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Shy Wife’s Humiliating Exam
Chapter 1: Who’s who


My name is Vinod. I am 29 years old. I came to America as a boy and grew up here and settled in Virginia. I work as a computer programmer. I currently live in a 2 story, 3-bedroom house. On the second floor there is the master bedroom and another bedroom. On the first floor there is the kitchen, the dining room, and a guest bedroom. In a corner of the kitchen there is a small office with a desk, some office supplies, and a computer.


My wife of one year. She grew up in a very conservative home in India and came to America after marrying me. She is 23 years old. She has black hair, beautiful brown eyes, and light brown skin. Although she has a great figure, she is one of the shyest people I have ever seen. I am the only man to have ever seen her naked, and that was only after we got married. She has been healthy, and so has not been to doctors other than for the occasional cold or sinus infection. She dresses very conservatively and wears either saris or long dresses that come down to her ankles. I don’t think she has so much as exposed her knee since the time she has been here! We are currently in the process of finalizing her immigration status so she can stay permanently in America.

My wife is very smart. Although she studied computers in India, because of her visa status, she is unable to work. To keep from being bored, she volunteers Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the local high school helping teach students programming. Because she is only a few years older than her students, she insists that they call her by her first name “Kavitha” instead of her last name.

Dr. Bill:

My best friend from c***dhood. Our families were next door neighbors, and, as we were the same age, we always hung out together. We ended up going to the same college and were roommates in undergrad. I studied programming, and he did pre-med and later medical school. He just recently finished his residency and started a small primary care clinic a couple of miles from here. He is still unmarried and comes to our place whenever he wants a home cooked meal. As he grew up eating my mom’s cooking, he loves spicy Indian food. He is constantly complimenting Kavitha on her cooking. Kavitha also views him as a good friend, and they will constantly tease each other. Although Kavitha goes to him when she gets sick, the extent of his examination of her has been eyes, ears, nose, throat, and a quick listen to her heart and lungs over her clothes. Occasionally, he says that she really should schedule a full physical with him. Upon hearing this, she has the cutest blush and says that that is unnecessary as she is healthy, and besides it would be too embarrassing for her.


An 18-year-old African American senior at the school at which Kavitha volunteers. He is tall and lanky. He is taking Kavitha’s computer programming class. He is literally the smartest person I have ever met. His family is not wealthy, but his mother and dad work like crazy to make sure their son has a better life than they did. His dad works as a janitor for the school during the day time, and then in the evenings runs his own office cleaning business. For his part, Jamal has honored their hard work. He gets pretty much straight A’s in school. He also loves Kavitha’s computer programming class, and because he does not have access to a computer at home, he will sometimes come over to practice programming problems with Kavitha on our computer.

Robert and Jorge:

Classmates of Jamal, also 18 years old. They are both medium height but stocky. From what my wife says, they are rude bullies. They are always making life miserable for Jamal, tripping him, throwing his books, and making fun of his father being the school janitor. They are also rude towards my wife, constantly ogling her, and saying comments like “It is a shame that you always keep your beauty hidden.”

Chapter 2: The letter

I will never forget the date. It was Friday, April 5th. A week earlier I had gotten a notice in my mailbox that there was a special package for me at the post office. However, I had had a busy week at work, and the post office was always closed by the time I was off work. Today however, I made time to go the the post office and get the package. And good thing I did! It was a package addressed to my wife from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Together we opened the package and with sinking hearts, read the letter.

* * * * *

Dear Visa Applicant,

We are sending this letter by special delivery to inform you that we have not received your completed medical examination forms. Please find the forms for the female examination enclosed. If these are not completed and postmarked by Tuesday, April 9th, your application for your permanent visa will be considered delinquent and automatically denied.


United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

* * * * *

As we finished reading this, the doorbell rang. Before I had a chance to respond to the doorbell, my wife started crying. “For the past year we have been working on this visa application, and now it is all for nothing. If only you had gotten the package sooner, we would have had time to schedule an appointment to get this done.” I told her not to worry. I would check on my phone for an appointment. Unfortunately, the earliest appointment anybody had was Wednesday. It would be too late!

Just then we looked at each other and said at the same time “Dr. Bill!”. In our worry, we had forgotten about our friend. I called him, putting him on speaker phone so Kavitha could hear as well, and explained the situation to him. After I finished talking, he reassured us and said not to worry. He was out of town for the weekend, but he would come by on Monday and fill out the forms.

I asked him when we should come by the office. “Don’t bother”, he replied. He explained that filling out these forms was just a matter of checking a bunch of boxes and signing.

“I am hungry for some of Kavitha’s chicken curry. How about I come over to your house and sign the forms after dinner?” He told us to fill out the medical history and family history parts of the forms and he would take care of the rest. We both breathed a sigh of relief.

I then remembered about the doorbell. However, when I went to the door, whoever had rung the doorbell had given up and left. In a much happier mood, Kavitha and I worked together and quickly filled out the parts of the forms dealing with her medical and family history.

Chapter 3: Friend fills forms

Having done what needed to be done, we had a relaxing weekend. On Monday, I came a home early to help Kavitha with the cooking. There is regular Indian cooking, which is what happens most of the time, and then there is all out Indian cooking. This was all out Indian cooking! I think Kavitha was so grateful to Dr. Bill for helping us out of this situation, that she wanted to make a big meal. She cooked three different kinds of curries as well as an assortment of different kinds of breads and sweets. The whole house smelled delicious.

As soon as Dr. Bill pulled into the driveway, he could smell the aroma of the spicy food. I saw him get out of his car and hurry up the driveway. I quickly let him in and Kavitha ran up to him and gave him a big hug and thanked him for doing this. He looked at Kavitha and said he was happy to help. Then he looked at her again and asked her if she was ready for her “complete physical exam”?

Kavitha blushed deeply red and just stared at Dr. Bill without replying. After a second or two, he smiled and said that he was just joking and hadn’t even brought his medical supplies with him. Kavitha punched him in the arm for scaring her. Dr. Bill then said, “I’m starving, let’s eat, and we can fill out the forms after dinner.”

The meal was excellent. Kavitha now knew for sure that Dr. Bill wouldn’t do a full exam on her and relaxed. Her modesty would be preserved. There was a lightness to her affect that I had not seen since we got the letter.

We then retired into the living room. I sat on the couch with Kavitha and Dr. Bill sat on the recliner facing us. He talked as he worked through the forms.

“Vitals – You don’t look or feel feverish. I am sure your heart rate and respiration rate are fine. Your blood pressure was normal the last time we checked it at the office.”

“Eyes, ears, nose, throat – I don’t think anything’s changed since I last examined them last month when you came in with your cold.”

“Thyroid – don’t see any goiters, looks normal to me”.

“Heart – sounded good last time I listened”

“Lungs – You seem to be talking fine without wheezing. Sounds normal.”

“Abdomen – You ate well, I am sure it’s normal”

“Musculoskeletal – You are walking and moving well. Don’t see anything to be concerned about.”

“Breast, rectal, pelvic.”

Upon hearing those words, Kavitha blushed and looked away.

“It looks like I am allowed to skip these portions. Congratulations, we are done!”

And with that, the forms were complete.

He signed the physician section reading the declaration as he did so “I hereby declare under penalty of perjury that I have performed the above examinations in accordance with US immigration policy, and these are my findings.” He then gave it to me. There were places for Kavitha to sign as the applicant, and me as her sponsor. We signed and gave the forms back to him to look over one final time.

Chapter 4: The missing signature

Dr. Bill took the forms. “What’s this extra signature – ‘Third party (may be office staff)’

Where are we going to get that extra signature tonight?”

Just then, as if by some great coincidence, the doorbell rang. It was Jamal asking if he could practice the programming exercises that were assigned in class earlier today. We told him to come on in. This was working out perfectly! We asked Jamal if he could do something for us. He said he would be happy to help whatever way he could. Dr. Bill then gave him the forms and asked him to sign on the last signature line.

As I looked at him, for a second it seemed a strange look came over his face, and then in an instant it was gone, and he looked normal again. He read through the declaration that he had to sign. “I hereby declare under penalty of perjury that these examinations have been conducted in accordance with US immigration policy.”

He looked quickly at Dr. Bill on the recliner and me and my wife on the couch. Everybody was in our regular clothes and no medical equipment was visible.

He then looked hard at my wife. “Kavitha, did you really and truly have all these exams performed on you tonight? You know the US government takes perjury very, very seriously.”

Kavitha always was a poor liar.

Chapter 5: The offer

Kavitha looked away from Jamal’s eyes and tried to mumble something. Jamal then looked slowly to Dr. Bill and me. It was obvious that he had caught us red-handed. If this got reported, Dr. Bill would lose his medical license for perjury and falsifying medical records. Kavitha would be deported for trying to obtain a visa by fraudulent means. I could face jail or large fines.

Jamal didn’t mention any of that. He didn’t have to. It was obvious that he was far to smart not to have instantly grasped all these implications.

Dr. Bill spoke first. “We were just getting ready to. I just wanted to get all these forms out of the way first.”

Jamal replied excitedly, “Dr. Bill, I have been thinking about doing pre-med like you after I graduate high school this year. This would be an excellent opportunity to get hands on experience and see how these exams are done. Would you show me how you conduct a full physical examination and let me practice as well?”

Dr. Bill, not having much of a choice, mumbled an assent and then said “Of course that would depend on Kavitha being ok with it. We have to respect patient choice.”

Jamal then turned to my wife and said, “Kavitha, I have always admired your dedication to teaching and helping students. You volunteer to teach us students even though you don’t get paid. To comply with the forms, you need to get the exams anyway. It would mean so much to me if you would let me learn from Dr. Bill as he completes your exam.”

Kavitha didn’t really have much of a choice. She looked at me, and then said, “I am ok if my husband is ok.” passing the responsibility onto me.

Jamal then turned to me and entreated, “Vinod, the casual exposure for a medical exam isn’t something that threatens you or makes you jealous, right? It would mean so much to me if you would let me learn and participate. Your wife just said she is ok with it. Besides, we must do the exam to avoid perjury, right?”

I was trapped. I looked at my wife, and then back at Jamal and nodded.

My wife then spoke up, “Can we do it later. I am not ready for it. My clothes are sweaty, I am smelly, my hair’s a mess, my toenails and fingernails are ragged and faded, my legs are all hairy…”

Jamal interrupted her. “Kavitha, you worry about the strangest things. But I guess some women like to get ready and dress up to go to the doctor. Here is what we will do. Why don’t we take an hour break for you to go upstairs, remove all your unwanted body hair, take a relaxing bath, do your hair, do your nails and whatever else you do to get ready.”

As he was speaking, he walked over to Kavitha and helped her to her feet. He then held her hand and took her towards the stairs. Just before the stairs, he paused in front of our bookshelf. His eyes were drawn to a photo from our recent vacation. He took it off the bookshelf.

“This outfit you are wearing in the picture looks splendid. Why don’t you put it on when we you get done and come down.”

I knew the outfit he was referring to. It was a sari and blouse combination that I had bought for her. It was a stunning red sari with a white blouse. This was probably the most daring outfit my wife owned as the material was thin and clung to her figure. The blouse had built-in breast support, so it didn’t need to be worn with a bra. It was sleeveless and low-cut in the front and back. It normally wouldn’t be a problem as the end of the sari would be d****d over the front of the blouse. However, if that fell, my wife’s cleavage and upper breasts would be exposed. On our vacation my wife had been so worried about the end of the sari falling down that she had pinned the end of her sari to her blouse on her shoulder with a safety pin to make sure it stayed put.

My wife said “Ok, Jamal” and slowly began ascending the stairs. After watching my wife go up the stairs and enter the master bedroom, he turned his attention back to Dr. Bill and me. “I will be back in a little bit. Why don’t you two watch some TV until I get back.” On his way out the door, he turned and addressed a final comment to Dr. Bill, “You don’t mind if I borrow some of your stuff, do you? See you in a little bit.”

And with that he was gone, taking the medical forms with him.

Chapter 6: Waiting

Dr. Bill and I looked at each other. An 18-year-old had completely outwitted us! There was not a whole lot to talk about. Jamal held all the cards. We just sat and watched TV, while waiting for my wife to finish and come down.

About an hour later, my wife emerged from our room and came down the stairs. I couldn’t decide if she looked more like a goddess or a model. The red sari clung to her curves emphasizing her narrow waist and wide hips. The side of her stomach was bare. The end of the sari was d****d over her blouse, obscuring how low cut it was. Her arms were bare.

It was clear that she had put in some effort to get ready. She had on lipstick and makeup. Her toenails and fingernails were neatly clipped and painted. Her hair was still wet from being washed and was neatly combed and held in place with some brightly colored hair clips. As she got closer, the smell of her designer perfume became evident. She looked like she was ready to go a wedding.

As she turned around to sit down next to me, I could see that her back was bare except for the lower part of the blouse which encircled her chest just below her ribs. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra underneath.

She looked at our doctor friend and let out an ironic chuckle. “To think that a few hours ago, I was too embarrassed to get an exam by you, a real doctor, and now I am about to be examined by a high school student!” She then paused, blushed, and continued, “do you think you and he will do those last three exams on the form?” “Which ones?” Dr. Bill asked confused. Kavitha, tried to answer, but just blushed and could not bring herself to speak. “Oh, you mean the breast, rectal, and pelvic exams?” asked our friend. Kavitha looked at the ground and nodded. “No, we won’t,” said Dr. Bill. “We can only do what is either medically indicated or required by the form. The form specifically says that these three tests are not required. You are worrying yourself for no good reason, Kavitha. This will just be quick, simple exam. You have nothing to worry about.”

My wife seemed reassured upon hearing that answer. However, having just witnessed how clever and persuasive Jamal could be, I wasn’t so confident. I kept my doubts to myself, and just sat and waited nervously with Dr. Bill and Kavitha for Jamal to come back.

Chapter 7: The return of Jamal

About 10 minutes later we heard a vehicle pull into the driveway. Moments later the doorbell rang. I went to the door and let in Jamal. Jamal said “Hi Vinod” as he walked in. When he laid eyes on Kavitha, he froze mid-step. His mouth dropped open, and he just stared at her. “Wow, Kavitha, you look like a goddess!” he stammered. He stared a few more seconds, and then shook his head as if to clear it. “Let’s finish what we came here for. Let me go get some supplies from the truck.” Then he walked out closing the front door behind him. Kavitha smiled as she witnessed Jamal’s reaction. I could see she was feeling more confident now.

But the confidence boost was to be short-lived.

Jamal returned and opened our front door. He was followed by two other guys grunting and straining as they carried a large, heavy exam table through the front door and into the living room! “I know you all have questions, and I will answer all of them shortly. Let us finish bringing in all the supplies for the exam.”

I, Kavitha, and Dr. Bill all stared dumbfounded as the three of them made several trips bringing in such things as a blood pressure machine, thermometer, two doctor’s rolling stools, an ophthalmoscope, a stethoscope, and finally a large rolling chest of medical supplies.

“Now for explanations. First, these are my classmates Robert and Jorge”, Jamal said as he introduced the new comers. “There was no way I could have brought all these supplies myself so I asked for their help. I told them that you cared so much about education that you had agreed to let me help with your exam, and that you wouldn’t mind if they watched and learned. Isn’t that right, Kavitha?” My wife just silently nodded. Since, it was just going to be a simple, quick exam, there wasn’t much of a point in arguing with Jamal.

“Second, thanks Dr. Bill for allowing me to borrow this equipment from your clinic. Don’t worry, I didn’t break in. Your office is one of the buildings my dad cleans at nights, and I used his key to get in. Hope you don’t mind.”

Dr. Bill had the look on his face of when an average chess player meets a grandmaster. Seeing the look on his face, I became more worried that this exam would be a lot more involved than just the simple exam Dr. Bill had mentioned to Kavitha.

“Let’s get started,” Jamal said as he reached out his hand and gently helped my wife up from the couch. They walked to the exam table and he helped my wife sit down at the end of it. The rest of us got up and formed a semi-circle around the table. Dr. Bill and Jamal sat on the doctor’s stools, and the rest of us stood facing my wife.

I couldn’t help but stare at my wife. She looked to be regal, divine, and vulnerable all at the same time. I observed my wife’s light brown feet accented by the painted toenails. She had her hands folded in her lap. My eyes were drawn to the light brown hands against the red sari accented by her painted finger nails. My gaze traveled up to her chest. By the rise and fall of her bosom, I saw that she was deliberately trying to take slow, deep breaths to try to calm her nerves. My eyes then focused on her face. She was looking at Dr. Bill and Jamal, nervously waiting for them to start her exam.

Chapter 8: Starting

Jamal and Dr. Bill went the kitchen and washed their hands. They both then returned to where my wife was sitting on the exam table.

“Open your mouth” said Dr. Bill holding a thermometer. It quickly went in under Kavitha’s tongue. A minute or so later, the “beep, beep” told us that it was ready. “98.6, normal” Dr. Bill informed us. Dr. Bill then took my wife’s hand and measured her pulse at her wrist, looking up at the clock on the wall. He then asked Jamal to do the same. Jamal had a little trouble finding the pulse, but with some tips from Dr. Bill, was finally able to find it. “113, a little high,” Jamal informed us. Next Dr. Bill had Jamal hold up Kavitha’s bare left arm as he fastened the blood pressure cuff around it. “126/80” said Dr. Bill. Dr. Bill and Jamal then looked at my wife’s chest rise and fall as they measured her respiratory rate. “14 breaths/minute – normal” Jamal informed us. “Are you in any pain?” Dr. Bill asked. Kavitha shook her head no. And that was the end of the vital signs.

Dr. Bill then took the ophthalmoscope. Together, he and Jamal looked in my wife’s eyes and up her nose. He showed Jamal how to examine her ears and look for signs of infection. Everything was all normal. “Say aah”, Dr. Bill said as they looked in her throat. The tongue depressor made her gag slightly, but everything there was also normal.

They then moved on to her neck. Dr. Bill showed Jamal how to feel for swollen lymph nodes. They then both felt her thyroid for any growths or nodules. Dr. Bill had Jamal get a glass of water which Kavitha drank to help with the exam. This was the first time that their hands played a major part in the exam. I stared as the white hands of Dr. Bill on my wife’s throat, were followed by the black hands of Jamal. I shot a quick glance at Robert and Jorge. They were both staring like idiots at my wife with their mouths open.

Dr. Bill then took his stethoscope. “Take deep breaths” said Dr. Bill as he put the stethoscope on my wife’s bare back. I watched her chest rise even more as she kept taking deep breaths. Dr. Bill moved the stethoscope around to listen to various parts of her lungs. He then had Jamal repeat what he did and asked him if he heard anything. “Everything sounds clear.” said Jamal, and Dr. Bill agreed.

Chapter 9: First exposure

Concentrating on my wife’s breathing seemed to put me in a state of hypnosis. That was soon broken by the sound of Dr. Bill’s voice. “Kavitha, can you please take down the end of your sari and put it in your lap so we can listen to your heart?”. My wife stared at Dr. Bill and Jamal and then looked at me. Slowly, her hand went to the safety pin holding the sari in place over her blouse. Her fingers fumbled with the pin for a few moments. “Honey, take this please” she said handing me the safety pin. I put it on one of the end tables in the living room. Just as I finished, I looked up in time to see her take the end of the sari covering her blouse and place it in her lap.

Except for me, it was the most anyone in the room had seen of my wife. My wife’s glorious cleavage came in to view. The top of her breasts seemed to spill out over her blouse which struggled to contain them. All the male eyes in the room instantly snapped to focus on her breasts.

Kavitha was blushing slightly as Dr. Bill leaned over her and placed the stethoscope at the top of her chest and started listening to her heart. He moved it slightly left and listened to another spot. The third spot, the tricuspid valve, required that he listen to a spot just on the inside of her left breast. He gently inserted his hand with the stethoscope between her cleavage and moved to the left, pushing her left breast out of the way just enough to listen. Her breast bulged out as the blouse struggled to contain it. He finished up by sliding the stethoscope under her blouse, so he could listen just under her left breast. He did not say anything and looked at Jamal.

Jamal came over and repeated the exam. He listened in all the spots pretty much the same as Dr. Bill, except for the tricuspid valve. He seemed to have some trouble getting the correct position and fumbled around trying to insert his hand with the stethoscope between her cleavage and under her left breast. Kavitha blushed at the contact and when he was finished, there was a small area of redness on the inside of her left breast from all the contact. When Dr. Bill asked Jamal whether everything sounded normal, Jamal responded by saying that he thought he heard a tricuspid murmur. Dr. Bill reassured him and my wife that when you are doing this for the first time it is easy to misidentify sounds and that everything was healthy and normal. However, as I was to find out later, Jamal had made that comment for a reason.

With the heart exam done, it was time for the abdominal exam. Dr. Bill pulled out the exam table extension for her legs as he gently helped Kavitha lean back and lie down flat. I have to say that Kavitha looked stunning lying flat on the table. That position accented her wide hips and narrow waist. Her sexy belly button just added to the effect. Because of this situation, I felt like I was looking at my wife through the eyes of the other guys, and I was enthralled at how beautiful she was. It was like I was seeing her again for the first time.

As my gaze traveled up to her blouse enclosed breasts, I noticed that her position made her nipples a little more prominent, and you could just make out the outline of her nipples against her blouse. From her vantage point, I don’t Kavitha noticed that, but all the males in the room sure did.

Dr. Bill then stood next to her tummy, and said he was going to start by listening with his stethoscope. He gently placed the stethoscope on her belly and moved it around listening. He then had Jamal do the same. Then he said the next part was to examine her using his hands and asked her if she was ticklish. My wife answered that she was a little, and he told her he would be careful. He gently pressed on her tummy, feeling her liver, spleen, stomach, and intestines. Occasionally, Dr. Bill’s touch would trigger her ticklishness, and she would burst out giggling which caused her breasts to jiggle and bobble under her blouse. After Dr. Bill finished, Jamal repeated the exam. I noticed that Jamal’s touch seemed to tickle her a lot more.

At last the abdominal exam was done. Dr. Bill then checked out her strength by asking her to lift each leg up from the table while he pushed on it, and to grab his hands with her hands and pull him towards her. Jamal did the same, and Dr. Bill pronounced “Musculoskeletal: normal strength, no deformities.”

“This concludes our exam. See Kavitha, I told you this would be a quick and simple exam. Here let me help you up”, Dr. Bill continued as he slid in the table extension which he had previously pulled out, while helping Kavitha back up to a sitting position. Kavitha quickly replaced the end of her sari over her blouse. Now that she was covered, I saw a smile come to her face. She stood up, and came over to the end table, retrieved the safety pin from where I had put it earlier, and refastened it, securing her sari safely over her blouse.

Fully dressed, Kavitha relaxed and again became the perfect hostess, thanking everyone for their help and asking if we wanted some chai tea. She makes good tea, and we all said yes. Kavitha went into the kitchen to prepare the tea, while the rest of us sat in the living room. Before he sat down, Jamal went to his bag, and brought out the envelope with the medical forms. Sitting down, he turned to me and asked, “Vinod, could I borrow a pen from you to sign the forms?”. “Of course.” I replied as I got up and went to the little office in the far corner of the kitchen to retrieve a pen. I got the pen and gave it to Jamal. He took the pen, and then searched through the envelope for the medical forms. He pulled them out, looked through them to find the right spot, and put the form on the end table to sign it. Just then Kavitha entered the living room. “Tea’s ready.” she announced.

Chapter 10: Tea time

Kavitha had offered the first cup of tea to Jamal. He quickly set aside the pen and forms and took the offered tea cup. After giving out the rest of the tea cups, Kavitha grabbed one for herself and sat down next to me. As we drank tea, we talked. “Thank you so much Kavitha for letting me do this. canlı kaçak bahis I really appreciate it.” Jamal said. “Hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable for you.” Kavitha smiled, blushed, and nodded her head no.

Jamal then turned to Dr. Bill, “Thank you for teaching me. I learned a lot. I would like to apply for the pre-med program for college. Would you be willing to write me a letter of recommendation?” Dr. Bill said he would be happy to. Jamal then looked over at Robert and Jorge and cleared his throat. “We really are sorry for how rude we have been to you in class, Kavitha.” They both said. “We promise we will do better. Will you please forgive us?”. “It’s all in the past now.” Kavitha graciously replied.

Everybody seemed relaxed. The earlier tensions of the evening seemed forgotten. We all enjoyed our tea and when everyone was done, I went around and collected the tea cups and put them in the dishwasher. When I came back, Jamal had taken out the medical forms again and leaned over the end table to sign them. “Kavitha, it says on the family history section that you have an aunt with scoliosis, and that you have a cousin with one leg shorter than the other.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dr. Bill drop his head into his hands.

Chapter 11: I see London, I see France

Kavitha is a very conscientious person. That is the trait that makes her a very poor liar. It was also the trait that led her to put these obscure details in the form.

Jamal continued, “Kavitha, these conditions if not caught early can lead to a lifetime of pain and deformity. Unfortunately, these are not usually caught with a general physical. When you have a family history, it is an indication to do a more complete musculoskeletal exam. Isn’t that right, Dr. Bill?”

Dr. Bill with the disbelieving look of someone who ran into a tiger while only expecting a kitten, nodded and mumbled a weak yes.

Jamal then walked toward where Kavitha was sitting on the couch. “Come on Kavitha, let’s finish your exam.” With that he took her hand, helped her stand, and led her to the exam table. He left her standing in front of the table.

The rest of us got up and followed them, congregating in front of the exam table. Jamal positioned himself in front of my wife. “Because it is required due to your family history, Dr. Bill and I are going to perform a more thorough musculoskeletal exam of your bones, joints and muscles. We will also do a functional evaluation testing your strength and endurance. Do you consent to this exam?”

Kavitha looked immediately at Dr. Bill, hoping he would say something to contradict Jamal. Dr. Bill, just said a weak “He’s right.” Kavitha then looked briefly at me and then back to Jamal. “Yes”, she mumbled, nodding her head.

“Well the first rule of doing a good musculoskeletal exam is adequate exposure. Kavitha, I need to you take off your sari and give it to me.”

Kavitha, looked like someone had just slapped her in the face. She looked at me and then Dr. Bill, hoping we would do something to get her out of her predicament. However, we had been outmaneuvered by Jamal. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips for a second, as if gathering the strength to proceed. She then reached up to her shoulder and unfastened the pin holding the sari over her blouse like she had done before. She took the end of her sari and then proceeded to unwrap the sari from around her hips. We watched as she unwrapped 18 feet of shimmering cloth from her body. She handed her sari to Jamal. Jamal looked at her and then spoke.

“So that’s what women wear under a sari.” he said referring to the under skirt that was now exposed. “What do you call that skirt, Kavitha?” He inquired. “A petticoat,” my wife replied. “You are wearing panties underneath your petticoat, I hope?” he asked. My wife blushed deeply and nodded her head.

“Ok then, go ahead and remove your petticoat and hand it to me.” Her hands went quickly to the knot holding the petticoat in place, and with deftness borne of practice, she easily undid it. We all watched in fascination as the petticoat went slack around her waist, and made its journey towards to floor, revealing the full glory of her legs in the process.

When her petticoat had fallen bunched on the floor, Kavitha stepped out of and bent over and picked it up. She then handed the petticoat to Jamal as she had been told. As he took it, he said “I don’t want these to get dirty. I’m just going to put them on the bed in the guest bedroom to keep them out of the way and so that you can have some privacy to get dressed after we are done.” And with that Jamal got up and walked to the door of the first-floor guest bedroom, leaving Kavitha standing in just her low-cut blouse and panties.

She looked like a swimsuit model standing there. Her legs were long and lean and a lighter shade of brown than her stomach, never having been exposed to the sun. The others in the room, couldn’t help but focus on the wonderful sight in front of them, especially since that was a view that she had never showed before.

Jamal returned and stood in front of Kavitha again. “Kavitha, we are going to start by examining your spine. I need you to turn around.” Kavitha turned around, exposing her shapely ass covered only by the thin material of the panties. I observed her choice of underwear. These were a sensible brief-cut, with good coverage in front and back. Nevertheless, you could see just a little of her ass cheeks peeking out below the bottom of the panties. Above her panties, there were her pretty hips accented by the dimples just above her bottom.

Jamal motioned to Dr. Bill, who joined him. Jamal then positioned himself directly behind my wife. “We are going to feel along your back and spine for any deformities.” he announced. He then took his thumbs and placed them in the dimples on her low back. “Kavitha, do you know the name for these” he asked. Kavitha just shook her head no. “They are called the dimples of Venus.” he explained. “A very important part of these exams is patient education.” he continued. He then took his fingers, and felt all along her back and spine, all the way up to the back of her head. “Everything feels normal and healthy. Do you agree Dr. Bill?” he summarized. Dr. Bill just nodded.

He then stepped back. “Now we need to check if one hip is higher than the other. The best way to do that, is for you to keep your legs straight, bend over, and try to touch the floor.” There was a pause for a few seconds as my wife processed that command. Slowly, she bent forward keeping her legs straight. She wasn’t quite flexible enough to reach the floor, but Jamal said that was good enough.

What a sight it was! This position really emphasized her glorious glutes. My wife had the perfect ass: not too skinny, not to fat, not to too firm, and not too flabby. Just perfect! A few moments ago, that knowledge had been solely mine. Now it was being shared with four other men. An involuntary whistle escaped from Robert’s mouth.

Her position caused the fabric of the panties to ride up on her ass, exposing even more of her lower ass cheeks. Jamal pressed along the top of her hips. When he was finished, he turned to Dr. Bill and said. “For these exams it’s important to visualize the top portion of the intergluteal cleft to check for symmetry right, Dr. Bill?”. Dr. Bill understood and nodded, the rest of us didn’t get it. We immediately understood when he began rolling her panties down until the top part of her ass crack was visible. “Looks normal”, he remarked. “I now to need to feel your thighs and legs for any issues.” With that he took both hands and squeezed the upper part of my wife’s left thigh. Kavitha must have been startled, because she gasped and reflectively tightened her ass. The male brain is funny. Even in this situation, seeing my wife tighten her ass reminded me of how much I loved the feeling of her ass become hard in my hands.

Jamal squeezed and worked his way down her left thigh all the way down to her ankles. He then had her bend her knee so he could examine her foot. He repeated all this on her right side as well. All this time, the panties were still rolled down at the top exposing the top of her ass crack.

“Everything looks normal. Your legs are the same length. You don’t have any sign of scoliosis.” Jamal concluded. Dr. Bill mumbled “I agree” without being prompted.

“Ok Kavitha, you can stand up straight, turn around, and face me now.” Kavitha stood up, happy to get out of her bent over pose. She stretched herself upwards to relieve the strain on her back from bending and then turned around. We saw her put her hands behind her back and it was obvious she was unrolling her underwear to cover the top of her bottom, and then pulling down the bottom edge of her panties to cover her lower cheeks again.

Chapter 12: Jumping jacks and murmurs

“This part of the exam” Jamal stated. “Includes doing some exercises to test your strength and endurance. Let’s start by doing jumping jacks.” Kavitha looked at him quizzically asking “What are jumping jacks?” Jamal described them to her going so far as to call on Robert to demonstrate. Kavitha dutifully started the exercise. “Faster, faster!” Jamal urged her on. This resulted in quite a show for everyone. Her breasts seemed out of sync with the rest of her body. Whenever she came down from a jump, her breasts seemed to go up, and whenever she went up, her breasts went down. All this activity made her sweat. Some of the sweat trickled onto her blouse, making the white material a little more transparent and clingier. We could clearly see the shape of her nipples and even a hint of the dark brown of her areolas. Jamal had Kavitha do jumping jacks for a full 15 minutes before he finally said “I think that’s enough. Everything with your musculoskeletal system is healthy and normal.” He had my wife sit down on the exam table to rest. He brought her a cup of water to drink and gave her some paper towels to dry her sweat. He then turned to Dr. Bill.

“Remember when I said I thought I heard a tricuspid valve murmur? I know that these murmurs become more prominent after exercise. I think we should take another listen to her heart. We wouldn’t want to miss a dangerous heart condition, would we?” Dr. Bill mumbled something about Jamal being right.

“Kavitha, I would like to do another heart exam on you to make sure we did not miss anything the first time.” Jamal said as he walked up to Kavitha. He had my wife lie back and tilted the table so that my wife was at about 45 degrees. He took the stethoscope and attempted to move it in between her breasts like he had done with her previous heart exam. He then stopped and shook his head. “For me to do this correctly, I am going to need you to open your blouse. You can hold it over your nipples so they aren’t exposed, but I need to get good access to your chest and ribs.” When Kavitha hesitated, Jamal continued, “Come on Kavitha, this is our last test that we need, and we are done. This is important that we do this correctly”. The urgency in his voice and his tone must have convinced her. She slowly began undoing the hooks on the front of her blouse. As she undid each hook, more and more of the inside of her breasts came into view. When she opened the last hook, her breasts spilled out of her blouse. If Kavitha hadn’t quickly pulled the open ends of her blouse over her nipples, she would have been completely exposed! In any case, she was able to cover her nipples, but both areolas were visible. With her breasts no longer blocking his access, Jamal was able to listen. After carefully listening, he moved to the lower part of her left chest, telling Kavitha to pull her left breast up so he could listen. When she did that, the underside of her left breast was also exposed. Jorge and Robert’s eyes went wide at the sight. Kavitha could see how exposed she was and noticed the stares. Blushing red, she closed her eyes for the rest of the heart exam. After a few minutes. Jamal was done.

Chapter 13: Finally done!

“We are done. You can get up off the exam table and go into the guest bedroom where I put your petticoat and sari” Jamal told my wife. Carefully holding her blouse closed with her hands lest she expose her nipples, Kavitha got down from the table and made her way to the door of the guest bedroom. Seeing the door was closed, she gingerly used her left forearm to cover her left breast, while continuing to hold the right half of her blouse in place. She then opened the door of the guest bedroom, went inside, and closed the door behind her,

Jamal then went to his bag and looked through it as if searching for something. A couple of minutes later, he pulled out the envelope with the medical forms in it. He gave it to Dr. Bill and said, “I think that should do it.” Dr. Bill nodded and said thanks. “Do you think I could leave your equipment here for tonight and bring it back to your office tomorrow?” Jamal asked Dr. Bill. “Yeah, that won’t be a problem. Just drop it off at my office tomorrow.” At this moment, Kavitha came out of the guest bedroom fully dressed. However, due to her previous experience thinking that her exam was over only to get her hopes dashed, she still seemed nervous. Jamal said “Good night everyone.” and walked out with his bag, taking Robert and Jorge with him. As we watched, they got into the truck with Robert in the driver’s seat. The engine started up, and the truck slowly pulled out of the driveway and onto the road. A minute later, it was out of sight.

As soon as the truck was gone from sight, Kavitha collapsed onto the couch. I went and sat beside her and she snuggled close to me. This whole evening had been very taxing on her physically, mentally, and emotionally. Dr. Bill came and sat in the recliner opposite us. “Clever, son of a bitch!” he muttered referring to how Jamal had totally outsmarted us that evening. Apart from that one comment, we were all silent for the next 10 minutes, each one lost in his or her own thoughts. The images from tonight played in my head: Kavitha in the sari, her face when she saw Jorge and Robert with the exam table, her cleavage inside her blouse, the panties stretched tight over her ass as she bent over, and her open blouse barely covering her nipples. I had never thought I would be sharing these views.

Dr. Bill finally broke our reverie. “I had best be getting home,” he said as he walked to our little office space in the kitchen and got one of the Express Mail packages. “Let me put the forms in here so you can drop it off at the Post Office first thing in the morning, Vinod.” he said as he returned to his seat. With half closed eyes I mumbled “Sounds good, thanks”. I soon heard the sound of the envelope opening and papers rustling as Dr. Bill selected the required medical forms from the rest of the papers in the immigration envelope.

“They’re not in here!”, he exclaimed.

Chapter 14: Mystery of the missing forms

Upon hearing this, my wife and I sat bolt upright in the couch. We were wide awake! “What do you mean? Let me see!” we both said. Dr. Bill handed us the envelope, and we carefully looked at each piece of paper. They were all from US Immigrations. Everything except the forms was here! We frantically searched around the living room to see if they had fallen somewhere, but they were nowhere to be found.

It was then that I decided to call Jamal and see if maybe he knew where they were. After a few rings, Jamal picked up.

“Hi Vinod.”

“Jamal, we can’t find the exam forms.”

“OMG, I am so sorry. I took them out of the envelope to sign them. I forgot to put them back. They are right here in my bag. I’m heading right over to drop them off”.

A few minutes later, we heard a vehicle pulling into the driveway, followed by the doorbell ringing. I opened to door to let Jamal in. We were happy to see him holding the missing forms.

He walked over to Dr. Bill to hand him the forms. As soon as he was near enough to give Dr. Bill the forms, he leaned forward, whispered something, and pointed to a spot on the forms. Dr. Bill gave Jamal a dismissive look and pointed to another spot on the forms. Jamal replied by pointing to a spot on the bottom of the forms. Dr. Bill’s face blanched.

Chapter 15: Final exams

Kavitha and I crowded around Jamal and Dr. Bill to see what was happening. I looked toward where Dr. Bill had first pointed.

“Breast Exam (NOT MANDATORY*)”

“Rectal Exam (NOT MANDATORY*)”

“Pelvic Exam (NOT MANDATORY*)”

I followed Jamal’s finger to the bottom of the page. There in small print I read:

“* If performed and documented by a physician within the last year.”

We had not noticed the small print before! We all knew that Kavitha had not had these exams performed in the last year. In fact, she had never had these exams.

It was then that I noticed two things. One, the front door had not been closed. Two, Robert and Jorge had walked through the front door unnoticed and were standing in our living room.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Jamal had been playing us when he left. He had left the exam table and supplies at our home knowing he would be coming back. Although he had been gone for over 20 minutes when we called him, he and his friends were able to show up in just a couple of minutes. He had kept the forms on purpose and had been waiting for our call! Looking down at the forms, I saw that he still had not signed them.

Jamal stood for a moment quietly as if sizing everyone up. He knew he was in control of the situation. Even though he had not mentioned it, we knew it wasn’t just a matter of him not signing the forms, but of us potentially facing perjury charges and fraud charges for attesting on a government form that we had done all the required exams when we hadn’t. By now, we realized that there was not a detail he would miss. There really was no way out of this situation other than completing all the exams on the form.

“Ok Kavitha, come with me.” said Jamal as he took Kavitha over to the exam table once again. After helping her get seated, he pulled up a rolling stool in front of her and sat down.

“Ok Kavitha, it’s final exam time. There are three exams left to do. Do you know what they are?”

Kavitha nodded.

“Ok, go ahead and tell me.”

“Breast. Rectal. Pelvic.” she managed to say, her face turning bright red.

“Very good, that’s right. Have you ever had any of these exams done before?”

She shook her head.

“Ok then, I will make sure I explain everything to you thoroughly. Dr. Bill will make sure I am doing everything correctly and not missing anything. In addition, education is a very important part of these exams. I want to make sure you are familiar with your body and know the correct terms for everything and how to take care of your health.”

Dr. Bill sat down beside Jamal but slightly behind him. It was clear who would be in charge of the examination from here on out – it was the student, not the doctor.

“We will do these exams in the order the form has them.”

By this time, I had come and stood directly behind Jamal. Robert was to my left, and Jorge was to my right. The look on their faces was one of eager anticipation.

Chapter 16: A card to remember

Kavitha, still fully dressed in her sari, sat nervously on the exam table, looking once around the room at everybody and then at Jamal. Jamal just quietly stared at her, not saying a word. After a couple of minutes of uncomfortable silence, Kavitha finally asked, “Jamal, am I supposed to be doing something right now?”

“Not yet. Your breathing rate was very high, and I was just waiting for it to come down. Just take some slow, deep breaths and try to relax.”

“Ok. It’s better now. We will start with the breast exam. But first, I want to ask you about breast self-exams. Do you know what they are and why they are important?” Jamal asked.

“I have seen people talking about them on health shows on TV. They say that by doing these self-exams, you can catch cancer early and save your life.” replied my wife.

“Very good. I am glad you know how important they are. How often do you do them?” Jamal followed up.

“I haven’t ever done one.” she answered. “I just don’t know how” she offered as an excuse with a guilty look on her face.

“Kavitha, you shouldn’t neglect your health like that!” Jamal admonished her with a frown. He then went over to his bag and pulled out one of those breast self-exam shower cards. “Let’s go upstairs to the master bedroom, since that is where you will be doing these exams in the future. There we will go over the card together so you will know how to do them correctly. After going over the card, we will hang it on your shower, so you always have a reminder and won’t forget.”

I think he made Kavitha feel guilty about neglecting her health while at the same time worrying that she might be missing something. She just said “Ok” and got up from the table. Holding the shower card in his left hand, Jamal walked beside Kavitha to the stairs. They went up the stairs together and into the master bedroom while we all watched in stunned silence. Jamal left the master bedroom door open, but the angle was such that we couldn’t see inside from where we were. We heard them talking but could not make out the actual words.

About 10 minutes later they came out. I noted with relief that my wife was still fully dressed in her sari. The whole time they had been up there, I had been worried that he would have my wife get topless to practice the self exam. It just didn’t feel right to have my wife exposing her breasts to another man in our master bedroom!

My worry seemed silly now. It seemed like he had just had her practice over her clothes.

As Jamal and Kavitha walked down the stairs, I noticed something in his left hand and thought that maybe he forgot to leave the shower card upstairs.

As they got further down the stairs and closer to us, I saw that I had been mistaken. It was not the shower card in his left hand. It was Kavitha’s blouse! As they came down into the living room, I saw that I was wrong about my wife still being fully dressed. She was topless except for the end of the sari d****d over her bare chest! Looking closely, I could see her naked breasts jiggling under the light cloth of her sari as she walked. Jamal had her sit once again on the exam table.

“Ok Kavitha, now that you have done your first breast self exam with me observing, do you feel comfortable doing them on your own from now on? And will you promise me to do them every month like you are supposed to?”

My wife nodded and simply said, “Yes.”

My thoughts were in a jumble. I began to feel an illogical anger and jealousy. My wife had exposed her breasts to another man in our bedroom! Without me there! I felt like she had betrayed me. My jaw clenched in anger as I imagined Kavitha pulling the sari from off her shoulder, undoing the hooks on her blouse, and exposing her completely naked breasts to Jamal. From the health shows on TV, I had some idea of what a breast self exam involved. In my mind’s eye, I could see them both looking at Kavitha’s breasts in the mirror. I could see her lie down on our bed and touch her breasts as Jamal watched! I imagined him telling my wife to press harder and not to miss any spots!

Thankfully, before I said or did anything stupid, I had an attack of common sense.

“Kavitha is doing this because she loves me!”

I know how shy and modest my wife is. This whole experience would be very unpleasant to her. She could even now decide that she did not want to go to through with this and call off everything and return home to India. I might get in trouble for perjury, but she would be safe in India. Kavitha was smart, charming, and beautiful and her family was well-off. She would have no trouble getting along without me.

Yet, she is choosing to go through with this, so she can get her visa to stay here with me! And here I am thinking only about my feelings! I felt ashamed for being such a selfish jerk! I vowed to put aside any feelings of jealousy and just be as supportive as possible.

As I snapped out of my reverie, I noticed that Jamal was speaking again.

“Good. With the self-exam out of the way, it’s time to do a clinical exam.”

Chapter 17: Looking, touching

Jamal continued, “It’s like what we had you do upstairs, except it is the doctor that does it. Let’s see how good you were paying attention. What’s the first step in examining your breasts?”

“Looking.” replied by wife.

“Very good,” answered Jamal. “Now go ahead and take down the end of your sari from your shoulder and put it in your lap.”

Jamal had seen my wife’s naked breasts upstairs. He was about to share the view!

I saw my wife’s right hand slowly go towards the end of the sari on her left shoulder. She took the end and slowly brought it down. As she did, more and more of her breasts came into view. She continued to bring the end of her sari down until it was barely covering her nipples. Then, just before she revealed her nipples, a look of shy hesitation came across her face. She paused and looked around as if waiting for some reprieve. Everybody just stared at her even more intently and Jamal signaled with his hand for her to keep going. Seeing that there was no way out of this, she continued and placed the end of the sari in her lap. She was now completely topless!

I had seen Kavitha’s breasts many times, but never with an audience! As if reacting to her exposure, her nipples began to harden and elongate, and her dark brown areolas became crinkly. I looked over at Robert and Jorge. They were both blatantly staring with wide eyes. Robert had his mouth open, and I could make out a sliver of saliva on the side of his mouth. He was literally drooling over my wife’s breasts!

I was hit with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, I felt protectiveness towards by wife. I wanted to kick everyone out of our home and end all this. Yet at the same time, there was a feeling of lust and pride that my wife had such a sexy body and a perverse desire for the other guys to see it. I suppose it was my brain trying to make a virtue of necessity. Whether I wanted them to see my wife’s breasts or not, they were seeing them anyway.

Jamal looked intently at her breasts for a about a minute. “Ok, looking healthy and normal so far. Now clasp your hands behind your head”. Kavitha, brought her hands from her lap, and raised them up to her head and clasped them together behind her head as instructed. However, while doing this, she had u*********sly bent her head down and her elbows pointed straight in front of her, somewhat obscuring her breasts.

“Kavitha, I need you to have your head up looking straight ahead, and I need your elbows all the way out to the side.”

Kavitha complied. The new position drew even more attention to her breasts. This position pulled her breasts upwards and thrust them towards us. It looked like she was offering them to Jamal.

Jamal looked at her intently. His eyes slowly traversed every inch of her exposed breasts, lingering on each nipple. He then told her to twist her body to her left and then her right, making sure he, as well as the rest of us, had a view from the side as well.

During this time, Kavitha had closed her eyes. Jamal quietly got up from the stool and walked over to the table and placed his hand on her bare back. Sensing his touch, Kavitha’s eyes went wide open.

“Now it’s time for the second part of the breast exam. Can you tell me what that is, Kavitha?”

“Touching.” My wife quietly answered.

“Correct. Now lie back.” He helped her lie back until she was flat on the table. “I am going to start by feeling the lymph nodes in your axilla”, he said. He then took her right arm which was next to him and pulled it up and placed it above her head on the table.

Then Jamal took his hand, placed it in her armpit, and began feeling with his fingers. I could have told him what would happen next. Kavitha is super ticklish in her armpits. She squealed and giggled and tried to pull that arm down. The giggling and movement made her breasts jiggle and bobble in the sexiest way imaginable. There was no doubt that my wife’s breasts were 100% natural! Jamal used one hand to hold my wife’s arm out of the way while he finished his exam. He then went to the other side and did the same with her left armpit with my wife’s breasts wobbling sexily the whole time from her giggling.

“Everything feels healthy. Now it’s time to check the actual breast tissue.”

He then took his hand and placed it at the top of Kavitha’s left breast. When Jamal’s fingers encountered her breast, my wife blushed and closed her eyes tightly. Jamal started at the top of her left breast and worked his way down in strips, as if he was mowing a lawn. Down, up, down, up, down, up went his long black fingers as he systematically felt every single square inch of her breast. After he finished the left breast, we got to see an encore as he went to the right breast and repeated perabet giriş the whole thing.

Looking at Dr. Bill he summarized, “I didn’t feel an lumps or masses. But seeing as you are a real trained doctor, I want you to tell me if I missed anything.”

Dr. Bill then came up and repeated the exam. “You actually have very good technique Jamal, and you did it just like the textbooks say you should. Many doctors aren’t as systematic and thorough as you were.” he commended him. As he finished up, he said, “Jamal is right, no masses or lumps. Everything is normal.”

Kavitha, who had had her eyes tightly closed in embarrassment while Jamal and Dr. Bill were touching her breasts, opened them up again. Jamal came and helped my wife to sit up. He then went and stood directly in front of her. “We just need to check for any nipple discharge.” With that he reached out and took both her nipples in his hands. Kavitha turned bright red at his touch and began to close her eyes.

“Kavitha, open your eyes and look at me! I need to see your reaction to make sure everything is normal, and you are not having any discomfort.” Kavitha reluctantly opened her eyes and looked straight at Jamal.

I knew why Kavitha had turned red and tried to close her eyes. She has extremely sensitive nipples and when we have sex, one of her favorite parts is me playing with her nipples. Jamal was about to demonstrate how sensitive.

Staring into her eyes, Jamal gently caressed and rolled her nipples between his fingers. We all watched mesmerized as her nipples became more and more erect and hard in his fingers. I looked at Kavitha’s face as her eyes became glazed. A pink flush started up over her breasts and spread to her neck. I could see her biting her lower lip as Jamal kept up the stimulation of her nipples.

Chapter 18: Butter

After a few minutes of fondling, Jamal abruptly took his fingers away from my wife’s nipples. “No nipple discharge.” he noted.

“Now it’s time for the rectal exam.”

Before Kavitha, or anyone else, had a chance to react, Jamal took both of Kavitha’s hands and helped her into a standing position. He then pulled her forward about 4 or 5 feet away from the exam table.

“Let me help you get ready”, he said as he took her sari and quickly unwound it from around her body and tossed it to his left. “Robert, pick up her sari and fold it so it doesn’t get dirty.” he ordered. As Robert was doing this, his hands went to the string holding the petticoat in place and untied it. As soon as the string was loose, he just let it go, and petticoat fell puddled on the floor around my wife. He then put his hand on Kavitha’s hips and turned her around so she was facing the exam table.

He then walked to her left side. He took her hand in his left, while putting his right hand in the small of her back. Holding her like this, he helped her step over the petticoat which was on the floor around her feet and led her forward until her thighs were almost touching the exam table. He then moved his hand up to the middle of her back.

“Lean forward until you are resting on your elbows” he said as he pushed down on her back.

As Kavitha started leaning forward, he came behind her and sat down on a rolling stool directly behind her. Just as my wife settled the weight of her upper body onto her elbows as Jamal had instructed, he took his thumbs, hooked them into the sides of her panties, and in one swift motion pulled them down past her knees. When he let them go, having nothing further to hold them up, the panties fell all the way down around her ankles.

This whole process had taken less than 45 seconds. He had taken advantage of my wife being in somewhat of a daze from his fondling of her nipples to completely undress her without any resistance.

I was now staring at my wife butt naked, bending over the exam table. She couldn’t have looked sexier if she tried. Her legs were stretched taut and her beautiful buttocks were displayed in all their glory without even the thin cloth of the panties to obscure them. Kavitha did, however, maintain the presence of mind to keep her legs tightly together, making sure that her pussy remained private.

“We will have to do the exam like in the old days as I didn’t bring any gloves from the clinic. Let me and Dr. Bill wash our hands and we will begin.” Jamal said as got up and walked to the kitchen leaving her in that pose. On his way to the kitchen he called out to Jorge to gather up the petticoat that was still on the floor. He and Dr. Bill washed their hands in the kitchen sink and came back and sat on the rolling stools. Jamal moved his stool until he was right behind Kavitha’s naked bottom.

“This is your first rectal exam, right, Kavitha?” he asked.

My wife nodded her head.

“Sorry, I can’t see your face.” He said. “Let’s fix that. Robert, Jorge, I saw a stand-alone mirror in the guest bedroom. Bring that out here and put it in front of Kavitha.” Robert and Jorge went into the bedroom and brought out our standalone mirror. With guidance from Jamal, they placed it in front of Kavitha, so that we all could see her face, and she could see ours. Well, she actually couldn’t see our faces at the moment, because she had her eyes closed tightly in embarrassment.

“Kavitha, open your eyes and look at me in the mirror.” commanded Jamal. Kavitha did as instructed and looked back at Jamal in the mirror. “Sorry, I missed your answer. Have you ever had a rectal exam before?”

Kavitha, shook her head.

“This is a relatively simple exam. I am first going to look at your anus and the skin around it. Then I am going to put my finger in your anus and feel for any abnormalities. Then Dr. Bill is going to the same thing to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

With that, he put a hand on each buttock. He squeezed her buttocks a couple of times. “Your bottom is so tense. It will make the exam go easier if you do these relaxation exercises. When I say ‘Tighten’ I want you to squeeze your buttocks as tight as you can. Keep them like that until I say ‘Relax’. If we do that a couple of times, it will relax the gluteus muscles in your bottom. Do you understand?”

We all saw Kavitha blush and nod in the mirror. “Tighten!” Kavitha responded by tightening her ass. Her previously soft buttocks became rock hard. He kept her like that for about 30 seconds. “Relax!” Kavitha let her muscles relax and her bottom became soft again. I knew what Jamal was feeling when my wife did that. Whenever I grabbed her ass, if she was in a playful mood, she would tighten her ass in my hand. She knew I loved the feeling of her ass going from soft to hard back to soft. Now Jamal was getting that same thrill!

He went through a few more rounds of “Tighten, Relax” with Kavitha. Then he squeezed her bottom again and pronounced. “Much better. It is much more relaxed” He then gripped her ass harder and pulled her bottom cheeks apart.

In the mirror I could see Kavitha’s eyes go wide at her exposure. Jamal held her open for about 5 seconds, and then let go. With a wobble, her ass cheeks closed.

“We need more light. Jorge, go get the adjustable arm floor lamp from beside the recliner and bring it here.”

Kavitha liked to read curled up in the recliner, but sometimes at night the lighting wasn’t quite good enough to read comfortably. A few months back, I had found the lamp on sale and surprised her with it. It was a floor lamp with a light bulb and lamp shade at the end of an adjustable arm so that it could be aimed to provide light wherever it was needed.

Never in a million years could I have imagined that it would be used to illuminate Kavitha’s ass!

Jorge brought the lamp over, plugged it in, and turned it on. Jamal then stood up and adjusted the light until it completely lit up her bottom. Satisfied, he sat down again. Once again, he grabbed each ass cheek and pulled her wide open. “Much better.” he observed.

The view was spectacular. Kavitha’s anus was fully exposed. Thanks to the light shining directly from the floor lamp, its full detail was visible to all of us.

“It really does look like a chocolate starfish!” Robert blurted out, upon seeing Kavitha’s dark brown asshole. “We have now seen all three of your brown eyes, Kavitha.” Jorge followed up. He guffawed at his own joke. Jamal growled at them to shut up. Kavitha hearing all this turned bright red and closed her eyes. Here were two students of hers not only being present when she was exposed, but also commenting on the appearance of one her most private body parts. And that wasn’t even considering Jamal who at this moment was holding her bottom wide open. How much more humiliation would she have to go through before the night was over?

“I apologize about that Kavitha. It won’t happen again. Please open your eyes again.”

Kavitha opened her eyes again and just looked back at Jamal in the mirror. “I am looking for any skin tags, hemorrhoids, or tears.” Jamal explained as he continued his visual exam. I saw his eyes start at the top and slowly work their way down, taking in every detail of her anus and butt crack.

“Ok, all done.” he announced as he let go. Her bottom sprung closed again. Despite still being naked, Kavitha relaxed. Once you have had your anus exposed, going back to just having your bottom exposed is an improvement after all.

“Now let’s do the digital rectal exam” Jamal announced.

“They use a computer for this?”, Robert asked naively. “No, no,” Jamal laughed and answered. “It does sound like that though. No, this is an old term from back in the days before computers when fingers were referred to as digits. It simply means this is the part where I use my finger to examine Kavitha’s anus and rectum.”

He addressed Kavitha. “This part can be a little uncomfortable, so I will go slow, and I want you to tell me if anything I do causes you pain. Ok?”

Kavitha nodded.

“Vinod, go get me a jar of Vaseline.”

“We don’t have any.” I replied.

“Ok then. If we don’t have lubricant, this will be very uncomfortable. What can we use?” he thought aloud. He paused for a minute.

“That’s it, Last Tango in Paris!”

We all looked at him quizzically.

“I’ll explain later. Robert, go to the refrigerator and get a stick of butter. Cut off about an inch of it and bring it to me.” Jamal ordered.

Robert came back holding the 1-inch long piece of butter.

Jamal reached up with both hands and grabbed my wife’s buttocks once again. He then spread her wide open.

“Ok Robert, I want you to unwrap the butter, and put it right on top of Kavitha’s anus.”

Following Jamal’s direction, Robert carefully unwrapped the butter and put it right on top of my wife’s asshole. When the cold butter touched her, Kavitha’s eyes went wide and she squealed, jumped, and wiggled her ass at the cold sensation. The butter began to fall out of her ass crack, but Robert caught it just in time before it fell and placed it once again on target. Jamal quickly closed her cheeks and held them tightly together.

“Let’s let your body warm the butter up for a couple of minutes. That will make it melt, and make the exam go much smoother.” Jamal said as he continued to hold her buttocks together.

After a few minutes, Jamal opened her bottom up to check on the butter. “Looks like it is all melted and we can continue.” He stated. He then shifted his hands so he could hold her cheeks apart with his left hand and leave his right hand free to examine her. However, the butter had made things too slippery and my wife’s butt cheeks just closed up again. He tried it a few more times unsuccessfully. Kavitha’s bottom was just too slippery to be held open with one hand. Finally, he got up from the stool. “Vinod please come here and sit on the stool.” he said. When I came over and sat on the stool, he told me my job. “I need you to sit on the stool and hold Kavitha’s bottom open while I stand here and do the exam.”

I figured it was the least bad option. If I refused, I know he would have had either Robert or Jorge do it and it would have been even more embarrassing for my wife.

As Jamal ordered, I placed my hands on my wife’s butt cheeks, and pulled them open. As soon as I did, Jamal leaned in and began the exam. First, he started by running his index finger all around her anus, starting from the outside and slowly working his way to the center. As he got closer to the center, I could see my wife’s asshole involuntarily wink.

“You are in luck for your first rectal exam Kavitha, as I have long, thin fingers!” he joked. He then took his finger and slowly pushed it in just about a quarter of an inch into her anus. Kavitha grunted and squeezed her asshole tightly around the finger. He pulled back out and went in again. He repeated this four times, each time accompanied by Kavitha grunting and squeezing her asshole.

“Your rectal tone is normal. Your anus is nice and tight as it should be. However, for the next part I need to put my finger in all the way. It will be much more comfortable if you relax your anus.” Jamal told my wife. “The way to do that is to bear down like you are trying to poop.” Kavitha nodded her head, and a few moments later, in the mirror I could see her scrunch up her face and strain. Sure enough, just like Jamal said, her asshole opened up. In a flash he inserted his whole index finger all the way up into my wife’s asshole. My wife let out one big grunt, but the finger was already in all the way. I watched as Jamal turned his finger this way and that feeling for any abnormalities.

Never, in my wildest thoughts could I have thought that I would be not only watching a k** in high school stick his finger up Kavitha’s butthole, but that I would be helping him by holding her wide open!

After a couple of minutes, he was done. “Everything feels normal. I want Dr. Bill to also do the exam. Vinod, please keep holding Kavitha open for Dr. Bill.”

Jamal pulled his finger out and walked over to the kitchen to wash his hands in the sink. Dr. Bill then came over.

“Ok Kavitha, I need you to bear down again.”

Kavitha did so, and her asshole opened up just like before. As soon as it opened, Dr. Bill quickly inserted his index finger all the way in. Dr. Bill had thicker fingers than Jamal, and Kavitha let out a loud screech.

“Are you ok? Let’s just pause a few seconds. Nod your head when you are used to my finger, and I will start the exam.” said Dr. Bill.

Kavitha took a few deep breaths, and then nodded her head. Dr. Bill then started turning his finger inside her anus, feeling for any abnormalities.

When Bill and I had gone out to bars and such in college, sometimes I had been his wingman, and other times, he had been my wingman. Once again, I was his “wingman” of sorts holding my wife open for him to stick his finger up her ass!

“I agree, no abnormalities”, he said as he pulled his finger out, and walked over to the kitchen to wash his hands. I let go and Kavitha’s bottom closed again. Jamal came back and gently pulled Kavitha’s panties back up.

“Ok Kavitha, you can stand up, turn around, and sit on the table. We are done with the rectal.”

Kavitha turned around and sat back on the exam table. Now that Kavitha had her panties on again, I could see her tension decrease even though she was still topless.

Chapter 19: The philosophy of embarrassment

“Kavitha, we are almost done with all your exams. Only one more left. Do you know what that is?” Jamal asked.

“P-Pelvic exam” my wife stammered out.

“That’s right, we just have to do your pelvic exam, and we are all done! Do you know what a pelvic exam involves?” followed up Jamal.

“I know a little bit from talking to my girlfriends. They always mentioned that it is pretty embarrassing even with a female doctor.” answered Kavitha. Then she paused, her face blushing as she remembered the conversations with her friends and then imagined Jamal doing the exam!

“Can we please not do it?” she suddenly implored.

“Kavitha, why would you say a thing like that?” Jamal asked faking incredulity.

“I don’t think I could endure the embarrassment of having to expose my…” she trailed off, not able to bring herself to even say the word in front of everyone.

Jamal wasn’t going to let her off that easily.

“What exactly are you so embarrassed about having to expose, Kavitha?” Jamal prodded.

“M-my v-vagina.” Kavitha answered blushing.

“Kavitha, think about it” Jamal chided. “Remember all that has happened tonight already. Up till now, I don’t think you had shown even your bare legs to anyone except your husband. Remember, how you stood in just your blouse and panties as we did the musculoskeletal exam. You survived the embarrassment of exposing your legs and thighs. And then, remember when I took you upstairs to go over the breast self exam. You wanted me just to read the card to you. You were so embarrassed when I said that I wanted to observe you and make sure you got it correct. You couldn’t even bring yourself to take off your blouse by yourself and I had to help you by undoing your blouse for you. You survived the embarrassment of showing me your naked breasts and nipples. Then remember how we went downstairs, and you had to remove the sari from your shoulder and expose your breasts to everyone for the exam. Remember how I touched you and examined every inch of your breasts, and even checked your nipples for discharge in front of everyone. You overcame your embarrassment. You are a strong woman.”

This was the weirdest pep talk I had ever listened to.

Jamal continued. “Then we did the rectal exam. You were completely naked, bending over the table with your bottom exposed to everyone in this room. Your husband even helped us by holding your bottom open so we could see and examine inside your anus. ”

“I bet you never even imagined this kind of exposure have you Kavitha?”

She blushed red recalling everything she had been through and shook her head no.

“And did the sky fall down? No. Did the earth open up and swallow you. No. Everything is still ok. I promise that the sky won’t fall when you expose your vagina and you won’t die of embarrassment. We just have to finish this one last exam and it will all be done.” Jamal reassured.

“But this is different!” argued Kavitha.

“How is this any different from your embarrassment over your breast exam or your rectal exam.” challenged Jamal.

“It just is.” Kavitha continued to insist.

Jamal paused a little bit. Then it seemed like a light bulb went off in his head.

“Oh, I get it,” he exclaimed. “See if you agree with me. Take the breast exam. It is embarrassing, because breasts are definitely sexual. They are one of the things that define being a woman. They attract the attention of men. They are one of the main pleasure centers during sex. And, after a woman becomes a mother, they provide babies with food. But, while they are sexual, they are not really private. Everyone knows that women have breasts. Even if a woman tries to be modest, people still have a general idea of the shape and size of her breasts. Also, when you have babies, feeding your baby takes priority over modesty. Even in the most traditional parts of the world that place a high value on female modesty, you will many times see women feeding their babies in public with their breasts and sometimes even their nipples exposed. So, while breasts are sexual, they are not that private.”

“Now take the rectal exam. The rectal exam is embarrassing because the anus is private. It is not visible even when a person is naked, unless the buttocks are spread open. This is why your husband had to help us out by holding your bottom open during the exam. It is very private, but it is not overtly sexual. It is something everyone has. A male anus isn’t much different from a female anus. It plays no part in reproduction. So, while an anus is private, it is not overtly sexual.”

“Now a women’s vagina is both private and sexual. Unlike a man’s penis and scrotum which are readily visible when he is naked, a woman’s vagina not always visible, even when she is naked. To expose it, a woman must really open herself up. Thus, it is very private.”

“Also, the vagina is sexual. When a baby is born, the genitals are the first things people look at to determine if it is a boy or girl. In many parts of the world, a girl’s onset of menses is a cause for a village wide celebration because she has become a woman. Many traditional cultures place a huge premium on virginity for unmarried women, telling girls not to ever show their vagina to a man before marriage and not to insert anything into it. The vagina experiences pain and pleasure with the first intercourse. And, most important biologically, the vagina facilitates a woman becoming pregnant and, when at full term, provides the passageway for a new human to enter the world. ”

“A woman’s vagina is both private and sexual at the same time. Thus, since embarrassment is related to whether a body part is private or sexual, a pelvic exam in a woman, because it involves examining something that is both private and sexual, must cause much, much more embarrassment than either the breast or the rectal exam. I understand now, Kavitha!” explained Jamal.

“Yes, yes, Jamal. That is right! I felt it, but I would have never been able to explain it like you did!” exclaimed my wife.

I must admit, I was impressed by Jamal’s insight. Looking over at Dr. Bill, I could sense he was too.

“So that means, we can skip it, right?” Kavitha finished hopefully.

“No, Kavitha!” Jamal barked, interrupting her.

“The pelvic exam is required, and we are going to do it. There is no way out of it. Now, stand up right now, take off your panties, and hand them to me!” He ordered in a severe, commanding tone.

Chapter 20: Listening

Kavitha looked stunned. The forcefulness of the command seemed to compel her. She slowly began to stand up. Then she noticed Jorge and Robert smirking and staring at her anticipating her complete exposure. This broke her resolve and she sat back down.

“Please, please Jamal! At least send Robert and Jorge away. They don’t need to be here for you to do the exam. It couldn’t stand the embarrassment of having them just doing nothing but gawking and staring at my most private parts. I didn’t say anything when you did the breast and rectal exams in front of them, but please don’t do my pelvic exam in front of them. Please, I beg you Jamal!” implored Kavitha with tears in her eyes in a desperate bid to preserve a little modesty for her most private parts.

Jamal softened. He got up from the stool and went and stood beside Kavitha. He tenderly took her left hand in his and took a handkerchief out of his pocket and gave it to her. “I’m sorry Kavitha, I should have been more sensitive. Of course, you’re right.”

As Kavitha dabbed her eyes, Jamal ordered. “Robert, Jorge please go to the guest bedroom and close the door. Vinod, go inside with them and make sure they don’t peak. I want to give Kavitha some privacy for her pelvic exam.”

Robert and Jorge’s faces fell, and I could see the disappointment in their eyes, but they joined me to go to the guest bedroom.

“Thank you, Jamal, for understanding” my relieved wife whispered as Robert, Jorge, and I walked to the first-floor guest bedroom.

Jamal waited until we had entered the bedroom and closed the door before saying anything. Although our bodies were in the guest bedroom, our hearts were in the living room with Jamal, Dr. Bill, and my soon to be naked wife. While we could not see what has happening, we could hear everything.

We heard Jamal asking, “Is this better?” “Yes, thank you Jamal”, we heard my wife’s quiet answer.

“Are you ready for your pelvic exam now?”

“Yes”. This was spoken so quietly we could barely hear it.

I was amazed at Jamal. Using a combination of harshness mixed with tenderness, he had completely broken down my wife’s resistance to him examining her pussy! It was an amazing use of applied psychology.

“All right then. Take off your panties and give them to me.”

In my hyper-attentiveness, I thought I heard the table squeak as I visualized my wife shifting her position to get the panties down over her hips. Then, I barely heard (or did I imagine it?) the quiet sound of fabric rustling against skin as Kavitha slowly pulled her panties down her legs and took them off. Then everything was quiet.

My wife was now completely naked in the next room!

“Good, now lie back on the table.”

I heard the sounds of a human body settling onto leather.

“I am now going to raise the back of the table so that you will be more comfortable than lying flat, and so you can see what we are doing.”

I heard the squeak of the hinges.

“There, that’s better. Now we can see your face, and you can see us.”

“Kavitha, I know you are embarrassed, but covering your vagina with your hands, is preventing us from doing your pelvic exam. So, go ahead and move your hands to the side and grip the rails on the underside of the table please.”

Everything was quiet for a couple of seconds. My wife was about to expose her pussy to someone other than me for the first time! A part of me perversely wanted to be there to witness the occasion.

“Good. Keep your hands gripping the rails, and it will help the rest of the exam go smoothly.”

It was done. My wife had exposed her pussy to Jamal. He confirmed it with his next statement.

“See, Kavitha I told you the sky wouldn’t fall when you exposed your vagina. You are doing great! I notice you do not have any pubic hair currently. Is that because you shave your pubic hair?”

“Yes,” I heard my wife answer quietly.

“When did you first start shaving your pubic hair?” Jamal followed up.

“The night before I got married. My girlfriends told me that Vinod would love it. They were right!” she finished with a slight giggle. Jorge and Robert looked at me and gave me the thumbs up! I felt my face get red.

“When did you last shave?” asked Jamal.

“This evening, when you told me to go upstairs and get prepared for the exam. Since I was already shaving my legs and underarms, I figured I might as well shave down there as well.”

It was surreal being in a room with two high school guys listening to my wife talk about her shaved pussy with a third.

“Let’s start the exam. I am now going to pull out the stirrups. Nothing to be scared of, they just help us keep your legs in the correct position for the exam.”

I heard a clunk as one stirrup was pulled out, followed by another clunk for the second stirrup. I knew Kavitha was about to get even more exposed.

“Kavitha, you can still keep your knees together for now, but I need you to carefully put your feet in the stirrups.”

I heard some squeaking as I imagined my wife following Jamal’s instructions. I wondered what kind of view of my wife’s pussy Jamal and Dr. Bill were seeing now.

“Very good. Now scoot down the table, until your bottom is right at the edge. The stirrups look kind of old, so be very careful and don’t put too much pressure on them as you move. Instead, use your grip on the rails to pull yourself down.”

I heard my wife grunting from the effort. Then there was a loud crash.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!” I heard my wife cry out.

There was silence for a few seconds.

“It looks like the stirrups are broken.” I heard Dr. Bill comment.

“Let me see.” said Jamal.

After a few minutes, Jamal gave his assessment. “It looks like there was a plastic part attaching the stirrups to the table. When Kavitha pushed down too hard with her feet, it broke. I can’t see any way of attaching it again.”

“Does that mean we can’t do the pelvic exam, because of this?” I heard my wife ask hopefully.

“It looks that way. You can go ahead, get off the table, and put your panties back on.” said Jamal.

A few moments later, he called out “Vinod, Robert, Jorge. You can come out now.”

When we came out, Kavitha was standing next to the table clad in her panties. She seemed in a much better mood than when we had left.

Jamal explained the situation. “The stirrups are broken. Since this is Kavitha’s first pelvic exam, it is especially important for her to be positioned correctly so we don’t hurt her. I can’t think of a way to do that without the stirrups. We won’t be able to do the pelvic exam. What do you think Dr. Bill?”

I turned to Dr. Bill. From the look in his eye, I could sense that he knew different techniques that would work in this situation, but he wasn’t about to endanger our friendship by suggesting any of them. “I agree with you.” he stated.

“We have tried our best, and there is nothing else we can do. If there was any way of completing the full pelvic exam, you would have done it. Right, Kavitha?” Jamal asked.

“Yes”, my wife answered sensing where the conversation was going.

“Ok, since we all made a good faith effort to complete the pelvic exam but weren’t able to due to circumstances beyond our control. I’ll just sign the forms saying we did all the parts of the pelvic exam we reasonably could, and we will be done.” remarked Jamal.

My wife breathed a sigh tipobet of relief. Although she had exposed her pussy briefly to Jamal and Dr. Bill, she had escaped the embarrassment of them doing a full pelvic exam on her.

Just then Jorge spoke up.

Chapter 21: A novel solution

“I got an idea. What if instead of using stirrups to hold Kavitha’s legs in position for the exam, you use me and Robert? You could position us exactly where you need us, and I promise, we will carefully hold Kavitha’s legs in position. What do you think Jamal?” suggested Jorge.

My wife upon hearing this idea looked aghast, and reflexively began to shake her head.

“No Jamal,” my wife began.

“Kavitha,” Jamal interrupted sternly.

“It was your carelessness that broke the stirrups. Now that I think about it, you seemed awfully happy when I said we would not be able to do the pelvic exam. I think you were trying to get out the exam and broke the stirrups on purpose!” Jamal accused Kavitha.

As I mentioned before, Kavitha is very conscientious. She would never have broken the stirrups on purpose. She is also especially sensitive when people accuse her falsely.

“No Jamal, it was an accident. I didn’t break the stirrups on purpose.” my wife defended herself.

“And were you lying when you said if there was a way to complete the pelvic exam you would do it?”

“No, I wasn’t lying. I really meant it.” Kavitha said intensely in the heat of the argument, as she stared at Jamal angrily.

Jamal looked at my wife for a few moments, and then his demeaner softened.

“Ok Kavitha I believe you. Now that I think about it, you are one of the most conscientious people I know. You would never have done that. I was out of line. I am sorry for accusing you falsely.” Jamal apologized.

A look of triumphant vindication came across my wife’s face.

However, she had won the battle but lost the war!

“Jorge’s suggestion is brilliant, don’t you think, Kavitha?”

Time seemed to slow down as I watched my wife process that question in slow motion. First a look of concentration spread across her face as she sought to remember what Jorge’s suggestion was that had triggered this whole argument. Then a look of horror, as she remembered what it actually was. This was followed by a look of frantic desperation as she sought a way out. But she was trapped by her own words. She had just reaffirmed to Jamal that if there was a way to complete the pelvic exam, she would do it. There was no way she could back out without looking like a liar. And besides, she still needed Jamal’s signature on the forms. Finally, a look of surrender crossed her face.

“Yes” replied my wife.

“Yes what,” pressed Jamal.

“Yes, Jorge’s suggestion is brilliant.” Answered my wife meekly.

“Excellent. Glad you agree. Tell that to Jorge and ask him and Robert if they would hold your legs in position for your pelvic exam.” Commanded Jamal.

Kavitha swallowed hard. “Jorge, your suggestion is brilliant. Would you and Robert please hold my legs in position for my pelvic exam?” My wife asked as she obeyed the humiliating command.

“Of course, Kavitha! Anything we can do to help.” replied Jorge and Robert enthusiastically!

“Ok, I am going to go wash my hands.” Jamal said as he went to the kitchen, leaving my wife standing by the exam table.

I looked at my wife. There was a look of fear and embarrassment on her face as she looked at Jorge and Robert and contemplated her impending exposure. They would not only observe but participate – at her request – in exposing her most intimate parts! I think Jamal liked the anticipation as he took his time washing and drying his hands in the kitchen. As I continued to watch Kavitha, I noticed that her nipples had become more erect. I also noticed a hint of swelling underneath her panties. There was something else besides fear and embarrassment buried deep in her subconscious!

Jamal returned from washing his hands and stood in front of my wife. “Ok, Kavitha, take off your panties and give them to me!” he ordered.

Even though she had known that she would have to take off her panties, the command still seemed to shock my wife when it came. Nevertheless, she didn’t argue one bit and began removing her panties. My wife’s breasts dangled enticingly as she bent forward. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down her thighs and past her knees. We watched in fascination as she then carefully stepped out of her panties. After transferring her panties to her left hand, she started to straighten up from her bent position. She was about to expose her pussy to Robert and Jorge for the first time!

Robert involuntarily cleared his throat in anticipation. Kavitha reflexively glanced in Robert’s direction, and her courage failed her. Blushing, she clamped her right hand over her pussy blocking it from view as she stood erect.

Keeping her right hand tightly in place over her pussy, she held out her panties to Jamal with her left. He hesitated in taking the panties, letting us all savor the image of my beautiful, blushing, shy, Indian wife standing completely naked with her breasts exposed, her nipples hard, with one hand over her pussy, holding out her panties to Jamal as a kind of offering.

“Thanks, Kavitha” Jamal said as he finally took the offered panties. “Have a seat up on the exam table.” Jamal ordered. Kavitha shuffled over until she was directly in front of the exam table and carefully sat down. Once seated, she put her other hand in her lap as well.

“Robert, Jorge, go to the kitchen and bring two bar stools from the counter” Jamal ordered.

He had them position the bar stools at the foot of the exam table, just off to the sides – where the stirrups would have been!

He then had Robert and Jorge sit on the stools facing my wife.

Jamal now approached my nervous, naked, seated wife.

“Kavitha, I want you to lean back onto the exam table.”

My wife leaned back. The exam table was at a 45 degree angle from before so she could look out at us. Her legs still dangled in front of her.

“Kavitha, see how Jorge and Robert are sitting right where the stirrups were before?”

Kavitha looked at Jorge and Robert and nodded.

“Just like you did before with the stirrups, I want you to carefully put your feet on Robert and Jorge’s laps.”

Kavitha carefully lifted her legs and put her feet on Robert’s and Jorge’s laps.

Although she still had her knees together and her hands clamped over her pussy, this position exposed the backs of her thighs and her ass to our gaze. Her hands, however, prevented us from seeing her pussy. Jamal was about to fix that.

“Ok Kavitha, just like last time, I need you to move your hands to the side of the table and grip the rails underneath.” Jamal instructed.

Kavitha, blushing, removed her left hand from its post guarding her pussy, and gripped the left rail just as Jamal instructed. However, when she started to move her right hand, she looked at Jorge and Robert in their literally front row seats and froze.

“Please Jamal, can you tell Robert and Jorge to close their eyes and not look?” pleaded my wife.

Jamal walked to Kavitha’s right side and stood next to her.

“Kavitha, look at me” he said in a quiet, firm voice. “I tried to do the pelvic exam without Robert and Jorge, but you carelessly broke the stirrups. I need them to help with your pelvic exam, and that means they need to see your vagina. Now, please move your hand like I instructed you!” he ordered.

By this time, Jamal’s psychological hold on my wife was such that she didn’t argue any further. She tightly closed her eyes to try to block out as much as she could and slowly moved her hand to the side and gripped the railing on the underside of the exam table as instructed. Although her knees were still together, Kavitha couldn’t keep from exposing the entire length of her hairless slit with her plump outer lips to our gaze. Robert and Jorge let out a quiet gasp as they saw Kavitha’s pussy for the first time!

“Good. Now open your thighs as wide as they will go.” Jamal instructed.

Kavitha slowly started opening her thighs exposing more and more of her pussy. However, just as her pussy lips began to separate, she paused, blushing as she acutely felt her exposure. “Keep going” Jamal urged her. After taking a few deep breaths to calm herself, she continued her revelation until her thighs were open as far as they could go!

My jaw dropped. Despite being married for over a year, I had never had a view like what was before us! All my wife’s private parts were on full display. My wife’s ass cheeks gaped open revealing her asshole still glistening with the butter from her rectal exam. Just above that, her pussy was fully unfurled. Her plump outer lips no longer hid anything. Her thin, delicate inner lips opened like flower petals. Above that, just where her inner lips joined together, the tip of her clit barely peeked out from under its hood.

I looked at the others. Nobody was saying a word. They were all too busy staring at the beautiful and obscene sight that was before their eyes.

Jamal then brought the floor lamp and the stand-alone mirror we had used for the rectal exam to the foot of the table. He positioned the lamp and adjusted the light so that not a shadow was left to obscure my wife’s pussy. He then sat down on the rolling stool and had me position the mirror behind him and angle the top of it above him so that my wife would be able to look in the mirror and have the same view of her pussy that was visible to us!

“Everything is finally all set up. Vinod go to the bathroom and get me some Q-Tips” Jamal ordered. I was unsure what he was going to do with them but went ahead and got them for him. Once I had given him the bag of Q-Tips, he turned his attention to my wife.

Chapter 22: Wide open

Ever since she had moved her hands exposing her pussy, my wife had kept her eyes tightly closed. She was desperately trying to block out her nakedness in front of us from her consciousness. Jamal was about to make that impossible.

“Ok Kavitha, we are all positioned. I need you to open your eyes and look at me. Kavitha slowly opened her eyes and looked at Jamal. Then suddenly her eyes grew wide with shock! She had just seen herself in the mirror. The obscenity of her exposure was forced to the forefront of her consciousness! Her mouth dropped open. Her eyes then darted around the room to look at each of us. A deep red blush started at Kavitha’s chest and rose up to her cheeks. She knew that she had no more feminine secrets from anyone in the room! In response to her embarrassment, her exposed pussy and asshole both involuntarily contracted in shame. This reaction was visible to her in the mirror causing her to blush even more.

Jamal said nothing as he just let my wife acclimate to her exposed state. Finally, after a minute, I saw the panic in her face begin to ease as she resigned herself to the reality that her pussy would be on full display to Dr. Bill, Jamal, Jorge, and Robert for the duration of her exam. She looked at Jamal quietly waiting for him to start.

Jamal addressed my wife. “Kavitha, up until now, we have been referring to your external genitals as your vagina. This is not completely accurate and since this is your first pelvic exam, I want to take the time to make sure that you become familiar with your body and know the medical names for the parts of your genitals.”

He then took out a Q-Tip and said “Let’s start.” He touched her pubic mound with the Q-Tip. “This is called the mons pubis. In adult women, it is naturally covered by hair. In your case, it is bare because you shaved your pubic hair this evening while you were getting ready for me to examine you.” He then touched her outer lips with the Q-Tip. “The medical name for these is labia majora. This literally means, big lips. Now just inside your labia majora, we have the labia minora.” Jamal continued, now moving the Q-Tip to touch Kavitha’s inner lips. “This literally means little lips.” Jamal continued. “Ok. Now right where your labia minora come together, is your clitoris”. Jamal then touched the exposed tip of my wife’s clit with the Q-Tip. My wife squirmed at the contact, but Robert and Jorge, anticipated her action and held her legs firmly in place. Jamal then took the Q-Tip and drew a circle that encompassed my wife’s outer lips, inner lips, and clit. “This whole area is called your vulva. Most of the time when people say ‘vagina’ they are really referring to the vulva” Jamal explained. Then Jamal took the Q-Tip and placed it inside my wife’s exposed asshole. When he did that, Kavitha’s asshole winked in response to the intrusion. “As you know from our rectal exam, this is your anus.” He then turned the Q-Tip over to the unused half and touched the area just above her anus. “This area between your anus and your vulva is called your perineum.” He then threw the contaminated Q-Tip in the garbage can that was nearby.

“Did you understand all that Kavitha?” continued Jamal.

My wife nodded.

“Ok then how about a quick quiz.” continued Jamal, taking another Q-Tip.

For the next few minutes, Jamal used the Q-Tip to touch different parts of my wife’s pussy and asked my red-faced wife to tell him the name. Jamal was a patient teacher and corrected any mistakes or mispronunciations that my wife made. By the end, my wife was well versed in the medical names for her female parts.

“Ok Kavitha, very good on learning all the names. Let’s continue with the exam. I am going to have to touch you now.” Kavitha squirmed slightly in anticipation of this new familiarity.

I watched in fascination as Jamal took his hands and touched my wife’s outer lips. Methodically, he started at the top of her lips, and worked his way down gently feeling and squeezing every square inch of them. “I am just examining your labia majora for any lesions” he explained to my wife.

He then moved on to my wife’s inner lips. He used his fingers to feel along each delicate petal.

After feeling each delicate petal, he made a peace sign with his left hand and gently spread open her inner lips.

I realized at this time that my heart was beating like I had run a race and that I was involuntarily holding my breath. My wife’s student was openly displaying and touching her pussy! The scene burned itself into my memory. Jamal’s long fingers formed a black V, contrasting with the brilliant pink of my wife’s inner pussy.

He then took his right hand and touched Kavitha’s peehole. “This is your urethra. Your urine comes out here.” He then took his finger and touched the entrance to her pink love canal. “This canal is properly called the vagina. The entrance to it is called the vaginal introitus. ”

Still keeping her open with his left hand, he directed his right hand to her clit. “The clitoris is similar to the penis in men.” He explained. “Just like a penis, it has a covering as well, called the clitoral hood”, he continued as he took his index finger and gently tapped her hood.

“Have you ever seen your clitoris without the hood covering it, Kavitha” he asked.

“No.” Kavitha said and shook her head.

“How about you Vinod, have you ever pulled back your wife’s hood to get a close look at her clitoris?”

“No.” I admitted.

“Then this will be a good educational opportunity for the both of you.”

Jamal was about to expose something that neither I nor Kavitha had ever seen in all its glory!

He then removed his left hand which had been holding my wife’s pussy lips open. He brought both hands together to make a triangle. His thumbs formed the base and his middle fingers the sides.

As we watched fascinated, he hooked his thumbs inside my wife’s inner lips and once again spread them open. He then took his middle fingers and gently placed them on each side of my wife’s clitoris. He slowly applied pressure with his middle fingers and pulled her clitoral hood as far back as it would go.

My wife’s clitoris was now fully exposed! I had to share this view of her most intimate pleasure organ with four other guys!

Jamal said nothing for a minute, but just continued to keep her exposed, giving us all a chance to memorize every single detail of her clit.

He then continued, “Did you know that this little clitoris has as many nerve endings as a man’s penis even though it is much smaller? That is why it is so sensitive.” With that, he took his right index finger and gently stroked her exposed clit. My wife turned red, squealed, and bucked, but Robert and Jorge were paying attention and held her steady.

“The part that I touched is called the glans. There are other portions of the clitoris, but this the only part that is visible.”

“Ok now, I want to test the bulbocavernosus reflex.” Jamal continued.

For some reason, I turned to glance at Dr. Bill. His eyes went open in surprise when he heard Jamal say that word.

“Is that OK, Kavitha?” he asked.

My wife not having any clue what that was, but figuring her exposure couldn’t get any worse, just nodded. I think she was trying to get through this ordeal as fast as possible.

“This reflex tests the lower spinal cord. I am going to gently squeeze your clitoris. This should cause your anus to contract.”

Still keeping her completely exposed with his thumbs and middle fingers, he used his index fingers and gently squeezed the tip of my wife’s clitoris between them. As soon as he did that, my wife’s asshole spasmed tightly shut.

“Let me check one more time to be sure.”

Once again, Jamal gently squeezed my wife’s clitoris and again her asshole spasmed shut.

“Looks like we have a healthy reaction.” concluded Jamal.

He then used his middle fingers to slide the hood back over Kavitha’s clit. However, all that manipulation had a side-effect.

“Kavitha, did Jamal pull the hood back completely over your clitoris? It seems more exposed than it was before?” Jorge asked in a concerned voice. “Also Kavitha, your labia minora look red and swollen. Are you ok?” Robert followed up, his vocabulary demonstrating that he had been paying attention during Jamal’s anatomy lesson earlier.

Kavitha just looked at the two students holding her legs, too ashamed to speak. She then looked at Jamal, her eyes pleading with him to end her embarrassment. Jamal ignored her silent plea.

“Let me check,” he said as he moved Kavitha’s hood backward to fully expose her clitoris again and then slid it forward.

“No, she is fine.” Jamal answered. “Her clitoris is more exposed than before because it is erect which makes it stick out more from its hood. Like you noticed, Robert, Kavitha’s labia minora are red and swollen.” Jamal said gently running his fingers along her inner pussy lips. He then used both hands to pull her pussy even more widely open to expose her vagina. “Her vagina is also becoming wet inside. These are all just physiological signs of arousal. Nothing to worry about.”

Kavitha turned bright red at his words and started to close her eyes.

“Kavitha, I need you to keep your eyes open. It is a completely natural response, and nothing to be ashamed of.” Jamal reprimanded.

After Kavitha fully opened her eyes, Jamal continued “Besides, the natural lubrication will make the rest of the exam go smoother.”

“We are done examining your vulva. Now, it’s time to examine your vagina. I am going to insert two fingers and feel for any abnormalities.” he informed her.

He shifted his hands, so that his left hand once again held Kavitha’s lips open. He slowly pushed his right index and middle fingers into my wife’s vagina until both fingers were in as far as they could go.

Once his fingers were fully inside her, he began moving them around. He was literally fingerbanging my wife in front of me, my best friend, and two other guys! Kavitha dutifully kept her eyes open and watched this new violation of her formerly secret parts. I thought about the vagaries of life. This afternoon, my wife had watched Jamal’s fingers in class typing on a keyboard. Now, just a few hours later, she was watching those same fingers penetrate her vagina!

It felt like Jamal kept his fingers inside Kavitha for hours, but in reality, it was likely only two minutes. He then slowly removed his fingers. They were covered with my wife’s intimate juices.

“The next part is the speculum exam and Pap smear.” Jamal stated, getting up from the stool. “Because this can be dangerous if not performed by a trained professional, I am going to have Dr. Bill do it.”

Dr. Bill picked out a small plastic speculum from the supplies that Jamal had brought. He also opened a pap smear kit consisting of a vial and a long brush. Then he sat down and rolled the stool in front of Kavitha.

I saw Kavitha blush and squirm as she knew yet another man – and a close friend at that – would be touching her pussy.

Dr. Bill noticed her discomfort. “You are doing great Kavitha. We are almost done” he reassured her in a gentle voice. “The next part of the exam is for me to insert this speculum into your vagina.” Dr. Bill said as he showed the speculum to my wife. “Once it is in, I will open it up so I can see the inside of your vagina and cervix.” he continued as he demonstrated opening the speculum. “After that, I am going to take a brush and get some cell samples from inside your cervix. We will send them to the lab to check for any abnormalities.”

“Do you understand all that?” he confirmed.

“Yes.” my wife said nodding her head.

“You are going to feel me touch you now.” he stated. He first touched my wife’s thigh, and then touched her pussy lips.

“First, I need to feel for the location of your cervix.” I watched in fascination as my best friend slowly inserted two fingers into my wife’s sopping wet vagina. Dr. Bill had thicker fingers than Jamal, and as he inserted them my wife let out a low moan.

For a minute, I watched my best friend with his fingers deep inside my wife’s vagina! During this time, he carefully moved his fingers feeling for her anatomy. When he removed his fingers, I saw that they were completely wet with my wife’s secretions. He then took the speculum and wiped the moisture from his fingers onto the blades of the speculum, lubricating them. Using the fingers of his left hand to spread Kavitha’s pussy open, he gently inserted the speculum into her vagina. My wife’s breathing quickened and her mouth opened wide and she groaned as she allowed the speculum to fully enter inside her. Once it was in place, Dr. Bill slowly opened it up all the way. My wife’s revelation was complete! The pink, moist walls of her vagina were completely visible to all, as was her cervix.

“I am now going to take some samples from your cervix, Kavitha. This may be a little uncomfortable.”

He took the brush and carefully inserted it into the opening of my wife’s cervix and spun it around. My wife gave a yelp of pain, but it was done. He took the brush, put it in the vial and sealed it. Once he was done, he pulled the speculum back, closing it right before he took it out.

“We are all done with the pelvic.” Dr. Bill declared.

He had Robert and Jorge gently put my wife’s legs down and help her get down from the table and stand up. As they were doing that, Dr. Bill went over to the kitchen and washed his hands. I think after being fully exposed for so long, Kavitha had become accustomed to her nudity. Even though she was still completely naked in front of us, she made no effort to cover up, probably figuring it was futile as everyone in the room had already seen everything she had in great detail.

While Dr. Bill had been doing the Pap smear, Jamal had signed the forms. He brought them over to Kavitha.

“Before I give you the forms, I want you to promise me that you will always take care of your health and always get your recommended yearly full physicals. This is something that is very dear to me. I had two aunts die needlessly: one from breast cancer and one from cervical cancer, because they were too embarrassed to go to the doctor. I like you a lot, and I don’t want anything to happen you!” Jamal said with deep emotion.

“I promise!” said Kavitha moved by his words.

Jamal continued. “Ok, but sometimes people take their promises lightly. As an incentive for you keep your promise, if you miss your yearly full physical, I get to arrange one for you and make it even more embarrassing than this one! Agreed?”

Jamal’s implication that she might take her promises lightly bothered my wife. “Jamal, as Vinod will tell you, I keep my word. To show you how serious I am, I agree to your incentive!” she responded resolutely.

“Great!” Jamal said and finally handed her the signed forms. She then handed them to Dr. Bill to look over. “Everything is all filled in correctly.” he confirmed.

After hearing Dr. Bill’s assessment, without saying a word, Kavitha turned and walked to the stairs and began ascending them. “Bye, see you in class on Wednesday, Kavitha.” Jamal called after her.

Everyone watched as Kavitha’s breasts and ass jiggled and bounced all the way up the stairs. Once my wife was upstairs, Jamal, Jorge, and Robert began taking the exam table and the supplies and loading them in the truck. In a few minutes, everything was loaded up, and our living room was back to normal. They got in the truck and drove off.

Once the guys had left, Dr. Bill helped me put everything in an Express Mail envelope and write the address on it. “Ok Vinod, see you later. I will swing by the office and drop off this sample on my way home. Bye.”

And with that, the craziest evening of my life ended. Well not quite. After I walked up the stairs and opened the door to our bedroom, I was immediately attacked by my very naked and aroused wife. She completely overpowered me and had her way with me!

As we lay panting in the afterglow, Kavitha snuggled close to me. “Did I do ok, Vinod? Are you ashamed of me? Do you think I betrayed you?” she asked.

“No Kavitha. I am so proud of you. You completed the required exams, even if it was hard for you. And you know what else? All the others might have seen your gorgeous, sexy body fully revealed, but I bet they are all jealous that I am the one who gets to be in bed with you every night!”

Chapter 23: Epilogue

I went to the post office and mailed the envelope the next morning. There were no other immigration issues and Kavitha’s visa came a few weeks later.

The next morning, we noticed that Kavitha’s sari, blouse, petticoat, and panties that she had worn for the exam were missing. I assume that Jamal had taken them home as trophies.

Jorge and Robert changed a lot. They stopped bullying Jamal. They also stopped with the rude comments towards Kavitha and were always perfect gentlemen around her. They also began to work harder in school and improved their grades and went to college.

Jamal continued as if nothing had happened.

He remained polite and friendly and continued to come over for programming lessons with Kavitha. Dr. Bill ended up writing a recommendation letter for Jamal, and he went to pre-med and eventually on to medical school to become a doctor.

On Jamal’s 21st birthday, I and Dr. Bill took him out to have his first drink. As we drank beer and talked, he opened up. He told us that he had overheard me and Kavitha talking about her required exam on the night I had brought the immigration forms home. It had been he who had rang the doorbell, but then left before we could answer it. After hearing our discussion, this plan had come into his head. He had then spent the entire weekend at the library reading up on everything to do with immigration law and how to do physical exams – especially the female exam. He told me that when he had left the first time, he had found Robert and Jorge and asked for their help in getting some medical equipment from Dr. Bill’s office. When they asked what he needed it for, he had told them he was going to examine Kavitha. They had not believed him at first. But they came with him anyway and saw him undress my wife down to her underwear. Then, when they had all left after that, he had showed them the forms and told them he was going to go back and do the breast, rectal, and pelvic exams. This time they believed him and begged him to let them come. He said that he required them to give him some serious blackmail material in exchange. He never told us the exact nature of this material, but this explained why they stopped bullying him and would always listen to whatever he would say to them.

As for my wife Kavitha, she continued on as before. She still wore modest clothes. She continued to teach programming classes at the high school, and after her visa arrived, joined the school as a full-time teacher. Like she promised Jamal, she went the next year and got a full physical from Dr. Bill including breast, rectal, and pelvic exams. The full physical really was no big deal and lasted only 20 minutes. Dr. Bill had already seen her naked and being gowned and d****d with only Dr. Bill and a female nurse doing her exam was a great improvement from her exam with Jamal, Jorge, and Robert!

She kept up her yearly physicals faithfully for several years. But one year she got busy and caught up in her activities and forgot to get her yearly physical. But that is another story for another time.

The End…..

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