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My Mommy
“Mom, can I cum on your face?”

Looking back, I know why I asked.

I had been masturbating alone in my bedroom for the past four hours, teasing the same erection without allowing myself to orgasm. I would usually lock myself in my room while my Mom cooked dinner, but jerking off for four hours straight was uncommon for me. I would usually browse the internet, or play video games, or finish whatever homework was leftover from the bus ride home after school.

For no reason in particular, I was feeling extra horny today. All day at school I was shifting in my chair, trying to hide the uncomfortable bulge in my pants. My teachers’ lectures were summarily tuned out, and instead I envisioned my favorite internet porn clips. As soon as I got home, I yelled out a quick greeting to my mother, and made a beeline for my bedroom.

What ensued was four hours of unapologetic self-gratification. It felt amazing bringing myself ‘just’ to the point of climax, but without actually crossing the border. Each time I would build myself up, it would feel even better than the last time, and by the end of it all I was in ecstasy. It got to the point where I could barely keep moving my arm, and it was then that I decided to finally finish myself off.

As I picked up the pace, my heart began to pound. My breath became heavy, and sweat beaded on my forehead. No d**g could replicate the euphoria that I was feeling at that moment. I was hammering my cock like a man possessed, moving closer and closer to my ultimate goal. Unfortunately, before I could actually complete the deed…


My mother was calling me for dinner from the kitchen, and I knew better than to keep her waiting long.

I didn’t want to waste four hours of hard work just to rush it at the end. With a heavy heart and a stiff member, I decided to hold my orgasm off until after dinner, when I could really enjoy what I had setup for myself.

I got up from my bed, grabbed the closest pair of sweatpants that I could find, and tried to stuff my raging hard-on into them. This created a circus tent in my pants, but I knew how to deal with that. I pressed my boner up against my stomach, secured it with the waistband of my pants, and was ready to head downstairs for dinner.

As soon as I left my room, I knew there was going to be a big problem. My heart was still beating out of my chest, my breath was still short and labored, and a thin layer of cold sweat coated my entire body. I was still as horny as I had ever been in my entire life; so horny that it was uncomfortable.

With each step towards the stairs, my mind raced. I saw mental pictures of boobs, pussy, ass, facials, anal, and every other depraved thing that I could think of.

I should clarify that even though I was an 18 year old high school senior, I have never been with a woman in real life. No first base, second base, none of that. I only had my internet pornography and my hand, and that was beginning to wear thin.

I reached the stairs, and started my descent. My cock was throbbing. My palms were clammy. Halfway down the stairs now. I could hear my heart beating, but only barely over the sound of air rushing in and out of my nose. I was literally seeing spots. My raging hormones blocked any capacity for rational thought. At this point, I was more a****l than man. Bottom of the stairs now.

I could barely walk, but I forced myself to turn the corner and enter the kitchen. Two plates were already on the table, one for my mother and one for me, just like every day. Mom was at the kitchen counter with her back to me, adding some last-minute seasoning to the chicken that had just come out of the oven.

“I’m just güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri about to bring everything to the table, hun.” She spoke without looking back at me.

All reasonable thought was gone. Every inch of my body was being controlled by my wanting cock. My mouth was dry when I opened it.

“Mom, can I cum on your face?”

She stopped what she was doing.

I instantly regretted it. Rationality came crashing down on me like a tidal wave. I couldn’t believe that I had actually said what I just did. My eyes widened to the size of the dinner plates that were on the table, and my perception of time ground to a halt. I wanted to run upstairs to my room and dive out the window, but I was too petrified with fear to move.

My mom slowly put down the jar of seasoning that she was holding, and deliberately rested both of her hands on the counter. The air was thick with tension (and the smell of roasted chicken, the more pleasant of the two). Each second in silence passed like a year. She finally responded.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Her voice wavered.

She sounded much less angry than I was expecting. Good, I wouldn’t be sleeping in an orphanage tonight.

I paused, and decided that if I had already gone this far, then I might as well be honest.

“Yes, can I please?”

She waited again, trying to get a grip on the situation. She half-turned to grab a bowl for the mashed potatoes, but didn’t make eye contact with me. When she spoke again, her tone was more concerned than disgusted.

“You know, I saw something on TV the other day. They were doing a segment about boys who become sexually attracted to their mothers.”

She brought the potatoes to the table. Still no eye contact.

“They said that it was more common than most people think. When a growing boy’s hormones are going out of control, they can be attracted to pretty much anything. They also said that it was observed more frequently in single-parent homes, which makes sense I guess.”

Chicken on the table now. Almost time to sit down. Probably going to be awkward. Still considering the bedroom window option…

“They had psychologists on as guests, and they had a very interesting discussion. They cited a controversial study which showed that it might actually be healthier for the son to enact his fantasy, rather than dwelling on it for a lifetime. They said that if you get it out of your system early, you are mentally free to develop into a normal adult.”

Wait a minute. Where was she going with this?

“They interviewed one mother and son who had dealt with this… issue. The son had said that if his mother hadn’t… helped him, then he probably would have killed himself. The son was doing great now, and his mother said that they were closer than ever.”

She paused. She sounded a little nervous.

“Then they interviewed another mother, whose son had also expressed a sexual interest in her. She tried to ignore it at first, but she eventually sent him to therapy. He committed suicide not long after.”

She had stumbled over that last sentence a little.

“The psychologists advised all parents that if their c***dren’s requests weren’t too outlandish, and if the parents were open enough, that it might be healthier in the long run to indulge them.”

She took a deep breath, and slowly let it out as a sigh. She walked over to the table, and rested both of her hands on the back of her chair. She was quiet again, deep in thought, choosing her next words carefully. Her eyes were blankly looking out into the distance.

“So if you’re absolutely sure that you want to do that, you have my permission.”

She looked down.

“Can you wait until after dinner?”

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri couldn’t.

“Yeah, sure mom.”

…but I figured it was the least I could do.

Dinner was a little weird, but less awkward than I was anticipating. I told her about school, she told me about work. We talked about a TV show that we both liked to watch together, and we predicted what would happen in the next episode. I tried to match the pace of my eating with hers, so that I wouldn’t seem too eager.

When we both finished eating, Mom stood up and brought the dirty plates to the sink. I sat silently in my chair, unsure of what would happen next, or if anything would happen at all.

Mom gave the dishes a quick rinse, and then put them in the dishwasher.

“Alright hun, are you ready?”

She turned to me for a reaction. I could only nod my head. She took another deep breath.

“Ok then. Do you want to stand over me while you do it, or do you want to sit down?”

I gulped.

“Can… can I stand?”

She was trying to be very matter-of-fact about everything.

“Sure hun. So then I’ll be on my knees in front of you?”

“That sounds perfect Mom.”

She looked down and nodded to herself, finding the plan acceptable.

“Alright then hun, I’m ready when you are.”

She sounded more confident than she looked, and when she walked over to me, I could tell that she was nervous. She quietly stood in front of me, and without saying a word, lowered herself to her knees. I was still seated, and we were almost at eye level when she kneeled.

I could barely breathe. My pulse was racing, my mouth was dry, and I was feeling a little dizzy. My cock was the hardest it’s ever been in my entire life, and it was throbbing in sync with my heart beat. I tried to stand up so that I could position myself in front of my mother, but my legs were weak and my knees were rubbery. I stumbled, and had to sit again to catch my balance.

“Oh sweetie! Are you alright?”

I heard the sound of genuine concern in my mother’s voice, and felt loved as she rubbed my knees. At that point, our eyes finally met, and the absurdity of the situation struck us both at the same time.

We laughed, both of us, long and hard. The immeasurable tension had finally been lifted, and we were mother and son again. I had known this woman for my entire life, and she had known me for most of hers. I was her son, and she was my mother. We were a family, and would be forever.

She regained her composure before I did.

“We sure have been through a lot together, huh k**do?” She tried to force the smile from her face, fixed her hair, and straightened her shirt in an attempt to get serious. “Alright hun, I’m really ready this time. You can cum on my face now.”

I felt a lot better, and the uncontrollable lust that had prompted my original question was returning to me. I was relieved that we had broken the ice so that I could fully enjoy what I was about to do. I stood up in front of my mother and pushed my chair back to get some space. I looked down at her, took a deep breath, and pulled my pants down.

My rock-hard cock sprang out right in front of my mother’s face. She wasn’t looking at me, but instead had her eyes glued to the floor. She was on her knees, sitting on the back of her feet with her hands folded in her lap. Her face pointed ever-so-slightly up at me, providing a perfect canvas for me to paint with my cum. The position and the angle were perfect, and I couldn’t wait for the big moment.

I took a step back so that I would have some room to shoot my load, and then I wrapped my fingers around my shaft. The feeling was incredible. As soon as my hand tightened on my cock, I felt chills run canlı bahis şirketleri up my spine. I looked down at my mom’s beautiful face, positioned perfectly right in front of my dick, and began to jerk off.

Thanks to the four hours of preparation that I had put in earlier, it wouldn’t be long until I blew my load. I stood over my mother and pumped my cock at medium speed, building myself toward orgasm at a steady rate. Every time my cock throbbed, I could feel it throughout my entire body. Photos

Mom moved her gaze to the side, looking past me. I could see her slightly biting her lip, and could hear her breathing getting heavier. Watching my mom’s face while I beat off was the most arousing thing I had ever experienced. I fought the urge to push my dick into her mouth, as I didn’t want to push my luck and ruin this beautiful moment.

My fist was pounding my shaft at full speed now. I could feel the pressure of a huge load of cum building inside of me, aching to be released onto its waiting target. I was taking deep breaths now, and I think my mom could tell that I was close.

At that moment, she tightly pursed her lips and looked straight up into my eyes, as if she wanted to watch me as I covered her. Her face was perfectly presented to me and ready for my cum. I looked down into my mother’s eyes while I masturbated my cock, and I suddenly felt like I was soaring inside.

“Ungh… Mom… I’m gonna cum.” I could barely grunt out the words.

She kept her eyes open and her lips closed, watching my face for every little reaction.

I tightened my grip, gave my shaft a few hard pumps, and felt my balls contract as I shot my first rope of sticky cum. Time slowed down as my cum flew through the air, eventually landing on the right side of my mother’s face. She jumped slightly as my semen came into contact with her skin, voiced a short, quiet whimper, and then closed her eyes.

I gave my cock another pump, felt a surge of pleasure rush through my whole body, and watched another glob of hot white cum leave my swollen head. It was good that Mom’s eyes were closed now, because I hit her right in the middle of her face. She now had a pool of cum between her eyes, and some spatter on the bridge of her nose. Her eyelids clenched tight under the hot puddle of sperm.

I anchored my feet to the floor so that I wouldn’t fall over, as the immense pleasure was making me feel light-headed. I stood over my mom, gave my shaft a hard squeeze, and aimed right for her mouth. I ejaculated a powerful stream, fully covering Mom’s lips and chin in white translucent goo. She kept her lips closed, but uttered a guttural noise from her throat.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm.” The sound excited me almost as much as the view.

At this point, my mom’s face was nearly covered with my cum. It was the sexiest, dirtiest, most beautiful sight to ever fill my eyes. I watched my cum-covered mother kneeling under me, sighed with pleasure, and beat my cock from shaft to head as hard as I could. I tried to aim where I hadn’t before, so that I could cover as much of her face as possible. Each cumshot was accompanied by a wave of indescribable bliss.

After a few more squirts I was finally done, leaving my mom’s face a hot sticky mess. It was the most incredible orgasm of my life, and I no longer had the energy to stand. With a deep breath I slumped down into my chair, and tried to regain my strength as I watched my semen drip from my mother’s chin.

When she was absolutely sure that I was finished, and that every drop of cum had been emptied from my balls and onto her face, she got up off of her knees and headed toward the kitchen sink. She picked up a dishtowel from the counter, and began wiping my load from her mouth.

“Thank you so much Mom, I needed that more than words could say. I really appreciate what you did for me just now, and I’ll never forget it.”

She wiped the cum from her eyes and smiled at me.

At that moment, I felt like I could take on the entire world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32