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John & Anand Use me Well!
Deepti heard the front door. She had been waiting for her Master John to come home. Deepti had been John’s sex slave for two years now. To the outside world they were just a regular married couple, but in the privacy of their own home, things were different. They were always careful not to let anyone know about their secret.

John had a surprise in store for Deepti today though. When Deepti went to meet John at the door she saw that he had brought a friend with him. This was someone new, someone Deepti had never met. Deepti, this is Anand. John said. Anand was a very tall imposing man.

Deepti shook his hand. Pleased to meet you. She replied. She looked quizzically at John who did not give anything away. John led Anand and Deepti down the hall to the first bedroom. Deepti hesitated entering the room, and looked stunned. This was their playroom. They had never had anyone in there. John pushed her into the room and said come on pet, we don’t want to leave our new friend waiting.

Deepti entered the room. Eyes down slave! John yelled. Deepti immediately knew something new was in store. She was both frightened and aroused. She had never been with another man before, but sensed that she did not have any choice in the matter today. She dropped her head and waited for further instruction.
Strip slave. John said. Ignoring her further he turned to Anand and said, so, what do you think of our little playroom?

It’s not bad, I’m sure we can all have a good time playing here. I have a few ideas of my own for this little slut slave of yours.

Deepti was even more frightened now. John had never shared her before, but he knew that she longed for it.
Anand looked over at the now naked Deepti, Mmmm. Not bad John. You’re right, those DD breasts do look like they would tie up nicely. And you said she is really into having her nipples and tits tortured.
Yep, the little slut really gets off on it.

John turned to Deepti, Now slave, you are to do whatever Anand tells you. You are his slave for today, and there will be no more hesitations. Understood? Deepti nervously nodded her head up and down in response.

Good. Because, even the slightest hesitation will lead to extreme punishment. Don’t let me down slave. And with that John backed away to a corner of the room out of the light where Deepti couldn’t see him. It was now just her and Anand. A Master she had never been with, and had no idea what to expect.

Anand began walking around her, Spread your feet apart, slut. He said as he kicked her feet wider. Head down, hands behind your head, chest out. She did as instructed. He continued just walking around her, not touching her. She was getting so aroused just standing there, exposed to this stranger, knowing that she had better do exactly as he said.

He left her standing there and went over to the dresser that housed all of their toys. He took out some rope, some string, nipple clips, weights, and a vibrator. Deepti couldn’t see what he was doing because she kept her eyes on the floor.

As bahis siteleri he approached her he began to caress her breasts, her breaths increased at the sensation. OK slut, now let’s see how well you follow instructions.

He proceeded to wrap the base of her breasts with the rope very tightly. Her breasts became large and protruding and began to turn red almost immediately. He began to play very lightly with her nipples, and then without warning, grabbed and twisted both of her nipples very hard. With her breasts tied her nipples were even more sensitive than normal, she drew in a breath quickly, and just as quickly closed her mouth so as not to scream.

Anand then took the string and tied it around each protruding nipple making them stand out even more. He then took the nipple clips and attached one to each nipple. Deepti gasped, but continued to stand with her legs apart, her hands behind her head, her chest pushed out and her eyes down. She had no idea what he was up to next.

Anand took each of the strings attached to her nipples and began attaching each with several weights. Each string had 5 weights each tied with a loose slip knot, and the weights getting larger as they went up the string. He then took the end of the string and tied it around a hook in the ceiling and pulled it just tight enough to be taut, but not pull.

Anand then looked at John and said, Now let’s see how good she can follow instructions. We’ll see if she can actually administer the pain to herself, or if she only likes it when it’s done to her. John smiled in the corner, watching intently, and taking notes.

OK slut, the way this works is simple. As soon as you take one step backwards your tits will pull the first knots out sending the weights down the string to hang on your nipples. The farther back you step, the more weights will fall onto those nipples of yours. Remember, you were told to do exactly as I instructed.

Deepti felt a wave of fear, not only had she never had to be the one to administer her own pain, but she had never had that many weights on her nipples before.

Take a step backward slut. Anand said.

Deepti knew she better not hesitate, so she took a step backwards, the first weights were untied, and ran down the string catching on her nipple clips. Not only was it painful to have the weights on, but the jolt of electricity she felt as the landed was excruciating. She didn’t think she could take much more, but she could see that there were still 4 larger weights on each string.

Anand came over to her with the vibrator and began running it around her clit sending a wave of pleasure through her. He took each breast and began to bounce them slightly. The combination of pain, pleasure and fear was incredible.

Take another step back slut. Anand instructed. Deepti again didn’t hesitate, she just stepped back and let her nipples pull on the string. To her surprise Anand had made the next 2 knots so loose that when she pulled on the first one, two weights fell to each breast. bahis şirketleri She jumped when they hit her now swollen nipples causing the weights to bounce even more.

Look John, she likes it so much she’s jumping around to increase the pain. What a little pain slut you have here. She’s even better than you said.

Deepti now had tears running down her cheeks from the pain, and to her amazement there were still 2 more weights on each string attached to her nipples.

Anand approached her again. And again he caressed her pussy with the vibrator, just enough so that she now had juices running down her legs. She had allowed her legs to come together slightly when she jumped. What’s this slut, you think you can close your legs to me? Deepti quickly moved her feet apart, opening up her pussy to him even more. She hoped this would be enough to please him. She was wrong.

You must be punished slut. He took out a flogger from the dresser and began to whip her back and buttocks. With each blow she would wobble slightly, just enough that her breasts and the clips with the weights would sway. He then moved around to her front and began to flog her pussy. The sting to her clit was so arousing. Anand had not ever done more than spank her clit, so to have it flogged was a new experience. The combination of pain and arousal was almost more than she could take. She knew she was getting close to orgasm, but she was not allowed to cum unless given permission. Anand could see the look in her eyes and knew that she was getting close, so he stopped. He had more in store for this little slut.

He stepped away putting the flogger down. OK slut, now that you’ve learned your lesson. This time I want you to step back again, but as soon as the weights fall, you are to jump in place 5 times. This time Deepti hesitated, she looked up at Anand, and looked to the corner she knew John was in, but couldn’t see him. She looked back at Anand to see that he was not happy with her for hesitating. She took the step back causing the next weights to drop. Even though the pain was excruciating she did as instructed. She jumped in place 5 times, each time causing her breasts to bounce and the weights to pull at her swollen nipples. Just as she was on her 5th jump, Anand began to whip her again with the flogger, this time starting with her breasts. This caught her so off guard that she jumped back, not thinking that the last weight would fall. Anand just laughed as he continued flogging both her breasts and her pussy.

He then untied the string from the overhead hook. This released the tiny bit of help she had gotten from the string, and caused the weights to fully rest on her nipples. Deepti bent over in an attempt to alleviate the pain. But there would be no help for her. As Anand saw her bend over, he got another idea.

He led Deepti over to the exercise weight bench John had specially designed. It was set so that she would be kneeling with her legs and arms tied. This way he could access her breasts, as well as canlı bahis have access to all her holes. Anand tied her to the bench. He pulled her head up by her hair and instructed her to suck his cock. It was now that she realized that he had removed his pants and could see how large his cock was. John was not a small man by any means, but she had never seen a cock this large.

She opened her mouth and began to lick the head. He immediately began to move in and out of her mouth. Suck slut. He yelled. She sucked, and he began to fuck her face, holding her head by the hair. As he fucked harder she began to choke on his cock, but he did nothing to stop, or slow. Suck harder slut. He yelled again. This was finally getting to John. He couldn’t take just watching anymore. His cock was so hard it was about to explode.

John approached the pair and whispered in Anand’s ear. Anand pulled out of Deepti’s mouth and was immediately replaced with John’s cock. She began to suck her master’s cock, not noticing what Anand was doing. Suddenly she felt something large entering her ass. Anand had taken the vibrating but plug from the dresser. He pushed hard to get it to enter. She loves that thing. John said. Good replied Anand.

He then turned it on sending waves through her ass. John was still slowly fucking her mouth as Anand began to push his large cock into her pussy. As he slipped it in Deepti let out a muffled scream with her Master’s cock still in her mouth.

Suck harder slut. John yelled.

Just then Anand began to thrust harder. The movements made her breasts bounce. The weights still hanging from her nipples began to swing wildly. The pain and pleasure was almost more than she could bear.

You want to cum, don’t you slut? Anand asked.

She nodded her head yes, while still sucking her Master. She could tell he was almost ready to cum too.
OK slut, you make you’re Master cum, and swallow every drop, then you can cum.

Anand continued to thrust, the weights continued to swing, and she sucked as hard and deep as she could. Holding back her own climax until John finally let go. She sucked him hard, swallowing all his cum, and then allowed the intense feelings to wash over her.

As she came and her pussy squeezed Anand’s cock he unloaded inside her as well.

After they all had relaxed slightly from their orgasms Anand began to untie Deepti. He made her stand. The weights were still attached to her nipples, her breasts still tied. They were almost a purple color now. She both wanted and dreaded having the ropes and clips taken off. She knew that as the blood flow returned the pain would be even more.

Anand first untied each breast. As the blood began to return she could feel the weights even more. First he took off the clip on the right. She almost passed out from the wave of pain. Then he removed the next one. She couldn’t believe the pain. She had always gotten off on nipple and breast torture, but this was a level she had never experienced.

She wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. The only thing she was sure of was that she would be experiencing it again. She knew by the look on her Master’s face that he not only enjoyed it, but liked bringing others into their little world. This was the start of a new chapter in their lives together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32