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“Hiya, Javier,” called Kari.

“Hiya back, Kari. I heard that you and Stan broke-up?”

“Me and Stan Broke-up, alright,” Kari parroted back. “We were fooling around after my eighteenth B’day party and wouldn’t give me the present that I wanted.”

“Ya’ll were foolin’ around? What wouldn’t he give you?”

Kari slid into the booth next to Javier. “I told him I was going to be a virgin on my wedding day, but he could have my anal cherry.”

“You told him to pop your anal cherry? That’s freaky. What did he do?”

“He wouldn’t do it. Said his dick was made for pussy and didn’t want anything to do with a freak like me,” Kari sobbed.

“Wow, that’s harsh. What are you going to do now?”

“I’m really frustrated. When I’m rubbing my clitty I get so hot that I slide a finger into my ass which really sets me off. I cum so hard when I do that. I just gotta find someone to pop my anal cherry,” she confides.

“That’s tough. Where you going to find a guy to bang your eighteen year old ass,” Javier says while sizing Kari up?

“I see you’re checking out my 36C’s, Javier. You can touch them if you promise to fuck my ass.”

“You have a great set of 36C’s Kari, but I’m strictly a pussy guy. “

“See what I mean. No one wants my anal cherry,” she cried.

“Look, I know a guy. I hear he is really into a lot of ass. I can introduce you to him if you want?”

“That’d be great; would you really do that for me?”

“Sure, we’re friends aren’t we?”


Javier and Kari approach a tall lean man in a doorway, “Hey Javier, who’s your friend?”

“This is Kari.” Turning to Kari, “Kari, bahis firmaları this is Richard Ausmon. Kari has a problem that I thought you might be able to help her with.”

“What’s your problem, little lady?”

“You see, Richard…”

“Call me Dick,” Richard interrupts.

“Well, Dick, everyone likes staring at my 36C’s like you’re doing now, but no one will give me what I really want.”

“What is it you really, really want,” Dick says to her firm breasts.

“What I really, really want is for someone to pop my anal cherry. When I’m rubbing my clitty it gets me off really hard when I slide my finger into my butthole. Now I’d like to feel a big dick in my anus, Dick”

“If that’s all you want girly, I’m the Assman for you. Turn around and let me see that young ass.”

Kari turns around, “I’m afraid that I don’t have much ass, not like the 36C’s I got up front.”

“Well it is kinda flat; not much to hold onto. You say you want someone to pop your anal cherry?”

“That’s right, Dick. Please pop my anal cherry and be my Assman.”

Javier observes, “Where ya going to let him bang your ass, Kari? We’re here on the street in front of this fine Caddy.”

Kari shoots back, “I’ve always fantasized about being bent over the hood of a fine automobile while some guy I don’t know pops my anal cherry.”

“I’m some guy you don’t know,” Dick states.

“There’s the fine Caddy,’ Javier adds.

“And I have the cherry,” Kari concludes.

“Then I’m the Assman for you. Turn around and face the car.”

“Do you want to take my shorts down or shall I,” queries Kari as she faces the car?

“Take kaçak iddaa your own shorts down, Cutie, while I take out my dick.”

“Mind if I watch,” Javier asks?

“It’s really up to the lady bent over the car.”

“Please watch, Javier. That’s part of my fantasy.”

“Then I’ll watch him pop your anal cherry.”

Stepping closer to Kari’s unclothed ass Dick observes, “You do have a little ass there.”

“I know, it’s never been much to look at,” Kari agrees.

“Dick’s dick is kinda long, Kari. It might hurt when he pops your anal cherry,” warns Javier.

“Don’t forget that fat crown,” Dick adds.

“I sure hope so. I really need a painful ass pounding.”

“Let me squirt a little lube in that tight butthole,” Dick offers.

“It would make it a lot easier if you squirt some lube up my tight butthole,” Kari again parrots. “Oooh, that’s cold. Is that your big thumb?”

“I’m gonna use my thumbs to loosen you up before stickin’ Dick’s big dick in ya.”

“Oooh, that’s making me wet.”

“You’re bung hole is really tight. I’m gonna enjoy popping your anal cherry. That aughta do it. Reach around here and hold those skinny cheeks apart while I line my cock up with your brown eye.”

“Here, let me hold my cheeks so you can get a good aim at my sphincter. Oh Oh Oh! That’s really big.”

“Ah Ah Ah. That’s really tight. Here comes my dickhead, honey.”

“AHHH! I’m going to split in two!”

“Nail her ass, man,” cheers Javier.

“There. Goes. Your. Anal. Cherry!”

“OH YEAH! You’re in, you’re in, you’re in,” Kari moans.

“I’m in. Now I’m going to fuck that tight ass.”

From kaçak bahis across the street a passerby hollers, “What are you doing to that young lady with the 36C’s?”

“He’s fucking the shit out of my ass,” Kari hollers back.

“I’m fucking the hell out of her shit hole, you ass,” Dick adds.

“That’s making me cum. Oh that big dick is making me cum.”

“You like that big dick, baby?”

“Oh yeah, really fuck the shit out of my ass, Dick.”

“You’re really fucking the shit out of her ass, Dick,” observes Javier.

“Oh man, she has the tightest anus I can remember. Unh, Unh, Unh.”

“Augh, augh, augh.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Javier chants.


“I’m getting ready to cum”

“Come on, Dick, pump that nutbutter into my ass and make me cummmmmm.” Kari screams!

“Here I Cum. HERE COMES MY HOT JIZZ IN YOUR ASS, BABY,” Dick likewise screams!

Javier says, “Oh, man.”

Dick pulls out with a pop. “Let me get a picture of that gaping hole,” he states as he points his phone at Kari’s naked butt.

“My phone’s in my back pocket. Get a pic of your cum leaking from my asshole for me,” asks Kari?

“I’ve gotta get a picture of his sperm running down your pussy lips, Kari,” adds Javier.

Kari turns around and pulls her shorts up. “How can I thank you for popping my anal cherry, Dick?”

“You can wipe my dick clean on your shirt, Little Lady.”

“Here, let me wipe your dick clean on my 36C’s. You’re my Assman, Dick,” coos Kari.

“Anytime you want to dick around I’m your Assman.”

Kari waddles away leaning on Javier feeling sperm leak from her butthole into her cotton panties. “Thank you, Javier, for helping me lose my anal virginity.”

“You’re welcome, Kari.”

“I love you,” she replies.

“You do?”

“I do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32