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Even though it is dark, I can sense your presence. In the warm light of the moon, I throw off the bed-linens, glazing my body with light. I slowly run my hands over my body, imaging that they are your hands. The silk of my nightgown slips over my curves, hiding everything, yet revealing in its own way. My nipples pucker against the smooth material.

I feel you watching, and yet, I continue as if I am unaware of your presence. I caress my body through my nightgown; feeling my collarbone jutting out, the smoothness of the valley between my breasts, the firmness of my belly, the indentation of my waist, the dampness between my thighs. I tease and tantalize the insides of my thighs, opening them slightly. My fingernails lightly scratching through the nightgown, my hands drift back up to my neck, running up and down, stimulating that certain place that your tongue gravitates towards when we are together.

My pulse races under my fingers. I bring a hand up to my mouth, caressing my lips, and slowly insert a finger, sucking on it, getting it wet. I drag that wet finger down over my throat, imagining your lips and tongue. My damp finger travels further down, dampening my nightgown over my breasts, feeling the pebbly texture of my nipples. I slip my hands down to the apex of my thighs. There is moisture there, soaking through my nightgown. My hands come back up, pulling the hem of my nightgown up, over my thighs. I raise my ass off the bed slightly, pulling the nightgown up. I sit up and raise my arms, bahis firmaları divesting my body of its meager covering.

I lay back down, luxuriating in my nudity. I pull a pillow under my head. The moonlight glints off my nipple rings, inspiring me to tug on them, eliciting a gasp from my parted lips. If possible, my nipples get even harder, so hard they hurt. I circle around my left nipple, feeling the texture of my breast, the softness, the eroticism inherent in its very fiber.

My other hand winds its way down, dipping into the small valley of my navel, down even more, to the smoothness of my trimmed pussy. Two fingers glide along my slippery lips, spreading the wetness. My thighs fall widely apart, opening my secret folds to your eyes. My fingers gently trace my lips, feeling the liquid proof of my arousal. I slide my other hand down and spread my lips; the fingers of my other hand find my clit and circle it, feeling it getting harder and tenderer under my ministrations. I use my middle finger to rub my clit back and forth, occasionally adding my index finger to roll it around.

With my left hand, I grope on my nightstand for my vibrator. I turn it on, using the lowest setting, and gently run it over my nipples; the metal jewelry is an excellent conductor and my nipples get even harder. I drag the vibe down my belly and between my legs. I’m still working my clit as I tease my opening with the toy. At the first buzzing touch, my pussy contracts and I get even wetter. I dip one finger, kaçak iddaa then two inside my eager pussy. I feverishly finger-fuck myself for a few minutes, feeling my arousal growing.

Again, I bring my wet fingers to my mouth and suck on them, imagining them to be your cock. I suck them greedily, almost tasting the unique flavor that is you. I slide the vibe deep inside myself and thumb the intensity up. The vibe hums happily deep inside, stimulating my G-spot. I fuck myself hard and deep, just like you do. My pussy clenches around the vibe as I return my attentions to my clit. It is so hard now and it is begging for attention. My left hand grips the vibrator firmly and slides it in and out, mimicking the way you thrust, but sadly falling short. My right hand resumes its frantic clit frigging, edging me closer and closer to orgasm.

I roll over onto my belly, hard nipples pressed into the comforter, the edges of my nipple rings pressing deeply into my flesh. I pull my legs up underneath me and fuck myself in earnest with the vibrator. I time the thrusts of the vibe with the motion of my fingers on my clit. As I approach my climax, I force myself to slow down, knowing that you think that I come too quickly.

My breath slows down as I reach for the butt plug on the nightstand; you could never understand my need for anal action. As I insert it, rather roughly, it is almost as if I am rebelling against you in some way.

My ass now filled, I return my attentions to my pussy. I glide the kaçak bahis head of the vibe up and down my slit, getting it wet before thrusting it deep inside, so deep it bumps against my cervix, filling me completely. I love having both holes filled – it is a huge turn on. I thumb the dial up all the way, the vibrator purring deep inside my pussy. I rub my clit hard and move my hips as if I were riding your cock. My nipples are being gently abraded by the comforter, my ass being stretched by the butt plug, the vibe deep inside me: all these things conspire to drive my lust even higher.

I moan, wishing it were your cock inside my ass and maybe your friends cock in my pussy. As I imagine you sharing me with a friend, I broaden the fantasy. What would make the fantasy perfect is if you would spank me while reaming my ass with your cock; talking dirty to me would also help. I get more into my fantasy, grinding my pussy against my hand, fucking myself hard and deep.

It is the thought of you spanking me and calling me names while my holes are filled with cock that finally does it for me. I come, all the muscles in my body clenched, tightening on the toys buried deep in my orifices. Waves ripple through my body, much like a pebble tossed into a still pond. A soft sigh escapes my lips. As I relax, the sheen of sweat on my body cools. Rolling back over onto my back, I remove the toys.

On my way to the bathroom to clean the toys, my eye is caught by a photograph of you and me together –in happier times. With a sigh of frustration, I flip the photograph over. We’ve been apart for some time now and you’re with that other nameless woman. Yet, even though you are no longer mine in reality, you will always be mine in my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32