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When Alexis awoke, she had no idea what time it was. There was a moment of panic that rushed through her body before she realized it was not a school day. Thankfully for her, it was Saturday.

After a few minutes of attempting to wake up, Alexis sat up and was greeted by a cold chill as the blanket fell off. She rubbed her eyes and was surprised to see a pair of very hard nipples at the end of her breasts. She realized that she had fallen asleep naked; which was weird because she had never done that before, and then she remembered why.

The previous day, Alexis had discovered how to masturbate. As she sat up and began to recall the previous night’s events, she couldn’t remember how long she had played with herself or even what time she fell asleep. All she knew was that it was amazing, and it was unlike anything she had ever felt before.

All of a sudden, her stomach rumbled. It was then that Alexis realized she had skipped dinner last night, and sleeping through breakfast had made her very hungry.

As she began to put on some comfortable clothes, she saw herself in the mirror again. Alexis stopped and looked for a moment. This is where she figured out that rubbing herself could canlı bahis cause so much pleasure the day before.

Alexis smiled at herself and finished putting on her clothes. She felt great and relaxed as she went down the stairs to eat and watch some TV.


Most of Alexis’ Saturday was spent at the local outlet mall where she bought a couple of pieces of clothing she “desperately” needed. While she was out, she noticed a lot of girls from her school doing the same thing as her, but with their best friends.

It made Alexis sad as she realized she never truly had a best friend. She had a few girls at her school which she would hang out with while she was there, but no one that she could confide in or feel comfortable hanging out with outside of school.

As she arrived at home, Alexis began to think more and more about how much she wanted a best friend. It would have been great to have had a friend this weekend to make it less lonely. Alexis kept the TV on to prevent the silence from getting to her.

After dinner, it was dark out. Alexis was tired of feeling upset and decided to go to out to her hot tub to relax. Since their house was so secluded and well protected, bahis siteleri Alexis didn’t think twice about going in naked.

It was a clear and slightly chilly night, which was perfect weather for going in the hot tub. The warm water was exactly what Alexis needed to relax. After getting situated, Alexis turned on the jets to be greeted with a rush of air pointed directly at her pussy.

“Ahh!” Alexis screamed and jumped away from the jet.

After calming down, Alexis realized that the jet actually felt really good for that brief second it was there. She decided to spread her legs and move closer, slowly.

Once it was in range, her clit began to tingle slightly. It felt very good, but even better as she moved closer. Eventually, Alexis realized that this was almost better than the shower head she used last night.

She stayed in the same position for a minute before her body began to lock up, surrendering her muscles to the orgasm (even though she didn’t realize that she was having one).

Smiling at yet another discovery, Alexis became even more relaxed between the warm water and the recovery from her orgasm.

She stared up at the night sky. Why did nobody tell her bahis şirketleri about this amazing feeling?

Then her mind wandered back to the fact that she didn’t have a best friend. As the sad and negative feelings slowly crawled back, Alexis continued to stare at the night sky.

All of a sudden, a green and purple star flashed through the night sky. It was beautiful; enough to take Alexis’ mind off of the dismal thoughts she was having.

Whether it was instinct or just the stories she had read, Alexis decided to make a wish.

“I wish I had a best friend!” She yelled loudly to the night sky.

The response received was the same she had received when she walked into her house, silence. Unlike the silence earlier, this one was peaceful. The nightlife in the forest nearby and the hot tub jets made Alexis feel less lonely.

After finishing her relaxation in the hot tub, Alexis was exhausted. She decided that she would just turn on the TV and fall asleep.

She went upstairs, put on a pair of pajamas this time, and took one last look at herself in the mirror before turning on the TV. She pressed her hand up to the mirror, imagining that the person on the other end was real. Even though she didn’t have a best friend, Alexis decided she was happy by herself.

This made it much more surprising when she awoke the next day to find someone in her bed.

(To Be Continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32