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Peeping tom part three
I was hooked and now paid attention to every movement my neighbor made. It had only been a couple of nights since I last watched her but I had to see more. I found myself waiting and watching out the window to see when she would come home. For the next three days she never got home until after one in the morning and immediately her apartment would go dark. By the fourth night I was gust about to give up. But I was obsessed with what I had seen and I had to see more.

That night when I saw her drive up I immediately snuck out the back window and found a good spot to watch what I witnessed was incredible but brief as she simply came in removed her summer dress and stood for a moment in front of the mirror in only pantyhose heels and again a thong over the nylons?. She proceeded to strip nude and put on a pajama bottom and turned off the lights went to bed… seeing her in the nylons and then briefly nude was really all I could have taken for one night anyway so I went home with stars in my eyes and very happily masturbated the night away.

It was the next day that things really bahis siteleri took off . I awoke the next morning and headed out to go to class when I found a note on my windshield. It read ( it has been a busy week I have been working the late shift but I need your assistance tomorrow I lost an earring in the bathroom sink and need to see if you can get it?)….. my heart was pounding.. she wanted me to be a plumber for her again.

I could hardly wait for the next day to come around but finally was able to head over to her apartment to get started . Again she greeted me at the door wearing only a robe that she must have just thrown on as she was still trying to get it tied. She led me to the bathroom and examined a the earring and showed me the matching one so I would know what to look for. I had a pretty good idea that I was going to be looking for something else.

I got started on the sink and she left me to it and to my delight there was the pile of lingerie and pantyhose under the sink. My hands were trembling as I picked up a pair of the pantyhose and held them up to my nose. There bahis şirketleri were several different pairs so I quickly stuffed them into my pocket and got back to work on the sink. It really was a simple job and I had the sink apart and found the earring in no time. I called the Tennant in to the bathroom to show her still sitting on the floor under the sink. She was extremely happy with my success but then acting like she was embarrassed bent down to pick up her Landry. It was a move that would allow the top of her robe to open and expose a pert tit just inches from my face. She acted like she didn’t notice and turned and bent over to pick up some more Landry exposing her naked ass and pussy to me I dont know how long she was bent over but I was able to take in every fold of that beautiful woman. Ohhh I wanted to bury my face in that gorgeous ass cleavage…then she turned back around and I know that she could see the growing tent in my pants she then walked out of the bathroom carrying her laundry.

I was barely able enough to function as I put the sink back together and finished illegal bahis up with my task once I had packed up my tools (bucket and wrench) I composed my self enough to go in the other room where I found the Tenant had changed into shorts and a tube top. Still sexy as hell! It was at this point i was composed enough and trying to make small talk that I asked her where she worked? She told me she was a waitress at a local bar. Well I knew the bar was a topless club and all of a sudden I understood her sexual openness! I would later learn that this particular club had a modesty clause that required the wait staff and dancers to wear sheer to waist pantyhose under g strings as a layer of protection? But that is another story. Right now I was nervously trying to remain calm as I had a pretty clear tent in my pants and her pantyhose in my pocket.

I rushed home . Stripped naked and held those pantyhose to my nose and inhaled deeply I did not wat to spoil the scent I still cant describe it today perfume, sweat, nylon and something else?
I proceeded to masterbate with that pair of nylons for two weeks before I ever put them on….. the smell intoxicating ! the feel when I would wrap them around my dick….. back then my eyes would twitch and spasm as I orgasemed

She was not done with me. She goes on to educate me for the rest of the summer!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32