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Sitting on the sofa, I arched my back against the cushioning trying to find relief from this forced immobility. Everything was immobile, there was no sign of life anywhere around the house, garden, road … maybe not even region. The room was dimly lit, shutters closed but with a clear glowing line around the edges where the wood did not touch the wall. The door was open, more light coming from the opening, tracing the contour of the bed, embroidered white linens, the ever present crucifix witnessing every sin.

There was a small cup abandoned on the table, it had contained some coffee, a caffè corretto actually, coffee with some anise flavored liqueur added. I could still feel the flavor on my lips, letting my tongue wander on my lips, the tip tracing lines on the red softness of female lips. I stood up to look out from the closed blinders, never too closed.

An arid, sun drenched farmyard, not even the hens ventured in the sun any more, they were all clucking under an olive tree. Mount Etna on the back, standing like a young pointy breast, with a white snowy nipple on the top.

I heard the shutters downstairs being touched and squeaking. My mother-in-law was awake. She was an old Sicilian woman living on her own, downstairs; she’d been a widow for as long as I had known her, short and pudgy, always wearing black mourning clothes.

Sometimes I wondered how would she please herself, after being a widow for so many years. I thought … would she still rub her hands between her thighs to reach a furious climax?

Or maybe she had a toy to replace her lost husband. I felt a tingling between my legs thinking of mine. As a newlywed couple in the heat of south Italy our bed life was steamy, bubbly; I couldn’t do anything but miss him when he was away.

As a reaction, my nipples hardened, raising two tiny Mount Etnas on the front of my dress.

As I stood, one of the straps fell from my shoulder uncovering a smooth breast, bahis firmaları the slightly sweaty skin reacting to the cool air into the old house.

My fingers circled around the naked nipple. It was impossible to go out in that heat; I could only stay in and wait, in the cool dark house, for the sun to go down and let people come back to life.

I admired my pointy nipple in the shadows and let the other strap fall, together with my dress, which stopped its fall at my hips, my hands moved on the side of my breasts, cupping them all around and sliding to the sensual crack between them.

‘The best place for one drop of perfume,’ I thought; an old notion mothers used to pass along their virgin daughters the day before their wedding.

Breathing my own scent, I walked a few steps to the bed, the dress dancing fluidly on my hips, falling a bit more at each step until touching the floor. I stretched my back on the bed, pushing my toes, enjoying the feeling of my body free from clothes and my back on the fresh linens, I never wore underwear at home, especially if I was waiting for him.

There was something I could do in the wait though … I rolled on one side and stretched my arms to reach the small drawer under the bedside table, our “treasure” was kept there. My hands reached in the semi-dark, recognizing objects by their surfaces on my fingertips. I pulled out three and the tube of lube.

I could not hold a laugh at how these seemed something borrowed, something new, something old … I lifted my knees taking them to my chest and showing my smooth pussy to the window.

I let one drop of lube fall on the first, small, ball of a line of anal beads. It shined in the semi dark for a moment, just before I felt it pushing at my ass, sliding in with ease … one … two … three balls in succession, sliding in easily until the fourth encountered some more resistance. Slid the whole line out, teasing the ring of muscles to take more, kaçak iddaa I was getting wet, my pussy was tingling and moisture forming inside my lips … I slid the beads back in, biting my lip as the last one, bigger, was forced in. I loved the tension of my ass stretching to welcome the intruder. It would stretch to welcome much more soon …

I reached to get the rabbit; I loved how the tip resembled to the real cock. I licked it, running my tongue between the tip and the shaft, welcoming it in my mouth.

At the same time my free hand wandered down to the line of beads in my ass, started sliding them in and out as I licked the plastic cock, feeling the tip on my tongue, the shaft slipping in my mouth.

I could feel my pussy being so wet, a thrill ran down my spine as I pushed the right button and the ears of the bunny vibrated on my erect nipples. Pointing out, sweat breaking on my chest and a moan out of my mouth, I so wanted that shaft inside me.

Wet, ready. My pussy was glistening with juices, the tip of the rabbit felt big being pushed inside. I applied more pressure without waiting to relax, feeling a mix of slight burning and pain spread to my body before it opened up to welcome the plastic cock.

All my body shivered with the heat inside me, like flames that came out to cool on my skin … I was full now, the bunny placed on my clit, the shaft deeply nestled into my pussy, plunging deep, touching the most intimate places yet never leaving my clit.

The other hand reached down to replace the marbles in my ass with something bigger … my husband’s gift, a thick plug that gave me more than one orgasm, in his hands … or mine.

Rolling to kneel on all fours, I bent enough to reach with the plug to my ass. With one last pull all the beads left my ass feeling very empty, gaping. I pushed the plug in immediately, without applying extra lubricant. My ass was already buttered enough but I was also seeking some special pleasure, kaçak bahis the pain and burning of a plug spreading my ass open.

Oh the first time he surprised me with that plug … my mind wandered back in time as the tip just touched my hole. He had pulled out that plug behind my back when I was tied to the bed and as now, touching my ass with the tip he announced there was a surprise for me. Just the memory of that flashing mix of pain and burning as he pushed the plug past my muscle ring extending my ass so wide was making me even wetter than I was already.

Without thinking more over it I repeated the same action and pushed the plug against my ass, harder but slow, stretching my hole gradually but leaving no chance to fight the invader.

So the same pain ran through my body as the wide part of the plug popped into my ass. Biting my lips and panting I was trying to calm my pussy, breathing hard to enjoy just one huge orgasm, the best, my favorite …

The odd feeling in my ass faded like a fog, quickly replaced by soreness and I rolled on my back, getting the rabbit on my pussy once more, plunging it deep. One hand on the plug pulled and twisted it, teasing each nerve of my body.

Lube was mixing with my cunt juices, being spread all over with the rabbit, I was moving it so furiously in my cunt, feeling the plastic shaft hitting hard against the end of my cunt. It was like the room was suddenly alight; there was no cold or hot any more, just the heat inside me growing, ready to explode.

With my knees drawn to my chest I spread even wider, so close to coming that shivers were running through my body. With one last plunge of the rabbit into my slick cunt, my body started shaking in pleasure.

My eyes closed and my hands gripping to the toys, my body shook wildly in waves of pleasure, like electricity running from my toes all through my spine to my head. I arched my back like I was riding a wild horse.

I struggled on the bed and let out a deep, loud moan carrying pure pleasure in my voice. “Yesss …” my voice spent, fresh drops of sweat cooling on my skin, so young, so tensed and my chest raising so quickly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32