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There she goes again, bloody teasing. One day she will get what she’s asking for. Oh my, she is so beautiful. Such a sexy little whore.

I’m standing at my window with the lights off, like I do every night between 10pm to 11pm. I stand looking across the road into the window of my very sexy neighbour. She’s a young thing at 18 years old but she’s so delicious, I can’t resist. I stand here every night waiting for the show, she never fails me.

Sometimes I feel like a dirty old man but watching her naked in that window every night sends sparks through my body and I feel 25 years old instead of 65. I used to be quite a looker back in the day, full head of hair, nice broad shoulders, toned physique with a charming smile. Now I’m the total opposite, receding hairline, beer belly, so so many wrinkles.

If I was 25 again, I would be in that window with her pounding her every night making her scream my name over and over. Instead I’m a lonely 65 year old watching and masturbating from my own window. Only being able to illegal bahis look and fantasising about the things I would do to her.

It’s 10.30, I can see her now. She had come into her room after her nightly shower wearing only a towel. She takes it off and I get an instant hard on looking at her.

She is about 5ft4, with long beautiful legs that would easily wrap around my head. She has the most perfect figure I have ever seen, with a flat tummy and a glowing tan. She has the most perky round tits, not massive just the perfect size to cup in my hand, she has both nipples pierced. Her hair falls down her back, the loveliest shade of chestnut that shines in the light.

I start to undress getting ready for the show with my hard cock in my hand feeling very excited and dirty.

She takes off her towel and gently dabs her body with it. She starts by putting her arms out and rubbing the towel up and down and then gets to her boobs and slowly rubs them. She takes her time, before lowering the towel to dry her tummy and her back. She then puts one foot on the bed and spreads herself open. I have the perfect view of her nearly shaved illegal bahis siteleri pussy. She starts to dry her feet and slowly works her way up to her thighs before changing position and doing the same with the other leg. She then starts to pat her pussy with her towel, then she rubs it. She started off slowly but now she’s enjoying it and adding more pressure and getting rougher.

She suddenly stops as if she remembers something. She smiles and walks straight to the window and looks out. I freeze. I panic that she can see me, but the lights are off and it’s dark so I don’t move.

She picks up her hairdryer and starts to dry her hair, still naked, still in front of the window. She turns her back to the window and tips her head upside down to dry her hair while bending over. Her ass is so round and peachy and it looks so good, I wish I could run my tongue along her rim.

Once she has finished drying her hair she goes to her bed and lies down.

She starts to touch herself, rubbing her clit with one hand and her boobs with the other.

It’s harder to see her from this angle but I imagine her finger fucking canlı bahis siteleri her tight little pussy while whispering my name.

Suddenly she gets up and gets something from her drawer. It looks like a large pink dildo. She sticks it to her wall and kneels down and starts sucking it as if it’s a real hard dick. She then spits on her hands and starts rubbing herself. She bends over and slowly inserts the dildo in her ass.

She rocks back and forward and I can tell she’s having a great time. Her hand reaches down to play with her clit and I can see her start to build up her rhythm getting faster and faster, getting ready to come.

Suddenly I shoot my load. It goes everywhere, all over me, the chair, the window. I don’t think I have ever produced so much cum in my life. I’m covered in cum but I don’t move, I continue to watch her while still holding my dick in my hand.

She’s still bent over riding fuck out that dildo. She looks so hot. She starts to grab her hair and I can feel she is close to cumming. Then she puts her hand in her mouth and bites down and I can see her shaking and gradually slowing down. She then stops and reaches down to touch her pussy and then puts her fingers back down and starts sucking on them, tasting herself.

It looks like she had the best orgasm of her life. I only wish it was me fucking her arse and sucking her pussy juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32