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Jason and the Bicycle Girls
Jason and his fleet-footed Argonauts pursued the Golden Snatch throughout the wilds of Virginia for many a day, soon following the scent into the wilds of West Virginia some time later — and it was only when their ’63 Woodie attempted to cross the Labian Pass that they encountered the nastiest, dirtiest bitches of their journey — the Bicycle Girls — sexy sirens so hot and lovely that just gazing upon them would make you fall off your bike. Or out of your Woodie. Shit, these girls were hot!

Luckily, Jason and his crew were riding in their trusty ’63 Woodie. As they drove out of the Labian Pass, a girl on a bicycle rode up beside them. “Hey boys!” she said, “Wanna see my twat?” She had legs about a mile long and a fine thin mane of blond hair and a very nice pair of titties. She grabbed hold of her titties güvenilir bahis and rubbed them round and round and said’ “Whoo whoo whoo!”

Then another girl on a bicycle rode up from behind, squatting on her bicycle seat with her legs spread wide open up in the air, shouting to the boys, “My snatch is open for business! Come on boys! First one served here gets a free ass-fuck!”

Jason and his full crew of manly men answered the call resoundingly, jumping out of the Woodie and pulling their hard dicks from their pants and pointing their dicks at the girls and wanking it a bit. More girls rode up from behind on bicycles, stripping off their clothing as they dismounted. All of them were so fine and lovely, so enticing, so mesmerizing, so sireny…. Then they began to sing:

“Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away türkçe bahis from the rest of the world
I want to be the one to walk in the sun
Oh girls they wanna have fun
Oh girls just wanna have
That’s all they really want
Some fun…”

“Hey, you boys up for some dick slapping?” one of the girls said, her tantalizingly small, firm breasts glinting in the sunlight. Then other girls stood up, their own little titties just as tantalizing, especially when they made their titties bounce up and down.

And with that, the terrifying skeleton warriors leaped out from the brush. The skeleton warriors held down Jason and all his mighty manly crew while a host of young and sexy girls began slapping their dicks.

The dick slapping went on for hours and hours. Finally, Jason cried out, “Please, girls, you’ve slapped our dicks long enough güvenilir bahis siteleri — they are red and raw now, not from pleasure but from slapping. Stop slapping!”

The skeleton warriors slowly drew away until they were no longer visible.

“Jason and your manly men: here’s how you shall find the Golden Snatch”, one lovely girl said as she remounted her bicycle, her cute and sweaty little pair of butt cheeks peeking out from underneath her bright red bicycle shorts, “Place all of you your red and raw slapped dicks within our mouths, each one of we lovely young girls with lovely little butt cheeks peeking out from underneath our bright red bicycle shorts, and our mouths shall provide a balm for your dicks, and you’ll probably cum like you’ve never cum before, believe-you-me!”

And so all the Bicycle Girls blew all the Argonauts, and many loads of cum did cover the faces of the bicycle girls, and Jason and his fleet-footed Argonauts ultimately returned home with many stories of adventure, especially the one about the Bicycle Girls slapping their dicks and sucking them off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32