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It was an interesting plan, and once Cullen really thought about it some more, he decided it was an ingenious plan. It wasn’t difficult, all he had to do was don one of his finer suits, one he had prepared specifically for the plan, and then head downtown and make his return to the business world. Of course, being a former businessman, his return would be nothing new to him, he was determined to make the return.

He was a good businessman, successful in all of his endeavors, he was a highly sought after individual. Was… That is a key word, he was… he had been… and more recently, he suddenly wasn’t. It was as simple as that. He fell from grace, he plummeted perhaps describes it better.

“Inevitable,” he whispered to himself, recalling the first moment he saw her. He had just been promoted to Division Manager, quickly skipping past mid-level management directly to the executive floor. With the promotion came a secretary, not just any secretary, with the promotion came Sandra Jennings an incredibly efficient secretary with one incredible asset. No, she was incredibly efficient with one incredible ass.

Sandra was not what Cullen considered attractive. Her hair was a dingy brown without any real bounce or flair. It wasn’t straight, yet it wasn’t curly, it just sort of hung onto her shoulders. Her face had some attractive features, including two beautiful brown eyes and some stunning cheekbones, but her double chin and puffy cheeks seemed to always distract Cullen bets10 when he talked to her.

Her breasts were large, but obviously sagged down onto her stomach. Nothing about her attracted Cullen until she turned around. Her ass was so nicely round that that it was all he could do to keep his hands off of it. Of course, in the end it wasn’t his hands that caused the problem.

It happened at the company Christmas party, a lavish affair at a local fancy hotel. Planning to drink a lot at the party, Cullen reserved a room at the hotel so he wouldn’t have to drive home or fight for a cab. He made sure he arrived early, so he could check in, unload his overnight stuff and be downstairs when they opened the bar at the party.

He actually was the first person served a drink at the party and through the night no one drank as much as he did. By the time he ran into Sandra at the party, he was very drunk and so when he asked her to come up to his room to pick up some papers, she was a bit wary, but she agreed anyway.

Together they headed out into the main lobby toward the revolving door which then led to the elevators. In the months she worked for him, Cullen had been a bit too overt in acting friendly to her, but he never actually crossed the line. Sandra was concerned that, being drunk, Cullen might do something in the room, so she simply told herself, “I’ll stand in the hall as he hands me the papers.

As the two of them reached the revolving door, Cullen paused, bets10 giriş letting Sandra enter ahead of him, but instead of waiting for the door to revolve to the next compartment, he quickly slipped in behind her. The revolving doors were small, so small that Sandra had felt a bit uncomfortable stepping into by herself, but when Cullen wedged himself behind her she immediately felt claustrophobic. Gritting her teeth, she pushed the door, telling herself that once she had revolved around to the other side, she’d quickly get out of this tight box.

It wasn’t until Cullen leaned against her hard and pushed the door past the opening that Sandra realized she was trapped there. What was worse, she suddenly felt Cullen’s erection pressing hard against her ass. As the door continued to revolve, she could feel him grinding himself against her ass, so hard that her panties were beginning to bunch up tight in her crack.

Cullen continued pushing the doors around while grinding his hard cock, further and further up between her ass cheeks He imagined fucking her in the ass, moving much like he was not but actually penetrating her instead of simply running his cock up and down between her cheeks. Feeling her flesh jiggle through her clothes, Cullen was pressing so hard against her, that her breasts were flattened up against the glass. In a few moments, with one swift thrust against her, he came, covering himself in his hot, sticky cum.

When the door revolved to bets10 güvenilir mi an opening, Sandra pulled free and rushed out into the lobby, while Cullen made another half revolution and stepped out the other side, coming to a stop face to face with his boss Clara Sidthe. With a large, wet cum stain spreading over the front of his pants all Cullen could do was whisper, “Going to the restroom,” and slip away.

On Monday he was escorted out of his office by two security guards that watched as he loaded his stuff into his car and left. Later he was visited at his apartment by the police, but they didn’t arrest him. Apparently Sandra decided not to press charges after assuming the position of Executive Secretary working directly for Ms. Sidthe.

So now Cullen was about to hatch his triumphant return. Dressed in his finest suit just outside the office building, he stepped over by the revolving door, allowing a slightly obese woman in ahead of him. He quickly slid right in behind the woman and leaned his cock hard against her ass. He had been masturbating though a hole in his pocket watching for just the right woman. When she finally appeared, he had worked himself until he was about to come so now it only took a few hard thrusts against her ass before he came, spurting his cum into his pants.

As he came, he continued pushing the revolving door, pausing to let the lady step out into the office building and then pushing more until he could slip out the opening back outside the building. He immediately walked briskly away from the building as his cum slowly made a large wet spot on the front of his suit. Once he was safely away from the building, he smiled triumphantly, ecstatic with his return to the business world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32