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AUTHOR’S NOTE: All characters depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years old. If you enjoy this story, please vote on it and leave some feedback. Thank you.

Veronica Andrews felt the familiar pressure on her bladder the moment she awoke. She turned her head and saw the alarm clock on the bedside table showed 12:47, and she rolled out of bed gently not to wake her husband. In silent bare feet on carpet she quickly and quietly made her way in the dark to the bathroom.

She did her business in dimmed light, and as she walked out the bathroom door a surge of curiosity got her attention. By the flickering on the walls, she could tell that the television was on in the family room, and by the sound of an occasional giggle and shifting on the couch, Veronica guessed that her daughter Anne-Marie was not alone.

Veronica considered her options in her mind. On the one hand, she trusted her daughter, knew she could depend on Anne-Marie to do the right thing, thought her boyfriend Tom was a decent sort, and knew what kind of embarrassment would result if she were caught spying on her daughter. On the other hand, she reasoned to herself, she should really find out what her daughter was up to. She was dying to know, almost salivating for the knowledge, to be honest with herself. She carefully and slowly walked step-by-step to the living room.

When Veronica finally caught a glimpse of her daughter and her boyfriend, it was quite clear that the two had not heard Veronica stir at all that evening. The two of them were bathed in the glow of the television showing some late-night talk and comedy show, and from where Veronica snooped around a corner, she could see Tom’s stretched-out and spread feet, and the upper bodies of each of them.

Veronica drank in every detail. Anne-Marie’s shirt was tugged to the side and half unbuttoned, so that one of her breasts was out in the open, being idly stroked and rubbed by one of Tom’s hands. Anne-Marie was partly turned toward Tom, and from the way she slightly bent over and worked her arm in repetitive motions as Tom slouched back into the couch, Veronica realized it was almost inevitable that her daughter was giving her boyfriend a hand-job. Anne-Marie bit her lip and seemed intent on her work, some sweat beading on her forehead, as Tom’s head was thrown back, little whimpers and moans emanating from his mouth.

Veronica’s heart was beating so fast now, it felt like it was in her throat and about to jump out of her mouth. She felt her nipples get hard and pointy as they pushed against the delicate material of her nightgown. But she couldn’t pull away, her fingers were gripping the edge of the corner she leaned around so hard she wouldn’t have been surprised if they dug into the drywall. She had never seen her daughter like this. They were somewhat different as far as mothers and daughters go – the mother dark-haired and bigger-boned, the daughter with fair brown, almost blonde hair, and a more delicate build; but in other aspects they were the same – generously proportioned in hips and breasts, similar full pouty lips, and, they were told by many, a similar look in their eyes.

Anne-Marie’s mother watched as Tom’s hand went from Anne-Marie’s breast to the back of her neck, rubbing it, then moving downward, rubbing her back, and down further to where the mother could not see anymore.

Anne-Marie gave a little smile and a shiver, the motions of her arm, staying steady, “Hey, what’re you doing?”

Tom looked in her eyes, “Mmm, I love these stretchy pants, baby, such easy access…fuckkk.”

Anne-Marie shifted her hips like she was trying to get away, “Hey, c’mon, you know how I feel about that…”

“Yeah, it’s just…” Tom sounded annoyed, “I mean, FUCK you have SUCH a good ass, you know, I just keep watching it, and–“

“Look, I told you, Tommy!” Anne-Marie batted away Tom’s hand with her free arm. She continued, calmly, “I mean, what’s the problem, I go all the way with you, don’t I? Just let me jerk you now, and, first chance I get, we can go all the way again. Just, uh, stay away from that ass-stuff, ok? C’mon, aren’t I jerking you good?” Her hand continued the motions.

The couple on the couch was quiet again except for a few grunts from Tom. Anne-Marie brought up her palm, spit on it, and brought it back down below her mother’s eye-level.

After a few moments Tom asked, “So, when we’re going all the way next time, still no anal?”

She stared right in his eyes and shook her head emphatically, “No.”

Tom leaned back on the couch for a moment, then quickly leaned forward. “You know what, fuck this shit. Fuck you. I could give myself a better hand-job jerking to porn at home.” He stood up, at which point Veronica ducked into the shadows, hoping she was hidden from his sight as he buttoned his pants up and stormed out. She heard his last words, “You’re such a fucking ball-breaking teasing bitch, Anne-Marie. It’s over.”

Crouching in the shadows, Veronica heard the front door slam. Little sobs bahis firmaları from the living room turned into audible weeping, then turned into the sound of her daughter bawling her eyes out. Veronica, lost for anything better to do, rushed back to her bedroom quickly as she could, and pulled the covers over her head, where the the sights and sounds she’d witnessed that night played over and over in her mind


Tom was smoking a cigarette outside his school when his cellphone rang. He excused himself from his friends and pulled the phone out. He saw Anne-Marie’s phone number on the display.

The first words that came out of his mouth were blunt, “Listen, just forget it, I told you we’re done, I don’t care how hard you’re crying.”

“Um. Tom, it’s not Anne-Marie,” said the unexpected voice on the phone. “It’s her mother. Veronica. Mrs. Andrews? Can I talk to you for a few moments?”

Tom was a little surprised and confused, and took a calmer tone as he said, “I, uh, guess so.”

“Listen, Tom, I know you broke up with Anne-Marie, but I don’t think you know how torn up she is about this. She’s constantly crying, she won’t eat, she just locks herself in her room…I’ve never seen my baby like this.”

“Look, Mrs. Andrews, I know it’s tough, but I’m sure she’ll get over it. I’ll be honest here; you’re not going to make me go back to her, even if she is sad. My mind’s made up.”

Tom could hear her take a deep breath over the phone. “I’ve been thinking about that,” she said, “I’ve been thinking about that, and I want you to listen closely to what I’m about to say, okay? I know that you have certain…needs. And I’m sure having a steady girlfriend doesn’t let you experiment the way you might want to. So, if you were to decide to take Anne-Marie back, I think I could…I could do those things for you she couldn’t.”


“Do you understand what I’m offering, Tommy?” he heard her say over his cellphone. His ex-girlfriend’s mother talking to him like this. His cock stirred in his pants. “You patch this up and be the good boyfriend for Anne-Marie, and I’ll give you what you want.” The line was quiet for a moment. “I know you want anal sex.”

“Did Anne-Marie tell you that?”

“Oh no. I don’t think she’d be blunt enough to talk that way to her mother.” Tom could hear her giggle a little. “But I can figure these things out. I’m not wrong, am I?”


“So what do you think? Anne-Marie is going over to her father’s parents with her dad and everyone else. I’ll be home alone this weekend.”

The words left Tom’s lips before he really thought about them. “Yeah, let’s do it.”


Tom pulled his car up to a house that was indistinguishable from all the other well-kept but anonymous houses in the suburban neighbourhood. He parked in the driveway and walked to the door carrying a black bag slung over his shoulder.

Veronica answered the door almost as soon as he rang the doorbell.

“Hello Mrs. Andrews.”

“Hello Tommy.”

“So…nobody else is home?”

“No. No they’re not. Come in, please.”

Tom walked in and she closed the door behind him. He looked her over. She seemed a little nervous and quiet, switching her gaze between looking over Tom, who was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and the tiled floor.

Tom looked at Veronica. She was wearing low-heeled sandals, tight blue jeans that stopped halfway down her calves, and a black halter top. Her hair was black and curly, and fell down past her shoulders, though the bangs in front were trimmed above her eyes.

She clutched one elbow in the other hand and looked at Tom.

“Is this what you were planning on wearing?” he asked her.

“Um, yeah.” She was a little confused. “I mean, we’re not going out anywhere, are we Tommy?”

“No. But this isn’t going to work. Let’s start with heels. Show me where you have your shoes, let’s take a look at what we can pick.”

“Oh. Okay, well I guess you’re the boss today, huh?” She gave a little smile. Veronica turned and started up the stairs, took a glance back and saw Tom following. His gaze was intensely fixed on her ass. The full round cheeks moving, gripped by her jeans, as she ascended the stairs.

She led him into the carpeted master bedroom. The walls were cream-coloured, the furniture and decorations muted, respectable; unremarkable. Veronica pulled the closet open and showed the teenager her shoe racks.

Tom examined them closely. He pulled out a black pair of heels. “Are these the highest heels you have?”

Veronica cleared her throat. “Y-yes.”

“Okay, I guess they’ll do.”

Then they went into her drawers of clothes. Tom picked out a pair of yellow shorts. “I haven’t worn those in years,” she said, “I don’t know if they’ll even fit.” Tom just threw them beside the shoes, and they went on to her underwear drawer, where he selected a black thong, one of the few more fancy pieces of underwear she kept under a stack of plain white cotton panties.

“Now, kaçak iddaa pick all that up,” he said, “We’re going into Anne-Marie’s room.”

Veronica held the items bundled up against her and her wide uncomprehending eyes looked at Tom.

“We need to pick a top out for you,” he said.

In his girlfriend’s room, Tom searched like he knew just what he was looking for. He finally pulled out a thin small black t-shirt with Led Zeppelin lettered on the front and an iconic figure with wings. Veronica gave a little smile, “Oh, Anne-Marie hasn’t worn that in years. That was back in her rock-chick phase. Would be kind of tight even on her now, don’t you think?”

Tom put the shirt on top of the other items Veronica was carrying, “Good, then she won’t mind that your big tits are gonna stretch the fuck out of it. Put this all on, NOTHING else. You know what I mean, Mrs. Andrews, no bra.” He walked past her. “I’ll be on the patio, come down when you’re ready.”

The house was built on a slope so that one side of the basement opened out into the backyard. Tom stood just outside, leaning against the wall by the sliding doors of the rec room, when he heard heels clicking, and then a hesitant voice saying, “I’m ready.”

Veronica poked her head out and glanced at Tom, saw the hand-rolled cigarette smoking as he held it in his hand, watched him put it to his lips and inhale, smelled the heavy sweet tell-tale marijuana smoke when he exhaled. “Oh.” she quietly said. She felt Tom’s eyes looking her up and down and retreated a few steps inside. Tom followed her.

There she was, the shapely mother of his girlfriend, curvy but fit body, skin a little pale but soft and inviting. Her feet in heels much higher than she was normally used to wearing, then her bare legs with the strong calves and thighs leading up to her tight shorts that exposed all of her thighs and were stretched so tight over her buttocks that they didn’t even cover the bottom of her cheeks. Above that was her bare midriff before the tight black rock band t-shirt she had squeezed herself into, the design on the front obscenely distorted by the swelling out of her meaty breasts, the material stretched so thin that in places her pale white flesh and darker nipples were clearly visible. Above that her face had an eager look, and Tom noticed that she had touched up her makeup, and her lips glistened with redness while the eyeshadow around her eyes was heavier.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Mrs. Andrews.”

“Thank you, Tommy, but you can call me Veronica.”

He took another drag of his joint, “I think I like Mrs. Andrews better. I mean, you are my girlfriend’s mother, right?” He stepped closer.

Veronica gave a little gasp, anticipation and excitement flowing through her. “My husband doesn’t like anyone smoking in the house.”

Tom kept smoking as he put a hand on her bare stomach, ran it lower to cup her pussy through her shorts, then ran it upwards and over a breast, feeling it cupped in the thin warm cotton, giving the large breast a squeeze as he looked right in eyes. “Oh yeah, I like the feel of that,” he said.

The joint hung from his lips as he put both hands on her breasts, kneading them, squeezing, handling them roughly. Veronica just gasped, moaned a little, her eyelids fluttered as she was surprised to find her knees feeling weak.

Tom put his hands down to her hips and pushed her toward the small bar in the rec room, “Get on a barstool, come on.”

Veronica climbed on, facing Tom, her thighs spread out, breasts heaving with her quicker breathing as her sparkling eyes looked at him.

“No no no,” he said, and spun her around along with the rotating barstool, “I wanna check that ass out.” He put his hand on her back, “Arch that ass out, c’mon now, lean on the bar, yeaaahhh.”

Veronica rested her forearms on the bar, leaning forward, arching her back as much as her mature body could allow, feeling her ass hanging off the edge of the barstool. She felt Tom’s hands run over her cheeks, give them a few light slaps. “Jesus fuckin’ Christ that’s a nice ass.” His voice had turned raspy. Veronica looked back over her shoulder and saw a new look in his eyes, his stare fixated on her large butt sticking out. Tom said, “Here, hold this,” and handed her the joint, then lowered his face down to the level of her ass.

Veronica moaned and started to pant as she felt his face press into her ass through the thin material of her shorts. Her daughter’s horny teen boyfriend was pushing his face hard into her big cheeks, into that buttocks that she often worried was too large and prominent. She felt his hot breath on her crack, some of the drool running from his mouth onto her cheeks and thighs, and heard the muffled moans he was making. She became aware again of the burning material in her hand. Feeling like the queen of the world, she pushed her ass back harder on Tom’s face and wiggled it around as she took a puff off the joint.

Tom finally pulled his face out of there, and looked up kaçak bahis to the sexy sight of his girlfriend’s mother sitting on that barstool with that big ass out and hovering over his face, as she continued to smoke. He quickly undid his pants and pulled his hard aching cock out, starting to jerk it as he kissed up her back, his free hand going around to grope a breast, pulling her t-shirt up and getting right at those breasts.

“You’re so sexy, you know that, Mrs. Andrews. Such a hot mature body, big thick ass and strong thighs, killer fuckin’ MILF tits.”

She just moaned back, “Mmmmm.”

“You’re gonna let me get in that ass, aren’t you, Mrs. Andrews? Let me sink my fucking cock deep in that asshole. In that shitter. Fuckin’ anal…buttfucking…shittersex…assfucking,” he was gasping, getting more worked up, “…bareback, no fucking condom.”

She turned her head and put her hand under his chin, kissing his lips, “No fucking condom, baby, I need to feel you up my ass. Need to feel that big teen cock, too turned on now.”

Tom pulled himself off her and helped her off the stool. Veronica saw the size and thickness of his hard cock and was pleasantly surprised, “Wow, you’ve got a gorgeous cock, baby.” This was the first time that Tom felt a little self-conscious from her remark and quickly moved to kneel behind her as he unbuttoned her shorts and then quickly slid them down off her, the thong staying on, string stuffed in her asscrack.

He quickly pulled his pants and underwear off, kneeling behind her again, his cock sticking out, hard and throbbing, as he spread her big cheeks with his hands and licked on her thong-covered asscrack a few times before pulling the material to the side and running his wet tongue up and down her crack.

“Ooooh,” she cooed and bent over more, looking back at Tom, her eyes going down to his bobbing cock. “Let me suck that cock a bit, Tommy, let me taste it and get it nice and wet before you put it in me.”

Veronica had Tom get entirely naked and lie his back on the floor. Tom had planned to do all of this on the couch in the living room, or maybe in a bed, either his girlfriend’s or her mother’s, but this was all moving so fast and he didn’t want to stop. The joint kept burning unattended in the ashtray on the bar as Veronica slipped her thong off keeping on the t-shirt that was bunched up above her swinging tits, and lowered her ass on Tom’s face as she reached out to stroke his hard cock.

“Ohhhh baby, that’s ittttt Tommy,” she moaned as she felt his face burrow deep between her big cheeks, his tongue flicking on her asshole and starting to push in. “That’s it baby, you’re gonna keep getting that asshole long as you keep dating my girl. Don’t be a heart-breaker and treat her nice and you’ll keep getting that ass. Mmmm, this might just work out fine.” Some part of her mind was surprised at how raunchy her words were, and she thought it best to shut herself up by leaning forward and fixing her mouth around that big young cock.

Tom moaned into her ass as he felt those lips clamp on his cock and start sucking away, her getting that cock bigger and wetter as her hand went down to rub at his balls, her warm soft breasts pressed into his torso. Tom reached over and just got his fingertips on his bag laying by the wall. He reached in and searched around until his fingers closed on a small bottle.

“MMM,” Veronica moaned and sucked his cock harder as she felt him start dripping lube on her ass, working it into her asshole with one finger, and then two. He dripped more onto her cheeks, shining up those big meaty round mature globes. Veronica leaned up and reached back and grabbed the bottle of lube and dripped some on his cock, stroking it in. “That’s it, I can’t wait anymore,” she said, “I need you in me.”

She got up and walked over to the green pool table that seemed like the most well-maintained and cared for thing in the house, and crawled right up on it, until she was on her knees on the felt surface, her heels and ass hanging off the edge, that butt slowly moving up and down, her eyes looking over at Tom and inviting him. Somewhere along the line, Tom realized, her libido had outgrown his, and he knew that it would take all his effort to fully satisfy her now that she was burning for sex.

He moved close to her and put one hand on her pussy, rubbing it slowly, feeling its dampness and heat, as his other hand stroked his cock. “This your husband’s pool table, Mrs. Andrews?”

She gave him a wicked grin as she looked over her shoulder at him, “Mmm-hmm. It’s his pride and joy.”

Tom slapped his hard cock against her asscheeks a few times. “Do you want me to fuck your pussy a bit first?”

“You can fuck Anne-Marie’s pussy anytime, Tommy. Fuckin’ put it in my butt…or are you chickening out?”

“Ungh. Fuck you, bitch,” Tom grunted as he put his fat cockhead against his girlfriend’s mother’s lubed asshole and started to push in. The head popped in and he grabbed her hips as he started to push deeper.

Both of them said nothing for a while, just moaning, panting, as that thick hard cock worked its way in and out, opening her asshole up more and more, her big round ass riding back on him as much as he pushed into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32