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The final scene was just beginning when Rachel heard the bedroom door creak open. She quickly withdrew her hand from her dripping pussy, fastened her shorts and switched off the video.

“Rachel?” Becky said softly, her voice trembling slightly, “I . . . I’ve got a problem.”

“What’s wrong?” Rachel asked.

Becky walked over, and sat down next to Rachel on the couch. She was still naked, and her tear-stained cheeks told Rachel that things had not gone quite according to plan.

“I couldn’t go through with it.” Becky said, “I tried. I really tried.”

“But I heard you scream out ‘I’m cumming!’.”

Becky smiled weakly. “As soon as you left, Sam got undressed, and I sucked his cock till he got hard. I thought I was ready, so he got behind me, pulled out the butt plug, and put the head of his cock inside me . . .”

“Did he forget to cover his cock with k-y before he tried to fuck you?”

Becky slowly shook her head, then continued. “He put the head of his cock inside me and began to push. I guess I tensed-up or something, because it hurt, and I asked him to stop.”

“Did he?”

Becky nodded. Drew a short breath and let it out. “Before I knew what was happening, Sam took his cock out of me, and whispered that it was okay. I told him to try again, but I’d closed up even more. He asked if I thought it would help if he ate my pussy. That’s why you heard me cry-out.”

“It didn’t help. Did it?” Rachel said.

“The orgasm was nice; but, no. We tried a couple more times; but . . .”

“So. What do you want to do now?”

“Give it one last shot? With your help?”

Rachel thought for a quick second. “Okay. . .”


When Rachel and Becky walked into the bedroom, Sam was standing, naked, with his back to them, staring blankly out the window.

“Hey, you.” Becky said softly.

Sam turned. Rachel’s gaze fell on his large, limp cock. “Hey.” he said.

“Rachel’s agreed to help us try again.” Becky said.

“Are you sure you want to?” he asked.

Becky walked over, put her arms around Sam’s neck and gave him a long, deep kiss. “I’m sure.”

“Shall we get started then?” Rachel said, her nervousness showing.

“What do you want us to do?” Sam asked.

“First things first. While Becky and I do a little brainstorming, how about you go clean off that beautiful cock of yours.” Rachel said.

Sam nodded, then started for the bathroom. Rachel turned her attention to Becky.

“Do I have to go through the enemas again?” Becky asked.

“Not unless you want to.” Rachel replied.

“Good. I don’t.”

“Okay.” Rachel laughed.

“I’ve got an idea.” she continued, “Let’s try this. Lay down; on your stomach, with a pillow under your hips, butt in the air, and spread your legs enough for us to have access to both your butt and pussy.”

Becky did as she was asked. Rachel went over to the dresser and took out a set of graduated anal beads; as well as a clear, jelly-style butt plug that measured a little more than nine inches in length, and an inch and three quarters across, at its widest point.

“Rachel?” Becky said, “Can I ask a favor?”


“Would you mind taking off your clothes? I think it would be easier if you were naked too.”

The request caught Rachel completely off guard. Her initial reaction was to decline, but for some reason, she found herself unable to refuse. “Okay. If it’ll make you more comfortable.” she said.

Becky smiled, then nodded. Almost hesitantly, Rachel began to undress.

The moment was awkward. For Rachel. First, she pulled her sweatshirt over her head, turning it inside-out in the process. Her braless breasts swayed slightly as she tossed-backed her hair, before dropping the shirt to the floor.

Becky tried not to stare at her friend’s firm, young breasts; but found the task to be quite difficult.

Rachel blushed slightly at the attention, then opened her cut-off-jeans shorts and let them fall to the floor. She paused, then peeled off her v-string panties.

A long silence passed as she stood for inspection. She spoke: “Here’s my plan. When Sam comes back, I’m going to have him treat your pussy to a gentle ride with the vibrator, while I introduce your butt to the joys only anal beads can produce. Then, when I think you’re ready, I’ll switch places with Sam and have him fuck you with the plug. Okay?”

“Sounds good to me.” Becky said.

Rachel walked over to the night stand, picked up the tube of k-y jelly and the little vibrator that had seen so much action not an hour earlier, and sat down on the bed. Sam returned from the bathroom, walked to the far side of the bed and sat down as well. “I couldn’t help but overhear your plan.” he said.

“So, babe. What do you think?” Becky asked.

“I’m game if you are.” Sam said.

Rachel switched the vibrator on low and handed it to Sam. She watched as he slipped it inside his lover’s pussy and began to tease. “Mmmm. Yes!” Becky moaned.

Rachel picked up the tube of k-y and deposited a large canlı bahis pearl on Becky’s tight asshole. She then took the string of beads and placed the smallest against Becky’s opening and worked it in using slow, even pressure.

Becky lay still, trying her best to relax, and enjoy the sensations. Rachel focused on her task. Sam studied her moves; never missing a beat of his own.

Another pearl of jelly. Another bead. One by one, Becky accepted the intruders.

“Mmm. Mmm. Ooooo.”

The carnal sounds that escaped Becky’s lips only served to encourage her pleasure-givers’ efforts.

Sam focused the tip of the vibrator at the base of Becky’s clit. Rachel pressed the fifth and final bead home. Becky easily accepted it. Sam stared, almost in disbelief.

“Ugh. Ughh. Ughhhh!” Becky twisted and turned, trying desperately to escape the sexual torture that her clit was experiencing.

“Give me the vibrator.” Rachel said.

Sam did as she asked.

“Now;” Rachel continued, “as slowly as you possibly can, I want you to pull the beads out. As each one starts to emerge, her butt muscles will try to pull it back in. Let them. Pretend it’s a tug of war, that you’re in no hurry to win.”

Rachel moved the vibrator deep into Becky’s pussy and held it still. Sam applied steady pressure to the cord until the crown of the first bead emerged; then let it slip back inside. Again. And again.

“Pull it the whole way out this time.” Rachel said.

Sam worked the cord in a circular motion, applying more and more pressure, until the first bead popped free.

“Mmmmmmm.” Becky whimpered.

Rachel switched off the vibrator and left it in place. Teasingly, Sam worked free the second, then third beads. Rachel stopped him from removing the fourth. As lightly as she could, she traced figure eights in the small of Becky’s back.

“Ugh. Ughhh. Ughhhhhhhh!” Becky cried.

Rachel took hold of the string and forcefully pulled-free the last two beads. The sound each bead made as it exited was almost obscene.

“Take the butt plug, coat it with k-y, then put it inside her.” Rachel said, “But go easy.”

Sam followed Rachel’s instructions.

A long, low groan escaped Becky’s throat as the plug filled her completely.

“Now start to fuck her with it.” Rachel said.

As slowly as he could, Sam withdrew the plug, pausing as the thickest part spread-wide Becky’s yielding asshole. Just as slowly, he fed it back in.


And again.

“You okay, Beck?” Rachel asked

“Ummm hmm.” Becky moaned.

“Pick up the pace a bit, while I get you ready.” Rachel said.

Sam began to fuck Becky faster and faster with the plug. Rachel coated the palm of her hand with k-y, then wrapped her fingers around his thickening cock. Sam jumped at the unanticipated touch. Rachel smiled and raised an eyebrow. With great expertise, she began to masturbate him. In no time, Sam’s cock had reached its full ten-inch length, and impressive girth.

“Okay.” Rachel said, “Sam, I think she’s ready for you now.” Becky nodded enthusiastically.

“Good.” Rachel said, “Here’s what I want you to do. Sam, remove the plug. Becky, get on your hands and knees.”

Both did as instructed.

“Now. Sam, put the head of your cock against her butt-hole and put your hands on her waist so you can guide her. Becky, you’re in control. Ease yourself back. Take it as slow and deep as you want.”

Rachel moved from the bed, and sat down on the chaise lounge. Sam placed the head of his cock against Becky’s ‘back door’, then gently grasped her waist. Becky rocked back slowly, taking more and more of his cock deep in her ass. Soon, his thick pubes were caressing her butt-cheeks.

“You okay, Beck?” Sam asked.

“Oh yes!” she said, “You feel so good inside me!”

“Start out easy.” Rachel said, “Shallow, strokes.”

Sam withdrew less than a quarter of his length, then fed it back in.

“Ughhhh.” Becky moaned.

“I’m not hurting you. Am I?”

“No. No! This feels so good!”

Rachel reached underneath the chaise and retrieved her (favorite) monster dildo. “Pick up your pace.” she encouraged, “Becky will tell you if it gets too intense.”

“Is that okay with you, Beck?” he asked.

“Yes. Yes!” Becky said, “Please Sam. Fuck me. Fuck my ass!”

Rachel drew her knees up, and slipped the dildo deep inside her pussy, then started fucking herself with it. “Don’t worry, Sam.” she coached, “She can take it.”

With each stroke, Becky’s butt loosened its grip on Sam’s cock. Rachel watched, as her friend’s large breasts swayed rhythmically with each thrust. The moment had become surreal. As Rachel watched, she began to imagine that it was her, receiving the analyzation.

“Yes, baby. Yes!” Becky cried, “Fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck meeeee!”

Rachel couldn’t take her eyes off of Becky’s pendulous breasts. The sound of Sam’s balls slapping against his lover’s thighs was her only distraction.

“Fuck me. Ugh. Fuck my ass. Ughhh! Fuck meeeeee!” Becky cried.

Sam bahis siteleri quickened his pace.

“Rugh. Rugh. Rugh.”

With each thrust, he voiced his effort.

“Yes. Yesssss!” Becky hissed.

“Fuck her! Fuck her hard!” Rachel encouraged.

Becky’s breasts swayed wildly as she rocked back to meet each thrust. “Oh god Beck. Beck! I’m . . . I’m cumming!” Sam groaned.

“Cum inside meeeeee ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” Becky cried.

Rachel withdrew the dildo and began fingering herself frantically.

Sam pulled Becky’s hips to his. His cock began to erupt. Becky raised up and leaned back, molding her body to his; making sure that his cock remained buried inside her. With his right hand, Sam reached around and caressed her breasts. With his left, he held her close. Lovingly, he covered her neck and shoulders with hot, little kisses.

“That was incredible.” he whispered, “You’re incredible.”

Becky slid her hips forward, freeing Sam’s cock. She twisted, and lay back, pulling him to her.

Rachel arched her back. Her fingers became a blur. Orgasm overtook her. “Aaaaaahhhhh. . . “


“Rachel?” Becky said, “Would you get my purse for me? Please?”

With great effort, Rachel fought to bring herself back to reality. Almost zombie-like, she walked to the living room and returned with Becky’s oversized bag.

“Laying on the top is a letter from Jeff.” Becky said, “Take it out and read it.”

“Something from Jeff?”

Rachel sat the purse on the dresser, opened the envelope and read: “Hi Sweetheart. If you’re reading this, I know that a couple things are true. First, you’re naked. Second, Becky has an ass full of cum. Third, and most important, she and Sam have decided to give you a thank you present. If you’re interested.

“When we got married, you said you were a virgin, and that you regretted having never had sex with anyone but me. Well, here’s your chance. If you want, Sam’s willing to give that gorgeous ass of yours the kind of fucking I know you enjoy. The only thing I ask, is that Becky stays in the room with you the whole time. It’s your call.

“Love you.


Rachel’s hands began to shake. Her eyes darted between Sam and Becky. She stared at his large, limp cock. Tried to imagine it sliding in and out of her butt. The idea excited her.

“Well?” Becky asked.

Rachel smiled and nodded.

Both Becky and Sam moved from the bed, and invited Rachel over.

“To get things started,” Sam said, “would it be okay if I gave you an enema?”

Once more, Rachel smiled, sheepishly this time, and nodded. Becky picked up a large bath towel and spread it out in the middle of the bed. “Lay down; on your left side.” Becky said, mimicking the instructions Rachel had issued earlier, “Pull your right knee to your chest.”

Mindlessly, Rachel followed Becky’s directions. Sam sat down on the bed behind her, opened the tube of k-y and squeezed a generous amount onto his middle finger. Using a light, circular motion, he covered her puckered hole with the jelly. Brazenly, he pressed his finger past her protesting outer rings and began to explore her inner reaches.

“Mmmmm.” Rachel moaned.

Sam withdrew his finger completely, then slipped it back inside her. Again. And again. A slow, taunting, finger-fuck. Rachel began to squirm against his touch. A small orgasm washed over her. A moment later, Becky returned from the bathroom with a mineral-oil enema. She removed the orange cap, then handed it to Sam.

“Ready?” he asked.

Rachel nodded: braced herself for the insertion. Tentatively, Sam placed the tip against her well-prepared bung, and gently worked it into her rectum.

Rachel drew a quick breath.

Sam applied pressure to the bottle, sending the mineral oil deep into her soon-to-be-fucked bowels. It didn’t take him long to empty the bottle.

“Ease it out, slowly.” Becky said.

As he did, instinctively, Rachel reached down between her legs to begin playing with her pussy. To her surprise, Becky grabbed her wrist, stopping her. “No, no.” Becky scolded, “Let us do all the work.”

Rachel smiled to herself and tried to comprehend the reality that enveloped her. Becky picked up the little vibrator and slipped it passed Rachel’s glistening outer lips, and pressed the tip against her clit. She turned it on.

Sam watched in fascination as Becky worked the vibrator over and around Rachel’s clit.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!” Rachel cried.

Becky switched the vibrator to high-speed and continued to masturbate Rachel with it.

The inevitable urge began to build. Rachel tried to fight it. The expertise with which Becky was manipulating the vibrator was delivering wave after wave of pleasure that Rachel did not want to end.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm.” she moaned.

Becky kept up her skillful ways.

An encore of mini-orgasms attacked Rachel. She tried desperately to hold the enema in. It was a losing battle. Like a woman possessed, she scrambled from the bed, and hurried to the bathroom. Just in time. When bahis şirketleri she returned, Sam sat waiting with the saline enema to ‘finish the job’: Becky stood by the edge of the bed holding the monster dildo that Rachel had so recently tossed aside.

“You okay, Rachel?” Sam asked. She eyed the imposing latex phallus, nodded, then crawled back onto the bed. As before, Sam coated her butt-hole with k-y; then began to administer the enema.

“I thought we’d try something different this time.” Becky said, “As I recall from your film debut, you were a little scared that you couldn’t handle anything this big in your pussy. I know the feeling. The first time I saw Sam’s beautiful cock, I felt the same way. But, just as I learned how wonderful his cock could feel once he put it inside me, I noticed that you’ve learned the same thing about this lovely imposter.”

Rachel thought back to that day, and smiled. Sam removed the syringe from her butt, and gave her exposed ass a gentle smack. Becky giggled at the surprised look on Rachel’s face.

“Spread her pussy lips for me.” Becky whispered.

Sam licked his index and middle fingers, then ran them between Rachel’s sticky pussy lips and peeled them back. Becky deep-throated the dildo, then eased it into the far reaches of Rachel’s pussy.

“Ughhhhhhhhh!” Rachel cried.

Slowly, Becky began to fuck Rachel using long, measured strokes.

“Mmm. Ughh. Mmm. Ughh. Mmm.”

The idea of having another woman fuck her like this had always intrigued Rachel. Once, when she was fifteen, her (older) sister and some of her friends had allowed her to tag along on a camping trip, and watch as they initiated the newest member of their private sorority. Thinking back, she remembered the look of terror/ anticipation on the pledge’s face as the others stripped her naked, held her down and fucked her with a dildo that was not much smaller than the one Becky was now using. She remembered fearing; no, wishing that she would be next.

“Mmmm! Ughhhh!”

Becky picked up the pace. Rachel wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

“Ughhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” It was all too unbelievable.

Becky continued her assault. She pushed the full length deep in Rachel’s pussy and began rotating the dildo. “Ughhhh!!”

The pressure building in Rachel’s bowels began to overpower the orgasms that had been demanding her full attention. Once more, she scrambled from the bed, and ran to the bathroom.

Once more she returned to continue the game.

“Lay down on your stomach with the pillow under your hips.” Becky instructed.

Rachel crawled onto the bed and stretched out. Becky picked up the string of anal beads and the tube of k-y, then sat down next to Rachel. She wiped the beads clean, then removed the cap from the k-y and coated the first bead. With a gentle touch, she worked the first bead inside Rachel’s bung. To her surprise, she accepted it easily. As she did the second. Third. Fourth. And fifth.

“You’re nowhere near as tight as I was.” Becky said.

“Practice.” was the only response Rachel could muster.

Becky smiled. Then; as Sam had done with her, teased the first bead from Rachel’s ass. The slight, popping sound it made, elicited a giggle from Becky. A soft moan from Rachel. A twitch from Sam’s cock.

Becky continued freeing the beads.

Sam’s cock continued to grow hard.

Rachel continued to moan her pleasure.

One bead remained. As slowly as she could, Becky tugged it from Rachel’s ass. She eyed the dildo. A wicked grin crept across her lips. She picked up the dildo and placed it against Rachel’s glistening asshole and pressed it in.


“Do you want me to stop?” Becky asked.

A rapid head-shake conveyed Rachel’s desires. Becky took her cue and began fucking Rachel with the dildo. Sam reached over and began stroking Becky’s pussy. She shifted her position to give him better access. Rachel lay as still as she could; her eyes closed tight; her attention focused on the dildo slipping in and out of her hungry ass.

She didn’t last long.

“Ooooo. Mmmm. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!”

Nor did Becky.


Sam withdrew his fingers from Becky’s drenched pussy. His cock was throbbing, and his desire to fuck Rachel’s ass was stronger than ever. “My turn.” he said softly.

Becky removed the dildo from Rachel’s ass, got off the bed and stretched out on the chaise lounge.

Sam gently moved Rachel’s legs wide apart, then knelt between them. He leaned forward until the head of his cock rested against Rachel’s gaping hole. He placed his hands on either side of her chest, then slowly entered her.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!” was Rachel’s response.

Sam dropped down onto his elbows and pressed himself to Rachel’s back. His full ten-inch length filled her completely. He raised his hips slightly, then lowered them. Again; and again; and again; and again.

The sight of her lover fucking another woman’s ass was extremely erotic for Becky. As Sam took Rachel with short, languid, shallow strokes, Becky found herself wishing that it was she, he was fucking so thoroughly.

“Fuck her faster.” she heard herself encouraging.

“Please?” Rachel begged, “Fuck me faster. Harder.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32