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It had been a long week and we were both completely frustrated. J’s roommates were all about and it was completely too difficult to have any kind of sex with them being so busy. We were both aching but tried to come up with other things to busy ourselves. We were watching a movie when J came up with the most wonderful idea.

“V lets go look at stars.”

“It’s eleven at night, you really wanna go look at stars?”

“Yeah. I’ll make hot cocoa and we can spread a blanket out and we can watch the night sky. It’s clear out on top of that so it’s perfect.”

I smiled at him and shook my head yes. I washed my face and put jeans on while he got cocoa ready. With in minutes we were out the door. J was so excited to get out of the house. We loaded up the jeep and took off. The trip up the mountain wasn’t half bad. It was pretty exciting. We had passed a few good spots but nothing was really appealing to either of us so we continued on. Once we traveled all of the paved roads we decided that we wanted to go up the primitive ones.

The ride got really bumpy and J had to use the four-wheel drive on the jeep. The ride was starting to get me very excited by then. The seats of the jeep were already vibrating as it was, but the added motions from the rough road made the feeling increase. As I looked at my lover I increasingly became wet. I could feel the moistness of my panties even while wearing my jeans.

“I’m not sure we can go any further V.”

“O.k. Love, lets just turn around and find a spot. I’m sure we can see the stars from this height.”

J smiled at me as he maneuvered the jeep. It wasn’t long until we had found a deserted camping area. We backed the jeep into the secluded alcove and moved into the back of the jeep. J pushed the back seat up to give more room in the rear. We popped open the back and stretched out a large blanket. After getting comfortable we got the cocoa out and drank it slowly. The heat of the thick drink made me warmer and wetter yet. The idea of being alone in the forest was really a turn on.

“I love you J.”

“I love you too V.”

He kissed my forehead before I rested it on his stomach. The cool night air was moving though making me want to move closer to him. I could feel his cock grow under my arm. I wanted canlı bahis him so bad. I took a hand and sent it exploring up the leg of his shorts. I found exactly what I wanted.

As I massaged his cock I thought to myself ‘J has the most beautiful balls. I love them. I love touching them. I love sucking them. And I love to hear the sound they make when they slap my pussy as he pounds my ass.’ The more I thought the harder I handled his cock and the harder he got. Without needing to be asked J pulled his shorts down so I could suck his cock. If anything J loved to watch me do this.

As I sucked I fondled his sack in my hand and rubbed firmly with a finger in the space between his balls and asshole. I loved the reaction he gave when he didn’t expect it. I sucked hard rubbing my tongue everywhere. I really wanted more than to suck cock so I stopped and started kissing up his stomach then his chest and then his face.

“J do you want to shut the hatch?” I asked him coyly.

“Uh huh”

J reached up and turned the inside car lights off and shut the hatch. I slipped off my jeans and my top as he did the same. The back of the jeep was a bit cramped but with a little maneuvering I was able to get in J’s favorite position. The blanket gave me enough padding to protect my hands and knees from the rough carpet.

“MMM V, I love looking at you like this.”

He caressed my ass cheeks tenderly grabbing one globe in each and tugging them apart. I heard him let out a small gasp as my pink hole appeared at him. He was extending his touch over my entire body rubbing up my back and under towards my breasts now. He tugged and rubbed the nipples between his fingers rubbing his engorged cock against my backside. He traced his fingertips back down the dip in my back and in between my crack, I moan with ecstasy. Pulling my cheeks apart as far as he could he bent down and panted hard near it. Chills ran up my spin and I shuttered in delight.

Without any warning he brought his face closer to my ass and started licking the crack. It was heaven not to mention a rarity. His warm tongue caressed my hole, swirling it all around it and then trying to pry it in. I loved it more than any other sexual act. It was dirty, it was nasty and it was pure fun. I loved it! I pushed back bahis siteleri on his face every time I felt is tongue push into my tinny hole.

J licked upwards on my crack, up my back to my neck and heavily breathed in my ear.

“I want to fuck your ass.”

I moaned in response as he positioned himself behind me. My tight hole was putting up a bit of a fight. After several attempts I sat up and turned towards him. His cock was standing at attention and I took it in my mouth. I got it nice and wet so it would push in a bit easier. But instead of getting back on my knees I pushed him down.

“J sit against the seat please.”

As he did so I positioned my ass above his cock and then slowly guided it in. The head was swollen and difficult to get up in there but after pushing it finally popped in.

“V, you ass feels so good around my cock.”

I moved up and down trying very difficult not to let his huge cock pop out. J loved it when he could pull out until only his head was buried in me and ram it back in. It was very difficult and I was starting to get a cramp from how my legs were positioned. I noticed handles above the back seat doors and I grabbed a hold of them and used them to help myself. The head of his cock pushed up inside in my ass and it felt so wonderful. I moaned and rocked on his cock. It felt so good that I wanted to go faster. I gained more speed and moaned louder with every full stoke of his cock. Oh god it felt amazing. I gained so much speed that when I tried to fuck his cock so wear only his head was left it that I over did it and it popped out.

I screamed slightly with the pain and from the look on J’s face I knew he was in a bit of pain himself.

“V lets go home. This is fun, but I can fuck you so much easier if we were not in this car.”

He kissed my forehead, as we hurriedly got dressed. We practically raced back to the house.

“I love you J”

“I love you too V.”

Once we got home we didn’t hesitate to get into the bedroom. We dashed in and we ripped the clothes off of one another. He pushed me on the bed then grabbed some lube off of the bedside table. I pushed my ass up for my lover and shuttered as the cool gel dripped around my hole.

J too the pillow I was resting my head on and placed bahis şirketleri it under my stomach.

“Lay down love”

I rested my pelvis on the pillow and relaxed as he shoved his cock back in my hole. I squealed in passion.

“V, be quiet the other guys are still sleeping.”

I bit my lip and felt as my body complied with every pump of J’s cock. God I loved his cock in my ass! I bucked back as much as I could. J’s moans were music to my ears. With one hard thrust he pushed into my entire body. He took my hands and held them together above my head.

“You like that don’t you baby.”

I moaned a response in reply.

“It’s the best you’ve ever had isn’t it?”

“Uh huh, the best.” I panted.

“Oh yeah V this is so good. Your ass it so tight. I think I might cum soon. You’d like that wouldn’t you? You’d like it if I came up your tight little hole.”

Once again I left my answer in a moan.

“Uh huh, that is what I thought.”

Not each thrust was a sharp jab. I felt one of his hands slip under my stomach and move down towards my pussy.

“V, your pussy is so wet. Is it wet all for me?”

“Uh huh, all for you.”

J flicked at my click and rubbed it between his fingers.

“J, I’m going to come.”

“No baby, not yet. Not until I tell you.”

I moaned loudly with need. He let me lay under him convulsing, trying my hardest not to come. It was so difficult not to with the way he was pulling at my clit and the sensation of his cock ramming my asshole.

“I can’t hold it J, please baby, please.”

“Oh V, I love it when you beg, just a little longer, I promise.”

“J please baby, I need to.”

J laughed slightly at my pleas.

“O.k. baby, cum.”

I didn’t need any more prompting than that. I let my juices flow over is hand and all over the pillow and sheets. I let out a deep breath and moaned with complete pleasure. J was still pounding at my ass, but it was much faster now and I knew he was near. I felt his balls against my pussy become tighter and he grabbed my shoulders to ensure that his cum went straight up my ass.

With sweat all over our bodies we laid there, him on top of me and we panted together, feeling complete satisfaction.

“I love you baby”

“I love you too J”

He pulled what was left of his hard on out of my ass and pulled me close to him.

“I could never love another girl.”

With a smile on my face I fell asleep next to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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