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Gianna looked up at her boyfriend with an enthusiastic grin on her lips as she twisted the battery compartment shut on her very first vibrator. It’d been less than a week since she’d travelled to the sex shop with Will and purchased the pink, phallic toy, yet she’d already burned right through the AA batteries that had come with it. She couldn’t help herself, really. She was used to just using her fingers or pleasuring herself beneath the hot spray of the showerhead, but this was so much better than she envisioned; ever since she pulled the hard plastic packaging off of it, she’d been captivated. She made sure to put it to work every time she had a free moment alone. Every time she got off with it, she would think of Will. Now that he was standing there at the foot of her bed, eagerly watching her reload, Gianna couldn’t get started fast enough.

Leaning back into the soft pillows at the head of her bed, the youngest Santoro gingerly set her toy aside then grasped the band of her PJ shorts. Her arousal-darkened nipples pressed firmly to the inside of her fitted tank top from the sheer anticipation of what she was about to do. “You don’t have to stand there the whole time, you know. No one’s going to come in,” she teased, hooking her thumbs into the trim of her bottoms. She pulled the shorts down slowly, grinning as the thin, cottony fabric grazed her smooth legs. Playfully kicking the shorts off and in the direction of Will’s face, she giggled, “sit down.”

Gently tugging her bottom lip between her teeth as the mattress dipped at the edge under Will’s weight, Gianna pushed her long legs bahis firmaları apart and dipped her hand between her bare thighs. Pressing the tip of her middle finger against her clit through her canary yellow panties, she rubbed in slow, tight circles. “Mm.” She sighed softly as her wetness began to seep through, pressing her index finger to her middle to use them both in tandem. Will’s eyes flicked between her face, her hands and the wet spot spreading on the center of her panties as she teased herself. Gianna fed off of every second of it, her cunt lips growing wetter and plumping with excitement.

Gianna squirmed against the bed, peeling the damp middle of her panties aside, aching for increased friction. She reached for the pink vibrator, brushing her fingers along its thick, long shaft; admiring the realistic veins and giving an appreciative squeeze to the jelly material. She moved her thighs further apart, permitting Will to peek at her wet cunt as she lifted the bulbous head of the toy to her soft lips. Her mouth curved in a cheeky smirk as she poked her tongue out and lazily swirled it around the glossy tip. She parted her lips and sucked on her toy, making it slick with her warm saliva. An audible groan escaped from the back of his throat and Gianna pulled the wet toy from her lips, eager to proceed. She circled her belly button with the tip of the toy, leaving a thin trail of her saliva on her bare skin. She brushed the soft sex toy over her warm, wet folds, moaning lightly as the ribbed material stimulated her sensitive flesh. She rocked her hips up and down. It was getting to her. Bad Kitty wasn’t kaçak iddaa one for delaying her own gratification; they both knew it. Her eyes never left Will’s, not even when she twisted the dial on the bottom of her vibrator and turned it on.


The familiar sound that resonated from the toy, once she twisted the dial, made Gianna’s grin completely wicked. She gripped tightly to the end of the vibrator, licking her lips as it trembled between her slender fingers. “Keep watching,” she purred, as if Will needed to be asked twice. She pulled her panties aside further, lacking the patience to pull them off all the way before pressing the buzzing toy to her soaked pussy. “Mmmm.” She pushed her hips forward, slowly dragging the toy back and forth along her slick cunt lips, just barely lingering on her clit.

Gianna wanted Will to join in so badly, she wanted him to take his pants off and stroke his cock as he watched her play. But she knew that this was about her putting on a show for him first, so she was going to continue to oblige. She twisted the dial another notch, causing the vibrations to become stronger. She bit her lip and stifled a harsh mewl of pleasure, rubbing the tip of her vibrating toy against her bright, pink opening. Her dark lashes swept against her warm cheeks as she pressed the head of the toy between her soft folds, slowly penetrating her dripping core.


“Unngh,” she moaned loudly, unable to keep her lips pursed to conceal the euphoric sound, the bed creaking softly beneath her as she worked the pink shaft in and out of her wet cunt. Slowly at first. She was kaçak bahis still getting used to the size of the toy, testing her physical limits, exploring the boundaries of her pleasure. Her toes curled as she pushed the toy in deeper then lazily drew it back out, the firm ridges on the slippery length tugging pleasantly inside of her hot walls.

“Will,” Gianna gasped, opening her lust-heavy eyes to meet his smoldering gaze. She wasn’t certain how long she could hold out for, pumping the pink vibrator between her slick lips faster and deeper with every thrust. The pulsating stimulation inside of her, the adrenaline rush from performing for him, the torturous build up causing her walls to grip tightly around her toy, and the little buds on the end of it occasionally brushing her swollen clit, all threatened to overwhelm her. She bucked down onto her toy, her warm juices seeping down her inner thighs, her free hand reaching up to squeeze her breast through her tank top. The bed creaked louder with her fevered movements. The hot, tingling pressure spread inside of her belly and she couldn’t speak except to breathe in a broken rasp.

She whimpered, clutching tightly to her toy, fucking herself vigorously. Her wrist sore, but unwilling to give up now. She arched her hips off the bed and thrust three more times before the tight coil of pleasure snapped inside of her, setting off a vicious shuddering throughout her whole body.


She cried out, going rigid and cumming hard all over her toy.

Gianna lie back, shivering. Eyes closed, ears thudding, head spinning, and her soft, swollen walls spasming around the bright pink shaft. She smiled breathlessly, shutting the buzzing toy off before pulling it free from her convulsing, dripping cunt.

“Now—” she couldn’t help but plea, “—will you play with me now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32