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I wanted it to seem like I was doing it for him. And of course I pretended I was curious so it would look like it was for me. But really, I was doing it for her. I was going to have anal sex (um, get my butt fucked) for Melissa. It was my punishment for ruining her dress.

For being so bad.

I decided to wear one of my get-laid outfits which, truth be told, isn’t all that slutty: just a plain knee-length black skirt and a soft long sleeve top that sets off my eyes. Ok, and my black knee high fuck-me boots. People always check me out when I wear them. After much deliberation I allowed myself a touch of modestly by wearing a simple bra and matching bikini panties – in white – with thin lacy trim.

I was a virgin after all!

People say I look a lot like that girl in the painting, the one on the book cover, “the girl with the pearl earring.” She is way prettier than I am but with my long blond hair pulled back and tied across my forehead with a wide sash, I admit there is some resemblance.

So anyway… right before my boyfriend came over for dinner I set up my camera and tripod in the office. Performing my best “girl with a pearl earring” impression, I glanced repentantly over my shoulder at the camera. I lifted my skirt to my waist and hooked my fingers in the sides of my white panties. This was going to be so naughty.

I shivered.

With just a few seconds left on the camera self-timer, I pulled my underwear over my butt, bent a little and used my hands to spread my ass.

I think the photograph accurately captured “the girl with a pearl earring” half naked, spreading her virgin ass, showing her tight pink pucker, glancing back with a forlorn expression. A nervous expectation of what’s to come.


I didn’t have the time or the inclination to practice toying with my asshole. I suppose it would have been a good idea to see what 2 or 3 fingers were going to feel like but I decided it would be cheating Melissa on my punishment.

It had to be hard and unexpected if I was really going to feel sorry.

I was simmering dinner when my boyfriend arrived – with fresh strawberries! His idea! For dessert.

I have to admit he had been extremely attentive since I started sucking him off. I wondered what presents I might start seeing after I let him take me up the butt. A new car? I laughed out loud to myself.

Somewhere around the second glass of wine – pretending to be drunker than I was – I brought up the whole “anal” subject.

“Would you ever try… anal?” What guy wouldn’t jump at any chance to have my ass, right?

“Ew, no! That’s disgusting Sarah.”

Oh fuck. Not good.

My boyfriend was going to bahis firmaları make this a hard sell. I could tell I was going to have to convince him to go there – and I knew it was going to be a humiliating trip.

“Wow, never? Um, is it because my ass is too fat?” He couldn’t possibly screw that question up.

“No. Of course not. You have the best ass I’ve ever seen!”

Good boy. Baby steps Sarah.

I stood up a leaned over the kitchen counter in my fuck-me boots. I was going to have to shame myself beyond belief.

“You’ve never thought about, um, wanted to, um, see how tight it feels?” I was leaning way over the counter pretending to fetch something… and then I froze… and looked back at him trying to look sexy but feeling foolish, “It might be fun…”

I started running my hand over my ass tracing the faint panty line up and down from my hip. Trying to tease him.

“I guess I never really thought about it before…”

Melissa’s voice in my head, “Bad girls get spanked; really bad girls get fucked in the ass.”

I had to keep going, “What if I bent farther over the counter, like this,” God this was so embarrassing but I had to do it.

I arched by back a little, “And I, um, hiked up my skirt, like this…”

I fumbled for the edge of my skirt and hiked it up my legs. He was starting to look hungry – that was good. He was getting up from the table – that was even better!

I raised my skirt all the way up. “Wouldn’t you think about having your way with me?” My voice (and my pussy) quivered at my daring actions.

“I dunno…”

Damn it. Was I going to have to BEG to get my ass punished? It was so wrong.

“What if I asked you real nice?” I was holding my skirt at my waist now, blushing like crazy, and displaying my tight panty covered ass for him, “Pretty please…”

He pressed into my back and cupped my breasts. He kissed my neck, mmmm nice, and I held my breath.

“I don’t think you would… like it Sarah…”

That was the whole fucking point you idiot! I wasn’t suppose to like it. I was supposed to get my ass fucked – hard – for being a very bad girl.

“It’s ok, baby,” shame.

“I want to try it,” more shame.

“I bet it will feel really good for you. I could let you, um, do it right now… in my butt… if you want.” I’m such a whore.

“Come on… please?” Oh God, don’t back out now. Please don’t back out. This was my only chance to make it up to Melissa.

I whimpered desperately, pushing my ass into him, begging to be used, “Pleeeeease fuck me… in the ass.”

I was still holding up my skirt, obediently. Waiting. “Pleeeeease…”

He squeezed hard on my breasts kaçak iddaa and slid his hands slowly down to my waist.


He hooked his fingers in the lacy sides of my virginal underwear and started to pull them down… over my hips… down my ass. I let them fall all the way to my ankles. The room was starting to spin a little. I felt totally vulnerable. More than a little scared.

I took a deep breath and, with one hand, just managed the composure to reach to the other side of the counter for the bottle of “extra virgin” olive oil. I handed it to him, awkwardly.

I wanted to say, “Be gentle,” but I stopped myself and accepted that my punishment was going to happen whether I liked it or not – on Melissa’s terms.

I swallowed any remaining pride. I lowered my head; bit my lip; stepped out of my underwear; arched my back; spread my legs; and waited.

Melissa’s sexy voice in my head, “Good girl.”

After stroking his dick with the oil he rubbed up and down between my cheeks and settled against my tight pucker. Warm and hard and slippery. So wrong.

He pushed into me. Just the head I think. I gasped and squinted my eyes shut, clutching at the other side of the counter. He pushed half way in; I wanted him to stop. Oh God, I really wanted him to stop. It hurt. It was so… depraved. I was being such a dirty slut.

He started humping in and out just a little bit.

I thought about Melissa and how nice and professional and proper she was and how bad I felt about her dress and (umph) the view looking up her sexy slip (umph) and how she made me do all sorts of (umph) dirty things and how much I liked it.

I could hear her voice, scolding me again, “Really bad girls get fucked in the ass.”

I wanted to feel sorry, so I did the most remorseful thing I could think to do. I pressed back against him and pretended to like it, “Mmm, yeah, that’s it,” forcing myself all the way onto his shaft. Anal whore.

Eventually, I think, he really enjoyed fucking my virgin ass. He started upping the tempo. And grunting and mumbling things like, “So tight. Oh God. This is so good. Mmm. Hmm. Yeah baby.”

I stayed bent over and took it silently at first – feeling like I was getting spanked on the inside.

He started pounding me harder. His balls slapped against my pussy. My shamefully wet pussy.

I tried but couldn’t hold back my little whimpering noises each time he hit bottom, forcing my hips into the counter, forcing out a high pitched, “Umph!”

A warm naughty glow of humiliation washed over me when I thought about how I would have to tell Melissa everything that happened. Play by play.

Right then the tape recorder kaçak bahis in my head was saying, “He was driving his dick (umph) into my ass (umph) so deep (umph). I was pinned (umph) over the counter (umph) getting pounded (umph) nice and hard (umph) for you (umph). Up the butt (umph). Taking my punishment (umph) like a good girl (umph).”

I started to cry from the embarrassment of it all. He just kept fucking me. For a long time. Using me. Harder and harder.

Finally, with the last few painfully deep strokes he grunted and gushed… and gushed… and gushed… into my abused asshole.

He was all sweaty, “Whew. That was amazing.”

I tried to keep up my sorry act, brushing my tears onto my sleeve, “Yeah, um, wow.”

I excused myself to freshen up but I ducked into the office for another picture first.

In the “after” picture you see “the girl with a pearl earring” again. But this time I’m shaky and sweaty, with a blotchy, tear-stained face, looking sadly over my shoulder, altogether defeated.

When I lift up my skirt, arch my back and spread my ass cheeks, you can see why I have that USED look on my face. My back door is red and puffy and stretched and leaking gooey boy-cum.

I think anyone would say that I had been properly punished.

I made sure the camera captured the moment clearly and then I took a long soap-scrubbing shower. Of course I still felt dirty. I was eternally dirty.

And eternally aroused. I couldn’t believe I actually did it.

Drying off and rubbing my butt I was thinking, “I hope my boyfriend shows up with flowers or something extra-nice the next time I see him.”

When I returned to the kitchen I had to stoop over and (blush) pick up my underwear (blush). Mortified, I had to march back upstairs and put them away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this smug – almost patronizing – grin on my boyfriend’s face.

While he watched television I continued to tiptoe around the kitchen like a scolded maid cleaning up the dishes.

He probably thought he had his way with me. But really I was manipulating him. Or wait, actually, (gush) Melissa was toying with BOTH of us.

She had me thoroughly disgrace myself. She had him punish my naughty ass. All because (mmm gush)… I was a very bad girl.

My butt hurt and my pussy leaked while I put the olive oil away. I cracked a grin and giggled to myself.

Later, slipping copies of the super-dirty pictures into a big envelope, I wrote:

Dear Melissa,

I am really sorry about last week. I know you were very disappointed in me and I want to make it up to you. I’ll do anything you ask to get back in your good graces. This weekend I did exactly what you told me to do.

I took these pictures before and after my “punishment” to prove it.

I was a really bad girl and really bad girls get fucked in the ass.

Please forgive me,


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32