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Earlier tonight, I carried in the floor lamp from the living room and planted it at the foot of my bed. I have it turned on to the brightest lighting that it can go. I also made sure that I cleared the bed of all my everyday clutter. Only the pillows have been allowed to remain, fluffed and ready for our entertainment.

I put in my “Hey Love” CD as I shower to get myself in the mood. While in the shower, I make sure to shave everything so there will be no hair to impede your view. Still wet, I slather on mango body butter making my body glisten, smelling faintly of cocoa butter and mango. With my body shining,

I slide on a very short, sheer white robe with miniature white feathers on the collar and along the bottom of it. I can feel the feathers tickling the underside of my buttocks as I walk around the bed in my white feathered covered mules.

I hear my cell phone ring. Showtime! I am giggling breathlessly as I answer.

I hear you growl into the phone. “Hey, Mami. Are you ready for me?”

I am grinning from ear to ear as I head to the computer monitor. “Si, Papi. I am ready.”

I activate my messenger service, so that I can turn on my webcam and make sure the cam is turned directly to the bed. After making sure I give you permission to view my webcam, and getting permission to see yours, we are in business.

I put my ear piece in so that I don’t have to keep hold of the phone and sit on the edge of the bed.

I can see you, your room ablaze with light, on my monitor, sitting in your chair by your computer. All you have on is a black silk kimono and a smile.

I smile back and you wave to me. I wave and you tell me to stand up. I stand and you can see straight through the robe that I have on, even through the cam.

My nipples, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri thick and dark, are standing at attention through the fabric. My breasts are looking like they are going to pop out of the top of the robe at any second. As I turn to give you a view of the back, the bottom of the robe lifts a little and gives you a quick peep of chocolate covered bum. My thighs are shiny and look nice and healthy.

The cam view doesn’t show you my calves, but as you were just sucking on them last weekend, you have a pretty good idea what they look like, muscular and sexy.

I sit back on the bed, blushing a little from giving you a show. I hear your gravelly laugh in my ear. “Ah, look atcha, Mami. Why you blushin’, girl?”

I answer with a smile in my voice. “I can’t help it, Papi. I am still shy when it comes to this cam thing.”

I am watching you and see that you are starting to undo your kimono. I wait, eyes staring, to see you strip for me. It always immediately gets me excited. When the belt falls to your sides, I move a little closer to the monitor. I don’t want to miss a moment of you, unveiling yourself to me. As the kimono slides down your arms, I get butterflies in my stomach and my sex starts to swell in excitement. Your body is exposed and I can tell from the way your shaft is dancing you are just as excited as I am.

I see you looking at the monitor to see my reaction and I give you two thumbs up. “Oh Papi, you do it for me every time. I love to see you in your naked gloriousness.”

You chuckle. “Girl, you gotta stop writing those stories. It is messin’ with ya head…gloriousness. What person you know talks like dat?”

I stick my tongue out at you and tell you, “OK, mister, don’t ruin the moment.”

You güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri settle into your chair and make a gesture for me to start undressing. I am way more self-conscious than you as I am stripping. I untie the robe and let the shoulders fall off to the wayside. Before I let it slide down my body, I hold it so that it stops its fall at my breasts. You look directly into the cam and snap your fingers.

“Let go of the robe, Mami. I wanna see you.” My chocolate brown skin turns to cinnamon as I blush as the robe hits the floor.

I turn to crawl up on the bed, giving you a view moon view. “Uh, Mami,” I hear you say. “Stop right there.” I turn and look over my shoulder into the cam, directly at you.

“Why?” I ask.

I can see on my screen that you have started to stroke yourself slowly, watching your monitor. You don’t answer. Instead you tell me to hold it open for you.

With a mischievous smile, I comply. I lay my head on the bed, full bottom still up in the air, and I hold my butt cheeks open so that you have complete access to me from behind.

You aren’t ready for what you see. Because I know you have been wanting back door action for a while now, I decided to give you a taste of it tonight. There is a clear butt plug in my back hole and you can see the end of it.

I hear you moan, “Oh damn Mami. That is what Papi likes to see.”

I take my other hand and join you in self manipulation. You can see the juices start to run down my sex to my clit ring. My hips are going in a slow, sensual grind and I am angled where I can see what you are doing.

Your stroke has increased in speed and I see you take a bottle of baby oil and squeeze some on your shaft, making it slick and shiny.

My mouth is starting güvenilir bahis şirketleri to water because I wish I were there to take it into my mouth and suck on it. I am getting so excited that I am starting to moan into the phone.

I hear you bark an order. “OK Mami, on your back.”

I crawl up the top of the bed, propped up on the pillows, looking directly into the cam. I know you are watching me because I can hear the labored breathing and I see how intensely you are watching your PC.

From underneath the pillows, I extract another toy. I found a plastic shaft that looks exactly like yours, from the balls to the tip of it and now I am inserting it into me.

“See, Papi,” I moan. “Now it is almost like having you inside of me.” You see me, ass grinding against the butt plug, vulva pulsing around the shaft that looks like you, naked and excited.

My nipples are standing an inch out from my breasts, looking like they are hard as pebbles. You could swear my breasts look like they have grown in size and they are swaying side to side with my gyrations.

I can hear your guttural grunts and see your fist pumping overtime, while the fingers from your other hand are strumming your nuts.

My back arches and my legs shoot out to the sides, with the force of a magnificent orgasm. You hear me scream your name in your ear as your orgasm builds to the point of no return.

You take your cam and place it right near the head of your member, because you know it turns me on to see you come.

I hear you yell, “Oh, Mami,” and then see a spurt of love shoot out of you. The next spurt shoots into the cam, covering your lens with your stickiness.

Even with the racks of aftershocks hitting me, I start to laugh when I see that. I can hear you grabbing around for a towel and you are laughing too.

“Girl, stop laughing. This was supposed to be sexy, not funny.”

I start to laugh harder, making the prosthetic copy of you pop out of me. “It was very sexy, baby,” I tell you. “But I have to say, this is much better than getting come in my eye.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32