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My name is Laura. I’m 5’3″, light skinned and blonde, lean with muscle definition. I am married to a white man named James but also have a secret latin lover named Ramoñ.

Ramoñ loves when I behave like a whore. He eggs it on and wants to hear about all the sexual adventures I have, far from my husband’s eyes. Every time I mess around with other men, I send him pictures, video, or audio while I’m doing it, to drive his imagination wild. And then I write the story for him so he knows every detail of my whoring. These are those stories.


I was tired of work and needed a vacation. I called my friend Sarah.

“Let’s go to the beach,” I said, thinking of walking around in the sunshine in my tiny black bikini, letting men’s eyes slide over my curves.

“I need a girl’s vacation.”

Three weeks later, we were both on planes to Florida, headed to Panama City Beach for a weekend of debauchery.

By now, Ramoñ and I had been messing around for more than two years. He was excited to hear I was going on another girl’s trip. He knew what I was capable of from my last vacation, to Vegas. He remembered how I drove him crazy on that trip. He was expecting more of the same. But he had no idea what I had up my sleeve for this trip.

The First Night

Sarah arrived at the hotel at 9, a couple hours after I did. I was in the room and she came up.

When I let her in, she immediately said, “I’m here and I’m ready for a party, just let me get dressed!”

I laughed and said I wanted to go for a walk on the beach first because it’s gorgeous out- the nightlife will still be there in an hour. She said okay. We ended up walking a long way, catching up on life. I hadn’t really talked to her for months. Lots to talk about. Around midnight we went into the hotel bar to get a drink, and took a seat in comfy chairs by the wall.

We finished our first drinks, and we went up to the bar to get a second round. A guy was sitting on a barstool next to Sarah, and he started talking to her. We got our drinks and she kept talking to him so I stayed standing at the bar. At the other end of the bar were three guys sitting and talking to each other. One of them kept glancing at me. I smiled at him. He smiled back. I told Sarah I was going to go talk to them and she said okay.

I went over there, and while I was walking over one of the guys got up out of his bar seat and gestured to me to sit down. I smiled, accepted the seat, and then asked why he kept looking over at me. güvenilir bahis

He shrugged, “who wouldn’t?”

I laughed. I was just in shorts and a t-shirt, having just come in from a walk on the beach. Still had on beach sandals. I took a long drink, feeling the buzz, and asked what he did for a living. I would judge he was about 55. White guy. He said he was a pilot, name was John. The other two guys were also pilots, one white, about 40ish and the other black, maybe 40, named Keith. I started talking to them about places they’ve flown to and their favorite travel destinations. It was a lively conversation.

I finished my second drink, Keith offered to buy me another. I looked over at Sarah and the guy, and watched as they got up and went out the door to the beach. I assumed they were going to walk on the beach, so I ordered a third drink. Talked to the pilots some more. At some point I realized the guy Sarah was with is back at the bar but Sarah is not there. I texted her, asked where she was. Talked to the pilots some more as I waited for a response.

Sarah finally texted back, “I was falling asleep so I just went upstairs and crashed.” At least I knew she was safe.

It was about 3AM. Knowing Sarah wasn’t coming back, I put my hand on Keith’s knee and asked if he was staying in the hotel. He pulled his key out from his pocket. It was still in the little folder that the front desk receptionist put the keys in, with the room number written on the little folder. He showed me the number. He said if I want I can head up and he’ll meet me there.

“Why not walk up together?”

He said he didn’t want his friends to know he was going to a room with a girl half his age. I laughed.

“Let me get this straight. You’re going to have sex with a girl half your age but you don’t want your friends to know? That doesn’t sound legit. Are you married? You don’t want them to know you’re cheating on your wife?”

He suddenly looked like a deer in headlights and I laughed again.

“They’re going to know… Maybe you should invite them to watch.”

Keith sputtered, “What?”

I repeated, louder, “You should invite them to watch.”

John heard me and immediately said he wanted to watch.

Keith sputtered, “What?” again.

I turned to John and said, “I’ll let you watch.”

He said okay. And we both looked at Keith.

When Keith didn’t say anything, I put my hand on his knee and said I’ll head up to the room, wait for him there. I went up. türkçe bahis Less than three minutes later, they both came up in the elevator. Keith unlocked the door, led me in. Immediately leaned down, started kissing me. Gently, not hard. Moving his hands around me, firmly but not roughly. He moved his hands up under my shirt and I reached down and pulled it over my head. He started kissing my neck. I unhooked my bra and let it drop. I looked over and saw John sitting in the hotel desk chair. He was watching intently, drinking in every move.

I kept making out with Keith and reached down to unbutton my shorts, slid them and my panties down, stepped out of them, kicking off my sandals at the same time. Stood there completely naked, being kissed by Keith while John watched him run his hands all over my naked body. Keith undressed himself without breaking from the kissing, then pulled me over to the bed, pushed me back on it. Broke the kissing just long enough to go into the bathroom and get a condom.

He came back out, put the condom on. I obediently opened my legs, as wide as they would go. He slid himself into my pussy easily. I was so wet. He started thrusting, not hard or fast but not gently either. In and out in a building rhythm. Just as his breathing got heavy, I put my hands flat on his chest. He looked at me questioningly.

“I want you in my ass,” I whispered.

He halted for just a half-second in his thrusting, as if he wasn’t sure he heard me right, then started up again, thrusting a couple more times. I repeated, more loudly this time, that I wanted him to put it in my ass. This time Keith stopped.

He took himself out of my pussy and positioned himself at the entrance to my asshole. He slowly pushed in, taking his time. When he got all the way in I let out a sigh.

“Oh yeah.”

I heard John in the corner take in a sharp breath. I looked over. He was touching himself outside of his pants. Keith started thrusting into my ass harder and harder and a minute or two later I could tell he was getting really close to orgasm. I put my hands on his chest again.

“I want you to come on me, I want your come on my body.”

He immediately stopped thrusting, pulled out, took off the condom in one swift move, and kneeled next to me on the bed. He started jerking himself off. I reached my head up, lick-sucked the tip of his dick. I wanted to get the money shot. A few seconds later, his come was all over my chest.

I smiled up at him.

“I want a picture.” güvenilir bahis siteleri

He immediately backed up. “Oh no, I’m not doing that,” he said.

“Not of you, don’t worry. I want you to take a picture of me with your come on my chest. With my phone, not yours. My phone is in my shorts pocket, over there. Can you get it for me?”

He looked at me funny.

“I want to show my boyfriend. He’s going to love seeing your come on me,” I explained.

Keith looked skeptical. Then John got up from the corner, hard on clearly evident, went over to my shorts, found my phone and handed it to me. I unlocked it, clicked on the camera app, and handed it back to him. I told him to make sure he gets my face and come-covered chest. He took the photos. Then he handed the phone back to me.

While John was taking the photos, Keith had gone to the bathroom and came back with a hand towel for me to wipe myself off. I smiled and shook off the offering, put the phone down on the bed, looked at him right in the eyes, and used my finger to lick up his come. Both of them stood there next to the bed and watched me lick up every last drop of it. Every. Last. Drop. Then I got off the bed, slowly dressed. I walked toward the door.

“I better go find my friend now. Thanks for the drink!” I added as I left the two of them in the room.

I texted the picture of my come-covered chest and my smiling face to Ramoñ while I was waiting for the elevator.

He texted back, “About time I get a nude”.

I responded, “That’s come on me, in case you couldn’t tell…”

And suddenly my phone rang in my hand. It was Ramoñ.

“I want details,” he said.

I told him the entire story, start to finish. He groaned when I told him about how I wanted John to watch.

“You’re such a slut,” he growled on the phone.

His breathing quickened when I told him how I opened my legs wide for Keith. And when I told him I asked Keith to fuck me in the ass, he came. I heard him groan loudly and I stopped the story.

“Did he come in your ass?” I heard him ask a second later.

“No,” I replied. “I asked him to come on my body. I knew you’d want the money shot.”

And then I heard him come again, even louder, on the phone.

“You’re such a good little whore,” he moaned.

We talked for another few minutes until I reminded him that he has to be up for work in a couple hours.

“I’ll never get to sleep again. My mind is going crazy. I love how much of a whore you are,” he replied.

As we got off the phone, and I went to my hotel room to find Sarah and get in bed, I got a text from Ramoñ: “You dirty little whore,” he wrote.

I smiled. I knew he was masturbating to my adventures again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32