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The front door clicked shut behind Zoe Ryan and she leaned back against it, eyes closed and a smile of relief playing on her lips. Home at last.

It was Friday night and one Zoe had looked forward to all week. At 42 and divorced for several years, she didn’t have a man to come home to but that was just how Zoe liked it.

Marriage had been an unhappy time. Maybe John had been the wrong man, but their four years as husband and wife confirmed that Zoe was happiest alone. She’d always enjoyed her own company, and a satisfying career in healthcare plus a full a social life meant she certainly wasn’t lonely.

As for the lack of a sexual partner, Zoe hadn’t missed having a male bedfellow one bit. A prolific masturbator since before her first period, Zoe could get herself off with ease and no man had come close to giving her the orgasms she experienced alone.

This last fact was the reason Zoe had looked forward to this moment so much. Although she tended to masturbate several times a week in five-minute sessions around her busy schedule, every so often she would set aside a whole evening for ‘me time’. This would be a night when she would pamper herself completely, culminating in a drawn-out self-loving treat. Zoe would allow the anticipation of the night’s self pleasure to build bahis firmaları in the days leading up to it, abstaining in order to intensify her pleasure when the moment arrived. Tonight was one such night.

Zoe had bought a luxury ready meal for herself, which she popped into the oven while running a bath. Having eaten her meal and enjoyed a glass of wine, Zoe climbed the stairs and stripped off in the bathroom.

Standing in front of the long mirror, Zoe considered her body. Short and slim, with elegant shoulders and small, neat 32A breasts, she looked after her body with a regular gym routine. She kept her brown hair short, just below her ears, and had green eyes and a cute button nose.

Lowering herself into the bath, Zoe let go a long, satisfied sigh as the heat enveloped her. Between sips of wine she soaped her arms and legs, then her neck, stomach and back. She was careful to avoid her breasts and vulva, wanting to savour what she had planned.

Wrapping a huge towel around herself, Zoe carefully dried her body and hair before moisturising thoroughly. Although her body and mind were now utterly relaxed, Zoe still felt a knot of excitement in the base of her stomach as she anticipated what was to come.

Zoe went to her jewellery box and retrieved a pearl string before laying kaçak iddaa in the centre of her king-size bed. She was finally ready.

She spread the fingers of both hands wide and, taking all the time she needed, ran them up and down her arms, legs and stomach, first in one direction then the other. She traced her nails up the insides of her thighs, doing so with a deliberate, agonising slowness before stopping just short of her crotch.

Lifting her legs in the air, Zoe teased and stroked her buttocks, running a finger up and down the crack and loving the tickly yet arousing sensation. Next, she ran her fingers from her cheek, down the side of her neck and continued to her tiny breasts. Zoe circled a single digit round each nipple before taking them between two fingers and running through her full repertoire of techniques – rubbing, pinching, rolling and flicking them until they were stiff and tingling.

Zoe reached for the pearl string and, holding it at one end, dropped it between her legs. She then began to slowly drag the beads towards her, pulling them between her labia and over her clit. The sensation of each pearl bumping against her folds was pure bliss, and Zoe repeated this favourite technique time and again until she secreted smooth, warm fluid and her clit throbbed, aching to kaçak bahis be touched further.

Zoe then took the pearls and inserted them into the silken wetness of her vagina, carefully pushing them inside one by one until around a quarter of the string hung outside her.

With the middle finger of her right hand, Zoe began rhythmically flicking her swollen clit, the glancing movement increasing her arousal as slowly as possible. Her eyes were closed in concentration as a frown formed on her forehead. A couple of Zoe’s toes twitched as she sensed her orgasm approaching, resisting the urge to flick faster.

Breathing deeply, Zoe reached between her legs with her free hand and gripped the loose pearl string. She felt an overwhelming electric warmth rise from within her genitals and impulse took over as she flicked faster at her clit. As her orgasm arrived, Zoe slowly pulled on the string, basking in the combined sensation as the pearls flowed from her lips while her clit exploded with pleasure.

This avalanche of joy caused Zoe to emit a guttural “Uh,” before she drew breath and released a long, almost agonised moan while the orgasmic aftershocks ran through her body. Zoe skilfully slowed her flicking down in time with her climax subsiding, coming to a halt just as the final wave of pleasure left her.

Curling into the foetal position, and shaking from head to toe, Zoe pulled the covers around her and fell into a deep sleep from which she did not wake until the following morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32