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The machine had sat in the floor by the bed for over a month. Every time Doc made the bed, she literally had to go around it, but this morning was different…she was horny again. Sex with him that morning had been wonderful, as usual, but she still wanted more…and he was at work.

She sat down on the bed to take a close look at what he had ordered from a web site, and so far, had not been used. It was long and sleek, with a dildo attachment for either vaginal or anal. Doc grinned. They think of everything nowadays, she thought as she picked up the dildo and attached it. There. She grinned. It was a good 8 inches long and thick, and she felt her pussy moisten and her clit tingle. She reached to plug the machine in and turned the control on to low. The dildo moved and she closed her eyes, remembering the feel of him inside her moving at that same pace. She increased the speed and giggled. Doc, she thought to herself, you definitely have too much time on your hands!!!! She slowed it down and walked into the bathroom, removing her panties as she went. She reached for the jar of lubricant and went to the machine.

Mike unlocked the back door and hurriedly grabbed the papers off the table. Then he heard it and grinned. The machine, he thought, as he walked quietly through the hall. Doc was on the machine, and he leaned against the door watching.

She inserted the dildo in her pussy and groaned softly as she increased the speed. “OMG” she canlı bahis şirketleri breathed, “This is fantastic!”

He watched as she increased the speed until she was cumming hard and from where he stood, he could see her pussy contracting. He had never noticed it doing that, but then, he could feel the contractions when she came. She was perspiring and yanked his tee shirt over head and threw it in the air. “Ride em cowboy,” she screamed as she came hard again and again.

He chuckled as he walked to the machine and turned it off. She looked up at him through glazed eyes and pushed her touseled hair from her eyes. “I love your horsey,” she grinned.

“So I see,” he chuckled as he helped her off. She leaned heavily against him. “I want you,” she breathed against his mouth.

“I want you too,” he groaned as she unzipped his pants. He shrugged out of them as she found his cock. He was hard and throbbing as they fell onto the bed, and he slid into her dripping pussy. She held her legs straight up as he leaned over her, pumping hard and with each stroke, hitting her clit. She came with a whimper and sobbed her way through multi orgasms. He groaned as he felt her tighten around his cock and he throbbed, pumping hard and deep, aching as he filled her with his seed.

He rolled off her and pulled her against him. ” Whew. Are you ok, baby?” he asked.

Doc nodded. “I’m fine.” She was panting, trying to catch her breath.

He canlı kaçak iddaa leaned over her and kissed her swollen lips gently. “I gotta go back to work, babe.”

She nodded. “I know.” She still had her arms around his neck.

“But…” he grinned, “I’d rather stay here with you.” He wiggled his eyebrows mischieviously, and she giggled as she pushed against his chest. “Go…” she laughed. “Make moo lah so we can afford a machine for you!!!”

He laughed as he put his pants on and tucked his shirt in. “Hell woman, I’ll have to. You’ll have this one worn out in a week!!!”

She giggled and threw a pillow at him. He caught it and leaned over to suck her nipple then kiss her lips. “Bye,” he whispered. “Don’t feed that horse too much pussy.”

She rolled onto her stomach as he left. “Bye sweetie,” she called.

Hearing the door close, she rolled over and closed her eyes for a minute. When she woke it was after 3 in the afternoon. “Oh no,” she whispered. “I haven’t gotten anything done today!!!”

She grabbed a quick shower, and raced around straightening the house and cleaning the kitchen.

Damn! she thought. I can’t believe I slept 4 hours! When he walked in the house at 5:45, she was the epitome of cool, classic elegance…..and supper was ready too…chicken and mixed veggies, salad, rolls and tea.

After dinner she took a shower. When she came out and looked at the machine impishly, canlı kaçak bahis she reached for the jar of lubricant. Mike watched with keen interest as she turned, dropped the towel that had covered her…or TRIED to cover her. He grinned as she crooked her finger at him and whispered coyly, “M’ere big boy.” He chuckled as he walked over to lube her, then helped her place the dildo. Guiding it against her, he let her work the head in and then gave her the control. She turned it on and literally went for the ride of her life. He sat watching her, shaking his head as he stroked his turgid cock. She was cumming harder than he had ever seen her. Soon she was begging him, “Turn it off.”

He took the control from her and stopped it, then helped her off. “OMG,” she breathed, “That thing is incredible!”

Laughing, he replied, “I told you after you had that machine you’d never want me again.”

Kissing him, breathlessly, eyes shining, she replied, “Oh thats where you’re dead wrong! It will never replace you… can’t hold me and kiss me, but it sure can pound my ass!!!”

He nodded. “Yeah, better than I can. I sure as hell can’t hit 120 strokes a minute.”

She grinned. “Maybe not, but you do better in the other departments!!!” She grabbed him by the hand. “C’mon sailor, take me to bed or lose me forever,” she grinned. “Aye, aye, ma’am. Your wish is my command.”

“What???” she smiled, impishly. “I don’t get a salute?”

“Oh, you got one,” he growled, pulling her onto the bed and pressing his stiff erection against her. “Can’t you feel him?”

She giggled and covered his face and neck with soft kisses as she unbuttoned his shirt. “You have entirely too many clothes on, Captain.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32