, but nothing like the night before.

SMACK! I jump, shoving myself backwards on his dick. I hold still trying to get comfortable. He’s halfway in my ass now and its starting to feel good. I pull away from him, only to receive another slap for my efforts. I shove myself back trying to take him all in. He drops a hand off my hip to play with my pussy. The sensations are overwhelming and I relax my ass so he can push the rest of the way in. My ass is totally filled. He’s buried to the hilt.

His fingers play in my wet cunt, sliding down to my clit, playing with me til I reach another orgasm. My ass tightens around the base of his cock, gripping him tight when I feel him twitch. He hasn’t moved since he slid all the way in.

“Show me your ass Angel. I wanna hear you beg me to fuck you.”

He pulls out as I reach back, spreading my ass cheeks, displaying my willing, tight asshole to him. He grabs the lube and applies more to his hard cock.

“Where do you want my dick?” he asks.

I whisper, “In my ass.”

“Where? A little louder please. Where do you want my cock?”

“I want you in my ass, baby. I want you to fuck me hard. I want to feel you cum in my ass.”

Its all the encouragement he needs. My filthy words sends him into a lust filled frenzy. With a grunt he drives his hard cock in my ass. Fucking me til I can’t think. One hand grabs my hair and uses it for leverage, pulling me back harder on his dick. Spearing me over and over. I feel another orgasm building.

“Oh Angel. I’m gonna cum… Oh god… in your ass.” Another thrust, his cock twitches and I can feel the hot spunk filling me, painting my violated hole with his cream. This feeling throws me over the edge into another earth shaking orgasm.

We lie beside each other in the afterglow. I can feel his cum oozing slowly from my ass. Propping himself up on an arm, he stares at me with a grin.

“How’s my dirty, little Angel now? Was that better than the first time?”

I grin hazily. “Mmmmm, yes, much better. When can we do it again?”

He knows I’m his, to use anyway he wants…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32