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She senses the faintest rumble, listening intently as it gets closer, feeling herself blushing at the first discernable sound of downshifting gears as the thunderous machine approaches. The low roar beckons her and a warm stream of adrenaline flows through her veins as a surge of tension rolls outward from her center. She sits motionless, transfixed, with eyes wide as she watches and feels the power getting closer, the vibration growing stronger, sending a soft rumble upward from the ground beneath her feet as it gleams and growls toward her.

When it stops, she stands slowly. The soft purr of the idling engine summoning her, commanding her legs to carry her closer. Her arms thread into her jacket as she steps lightly, almost floating. Already the wings of the wind caress and pull her toward the huge purring machine and its rider.

Turning and looking over sunglasses, his long dark hair tied in back, the rider smiles broadly between soft whiskers and holds out one hand, inviting her. Straining to keep her composure, her knees shaking and heart racing, she reaches out. The warm black glove wraps around her fingers sending a tingle up her arm and her nostrils flare slightly as the scent of leather and gasoline flow intoxicatingly to her lungs then her mind, stirring and swirling through her senses.

A soft comfort envelopes her, calms her. She swings her leg over the wide black seat finds the footrest and mounts the roaring machine, powerful vibrations of the engine coursing bahis firmaları between her legs. Finding the second footrest, she balances and then slides forward pressing tightly against the rider, her arms wrapping around his waist, her knees snug against him.

His smooth leather covered hand presses hers and with a light squeeze he slips her hand inside his jacket against his belly and smiles over his shoulder. Pulling in closer, she rests her cheek against the sweet scent of the leather stretched across his broad back and with a smooth pull, the machine heaves and rolls quickly forward, pulling her even closer against him.

Rough gravel beneath the rolling tires bounces them along, shaking her against the warm rider as heat from the leather seat warms her thighs and fanny. The constant shaking slides her back and forth ever so slightly, rubbing her quickly against his rear, pressing the seam of her jeans against her already tingling sex. The shaking turns to a smooth glide as he leans them left onto the black winding road. Two quick jerks through the next gears, a deafening scream of horsepower and she settles around him, pressing tightly against his slender hips.

The vibrations rumble through her as they lean sharply to the right, the thick seam of her jeans coursing and vibrating over her swelling bud, pushing against her, then rolling to the left at the next curve in the road. There’s a moistness between them now, and her breasts vibrate harshly against him, her kaçak iddaa nipples stiffening and tingling. Hot breath escapes in a low moan. With eyes closed she melds to the man, clings to the machine, and sways with the road as her sex swells and moistens more with each turn. Her senses heightened, she can almost feel the rotation of the tires against the road.

The rider slides back slightly, pressing harder against her as they climb a hill, then… gears shift…a quick jerk and a surge forward…her legs shake as the seam rolls and presses side to side as they maneuver several sharp turns. She begins to tremble and consciously slows her breathing, letting the scent of the man, the leather and the machine infuse her, savoring the totality as a hot fluttery wave deep in her belly rolls outward, enveloping her body. With breasts quivering against his back and a warm wetness seeping from her throbbing sex, her arms tighten around his waist, fingers clenching onto his shirt pulling him toward her as her hips pull forward cautiously, keeping herself balanced, and then he leans them sharply into another turn, sending her screaming sex across the seam again, sending her into a shuddering orgasm. The waves roll through her, grabbing every muscle, striking every nerve and she trembles rythmically against the rider, pushing her quaking body hard against his back.

He reaches down, placing a firm hand on her leg, steadying her, as they lean again and the seam rolls cruelly over her once more, kaçak bahis sending a fresh wave into her. She buries her face into the leather jacket, breathing deeply, screaming silently, as her trembling body crushes against him. They lean hard to the left, her sex throbbing against the seam once more, her hips lifting slightly, shuddering quickly and a throaty moan heaves from her while her teeth sink into the soft hot leather. Her hands clench and hold tightly as a million exhilarated nerves explode and tingle through her.

The roaring machine jerks and slows to a stop. His hand presses harder against her leg as he pats gently, then, with a quick pull-jerk-pull-pull they speed along the smooth straight highway.

Limply hanging onto the rider she melts against him, wind in her face and hair, spent electricity coursing through her body with the rhythm of her pounding heart, her legs trembling, an intoxicating euphoria overtaking her as the powerful machine roars along the hot black road. The sound of the engine fills her and after a few short minutes they lean right; another roll of the seam over her aching sex, and a new surge stops her breath momentarily, then the jerk-pull of shifting gears again as they slow and finally stop. With weak knees she dismounts, the rider holding her shaking hand and smiling.

“Need a ride later, babe?” He reaches under her chin, pulling her face toward his as she smiles mindlessly and nods. She kisses him lovingly before turning and attempting to walk away on legs that feel like rubber bands.

She walks carefully, listening as the machine speeds off, screaming through the shifting gears. The sound leaves a warm glow in her center.

“Yes, until later.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32