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Hunter picked up the Beefeater martini the attractive, blond server had just set down and swirled the drink in tight circles, watching the four olives bounce and tumble around the interior of the glass. This was his second cocktail in the twenty minutes since venturing down from his 11th floor room to the swank restaurant in the hotel. He felt good. No, he felt better than good. He had an expense account which easily accommodated anything he felt like doing while staying in Minneapolis. His room, while not being overly spacious, included an actual Jacuzzi brand whirlpool tub and a king size bed. And the view of the Mississippi river from the east facing windows was breathtaking.

He watched his waitress as she tended to the needs of her customers at the surrounding tables in the back of the restaurant. He enjoyed studying her form as she semi-squatted to bring a tray loaded with drinks closer to the surface of the table without awkwardly bending. She wore a short skirt and the hemline crept up her thighs. Hunter couldn’t stop himself from staring, which was forgivable considering the server possessed the looks of a model and the physique of a fitness instructor. While Andrea, her name if memory served correctly, certainly could be considered a knockout by any standards, Hunter preferred women of the more realistic variety. He liked women who looked like the average girl next door, attractive in their own, unique way, and he absolutely loved a woman with a big, juicy ass. All women are beautiful if you look at them without the filters created by the media’s obsession with thin, waif-like girls. Hunter especially liked women his own age, defying every stereotype of successful men. Forget young, hot beauties who wanted older men to treat them like royalty. Hunter had discovered married, middle-aged women with young children, desperately wanted to have wild, passionate sex with experienced men other than their husbands.

He checked the time on his Rolex. Mary Ann, his client whom he’d never met in person, was anticipating meeting him at 7:00 p.m. and it was now 6:45. He took another sip of his exceptionally dry martini and briefly considered if he may have time to indulge in another before she arrived. He decided no. If he played his cards right he’d need to be reasonably sober in order to carry out his plan. Of course he knew his plan was a long shot and most likely destined to wash out, but he’d seen Mary Ann’s picture and he liked what he saw. And although the picture didn’t reveal enough to form an opinion about her shape, her face was pretty and he’d already created in his mind a body to go with the face. His martini glass held not more than a half inch remaining and he plucked out the olives one by one to consume them with satisfaction.

As he slowly savored the last olive a woman suddenly appeared next to him, as if from nowhere, startling him a bit and causing him to abruptly sit upright. He’d canlı bahis been watching the front of the restaurant for his client to arrive. Somehow she’d managed to escape his view and approach undetected.

“Hunter?” she asked tentatively as he set his glass down and stood to face her, quickly swallowing the remainder of the olive in his mouth. “It’s so nice to finally meet you,” she said, offering her hand.

“Mary Ann, it’s wonderful to finally meet you, too,” he replied, grasping her small hand in his own and giving more of a squeeze than a traditional shake. He always found shaking a woman’s hand awkward. He pulled out a chair. “Please.”

“Thank you,” she said with practiced politeness. Hunter absorbed in the next few seconds enough information to decide with absolute certainty that Mary Ann was the perfect candidate for his plans.

They spent the next hour talking and drinking and enjoying each other’s company. Mary Ann ate almost nothing. The same was true of Hunter. He’s been working out and eating healthy and the results of his efforts were evident. Then Hunter asked, “Might you be interested in coming up for one last drink? The view from my room is spectacular.”

“I suppose I could,” Mary Ann replied with false tentativeness. She knew exactly what Hunter was up to and she was playing the game like a seasoned pro.

A short time later Hunter ushered Mary Ann inside his hotel room. He closed the door behind them as she walked over to the huge window and took in the view. She stood with her back to him and he watched her with tremendous satisfaction, his eyes roaming over her figure and lingering on her backside. Mary Ann was small and that was a turn on in itself, but she also had a butt that begged for attention. Hunter felt his cock stiffening as he continued gazing at her. Then Mary Ann turned and approached, and when directly in front of Hunter she gazed into his eyes and dropped to her knees. She deftly undid his fly and pulled his zipper down. She tugged the front of his boxers down and immediately took his half-hard penis into her mouth. Hunter couldn’t believe his luck. He hadn’t anticipated this in his wildest fantasies. Mary Ann expertly worked his cock until his erection swelled to its most engorged ever, to a point just short of pain. He watched her bob her head and take him into her mouth as far as she was able over and over, building a rhythm as she pumped with her hand in unison with her mouth. Oh God it felt good. Her skills were top notch and he worried he was going to blow his load. So he stopped her, taking hold of her upper arms and coaxing her off her knees.

“I hope you like anal,” he told her, “because I’m going to take you in the ass.” He watched her reaction, hoping to have shocked her, but Mary Ann appeared unfazed.

“It’s been a long time since anybody’s had my ass,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Is that right? I bet your ass is bahis siteleri tight. I should loosen you up first, then.” Hunter took Mary Ann by her hand and pulled her over to the armchair next to the round table in the corner. He pushed her onto her knees on the chair and reached around her to fondle and massage her small breasts, his erection pressing against her back. He pulled her shirt up and she raised her arms above her head to allow it to slip off effortlessly. Then Hunter undid her bra strap and in an instant that too was gone. He continued to massage her breasts and lightly squeezed her erect nipples between thumb and forefinger. Mary Ann moaned in satisfaction. Her sounds of enjoyment made him almost animalistic in his desire to dominate her. He reached down her soft belly and unbuttoned her slacks, then roughly dragged them along with her thong down to her bent knees. He pushed her forward, making her lean over the back of the chair. Then he paused, his heart pounding in his chest as if he’d just run a mile at top speed. He stared at her gorgeous ass, absorbing the sight of her buttocks exposed before him. Her skin was pale and delicate, her flesh soft and pliable. Her butt was exactly what he’s hoped, big and round and spreadable. It was flesh to play with and he indeed intended to play.

Hunter took hold of her butt cheeks in both hands and spread her ass wide, exposing her wet pussy and tight asshole. He wasted no time burying his face in Mary Ann’s backside, squeezing her big, juicy butt as he worked the tip of his tongue into her tight backdoor. Mary Ann moaned some more and Hunter took that to mean she liked his efforts so he pushed his tongue deeper inside her asshole. Then he slipped two fingers into her soaking wet pussy and finger fucked her twat as he feverishly licked her anus. Then he pulled away and stared again at the fantastic rear end he figured she wasn’t proud of and had no idea just how perfect it really was from the perspective of a butt-man like him.

Mary Ann moved her hips in enticing circles, gyrating her sexy ass as Hunter watched in pure pleasure. Suddenly he unexpectedly took her hands and pulled them behind her back and quickly wrapped a Velcro strip around her wrists. Mary Ann hadn’t expected bondage. She was immediately concerned, but at the same time excited, and the excitement far exceeded any trepidation. Hunter pulled her off the chair and over to the bed. He sat down on the bed and pulled Mary Ann down to lay across his lap. There was no conversation. What would come next seemed to be understood by both and Hunter was partly disappointed she didn’t resist. But it didn’t matter. Mary Ann was face down and ass up and Hunter had absolute control over her. Her bare buns were vulnerable and that excited him.

God how his cock ached from being so fucking hard.

Mary Ann squirmed, not to get away, but to better position her ass for whatever Hunter had planned. bahis şirketleri She anticipated spanking and hoped, even yearned to feel his palm swat her bare skin, knowing the sting would make her vagina flow with juices. And when his brought his open hand down on her backside she cried out in pleasure. Hunter spanked Mary Ann hard enough to make her lily white skin redden almost immediately. Her butt cheeks turned rosy red as he spanked her. The bounce of her flesh with each swat brought him closer to losing control. He needed to shoot his load but not yet. First he had to get her ass ready for his cock, so he fingered her dripping pussy until his digits were well lubed and then he inserted two fingers into her asshole. Once embedded her didn’t move his fingers, instead spanking her several more times. Then he started working his fingers in and out of her tight asshole and began rubbing her clit. The stimulation of Mary Ann’s asshole and clit at the same time made her squirm and moan so much he wondered if she was going to cum. She did. Her entire body shuddered as she orgasmed. Her cumming made Hunter impossibly horny and now he rolled her off his lap and positioned her on her belly. She started to spread her legs but he pushed them back together and straddled her thighs. He pushed the swollen head of his penis against her backdoor until her anus opened and his member slipped inside.

“Jesus fucking Christ that feels good,” he gasped. He pushed until his cock was buried in Mary Ann’s ass. He paused and spread her butt cheeks, enjoying the feel of her flesh in his hands. Then Hunter pulled back an inch or two and slowly pushed his cock back in Mary Ann’s perfect ass. He did this several more times and built a tempo until he was fucking her ass with full strokes of his cock and her cheeks bounced with each thrust. Knowing Mary Ann was handling it easy enough he decided she was ready for more. He put his hands beneath her hips and lifted her until she was on her knees, then fucked her ass doggy style. She moaned loudly now, her cries of pleasure muffled by the bed pillow she buried her face into as Hunter fucked her ass feverishly. He slapped her bouncing ass cheeks as he drilled her butt with his rock hard cock, pulling her backward while pushing his hips forward to bury his big member deep inside her upturned ass.

Hunter sensed Mary Ann could take even more so he reached down and rubbed her clit with his fingers as he pounded his dick in and out of her asshole. Mary Ann started to scream and Hunter had to fight to maintain contact between his fingers and her clit while continuing to anally ravage her, until she came in a gush of fluid unlike anything he’d ever experienced. She soaked him with her juices, her asshole clamping around his dick like a vise grip. The sensation brought him to climax and he pulled his cock out of her ass just in time to roughly roll her over onto her back and shoot his load onto her face, coating the little brunette beauty like a frosted donut. She grinned as she wiped cum off her cheek and corner of her eye. She licked her fingers clean, clearly satisfied to have once again been taken in the ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32