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My Big-Breasted Maid Reshma – Part 1

I want to share a real incident that happened today morning. I live in a 2BHK flat in Mumbai in Bandra, with my other flatmate. We have a maid, Reshma, who usually comes around 7 am to clean the house and wash utensils.

She’s in her late 20’s and ripe as a MILF. She’s 5’5¨ with black silky hairs, light brown eyes, fair skin and she’s got these huge 34D size boobs and she wears a low cut blouse. Now that is like an instant boner scene. I doubt she uses a push-up bra. Those boobs are tightly packed in the blouse.

The cleavage is so deep that you’ll cum till you stare all the way down. I always wished to fuck her big juicy boobs, slowly pouring oil, thrusting, till my cock touches her lips and my balls touch her nipples. It’s so erotic to just think of it. Finally, as the tension builds I’ll start fucking those big bouncing breasts till my cock explodes loads of cum on her rosy lips and juicy boobs.

Anyways I was saying she’s got these huge boobs. Her lips are so red and juicy that if you stare at them for more than a minute you’ll unknowingly start kissing her. She’s got a perfect round ass. She wraps her saree all around it so tightly that you can see her panty line.

When she bends over to wipe the floor I cum in my pants. That ass just wants to tear apart the saree and come out. Spanking such a tight ass would be a dream come true let alone putting my dick inside it. I have given a key of the flat to her so that she can come and clean even if we are not around.

Previously it had happened that I was bathing with the bathroom door slightly open. I noticed that she was peeking through the crack and on seeing me she turned around and pretended to clean. This is when I decided to check if she wants my cock.

Today morning I planned to pretend to be sleeping with an erection. So I removed all my clothes and just covered myself with a thin blanket. Then started stroking my fat cock thinking of Reshma. It was 6:50 am. Soon my cock was rock hard and there was a huge tent in the blanket.

After a while, I sensed that Reshma has come. Immediately I closed my eyes and pretended to be sleeping. She came to my room, I could hear her footsteps. Then there was no sound. I was thinking maybe she would leave. But then I heard her closing the door.

I slightly opened my eye and saw that she was slowly closing the door. She didn’t completely close the door. Just a small gap was left. I closed my eyes. I heard her coming closer. Then no sound. After a while, I felt some air on my inner thighs. Oh my God, she’s trying to take a peek at my cock.

My cock got steel hard knowing this. I don’t know what she was able to see, but I could sense that she was able to get a good view of my fat penis clearly. I shook a little and she immediately ran out of the room. Now I had the green signal. I decided to fulfill my wish.

My flatmate was asleep in his room and she was wiping the floor in the hall. I calmed my erection, got up, wore my shorts, and went to the fridge. She saw me and pretended nothing happened. There is a common bathroom next to the hall. She went güvenilir bahis şirketleri there to pour the dirty water.

She bent over to pour the dirty water and I could see her panty line. My cock jumped in my shorts and was rock hard. This is my chance. I went behind her put my hands around her waist and pressed my rock hard cock against her ass.

“Aaah,” I moaned.

The best moment of my life. She immediately struggled to turn. But I held her firmly and kept grinding my cock on her ass. I started kissing on the back of her neck. Slowly her struggling stopped. I released my grip. She turned. Our eyes met.

“Kya kar rahe ho? Sharam nahi aati,” Reshma said.

“Kapde pahen ke kaun si sharam, utaro to pata chalega ki sharam aati hai ya nahi,”I said.

She leaned in to kiss, I held her face and kissed her. Her lips were soft like cotton candy and tasted like strawberry. I took her to my room and locked the door. I turned towards her.

“Kya dekh rahe ho? Ladki nahi dekhi kya pehle?”said Reshma.

“Tere jaisi maal to nahi.”

We started kissing again. Then I kissed her neck, I bit on her ears and pressed her big ass with both my hands. She removed her blouse and oh my God! Those big boobs are so firm. I tore away her bra. And pressed them. Her boobs were so soft and still not sagging, god my wish came true. I bit her nipples.

“Lag raha hai, dheere se.”

After 15 minutes of kissing and smooching, she went and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Idhar aao, aaj tumhara lucky din hai,” she said.

I went to her. She pulled my shorts down.

“Arre baap re, tumhara lund to bohot mota hai.Mere pati ka to iske samne kuch bhi nahi.”

“Muh ka istemal bas bolne ke liye hi karogi?” I said.

She immediately put my cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. I then pushed her on the bed and climbed on top of her. At last my fat cock and her big soft boobs. I held her boobs close and slid my cock in between. It was like I’m fucking some cotton doll. They were so soft.

“Muh niche karo aur jab lund aage aaye to chuso,” I told her.

Now I was fucking her boobs and mouth at the same time. After a while, I was about to shoot my load. So I got up, forced my whole cock in her mouth and started cumming in her mouth. I could see my cum dripping from the side of her mouth and still my cock was shooting a load in her mouth.

This was the best climax of my life. She then went to clean herself. She came from the bathroom completely nude. The view of her pussy made my cock hard again. I put a condom on my cock. She came to the bed and climbed on top of me. She then pointed my cock towards her vagina.

Slowly she started rubbing my cock on her pussy. She then tried to insert it in her vagina but.

“Bohut bada hai dard ho raha hai,” she said.

I got up and turned her. “Dard me hi to maza hai meri jaan,” I said.

I held her firmly and slowly inserted my fat cock in her pussy. I suddenly pushed my whole 7inch cock in her vagina in one strong thrust. I leaned on the top of her and kissed her. Then I went slowly. After 3-4 minutes, she held my hairs and started shaking.

“Aur tez chodo canlı bahis şirketleri mujhe,” she shouted. She cummed and kissed me. I then turned her and we were doing doggy style. I increased my pace. After 5-10 minutes she again started shaking. She had her second orgasm and after a while, I also felt like nearing my orgasm.

So I pulled out, removed the condom and said, “Chuso.” She followed and started sucking my cock. I again cum in her mouth. She drank all of it and said smiling, “Mere muh mein sadka marne mein tujhe jyada maza aata hai na.” I just smiled.

She got up and went to the bathroom. She came out completely dressed, didn’t say a word and left. She’ll come again tomorrow, I am thinking of fucking her in the ass tomorrow.So, after all the action I got from Reshma on that day I was eagerly waiting for her. It was Saturday and my day off from work. The whole night I was thinking about what all I can do with her. I can fuck her in the ass or gag her till she chokes or pound her juicy boobs or there’s just so much.

Just then, ‘Ding. Dong.’ rang the door-bell. Reshma is here. I jumped out of my bed and went to the door. I opened the door. There she was standing. Her cleavage fully uncovered. Those big juicy boobs fighting each other to take more space in the blouse.

This time she didn’t make an effort to hide her cleavage as I stared at it. She smiled and went straight to the kitchen. As she went by her ass swayed making a tent in my boxers. Her saree was tightly wrapped around her round ass. But wait, where’s the pantyline?

Oh shit! She’s not wearing any panties today. This made my cock rock hard. I closed the door and went after her. There she was standing doing dishes. The way she was doing the dishes I can tell she’s more professional when she does me.

Anyways, I went behind her, put my arms around her waist and started kissing her neck. She didn’t look surprised, and no resistance either. Instead, she closed her eyes and moaned. While kissing her neck, I ground my cock on her ass. I bit her ear.

“Aaahhhh, shaitan!” she exclaimed.

“Abhi to shaitani shuru ki hai,” I said.

I turned her. I went close to her lips. But I didn’t kiss her. She leaned in to kissed. I backed out. “Kyu tadpa raha hai,” she said. I smiled and said, “Aaj kuch alag lag rahi ho.”

“Kya alag?” she said.

I grabbed her pussy from above her saree and said, “Aaj panty pahenna bhul gayi, ya jaruri nahi samjha.”

She smiled and said, “Tere wajah se pahanna jaruri nahi samjha.”

I leaned in to kiss her. She responded. In the kitchen, we stood kissing wildly with water running from the tap in the sink. Her hands smeared in soapy water. She tasted like strawberry. I grabbed her ass with both my hands and pressed it tightly. She began kissing even wildly.

After we were satisfied sucking each other’s lips. She said, “Puchne ki zarurat to hai nahi, kyunki mana to tum kabhi karoge nahi.” I couldn’t understand what she said. But then immediately she went on her knees. She pulled my boxers down. Took my cock in her hands and began stroking.

“Sach me bohot bada hai, kal jab apne canlı kaçak iddaa pati ka hila rahi thi to kitna patla tha. Tera to pure haat mein bhi nahi aata hai.” Saying this she put my cock in her mouth. She just sucked the tip. She moved her tongue all over the tip in a circular manner. “Aaaaahh,” I moaned. I told her to not use her hands.

It was the best moment ever. My maid was sucking on my dick. The maid I dreamt to fuck about, is down on her knees. I can shoot my load in her mouth. The thought of it is enough to make me cum. I made her lean against the wall, held her head with my hands and told her to be still.

I then began to fuck her mouth. Slowly I pushed my cock in her mouth. I pushed more and she gagged and coughed. “Itna bada pura nahi le sakti muh mein, aaram se dalo,” she said. I nodded and continued fucking her mouth. With every stroke, I pushed my fat cock even more inside.

I could sense the cum rising in my balls. And I could tell there is gonna be loads of it. I increased my speed. Finally, as I was about to cum, I pushed all of my 7 inch cock in her mouth and held her. I started cumming in the mouth.

“Aaaaaah,” I moaned.

She was scratching on my thighs with her nails and hitting me hard to leave. But I kept cumming in her throat. When I was done I pulled out my dick. She inhaled as if she was almost drowned.

“Aaj to tune mar hi dala tha,” she said.

“Marne ka to pata nahi, par dala to tha. Koi bhi tujhe itne acche se nahi chodega jitna maza main de raha hu,” I said.

She stood up. I shifted the gas stove and told her to sit on the platform. I pulled her saree up. I ran my fingers around her thighs. Then her inner thighs. And finally, the sides of her pussy. I didn’t touch her pussy. Just kept running my hand from her feet to her inner thighs to her pussy sides and back down.

She had her eyes closed and was enjoying the caressing. She wasn’t probably loved ever before in her life, just used as a sex object to fuck and bear c***dren. I caressed her thighs with one hand while pressing her boobs with another. Kissing her neck, her ears, her eyes. She looked so beautiful.

After a while, she became aroused as I could feel some fluid as I massaged around her pussy. She became so aroused that she held my hand and began rubbing it on her pussy. I then inserted two of my fingers, in her vagina and with the thumb, I rubbed her clitoris.

While fingering her I was sucking on her juicy boobs. After a while, I increased my pace, and put two fingers of my other hand on her lips. She opened her mouth and started sucking them without saying anything without opening her eyes. After a while, I could sense she was gonna cum so I pulled out my fingers.

I took my cock and rubbed it on her pussy. I pointed it at her pussy and in one strong thrust pushed all 7 inches inside her. She cried, “Aaaahh.” And leaned forward to hug me. I wrapped her in my arms and began fucking her on my kitchen platform.

She responded to every stoke. Moving her hips in rhythm to my strokes. “Bas aise hi,” she moaned with closed eyes. After a while, she began to shake. She hugged me tightly and held my hairs in her both hands and bite my shoulder. I increased my speed and she started moaning even louder.

Just then the door-bell rang.

So that’s all folks for now. Stay tuned and message me on the below email. If I receive enough emails I’ll release the next part

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32