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Once again, Peter woke up to realise he’d fallen asleep on the sofa with his laptop computer still up, the screen lighting up the dark lounge room. But that isn’t what concerned him tonight. No, that honour went to the cold, sharp knife he could feel against his throat.

“Oh good. You’re awake,” the gruff voice observed. “Tell me, boy, is there anyone else home?”

Peter swallowed hard, then winced. Probably not the best idea with a knife held to your throat, he realised as a tiny trickle of blood ran down his neck. “Uh, yeah, j-j-just my mum.”

“Your mum, eh? Nice. Very nice. Lead the way, kiddo.” Peter was hesitant, as surely even the man with the knife could understand. “Show me where your mum’s room is, or I can just slit your throat and find her myself.”

“Okay, okay, I’m cooperating. I’ll do anything you say. Just don’t hurt us.” As he stood up, Peter tried to put a face to the gruff, angry voice of his assailant. No such luck; the man was wearing a balaclava. Raising his hands above his head like he’d seen done in so many movies, Peter led the man to his mother’s room, the knife occasionally pricking him in the back. They walked down the hallway and Peter opened the door to his mother’s bedroom and turned on the light. His father was, of course, away driving his truck to some godforsaken part of the country.

“Um…mum?” He watched as his mother stirred groggily in bed, then resumed her snoring. “Mum, wake up.” When she didn’t move, Peter shook her awake.

“Wha- Peter? What’s wrong?”

“Uh, well, there’s a guy in the house – right behind me, actually – and he held a knife to my throat and told me to lead him here.”

“You’re kidding,” she groaned, still at least half asleep.

“‘fraid not, my dear,” the man chuckled. Nicki jumped, now fully awake and equally terrified. She saw the knife was once again pressed against her son’s neck.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Peter. I told you to lock the front door when you got home. How many times-“

“It’s not the boy’s fault, mummy dearest,” the man interrupted. “There’s not a lock on this green earth that can keep me out of a house if I wanna get inside. Now, do me a favour and strip for me, okay?”

“What? Right now? In front of my fucking son?” Insane killer or not, Nicki couldn’t believe what the man was suggesting.

“Strip, or your little boy gets it, my dear,” the man retorted.

Peter watched, terrified, as his mother looked around for some other option – some way to subdue the intruder and escape this nightmare – and failed to do so. She sat up in her bed, hands shaking, and lifted her baby blue cotton nightie above her head. Peter hated himself for appreciating how firm and large her breasts were, especially for a woman in her 40s. He watched them bounce free of her nightie, staring as her nipples hardened in the cool summer night air. How long has Mum had such a great body? No, stop it, you fucking perv. God, what’s wrong with you? But those big tits… Peter’s mind raced. He watched as his mother slid her bikini briefs down with trembling fingers. She could feel both Peter’s and the intruder’s eyes on her pubic mound, taking in every detail of her hair-free pussy. She felt horribly self-conscious and ashamed. But why? So what bahis firmaları if she was 46 and still got her pubes waxed? It certainly made her and her husband happy. She didn’t do it for anybody else, least of all these two.

“Ooh, very nice, Mummy,” the balaclava mocked. “Now you, sonny-boy.”

“What are you- Why are you doing this to us?” Nicki pleaded with the man.

“Quiet,” he snapped back. “Clothes off now, boy,” he ordered Peter.

Peter’s hands shook as he pulled his t-shirt over his head, revealing his young, lean torso. Despite the circumstances, his mother couldn’t help but admire the young man he was becoming, physically and otherwise. Especially compared to his father, who was definitely letting himself go.

“Pants too, sonny.”

Peter reluctantly complied, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans. He stuck his trembling thumbs in the waistband of his underpants and removed the rest of his clothing, exposing himself to his mother for the first time since before puberty. Not to mention the masked man brandishing a knife.

Nicki tried to avert her eyes, but morbid curiosity drew her gaze to her son’s genitals. He kept his pubic hair trimmed very short all over, and his uncut cock… She had always been intrigued by how men’s penises were so much darker than the rest of their skin, and her son’s was no exception. But even more intriguing, Peter’s penis wasn’t shrunken or withdrawn, the way she thought fear would have done. No, instead, her son stood naked in front of her bed, at least half erect. Are you serious? Is he really getting hard? Now? Fucking hell. Well, I guess that’s sort of a compliment… Her eyes still glued to her boy’s dick, she felt that old familiar warmth starting to creep between her legs. No, Nicki, push those fucking weird thoughts out of your head. Right now.

“Okay, we’ve done what you asked. Can you let us go now?” Peter asked impatiently.

“Oh no, we’re just getting started here,” the man replied. In their worst nightmares, neither mother nor son could have expected what the strange man said next. “Now, you’re going to fuck your mum, kid.”

Peter and Nicki looked at each other, their minds reeling from the perverse instruction from the man with the knife. “What the fuck?” Peter gasped.

“The hell is wrong with you?” Nicki joined in.

“Look, I don’t have all night. Fuck each other, then I’ll leave you be, alright?” He looked at Peter, then down to his half hard dick. “Hey, boy.” He reached a hand into the knapsack he was carrying. “That’s a real nice start, but you’ll be needing this by the looks of you. And your mum.” He tossed Peter a small bottle of lube. “Get to it then.”

Despite his best attempts to get rid of his erection, rubbing the lube all over his cock got Peter fully hard. Naked, terrified and ashamed, Peter stared down from his thick seven-inch dick and into his mother’s wide brown eyes. They both knew there was no way out of this. How could they look at each other again after tonight? But somehow, despite everything, Nicki was at least partly glad that Peter was going to fuck her. Better her son than this insufferable, perverted, cliché of a burglar.

Peter looked into Nicki’s eyes and began to say, “Mum, I’m sor-“

“It’s kaçak iddaa okay, sweetie. I know. Just…do what you have to do.”

Peter climbed onto the bed and lined his cock up with his mother’s pussy. Nicki shut her eyes, clenched her fists and repressed a gag, repulsed as she felt everything that was happening to her. She felt her son’s foreskin retract as he slid his cock past her lips and inside her, where she’d held him for nine months and pushed him out 19 years ago. It felt so warm… so moist…so hard, and yet, so soft… Her nipples hardened and she moaned when he finished sliding his length inside her. Her cheeks prickled with red hot embarrassment, humiliated by her body’s betrayal with its arousal. What the fuck is wrong with me? she thought. Peter leaned down, his clenched fists pressed into the bed either side of his mother.

“Ooh, fuck,” Peter groaned, unable to fully comprehend the situation he was in: forced to fuck his mother at knifepoint. Worse, he actually enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside her warm, moist, surprisingly tight pussy. Instinct took over and he started thrusting slowly, driving the full length of his cock in and out of his mother. “Oh Jesus, Mum…” he moaned

“Holy shit, Peter,” Nicki gasped in reply. She felt her hips start to thrust, sliding her pussy up and down over her son’s warm, hard cock. Why the fuck was she enjoying this? It was horrible, but god, her son was being so considerate, so… loving, and so damn sexy, she couldn’t help but feel obliged – no, compelled – to fuck him back. Without thinking, she reached her arms out and held his young, lean body close to her own, moaning and gasping the sounds of her pleasure directly into his ear. They felt the warmth of each other’s nude bodies and soon, Nicki and Peter shared their first intimate kiss.

Peter turned his head to face Nicki. Their eyes met, followed closely by their lips. Nicki could barely feel the prickle of Peter’s stubble against her upper lip. As she opened her mouth to his probing tongue, she realised she no longer cared that she was being forced to fuck her son. No, that wasn’t quite true… Nicki was glad that she and her son were being made to fuck.

Peter moaned into his mother’s open mouth, his tongue dancing with hers. He held her head gingerly in one hand and started to squeeze her breast with the other. Mere minutes ago, he’d never even seen his mother topless, but now he was eagerly squeezing her full, round tits and rubbing and tweaking her pink nipples while they fucked each other vigorously.

“Ho-ho-holy fuck!” the burglar laughed. He almost felt bad commenting on the incredible display the mother and son were putting on for him. What buried feelings had he unearthed between these two tonight?! Nobody had ever responded so positively to being forced to fuck each other like these two were. “You guys are incredible.”

The pair didn’t even hear his comments. Peter picked up the pace, thrusting his muscular ass faster, driving his thick cock further and harder into Nicki’s ever-moistening, tight and hairless pussy. Sweat began to break out on their foreheads and chests, but again they ignored it. The forbidden, incestuous passion they both felt consumed all their attention.

Nicki’s kaçak bahis terror had fully given way to lust and pleasure. She never once thought about her husband, let alone the fact she was cheating on him with his son. She wrapped her legs around her son’s young, tight body and rolled him over onto his back. She was now riding Peter’s cock, squeezing her pussy tight against him, bouncing up and down, letting him watch her tits do the same. She stared into his eyes and moaned his name.

Staring up at his mother’s curvy, silky, incredible body, Peter could barely think straight. He was overcome with incestuous desire for the woman who was now riding his cock and calling out his name. He couldn’t believe he was lasting so long. He reached up and squeezed his mother’s breasts in both hands, and began thrusting his hips upward, driving his cock as far into his mother’s tight vagina as it could possibly go.

The couple continued expressing their mutually discovered taboo feelings in that position for several minutes, silent apart from their groans of pleasure, thrusting towards each other in perfect time. No matter how good, though, nothing lasts forever. Peter could feel his cock swelling as he drew closer and closer to orgasm.

“Oh fuck, Mum, I’m gonna cum…” he gasped, unsure how Nicki would react to the news, seeking his mother’s advice on how they should proceed given his impending orgasm.

“Do it, baby,” Nicki pleaded. “Fuckin’ cum inside me, Peter.” She couldn’t believe what she was saying, but holy hell, giving her son permission to shoot his seed inside her body was almost as good as the sex itself.

Peter couldn’t hold back anymore. He yelled as his body spasmed, his testicles drawing up close to his body, his hard, wet cock convulsing as it shot a dozen wads of his hot, white semen into his mother’s pussy. Nicki rode her son’s cock, sliding her pussy up and down the full length of his dick while clenching tight, keeping as much of his cum inside her body as she could.

The sex was so amazing, so insane, so bizarre that Nicki didn’t even care that she never got an orgasm of her own. She was just so happy to have experienced her son in this way, and that they could both live to continue what she hoped to be their burgeoning relationship. Next time, he’ll make me cum, she promised herself. She bent down and kissed her son, stroking his hair while her tongue entered his mouth. Her son held her ass cheeks in his hands and moaned, exhausted, into his mother’s mouth. He couldn’t get over just how into forced incest both he and his mother apparently were. Hopefully, he thought, this was just the start of many years of fucking his mother’s magnificent pussy.

Mid-kiss, Nicki suddenly remembered the man with the knife. She looked around the room, but he was long gone. She told Peter to go find out where the man went. Peter withdrew his softening dick from his mother’s exhausted pussy and put his pants back on before he left the room to go investigate.

Back in the lounge room, he saw the burglar had typed a message into a notepad file on his computer:

Thanks for the show guys. Normally I’d use this time to steal all your shit while you were busy fucking but you put on such a fucking great show for me so I thought I’d just leave you alone. Keep on fucking!

Peter returned to his mother’s room to tell her the good news. Besides, after the night they’d had, he figured both he and his mother needed some more …comfort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32