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Grace lay face down in the bed, her delicious derrière exposed as was her curved hips beneath them would be her well-fucked pussy, the hair about it matted with our juices and her lips soft and inviting. Idly I touched my cock as I watched her admiring her alabaster back and buttocks, tracing with my eyes each curve and line of her body and sighed with content. As I thought of what we had done I smiled and slowly began to pull myself off thinking of her body as I had opened her pussy lips and then thrust my cock deep into the hot hole.

It had seemed so long ago since I had been brought to the brink of temptation and dived into it by my most delightful tutors the Lady Amanda Montague and Monsieur Henri had taught us how to delay and enhance our lave-making of each other. It as only our tiredness that had stopped us from continuing and we had most willingly repaired to our bed. I had fallen asleep my hands curled about her lily white breasts and enjoying the feel of her coral nipples at my mouth before we had fallen asleep in the most wanton of dress and position.

“Perhaps I can help with that, ” I heard her say and saw that same saucy, lazy smile that she had worn after our lovemaking last night.

Without a word from me she pulled her body between my legs and removing my hand from my cock which seemed as hard as an iron rod she took it in both of her soft hands and began to pump one of those dainty delights up and down the rod of my flesh, her other hand she used to massage and caress the balls in my sack making me easily groan with pleasure.

“There isn’t that better. I don’t want you to spill a drop of yourself unless it is in my mouth, or in my pussy my dearest cousin,” she trilled with lusty delight.

Then as that was all that needed to be said she leant forward and started to suck at the top of my cock running her clever tongue along the slit and the sensitive surrounds that were there. All too quickly she had me in her hands wanting to do whatever she may want and I hungered to have her pussy pressed to my mouth and my tongue drinking her juice as I felt the heat of her passion on my lips. All too willingly I bade her position herself so that I could give her the pleasure that I felt her giving me.

So we moved and she positioned her body beside mine and we lay so that my cock was in her mouth as she used her hands to massage my rod and my balls. I lay my head resting on her thigh and my lips pressed to hers and my tongue thrust between them. It was truly a glorious moment as I felt her juice flood my mouth and her scent fill my nostrils. Her mouth was moving my cock in and out of her lips and I felt that stirring in my balls that could only mean my cuming was soon.

Desperately I tried to think of other things to delay that pleasant happening but it was futile. However I did not cum for my most worthy lover and cousin had learnt her lessons well and pressing firmly at the base of my cock and slowing the taking of my cock into her mouth allowed me to hold onto my seed for a time. As she tried to slow down my hands caressed her plump sensuous cheeks and touched the sides of the crease between them. How she squirmed as I did so.

My tongue touched the little hill above her lips and she groaned that deep happy declaration of pleasure as she came in my mouth squirting such sweet liquor that I could drink with glee. Her body bucking and without control she released her control of my cock and I felt the vital fluids rush through the rod of my cock into her waiting and willing mouth.

Satisfied and sated I fell onto my side and lazily moved so that I could look into her eyes and touch the lips that only minutes before had fed on my cock. I saw her lust and yes her love in her eyes and I knew that I wanted this woman for all time to be my helpmate and wife.

“Marry me,” I said.

“Yes,” and tears filled her eyes as she felt the intolerable release of her happiness.

Then without further word she gathered a sheer robe that she threw over her body and ran from the room crying leaving me confused on what had happened. Gathering a little wit I rose and repaired canlı bahis to my toilet , I did not dress but covered my naked body with the burgundy silk dressing gown that was in the room and wandered down to the dining room and the breakfast that awaited me there.

When I entered the conversation ended between Grace, Mandy and Monsieur Henri. As one they turned to look at me and I wondered what this may portend. Then the energetic Belgian Monsieur Henri was vigorously pumping my hand and congratulating me and I saw bright smiles over the faces of the others in the room.

“Monsieur Paul, Grace has told us of your question and what a lucky man you shall be,” the Belgian declaimed and I looked towards Grace who smiled even more.

“Then I assume should her parents have no complaint that we shall be married? I asked.

Grace realising that she had not given me her answer came to me and taking my hands in her own kissed me tenderly yet passionately and answered yes to my face. Then she was out of my arms and Mandy was with me kissing me on the lips and telling me that they must continue with their lessons this day but let us enjoy the repast laid before us and enjoy what the day could bring once we had repaired our dishabilled state. For like me the others wore only sheer and thin dressing gowns exposing their bodies to each other.

Mandy’s nipples were most prominent and very noticeable through the yellow silk she wore. Indeed Monsieur Henri was excited by the sight of her, his not inconsiderable cock being semi-hard and he looked at her with a wicked gleam in his eye as he feasted his eyes and twirled his moustache with his fingers.

Before anything would happen we fell upon a feast of food that would have left the most famished satisfied and it was with satisfaction I left for my room and dressed in the clothing that had been left for my use. Casually dressed I noted with some delight that the weather meant we were trapped in the house and I wondered what other lessons we may be taught this day. I was greeted by Monsieur Henri who led me to the smoking room and lit a clove scented cigarette, I did not join him since I am not of the habit of smoking though I can enjoy a cigar on occasion.

“Well Monsieur what do you know of a woman’s fundament?” he asked seriously.

“Not much Monsieur it is lovely to look upon and it enjoyable to hold and stroke as you prepare your lover,” I answered.

“Yes it is that but it can also be wonderful to fuck with the cock if prepared properly and give great pleasure to your lover if she is also prepared,” he said knowledgeably.

“Is it not a dirty place to stick a cock Monsieur?” I asked.

“That is true but part of your preparation is cleaning the hole thoroughly and preparing your lover. For being taken in their buttocks women will share their most vulnerable self. I do not know if it is men or women enjoy it more but being taken in the derrière shows true enjoyment of the sensual arts sometimes. Both Madame and I believe that Grace is such a woman who will enjoy being taken in such a way,” the man said baldly.

“But would you allow Grace to take you in your ass Monsieur. If you ask for her fundament will you offer yours in return?” He asked watching me carefully.

I poured myself a cup of newly prepared tea and considered my response for this was something I have never considered and it seemed somewhat unmanly to be talking about having ones buttocks played with I felt a strong curiosity to take my dear Grace in her ass and I always enjoyed the sight of her firm fleshy cheeks as well as touching and stroking them as we made love. As I thought of it more I became more thoughtful about what I wanted and realised that I wanted to take her virginity in this hole as I had in her pussy. Would I give her my ass and I decided that should I really love her she should enjoy such pleasure that I asked of her.

“I think I could allow her my ass as I would take hers Monsieur,” I said softly into the silence.

“Bon my dear sir it is only fair that we accept what we ask others to do but let me say that it gives great pleasure once the bahis siteleri initial discomfort is overcome,” the man said happily.

“Come let us find your dear Grace and that most formidable Mandy, they are waiting for us,” and with these words we left the room and made our way to Mandy’s bedroom. It was a room of contrasts dominated by a large king sized bed yet filled with toys and other fripperies that you find in the most girlish of women. There waiting for us were both Mandy and Grace wearing only their corsets that forced both their breasts and buttocks to be more prominent.

Henri with a delighted crow swooped on Mandy and holding her breasts he kissed and licked her nipples enjoying it as they rose and greeted his attention. Though delighted she pulled his face to hers and she asked an unasked question which he nodded to and she smiled as she shooed him away from her body. Once he was away from her she gathered Grace into her arms and turned her away from me so that I could enjoy the view of her back and buttocks. It was a view that was most enjoyable.

“Come Monsieur Paul Grace awaits your most wonderful and respectful attention,” Henri remarked next to me as led me to those sensually plump cheeks and curves.

I did not need any assistance as I began to stroke and caress her quivering flesh. Flesh that seemed to burn my hands as I stroked and kneaded it like a master baker kneaded the bread he made. As I massaged her beautiful derrière she waved her buttocks back and forth and pressed them back to me. Below her ass cheeks I could see her lips swell and open as they grew aroused and waiting for my attention.

“Pleasure her pussy Paul, she needs to be highly aroused when you take her ass with your cock,” Mandy remarked as Henri licked the hard nub of her own nipple.

I did not need a second invitation and I used my fingers to stroke and then enter Graces patiently wet pussy. Remarkably I found that I was able to control my lust and I stroked and fondled that lovely smooth skin that was coated in juice and quivered and stirred at my touch. I was amazed that under that hair the skin seemed silky and yet it was crinkled and crenellated into valleys that I smoothed. Cautiously I opened her pussy and entered her hot wetness with a single finger and twisted it slowly in the tight flesh opening her even more so that I could feel her ready for a second finger.

As I began to manipulate her pussy she would thrust her hips against my fingers making them thrust into her pussy faster than I had first wanted. Realising that my Grace was truly passionate and desired me to make hard, fast love I pumped my fingers into her pussy as she began to groan with pleasure and I felt the tight pulsing muscles as they came about my fingers.

Mandy came over to me and took my cock in her hands and began to stroke along it making it hard and ready. Satisfied that it was hard enough I saw her take a small vial containing a clear golden liquid that she poured over my erect flesh. Softly and slowly she stroked it into my hard cock making it slippery. As she did this I saw Henri pressing his cock between Mandy’s thighs as I saw him press his fingers at her asshole. They were covered in the same oil that Mandy was rubbing into my cock.

“Before one pushes one’s cock into your lover’s derrière ensure that you are truly oiled and then oil the hole into which you will be placing your cock,” Henri remarked as he sank his thumb into Mandy’s asshole.

Taking the vial of the pale golden oil I positioned myself over Grace’s curvaceous ass cheeks and dripped the oil between the pale white cheeks. Softly I touched her flesh near the oil-filled crease and was rewarded with a dreamy that’s nice from Grace’s mouth. Taking the flesh firmly in my hands I did not care that Henri had pierced Mandy’s asshole and was pumping his cock deeply into her bowels and that she was shrieking and screaming with pleasure as she also rubbed hard at her clit. Then taking a deep breath I opened the fleshy cheeks in front of me and using my thumbs began to stroke and massage the oil into her skin.

How she squirmed beneath my bahis şirketleri touch as I pushed the oil towards the tightly shut hole. Looking at her callipygian buttocks I made out beneath them the matted pubic hair of her pussy and the hint of fingers that I knew she was using to excite herself and keeping her in such a n excited state that when I thrust my cock into her nether passage she would feel pleasure as well as the pain of my opening her virgin asshole. Thinking of the goal of my attentions my thumb touched the hole and pressed against it. It would not move and was firmly barred against my intrusions.

“You must relax my dear,” I whispered into her ears.

As I asked her I felt the muscles at her asshole softening and pushing firmly I felt my oiled thumb slip into her hot nether passage and heard a sharp hiss from Grace. Slowly I rotated the digit in her flesh and rubbed the oil continuously into the flesh and about the hole. Then leaving my massage I pulled my thumb up until all it was doing was holding her open and placed my other thumb next to it and pressed it with the other thumb into her hole. It slid easily into her body and there was a sharp intake of breath as I held her muscles open pulling them slowly apart so that I could have made room for my cock. All the time I was doing this Henri and Mandy made the sounds associated with a vigorous pleasurable love-making that was the music to my careful entry to Grace’s ass.

Slowly though not as slowly as I imagined I rotated and stretched Grace’s asshole as she played and manipulated her dripping pussy. Sometimes her breathing would increase in pace and then there would be a slight groan and sigh as she came over her fingers. Though nothing had touched my cock I was still hard with the touch of my beloved and the thought that I would take this gorgeous woman’s virginity. It was something that was exciting and then considering where it was something that also felt forbidden.

Feeling that my fingers had made her as ready as she could be made by that method I pulled them out and wiped them on a cloth near them. Taking my cock in my hand and using the other hand to hold open the cheeks as I placed the blunt head of my cock at her rear entrance. Even though loosened and even as she relaxed as much as she could I tried to push futilely into her passage.

Again I tried to enter her and failed though I felt the muscles give a little more so that a third of my head was in her asshole. Taking encouragement from this I thrust again at the hole and felt my cock move a little deeper. With a deep breath I pushed again and the resistance stopped as my cock slipped past the barrier of her asshole and sank into her tight nether passage. As it entered Grace released a high pitched groan that quickly ceased as I pumped my cock into her bowels.

While I pumped my cock I felt her pussy pulsing and moving as she came, her breath which had been pained as I pushed into her body became ragged as she felt pleasure rush through her body and then into mine. At first I had been thrusting into her slowly but now I was pumping my cock into her with speed as I felt my cum ready to burst out of my cock. Held tightly in her I suddenly felt the explosion of my cum as it washed into her tight hole. Pumping with the vigour of pleasure each drop was spilt into her passage until unable to give anymore I pulled out of her and saw a white dribble follow.

Taking the cloth near our bodies I gently wiped my cock clean and then Grace’s weeping asshole. Lifting her into my arms I kissed her gently on her lips and saw a deep hurt in her eyes that I could not understand after our pleasures. Feeling that we needed to talk I begged both Henri’s and Mandy’s pardon we left the room clad in robes and made our way to our room. Taking her chin in my hand I looked again into her eyes.

“You didn’t like that did you?” I asked quietly.

“Ohhhh Paul, I know that men like women to do such things but it feels so wrong and it hurt so much when you entered me,” Grace wept.

“Hush my dearest, thank you so much for trying such a thing but we can have pleasure other ways and they can be something that we both enjoy ,” I comforted her.

Then when she looked at me again there was a slight smile on her lips just before she pressed them and her thinly clad body against mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32