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Mary’s story Part 35
“I have had my vagina tightened, and my hymen repaired. That makes me a virgin again, just like Sister Agnes.” “Who the hell is Sister Agnes?” “She is my Catholic equivalent. She accompanies the Monsignor to the Ecumenical Meetings. She hides a fantastic body under her habit. She is very nice, you would like her.”

Mary was still trying to take this information in. She was so worried yesterday about how to face her husband with her modified body, and yet here she was today trying to persuade two vicars to get pierced and tattooed; and finding out that the Bishop’s wife was already pierced and tattooed on the instructions of the Archbishop. She needed to push Imogen more on this. Imogen moved forward, and Mary saw what looked to be a small tattoo between her buttocks, but she could not make it out.

“Are you telling us that Sister Agnes is pierced and tattooed the same as you?” “Of course; just the same as all the other ladies are. It’s all about religious harmony.” “What other ladies?” “We have several religions involved now. At first it was just the Church of England and the Roman Catholics, but now we have Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, and Sikhs. We are open to all faiths.”

Whilst Imogen was talking, she continued to shave Jaqueline, and soon Jaqueline’s pussy was as smooth as Imogen’s. Mary cleared the hair and the razors away. “What about you?” Imogen said to Sandra. “Yes, Sandra, get undressed. Let’s see you as well.” Jaqueline added.

Very reluctantly, Sandra stripped, taking a long time and keeping her knickers on. “All of it!” Imogen ordered. Very slowly, Sandra slipped her knickers down. Mary was standing behind her and was the first to see that Sandra had a small tattoo very low down on her back. As she leant forward to step out of the knickers, Mary could see that it extended across the crack of her buttocks and was just an instruction. It read, “Fuck me here”, with an arrow pointing down to Sandra’s anus.

“Turn round!” Imogen commanded. Sandra kaçak iddaa turned to face Mary, exposing her back to Imogen. “I’m glad to see that you have kept up with your shaving, Sandra, but what is this I see? Oh, very nice, I don’t think. How crude, how slutty; at least mine is a bit more decorous.”

“What exactly is your tattoo, Imogen?” said Mary. Imogen bent forward and pulled her buttocks apart. Mary could see that the tattoo circled Imogen’s anus and said in small black lettering, “Go in Peace.” “Oh,” said Mary. “I did not expect that.”

“We all have something similar, depending on our religion. Sister Agnes has “Pax Vobiscum” and the Asian ladies have something that I cannot read, it just seems to be squiggles, but they tell me it is a similar message in Arabic or Urdu or Thai. But I can’t stay here talking, I have to get on. Look, some of us ladies are having lunch on Sunday at the Westminster Hotel so perhaps you would like to join us? We meet at one o’clock and have a private room so we can talk openly. Just ask for Maureen, the Restaurant Manageress, and she will show you where we are.” “Thanks, Imogen, I’d love to. One o’clock; I’ll meet you then.”

Imogen got dressed again. “One thing before I go; you must make sure that these two are tattooed tonight, but only the butterflies; not their nipples or clits. That will be decided later. I’ll explain it all on Sunday”

“I’m not sure if Paul will have time, but I will talk to him when I see him.” Mary closed the door after her, and turned back into the shop. If only Mike could see all this that was going on in the town, she thought, he would realise that I am really just another “normal” housewife. The phone rang then, and she answered it. It was the six o’clock appointment. She did not recognise the name but there was something familiar about the voice; although she could not place it. “I’m sorry; I’m a bit caught up. My colleague is off sick, and I have to do their on-call. I won’t be able to get there until eleven canlı casino siteleri o’clock. Will Paul still be there?” “He’s not here yet, but I will ask him to call you back when he gets in.” “Thank you, I would like to get this done tonight. Bye.”

At least there was space for Sandra now, she realised, and Jaqueline was booked for seven o’clock anyway, so she would be able to carry out Imogen’s instructions. Linda would be back soon to sort out Sandra’s nipples, so her and Paul could work on her together.

She heard someone come into the shop from next door. She had forgotten all about Sue being there. “Hello Sue,” she said, “You have missed all the excitement.” “I think that I heard most of the row through the wall. The neighbours on the other side must have heard it as well. I hope that Linda will be back soon with something to eat. I’m starving!” “Well, you could always go to the café, I’m sure that the customers would be pleased to see you again.” “Thanks for that, Mary, but I will wait for Linda.”

Thankfully, they heard Linda and Paul coming in from the back of the shop. There was a smell of hot food, and Sue almost dragged it out of Linda’s bag. Mary realised that she was hungry too, and they both ate together. “Don’t forget to take your antibiotics.” Sue reminded her.

“It has been a bit hectic here since you left, Linda. First of all we had Sandra come in, and then we had the Bishop’s wife, Imogen, come in. It turns out that she is Jaqueline’s mother.” Linda laughed. “I know all about Imogen, and we were expecting Sandra to turn up sometime or other. She should be bringing a letter from the Bishop?” “Yes, here it is. It sounds like the rings are going to be the same size as mine.”

“The six o’clock has cancelled, Paul, but she will be in later. Can you ring this number please to let her know if that is alright? I have put Sandra here at six o’clock instead. I thought that if you did her tattoo first, and then Linda can pierce her afterwards. Of course, casino şirketleri only if that is alright with you, Linda?” “It sounds as though you are running the show tonight, Madam.” said Linda, laughing, “Perhaps you would like to be my full time Receptionist?”

Sue joined in the conversation. “Everything is ready, Paul. I’ve set up just like last night, so you are ready to start.”

“Right Sandra, follow me.” Sue led Sandra through the connecting door. She almost dragged Sandra. “Soon you will look just like the rest of us. Look, it only hurts for a short while, and it really is not that bad.” Mary laughed at this, remembering that Sue had to be tied down.

Sandra looked beaten, and she just sat in the chair, totally naked. Sue strapped her to the chair, and turned it to face Paul.

“She does not get a choice of designs, Paul. I will choose one for her.” Jaqueline had followed them through into Paul’s shop. Clearly out to have her revenge on poor Sandra, she chose a very large butterfly. Sandra protested. “No, please Jaqueline, that is far too large; it will show outside my knickers.” This made Mary smile. The larger the better she thought.

“I won’t have time to complete that tonight, unless you give up your appointment, Jaqueline.” said Paul. “Can’t you just do the outline and then she will have to come back later to get the colour finished off. In fact we will both have the same design to make things easier for you.” This was better than ever thought Mary. Both the Vicars would be wearing matching large pussy butterfly tattoos. Even if they did not come back to get them finished they would still be marked for life.

Paul worked very quickly and did the outline on Sandra. The size of the tattoo meant that it still took nearly an hour, though. Jaqueline took her place in the chair. Sandra had stopped crying now, it seemed that she had no tears left, but the look of horror on her face said everything. In contrast, Jaqueline was enjoying herself, smiling broadly and offering her pussy to the needles. She was obviously in charge of the situation, having gained control over Sandra after all those years, and she looked totally different to when Mary had first seen her. The mouse had been replaced by a very confident woman.

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