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Without any of the old jokes, being a traveling salesman can be a lonely life. Town to town, shaking endless hands, talking to people, and pretending to like them, if I didn’t know better I could be a politician, but without the big money.

On this particular day, I was headed for another shit-hole town in California along a two-lane highway near the Nevada border. I saw her standing along the side, a small carry-on type suitcase at her feet. I don’t usually pick up hitchhikers, but like I said, mine is a lonely life.

Throwing up dust, and gravel I pulled my Chevy pickup onto the dirt median just beyond her. I watched in my rear-view as she ran towards me, her long, raven hair bouncing, and blowing in the slight breeze that never seems to stop in part of the country. I also saw her tits, big and heavy, bouncing hard with every step. Her body overall was in decent shape, with curves in the right places. Then as she made it to the truck, out of breath, I saw her face.

It was rough. She looked to be about 40, but was probably only 30. Life on the road had been not so good for her. But those tits. She interrupted my thoughts when she spoke.

“Where ya headed?”

“I’ll be going up 6 here for quite a while, how about you?”

“Anywhere but here,” she grinned. Her voice was sweet and her teeth were glistening white, like she had just gotten out of the dentist chair. Smiling made her entire face kind of light up, and made that extra ten years kind of fade away. Or was it those tits?

She opened the door, tossed her bag onto the floor, and climbed in. I watched as she situated herself. Her low cut tank-top giving me quite a show, and I felt my nether regions stir just a little. I grinned thinking I was 20 again and just seeing a woman breast would give me a raging hard-on. I’m not quite ‘seeing my doctor’ for the little blue pill, but it don’t snap the way it used to either.

I must have stared a little to long, because as she sat, and before she buckled her seatbelt, she pulled up the material of her blouse. I felt like an idiot. Not only wasn’t I 20 anymore, I knew better than to be staring at a woman’s cleavage. What’s the old saying? It’s okay as long as you don’t get caught?

I pulled out onto the highway, wanting to say something but knew whatever it was, it would be wrong. Two strangers, thrown together, one acting like an asshole, the other, sure the first is an asshole. I couldn’t take it any longer and broke the silence.

“Look, I’m sorry about staring, I’m not a letch, and I won’t hurt you. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.” Trying to make a joke and failing miserably. Why don’t you just pull your flaccid cock out and ask for a blowjob? I thought.

“My names Patty,” she said, thrusting her hand out, ignoring my comments.

“Bill.” Returning her grip. Unlike my calloused paw, her hand was warm and soft. I wondered what a hand job with that warm soft skin would feel like. Maybe I am a letch?

“How long you been on the road, Bill?” she asked.

“Years.” I grinned. “Actually, this trip has only been a couple of days, with three more to go. I’m a traveling salesman.”

She glanced over her shoulder to the back seat and saw my suitcase and briefcase. I, on the other hand, saw her boobs again; with a hint of nipple. I am a letch! Dammit.

She turned back, but I diverted my eyes to the road before I was caught again. “What do you sell?” she asked.

“Ad time. I work for a big television station out of L.A. It’s kind of fun, I meet all sorts of different people, don’t have a time clock to punch, that sort of thing. What do you do, Patty?”

“Me? I travel from town to town, fucking guys who pick me up, then taking their money.” She laughed.

I grinned, not knowing if she was kidding or not. No wonder she didn’t comment on my ‘apology.’

We sat in silence for a while. XM pounding out the same crap it does every day. I didn’t notice as she leaned forward and opened her overnight till she was leaning back again. That’s also when I noticed the knife. I didn’t have time to give it a good going over, but it looked long. And sharp. What else do you need to know when the business end is poking in your ribs?

“Pull over. I want your wallet, cell phone, and keys.” She demanded.

I laughed. “We’re in the middle of the desert! I can’t stop here.” Trying to stall for time. Why? I don’t know. I just didn’t want to give this bitch anything. Tits or no tits. Instinctively, I pushed down on the accelerator. The big diesel responding instantly as we picked up speed.

“What are you doing?” she nearly screamed. “I said pull over!” and with that, she poked the point of the blade into my side.

The pain was real, but not intense. I felt a trickle of blood, mixed with the sweat that now covered my body. It’s sour scent filling the cab. “You want me to pull over, oh I’ll pull over alright.” I shouted back at her. Pushing the accelerator further down, the speedometer topping 85 as I pulled into the oncoming traffic lane. I was mentally out of control, and on top of my game all at the same time. We we’re canlı bahis headed up a slight incline and could not see oncoming traffic. About the only thing besides tumbleweeds and traveling salesmen that took this road were big rigs trying to shave cross-country times. I kept up my break neck pace, and could see out of the corner of my eye Patty was not looking so good.

I took the opportunity to reach over with my left hand, push the window button for her door, and brought it down. Air rushed in with a vengeance, papers on the back seat flew around, causing even more chaos in the enclosed area. The noise was not as loud as it was terrifying. Not like were going to be sucked out, but combined with the adrenaline coursing through both our bodies, it was loud.

“Throw it out the window, now!” I demand.

She responded by sticking it a little further into my ribcage. I winced in pain and nearly lost control. She screamed. Then the truck appeared.

I didn’t want to die. I had a lot to live for. But I wasn’t going out without taking the bitch with me. “Throw it out!” I repeated as calmly as I could. The 18-wheeler blew his horn, and I saw smoke billow from the tires as the driver slammed on the air brakes. Patty screamed again, and threw the knife out of the open window. With both feet, I jammed the brake, then pulled the wheel hard right. We went into a deadly slide, and instantly I knew that was the wrong thing to do. Releasing the brakes, I hit the accelerator again, pulling us back straight, but now on a collision course with the truck. It was happening so fast, yet it was in slow motion. I felt a calmness take over my body. I no longer heard Patty (was that her name?) screaming, or the rushing wind. Any paper that was flying around seemed to disappear. And the pain in my side ceased to exist. In that moment, I knew what I needed to do.

The trailer on the big rig had slid into ‘my lane.’ I could see the driver, feverishly trying to keep everything on pavement. I had no choice and steered left, off the road, and onto the shoulder. With a flip of my finger, I put the pickup into four-wheel drive. I didn’t know if it would help because I wasn’t accelerating, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. The truck dipped sharply left as we left the pavement. I remember seeing cattle in the desert munching happily, not knowing, or caring about the idiots on the roadway.

I have no idea how fast we were going when we left the pavement, but too fast I’m sure. The rear tires started to slide down the embankment. My driving skills, all million plus miles of them, were being tested beyond compare. Gently, I accelerated, hoping beyond hope, the front wheel would pull us out. The truck roared in protest, and continued it rear slide as the big rig slid past us on the right. I was only vaguely aware of it since I had my own problems. I stomped on the gas, fuel and air pouring into the engine. At last, the front wheel grabbed and we lurched forward, but were still on the embankment. With just as slight twitch, I gently eased us back onto the road. The truck jumped and I nearly lost it again, but easing up on the pedal, I regained control.

Breathing hard, and forgetting about my would-be assassin, I pulled off the right shoulder.

“You’re fucking insane! Let me out of here!” she screamed pulling on the door handle.

I was about to unlock the doors and let her out, when it hit me. She tried to kill me, the stinking cunt.

“Fuck you,” I said calmly and made a quick U-turn. I may have killed an unsuspecting truck driver. As I came over the same ridge that damned near took my life I could see the truck pulled over to the side. The driver, bent over apparently checking his tires, looked up and spotted us. Instantly enraged, he started running up the highway shaking the tire iron he clutched in his hand. At nearly half a mile away, and it would have been comical had it not been so nearly tragic. I pulled over to the side, flipped yet another U-turn, and headed back the way I had came.

“You’re fucking insane! Let me out, now!” My nearly forgotten passenger repeated.

“Shut up.” I said softly.

“FUCK YOU.” She reiterated. “Let me the fuck out!”

“My oh my, don’t we have a garbage mouth.” I said, grabbing a handful of her hair, pulling it. Hard.

“Owe! You asshole, let go of my hair.” Her voice breaking just a little.

“I thought I told you to shut up.” I repeated, pulling again.

She did and I released her hair. “What do you want?

Then it hit me. “Take off your clothes.”


“Take off your clothes, I want to see your tits.”

“You’re nuts….”

I grabbed her hair again and pulled her towards me. The truck lurched but I maintained control. “Take off your fucking clothes.” I don’t know where this demon had come from, but it was in his control now. I released her hair.

Slowly, staring at me like a deer caught in the headlights, she started to undress. First her tattered running shoes and socks. I could smell her feet. It wasn’t bad, but not great either. Her fear, mixed with her pheromones, gave off an almost erotic bahis siteleri scent. She hesitated next, but started to remove her shirt. Her braless breast hung heavily, but stood up, not quite perky, but very nicely for a woman of her age. Her nipples were taught, with huge areolas. They were real, and I kept on glancing back and forth between them and the road.

I knew this wouldn’t do, so at the next side road, I pulled off. Most of the land around here is owned by the government for the water, and people drive off road all the time. If anyone saw me pull onto a dirt road in a 4×4 truck, they wouldn’t think twice about it.

“Where are we going?” She was definitely scared now.

“Keep going, we’re going to party.” I said still driving.

She unbuckled her seatbelt, and slid off her shorts. She was wearing a lacy pair of panties, and by now I was sporting a hard on. My mouth was dry. I was delirious with the power I felt over this woman at the moment.

“Keep going.”

She slipped out of her panties, and was naked. Her soft mound was plastered with hair. I love a hairy bush. I had to stop and as luck would have it, the dirt road came into the hills and as we rounded a bend it opened up to a small meadow.

Bringing the truck to a stop behind a large tree, I shut it off and stared straight ahead out of the windshield. What was I doing? I’m not a rapist. Sure, she pissed me off, but this is not my speed.

“What’s the matter Stud? Can’t get it up?”

Ah, nothing like a stupid bitch to get a man all fired up again. I probably would have thrown her out and found a place to jerk off. But she had to open her mouth. I looked over at her and grinned. Unbuckling my seatbelt, I took the keys out of the ignitions and pushed them into my pocket. Unlocking the doors, I slid out, but kept watching her. My side ached, but I think the bleeding had stopped. Must not have stuck me too deep. I planned on sticking her much deeper. She met my eyes and stared at me as I walked around the front of the truck, keeping one hand on the hood, trying to look as dangerous as I could. As I reached the front, she suddenly lay across the seat, slammed the drivers door shut and hit the lock button. She sat back up, and flipped me off through the window. Then she did the unexpected.

I had made it to her side and stared at her though the closed window. It was not a particularly hot day, and we were in the shade of the old tree so heat was not going to be an issue here. And, she was still naked.

Her eyes once again met mine, as she started to caress those wonderful breast. With her soft hands, she rubbed her nipples. They hardened to her touch, as she rolled them in between her thumb and forefinger. She threw her head back and I could here her moan in pleasure. My cock raged against the fabric of my shorts, and I wanted relief.

What the fuck? I thought, and dropped my pants and boxers. My cock sprang up and bounced as I stepped out of my clothing. She glanced down at my manhood and grinned. Licking her lips, she once again flipped me off, and continued to tease those mammories. I slowly started to stroke my cock, helpless to her.

Then, when I thought it couldn’t get better, she lay back across the seat and started to finger her pussy. I was in heaven. I was in hell. I held my raging hard-on in my right hand, and in my left, the remote key entry. She plunged two fingers into her sopped pussy, spilling juice onto her asshole and my upholstery, then our eyes met again. With her other hand, she flipped me off for the third and final time. I brought the clicker up to the window, pushed the open button, and flipped her off.

She didn’t move, and didn’t seem to realize what was happening. She was too busy pleasing herself. I casually opened the door.

She smiled! Sitting up, she changed positions to lie on her stomach. Without a word, she pulled me forward and slipped my cock into her hot mouth. She wasn’t lying when she said she fucks men. Her mouth was like heaven on earth. She licked and slurped, cooing and moaning in all the right times keeping both my heads swimming. I reached out across her body and started to fondle her ass cheeks. I slapped each on, making a loud sound, and she just kept right on sucking like the good little whore she was. Her blowjob was feeling so good, but agonizingly slow. I started bucking my hips, making her take my full 6 inches down her throat. At the same time, my fingers found her cunt and I slipped two deep into her hot little hole. She was so wet and sloppy. As I continued to fuck her mouth, I felt that sensation deep in my stomach and knew I wasn’t going to last. I pulled out, she gasped for air, I pushed both my very lubricated finger into her tight asshole, at the same time thrusting my cock back into her mouth. She gagged, and I shot my load. It filled her mouth, and as the spasm subsided, I pulled back out, easing my fingers out of her bunghole too.

She spit out my spunk onto my still hard cock and screamed. “You asshole! You came in my mouth!”

I once again grabbed her by the hair, pulled her face up to mine, and bahis şirketleri kissed her deeply. I could taste my own cum, as our tongues mingled. She swung her legs up across the seat and returned my passion. Grabbing my ass, and slapping it hard as we kissed.

I pulled away. “You like it don’t you? You like my cum, don’t you skank!”

She spat in my face. “You’re a pig! Your cum taste like shit.”

I wiped away the spittle and laughed, long and hard. “You’re so stupid. I could kill you; leave your body for the coyotes and no one would give a flying fuck. Do we understand each other?”

She smiled, and started to rub my hard-on. “I could pull this right off.” Taking it into her hands, and teasing my balls with her long fingernails.

Despite the threat, my manhood started to respond.

“You’re such a man,” she said, still stroking. “All I need to do is talk softly, rub your little dick, and your putty in my hands.”

God I was turned on. And I hated myself for it. She was still sitting in the truck, her legs slightly spread. I reached down and started to rub her mound. The course hair and juices slicked across my fingers and palm. We continued to stare at each other like a couple of sixth graders about to start a fight. My fingers found their way into her wet snatch, and she gasped. I could tell she hated herself for the loss of self-control, and I grinned in response. She raked her nails across the head of my penis, sending electricity through my body. My cock was rock hard, and needed more. I took my hand away from her pussy, and using both hands I pulled her out of the truck. She jumped out and wrapped her legs around my torso. If someone had seen us, they would probably laugh wondering if I had missed her hole or what?

We stared into each other’s eyes. I stood her up, and turned her over. Now she was standing, bent over into the truck, her pussy and asshole staring at me like a cat in the night. Without a word, I rubbed my cock around the crack of her ass and told her to stay there. I stepped around the open door, reached into the glove box and pulled out a condom and a small bottle of lube.. I keep them there for those nights when I meet a nice girl. Patty, was not a nice girl, but I didn’t like the idea of catching whatever she was selling. She didn’t protest, as she watched me wrap up my raging hard-on. Still wordless, I moved back behind her and plunged my wrapped cock into her wet snatch. She let out a huge sigh as I started to move back and forth. Friction building as we fucked like bunnies. I leaned back, watching my rod slide in and out, in and out. She was wet, but not exactly tight. I needed tight, and knew where to get it.

Taking two fingers, I moved them into her snatch with my cock. She nearly screamed as I wet my fingers well. Then, taking them back, I rubbed each one around her little brown hole, and pushed them in. She squealed, and I continued. Pushing both fingers deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“Oh god, oh god” She muttered.

Without answering her, I pulled my cock and fingers out, and positioned the head of my hard-on against her tortured bunghole.

“NO! It won’t fit.” she screamed as I rubbed the gland around her tight hole.

“You better relax, or it’s really gonna hurt.” I advised.

She started to wiggle under me, but it was too late. I kept pushing forward, and I actually felt the condom tear. I pulled out, took it off, and moved back in. I knew a dry ass fuck would not be fun for either of us, so I grabbed the bottle of lube and slicked it up good.

“It won’t fit,” she repeated.

I laughed. How ironic, I thought. She damn near killed me. All I have to do is fuck her in the ass, and she screams bloody murder. Her protest only empowered me more. I moved my now well lubed cock towards her slightly stretched asshole. I always thought my average sized dick was made to fuck a woman in the ass. With only a little effort, the head popped in. Patty started panting like a dog, hyperventilating if you will.

“Relax,” I said. “You’ll get used to it.”

She turned her head, her eyes blazing, hair and sweat stuck to her forehead, “fuck me in the ass, oh god, fuck my ass!”

You don’t have to hit me in the head with a two by four. I pushed forward another inch, then back out almost completely. With each thrust, I repeated moving a little farther in each time till my aching balls slapped against her wet snatch. “Jesus, you’re so tight,” I marveled.

She started her panting again. I watched as she drooled on the hood of my truck. Watching my cock slide in and out, was almost too much for me. Each thrust now was nearly lifting her off the ground, and she wanted more. Taking a cue from a favorite porno, I buried my manhood to the hilt, then reached down and fingered her clit. Almost instantly, she was racked with a huge orgasm. I didn’t want to miss out, and pushed two fingers into her pussy. The walls contracted again and again, juices ran down and over my entire hand. Meanwhile, with the dexterity of an orchestra leader, I started thrusting my penis back and forth. What a sensation! Her pussy trying to pull my fingers into her womb, and her asshole trying to suck the semen out of my prick. It was too much, and I told her I was cumming. With a grunt, I let loose filling her bowels with my sticky goo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32