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Sally Gives in to the Rites of Spring
She smiled as she left Victoria’s Secret with her most recent purchase. She knew now she was going to do it, and she felt a shudder down between her legs. She was amazed at herself, amazed at how different she was, how much she had changed since last summer. It was April now. The trees were beginning to leaf, the flowers were blooming. The warm air caressed her bare thighs. She stopped in the afternoon sun and held onto a park bench because the caress felt so good.

She knew it would be so easy to sit down on the bench there in the mall even with all the people hurrying here and there around her and make herself cum. That was how much she had changed. It was back in September she had gone with Bob and stayed eleven days on his farm. She had slept in his bed. And she knew when she came home to Jack she was a different woman. She was still Jack’s wife, but she knew she was something other than just his wife. She loved him, she wanted him, but she wanted Bob too. And Jesse. And the others. How many had had her at Bob’s?

There were external indicators of change. She slept naked now. She had never done that till Bob. And when she thought of her brazenness the day she left with him to go to his place. Standing in the sunshine there in the mall, she smiled at herself to think she had thrown her little nightie out the car window and was naked. No bag. No clothes. No makeup. She went with Bob across the state line to his farm as naked as the day she was born. How many truckers were there looking down from their lofty perch honking their horns in appreciation. And she could not believe how erotic that was. Even now, her thoughts were like a Missouri storm inside her, stirring up her emotions. The mall was not crowded, but everyone around her was hurrying from store to store.

Everyone except for one young man who was leaning against the trunk of an ancient Sycamore tree watching her. Sally did not see him, lost as she was in thought. Not just Bob but Jesse too had gone with them, with her, on that drive up the interstate. She was with Jesse in the back seat of Bob’s car for that four-hour drive. Naked with Jesse. And Jesse was naked too. Oh, the things he had done to her. The memory almost overwhelmed her. She shifted her weight and held tight to the back of the bench. She had no idea how many times Jesse had made her cum. All these months later, it still embarrassed her that Jesse’s cum had spilled out of her like a river, and she had made a mess on the backseat of Bob’s car. The young man saw the blush in Sally’s cheeks, saw her sit down on the bench.

Sally was a different woman inside too. One difference was that Sally had more difficulty controlling her thoughts since that wonderful week at Bob’s. She was horny so much more now. She clucked at herself. The young man saw the smile. He loved her smile. Horny, she thought. Bob was horny. Jesse was horny. Men were horny. But now she was horny. She had to admit to herself when that week at Bob’s came to mind, and it came to mind often, she got horny. Like now. She put her Victoria’s Secret bag over her lap and let the little wrap skirt fall to the sides. She wore no panties. She began to caress herself. She closed her eyes and let her mind go back to the backseat of Bob’s car. She thought about Jesse’s body against her body. She let her mind feel him as he entered her, how hard he was in her. She wondered briefly if anyone were watching her (she did not dare look) and could tell she was masturbating. A word she knew but had hardly ever used. She had always “played” with herself. But Bob taught her she was masturbating. Now, she was thinking about Jesse fucking her, and she was masturbating in public at the mall. She tensed. Jesse tensed and released himself inside her. She came.

He saw her go in Victoria’s Secret. Over the last few months he had seen her going into Victoria’s several times. The young man worked in Nine West across from Victoria’s, and it was just chance when he saw her going in Victoria’s the first time, but he had recognized her right away. She was the woman he danced with at Manages.

That first time at the mall was only a couple of weeks after that night at the club, but because he watched for her he had seen her six, maybe seven times. He did not know what it was about her, but he was drawn to her. That night at the club she was dressed so sexy. Even in the low light of the club, he could see through the little black slip she had worn. He thought it was so sexy she would come to that club wearing only slip. He saw clearly the slim, feminine shape of her body, the curve of her breast, her nipple poking out in the slip, the curve of her hips, and no panties. No panties. He couldn’t get over that. When the light was right between her legs, he could see her so clearly. And he remembered her smile. When they had danced, her smile made him feel like she liked him, like she liked dancing with him. When he had seen her again going into Victoria’s Secret, it aroused him to think she was buying sexy things to wear. He wanted to know what she bought.

When he saw her come out of Victoria’s, he asked to go on his lunch break, and he followed her. He was surprised when she stopped at the bench, stood a while, and then sat down suddenly. He saw her put her bag from Victoria’s in her lap and saw her reach under her bag. She was lovely. She must be in her late 40’s or early 50’s. She had short blond hair, and he could tell she was not wearing a bra like that night at the club. He stood maybe 20 feet away from her trying not to be too conspicuous. She was wearing a gauzy, wrap skirt, and he saw it fall away off her legs, and he saw she was not wearing panties. He saw her reach under her bag and between her legs. That made him very hard. And he watched as she masturbated. He watched her cum.

He must be out of his mind, but he had to take the risk to see if she would talk with him, if maybe she remembered him like he remembered her. Of course, he had much more opportunity to get her face and her fine, sexy figure firmly embedded in his mind. She had hardly removed her hand from between her legs when he approached her.

“Excuse me, ma’am.”

Sally was startled. She looked up at him as he stood in front of her just to the side.

“I am sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering if perhaps you might remember me?”

Sally looked at him carefully. He was young, güvenilir bahis very young. He could not be more than his 20’s. And he was a doll. Dark, wavy hair curled over his head and around his ears. Dark eyes, and a dark complexion. He could be a Latin lover. He looked down at her and smiled. And she was smitten. Was he trying to hit on her? That would be a new experience for her. And really it would be a pleasurable one.

He took a chance and sat down beside her on the bench, not leaning back but sitting on the edge alertly because he did not want to be too casual as though they were friends.

“I don’t think I do remember you. Have we met before?”

“We did not formally meet. I don’t even know your name. But we shared some intimate moments a few months ago.”

Intimate moments, Sally thought. Surely, I would remember if he fucked me. “We did?”

“Yes, we danced together at Manages.”

“Oh,” Sally said, recognition dawning. “You were the young man. Yes, we danced together, and I remember you held me so tight that night. I enjoyed dancing with you. But you disappeared.”

“It was my first time ever to be there, and I was so nervous dancing with you. You were so lovely that night, and you seemed to be with those other two men who danced with you.”

“Yes, I was dancing with them, but I was not ‘with’ them. I would have enjoyed dancing more with you too.”

“I am on my lunch break. I work over at Nine West. Would you like to get some coffee or something to eat? Do you have time? There’s a Starbucks down the way.”

It had been so long since anyone had made given her such a simple and friendly invitation it took her only a moment to say yes. They walked along the mall and chatted. They got coffee at Starbuck’s and sat on a bench under the trees in the early afternoon of a spring Saturday.

“I’m Sally.”

“I’m Ryder.”

“This coffee makes me very hot,” Sally said, thinking he might indeed live up to his name.

Not even a year ago would Sally have had this conversation, but she was such a different woman now. She was relaxed and confidant in herself, in her sexuality. She thought about what this young man must know and think about her since they didn’t just meet but danced quite intimately at Manages. But she understood that since he had sought her out, that he must have enjoyed being “with” her that night.

“That was the first time you ever were at Manages?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered.

“That was my first time too.”

“I thought you were the sexiest woman I had ever seen. You were so sexy in that slip.”

Sally blushed as she remembered how sexual she felt that night. And she thought how it was that night that made this conversation possible for her. “Did you stay or leave after our last dance?” She wanted to know if he had seen her in her sexual display on the couch with Henry and Ferrell.

“I stayed.” Their eyes met, and then Ryder looked down at Sally’s breast. Her nipple hardened. “Till two,” he said.

“Then, you saw.”

“Yes.” Looking in her eyes. “And enjoyed everything I saw.”

She looked away from the intensity of his gaze. Her face flushed. She was embarrassed, but also she could feel herself getting wet.

In those few words an almost complete intimacy was established between Sally and Ryder. She might just as well have been under him in her bed back home.

“Why don’t you show me what you bought at Victoria’s?”

Why not, she thought. She pulled out of her Victoria’s bag a matching bra and bikini panty set, peach, lace trimmed, and very sheer. He took them in his hands. She felt as though he were holding her in his hands.

“They are lovely, and I can imagine you in them. I like how I will be able to see all of you in them.”

What did he say? Sally thought.

“Did you buy them for a special occasion?”

“Not like a birthday or anniversary, but it is special to me.”

“Tell me.”

“My husband is out of town at a conference.” Should she have told him that? “I was planning a special evening just for me. I thought I would go back to Manages. It will be the first time since that night you and I danced.”

“That will be a very special occasion.” He put Sally’s new underwear back in the bag for her. The sexual tension between them eased a little.

“My lunch time is up, Sally. I have to go sell shoes. But I want to see you again. May I have your phone number?”

She wrote down her cell for him. And he gave her his. “I will call you. We can have coffee again. Here at the mall.” He squeezed her hand, and she watched him walk away in the direction of Nine West.

That evening, after eating a light supper, Sally poured herself a glass of red wine, went to the bedroom and undressed. Naked, she went into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. She wanted to take a hot bath rather than a shower. When the tub was full, she slipped into the water. It was very hot and made her skin tingle. She leaned back into the water, closed her eyes, and sipped her wine. And thought. She wondered what Jack would be doing on this Saturday night. He left on Thursday for an academic conference in New York that would last through Tuesday. Perhaps, this evening he was having sexy thoughts of her. And she thought about Ryder. Perhaps, he was having sexy thoughts of her.

She corralled her thoughts and wondered what Bob was doing on this evening. Perhaps, he and Jesse were having sexy thoughts about her. And maybe the others too. And maybe Ryder too.

She sat up in the tub, startled by her fantasies about Ryder. She cupped her hand with the hot water and let the water pour from her hand over her breast. She let her hand soothe its way down her leg from her knee to her pussy lips. She lay back and with her eyes wide open she thought about Ryder. He, come to think of it, had more or less had sex with her that night at Manages. She let her fantasies roam, and closing her eyes, she let both her hands, her fingers, caress her legs and her labia. She imagined Ryder in the crowd around that couch. She imagined him hard and holding himself through his jeans as he watched her being undressed and fondled and aroused by those two gorgeous men. Her fingers caressed her clit, and she was wet. Not from the water but from her arousal. She imagined him wanting her. He took off his clothes and lay down on the couch with her. It was his hands between her legs, going inside her. She tensed her legs, pressing her feet against the tub. She imagined him on top of her, her legs open, his cock hard, going türkçe bahis into her, and her climax rushed over her in the tub. A good, strong, whole body orgasm that shook her body and filled her with the pleasure of sexing herself.

One last shudder from the pleasure, and she opened her eyes. That was nice, she thought. She took her time toweling off, put on perfume, powdered under her arms and between her legs. In the bedroom, she put on her new bra and panty set from Victoria’s. Maybe, Ryder would be there. She put on the peach colored thigh highs and slipped on her peach spike heels. She checked herself out in the mirror, and she was ready.

She called a cab and slipped on her trench coat. Are you sure you want to go dressed like this, girl? Yes. Bob had said she had an inner slut that she needed to let free to roam from time to time.

Then the cab was there. She went out the front, locked the door, put the key under the planter box. Her purse was a small evening purse, peach colored to match her outfit and fit in the pocket of her trench. She got into the cab. “Manages.” And the cab was on its way.

In the club, she gave her trench to one of the young men, and he put it away on the rack behind the counter. Immediately, Sally attracted the eyes of the men around her and their appreciative ohhhs and ahhhs. She went into the main room and wandered toward the dance floor. Already, she was very aroused. She was essentially naked in this large Saturday night crowd, how could she not be aroused? Someone asked her to dance, and she did. But after she had danced with several men, she wandered away from the dance floor back where the couch was. The couch aroused very pleasant memories, but another woman was already on the couch with someone. She watched for a few minutes, but then she noticed the big, black X-cross in a corner of the main hall. Was that woman bound to that thing? She went for a closer look, and when she was near and in the crowd gathered around, she saw that the woman’s wrists and ankles were tethered to the four corners of the X-cross. And unbidden the thought raced through her mind. She saw herself tethered to the cross. She watched and waited. The woman was getting very aroused, Sally could tell.

After she had come several times, the crowd applauded, and they released her. And the man up on the stage asked if there were another volunteer. Sally wanted to volunteer, but she was just a little too nervous, embarrassed by her own fantasies. The man looked at her, looked her in the eyes, and he must have seen her desire.

“You,” he said to her. She looked around as though he must be addressing someone around her. “No, you, blondie. I mean you.”

“Me?” she said.

“Yes, sweetheart, I mean you. Come up here.”

The crowd cheered, and several men took hold of her and put her up on the stage. She stood with the master of the big, black X, and everyone was looking at her, seeing all of her. She was so exposed on the stage. She could not hide there as she was able to do when she was part of the crowd. Her bra and panty were so sheer the crowd could see all of her as though she were naked. The master took her hand and made her turn around to give everyone a good look.

The master backed Sally up against the cross. It was a St. Andrews cross, but she did not know what it was called. He stretched one arm up to the top of the cross beam, and buckled Sally’s wrist into the leather strap. He held her other wrist up to the other corner of the cross and buckled the leather strap. He stepped back to survey his work and worked the crowd. “Isn’t she a delight to your eyes.” They cheered at Sally’s exposure. He took the liberty of feeling the crotch of her panties.

“You are wet,” he whispered in her ear. “You like this, don’t you?”

“Yesssss,” came involuntarily from Sally’s lips.

The master spread her legs and buckled her ankles to the cross. She stood spread-eagled in front of the cheering crowd. She was helpless. She had never felt so helpless.

As he had done to the woman before, he did to Sally, a game of tease and denial, and it was not long before she was aching to cum. The other woman had cum over and over, but he would not let Sally cum. He was edging her. It seemed to her she was restrained and at the master’s mercy for a very long time, and she was overcome with arousal. “Let me cum,” she begged him.

“What did you say?” he asked her.

“Please let me cum.”

He turned to the crowd. “She is begging to cum. Should I let her cum?”

“No,” the crowd shouted back.

And he continued his sweet, sexual torture, bringing her to the precipice of orgasm but denying her the pleasure of going over the edge.

Then she happened to open her eyes and just where she was looking she saw him. Ryder was watching her and he smiled and winked.

Ryder got the attention of the master. “May I?” he asked.

“The young man wants to take my place?” the master asked the crowd.

The crowd cheered, and Ryder hopped up on the stage.

He took the little wooden paddle from the master. He began lightly to spank Sally’s pussy as the master had done. She was so aroused, she tried to close her legs, but she could not. He spanked her pussy harder. Her pussy lips stung. She was writhing in her restraints. She never knew the pleasure of that stinging pain. Their eyes met, and he knew she was going to cum. And he had mercy on her. He reached into her sheer, peach panty, slipped his finger into her soaking wet slit, and when his fingers went up inside her, she went over the edge. He pressed his body against hers as the spasms of her climax racked her lovely body. He fucked her with his fingers, and as she came on his fingers, he whispered in her ear, “I want to take you home and fuck you.” She was so grateful that he had at last let her cum, she would have let him fuck her there in front of all those people. Her orgasm was so powerful her knees buckled and she was held up only by the leather restraints on her wrists. When they released her, she collapsed into his arms, and he helped her down the stairs. The crowd cheered and applauded Sally.

Ryder knew what he wanted, so there was no need to stay longer at the club. They got Sally’s trench coat, and he took her out into the night. Back at the old two story house on the front porch, he slipped her trench off her shoulders, and she left it where it fell. He held her close and kissed her there in the darkness. He unhooked güvenilir bahis siteleri her bra as he kissed her and pulled the straps down off her smooth white shoulders. It fell to the porch as he caressed her bare breast. He slowly knelt and kissed his way down her neck, her chest, her stomach. She shuddered under his touch and his soft kisses. He hooked his fingers into her peach lace panties and peeled them down her legs, uncovering her. His mouth covered her slit. Sally groaned as she felt his tongue in her slit on her clit. She stepped out of her panties, and she held his head pulling his mouth hard against her pussy. He caressed her legs as he pushed down her peach thigh highs. It was the first time she was naked in the night on her front porch. It was more than she could stand, being so naked for him, and she came in his mouth. She knew she should be quiet, but it was hard. She was so turned on she wanted to cry out.

She whispered, “I need you to fuck me.”

She found the key, and unlocked the door. She led him down the hall to the kitchen where she opened a bottle of wine and got two wine glasses. She saw there was a message on the phone, probably from Jack, she thought. She would check messages tomorrow. She led Ryder down the back hall to the bedroom, put music on the CD, poured the wine, and there she undressed him. By the time, she had his clothes off he was rock hard. It made her excited to think of having him inside her. She pulled him naked against her. He kissed her, and she felt his hardness pressing against her belly. He lay her down on the bed with her legs hanging off the edge and her feet on the floor. He knelt between her legs and spreading her wide, he covered her pussy with his mouth again and licked and sucked and kissed her till she was dripping her juices on the sheet. He could not get enough of her, and he kissed her pussy until she came again.

They crawled up on the bed, and lying on their sides, held each other close, body to naked body. He pressed his cock into her belly, and she rubbed her breast against his chest. They held each other and kissed and caressed each other until he finally rolled over on top of her. She spread her legs for him and felt him hard pressing against the softness of her pussy lips. She took his cock in hand, and guided him down her wet slit and into her. He was so hard, and he felt so good in her. He thrust into her. She wrapped her legs around his to pull him in deeper. She held his head and kissed him hard as he fucked her hard. She moaned her pleasure into his mouth and arched her back, and he knew she was near. Her body tensed, and he could feel her pussy griping him as she came. And he could no longer hold back. For the first time, he filled her with his cum.

He was young and strong as a bull and virile. He kept Sally occupied for most of the night, and each time he came hard in her. When they finally slept it was not long till the sun rose, but now they slept soundly. She curled up her backside against him, he put his arm over her chest and cupped her breast, and they slept. It was noon before Sally woke, and she woke because she felt his cock hard pressing against her back. The moment he knew she was awake he slipped his hard cock into her pussy from behind right where they lay. He kissed her neck and the back of her shoulders and fucked her until she was whimpering with arousal, until his thrusting into her made her cum. And then he was thrusting hard into her and cumming in her. They lay together like that until he finally went soft. She lay on her back with his cum in her. It is a good thing I cannot get pregnant, she thought. How many times did he fuck me? How many times will he fuck me? He put the palm of his hand on her mound and let his fingers caress her pussy. He kissed her cheek and neck and shoulders. Sally really was overwhelmed by Ryder.

Finally, she asked him, “Are you hungry?”

“For you, definitely.”

She laughed. “No, silly boy, for breakfast. You know, like bacon and eggs, or waffles, or biscuits and gravy.”

It did not occur to either to ask if it was time for him to go. They both assumed he would stay. Sally cleaned up a little in the bathroom. She was amazed at the amount of cum he had deposited in her. He did indeed live up to his name. In the kitchen, she made coffee and prepared breakfast for her young lover. They were naked together.

By then, it was already early afternoon, and she remembered.

“My bra and panties and my coat are still on the porch.”

“True,” Ryder said. “You can leave them if you want, but if you go get them, you have to go out naked.”

“It’s the middle of the day.”

“I know, love.”

They went to the front door and opened it. Sally peered out through the screen. She couldn’t see anyone, so before she changed her mind, she jumped out and grabbed her clothes and rushed back in.

“I love to see you naked,” Ryder told Sally.

“And I think I love to be naked for you,” she said.

“I want you always to be naked for me.”

She pondered what he might mean.

“Did you think I would come last night to Manages?” he asked.

“I did not know, but I was hoping you would.”

“And did you know that if I did come, we would fuck?”

“Yes,” she said.

He stayed over through the night again, and by the next morning when he finally put his clothes back on, they had fucked so many times, neither knew how many. It was so natural for them to be together it almost seemed unnatural not to be joined.

She met him at the mall Monday late afternoon, and when he got off work, they went to dinner. And that evening Sally spent the night at his apartment in his bed. Ryder spent the night in her. In three nights, well really, three days, they had fucked more than she and Jack had all year.

Ryder dropped her off early at her house. They kissed in the car.

“Already, I need to fuck you again,” he told her, holding her close.

“I know,” she said. “Me too.”

The Sycamores were leafing out. The sun shone brightly. Sally went up the walk, up the steps onto the porch. She waved as Ryder drove away. She was surprised how her body ached to have him inside her again. She found the key and went in the house. She spent the morning cleaning so the house would not smell like sex when Jack got home from the airport.

Late afternoon, Sally and Jack sat out on the deck sipping margaritas and enjoying the last of the sun for the day.

“It was a beautiful day,” Jack said to his wife.

“It was a beautiful weekend,” Sally said.

Her cell beeped with a text: “come shoe shopping tomorrow. Wear what u wore to vics sat.”

“Who was that?” Jack asked. “What did they want?”

“Just a note about a meeting I have tomorrow.”

She texted back: “k”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32