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“Oh, my God, you two!” Bill and another of his friends, Stuart, lifted me onto my feet from the ground in the backyard where I was licking clean Tucker’s cock after his knot managed to pull out of me. My cunt was still leaking the dog’s cum and was gaping from the knot.

Stuart exclaimed, “Damn, that was the hottest thing I have seen. Who knew you were into dogs, too?”

They were guiding me back into the house, apparently ready for another go with my body themselves. They took me back into the bedroom where we had been until they said they needed time to recover and Bill suggested that Tucker was probably anxious for some time with me. That comment had confused Stuart until Bill led us all outside naked, then his mouth dropped open when he saw me walk out to the dog and drop to the ground encouraging the dog onto its side. As my head dropped into the dog’s crotch, I heard Stuart stammering nonsensically and Bill laughing.

Now, apparently recovered, they took me down the short hallway for the bedroom but instead of letting myself be led to the bed, I broke away and went into the bathroom, quickly coming out with several large bath towels. I spread them on the sheets before climbing back into bed. Bill just nodded. After the two of them and the dog, my cunt was swimming with cum.

It was Sunday evening and the rule was Bill needed to be in bed early enough to be up and out to pick up his rig and trailer for the long-haul scheduled for the week ahead. Thankfully, these long-hauls were only every other week. To cut the evening shorter, I moved to my knees and instructed Stuart to lie down on his back. After climbing onto his cock, I fucked him slowly as I waited for Bill to lube himself and my asshole. A double penetration was good for a satisfying conclusion for everyone.

I gasped when Bill pushed through my sphincter. It was just the head of his cock for the moment as he allowed my body the moment to adjust. But, after that moment, he thrust further, then further into my ass until he was ‘balls deep’, as they say. Two cocks filling me at once and my moans filled in around the grunts and groans of the guys.

We all came in a mix of grunts, groans, gasps, and crying out, all in short succession of the others. Bill pulled out of my ass and I rolled to the side, Stuart’s cock slipping from my well used cunt, a long string of mixed cum connecting his cock head to my cunt until it finally snapped. Bill grabbed the camera and snapped a picture of my gaping cunt with the cum of three man and one dog-load. Lying on my back hid the leakage from my ass.

I left the bedroom naked and the guys followed behind. Stuart had one more beer to relax, then got dressed. I walked him to the door, did a quick survey of the neighbors across the street, then grabbed Stuart as he passed, giving him a goodnight kiss in the doorway naked. He stumbled on the last step as he watched me more than where he was stepping. This was his first time with us and I wasn’t sure he was still believing what had just happened tonight.

I chuckled as I closed the door. Bill looked questioningly over to me as he was picking up discarded beer bottles. I ignored the questioning look, told him to leave everything and I would clean it up tomorrow. “You need to get to bed for your driving tomorrow.” He wanted to debate that but knew it was true.

We were both sexually sated enough for sleep, but I was spooned into his back and my hand idly touching his cock. He wiggled back into my front and my leg curled over his. He asked, “Did you have fun, tonight?”

I giggled, “Of course, sir, you know I did. Why do you ask?”

I felt him shrug in the dark, “Bringing a new friend in, I guess.”

“Stuart is a nice guy … all your friends have been very nice … respectful and appreciative. In turn, sir, even though you give me to them, I enjoy them when they act appreciative.” I kissed his shoulder. “You know I trust your judgement about sharing me … and I do like the variety and sex … but you are gone a lot. If someone wasn’t respectful, it could be scary.”

He turned onto his back and pulled me into his side and kissed my forehead. “But nothing has happened?” I shook my head, which I figured he could feel. He was quiet for a few moments. “Should we stop this while I am gone?”

“Oh, no, sir, I didn’t mean that. It was just a thought. I’m your willing and happy slut, sir. I want you to use me and have me used.” I paused, “I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No, you’re right. That should be more of a concern. I just trust my friends not to cross the line. But … who do you trust the most?” I told him Jimmy without hesitation. “I’ll set up your phone to speed-dial him … just push the button and he’ll come. I’ll set it up.” I thought I should argue with him about it, but I couldn’t deny a sense of security that gave me.

Then, I thought back to the office and Ethan and the feeling I had about the control he exuded. He truly is the dominant sexually in the office, even more than Jerry. I brought that up with Bill and he had the same sense from my descriptions of what happens in the office. He still likes … wants … to hear about how I am used in the office. Times when he is on the road, our phone conversations can be long and we both masturbate with our phones on speakers.

He turned onto his back and, as he did, I leaned back for him to settle, then half crawled over his side to have that skin-to-skin contact. “We’ve been with Jerry and his wife outside the office. Has it come up with any of the other guys?”

I shook my head, “And, I wouldn’t be interested. Well … that’s not true … Ethan I would. Definitely, Ethan.”

“But he hasn’t asked?”

“Not asked, no.” I thought back. “He has a wonderful cock, sir, and he knows how to use it. It’s kind of like that BBC mythology in porn: big, black, control. He’s teased me that I like his cock. Sir, I try very hard in the office not to show favoritism or preference or anything. Like you warned me, it could cause some conflict, especially with the other two. But he has teased me that I would enjoy his friends, too.”

He raised my chin to look me in the eyes. “How did you feel about that? The idea of more black cock? The whole BBC scene … myth or not?”

I reached up and kissed him and he kissed me back. I wanted the assurance this wasn’t causing any conflict for him, but he brought it up. “It would be exciting, sir.”

My hand slid down his stomach and encountered a hard cock. The idea of this was exciting to him, too. He asked if I trusted Ethan. “I do, sir, but …” I grasped his hard cock in my fingers and lightly stroked him, “… but I would want you there, too.”

He flexed his hips as I stroked him. I slid over his body and quickly inserted his cock into my sloppy cunt. He thrust hard into me. Damn … this talk was exciting us both. He mashed my big tits as I bounced on his cock. Yet, again, we’re fucking.

“You want me there to watch?”

I shook my head, my hair swinging from side to side as my tits bounced up and down. “No, sir … yes, sir … I mean … watch … participate … you’re my husband … my control … I always … want you!” I leaned down onto my hands so I could fuck him wild. After the previous fucks tonight, this one lasted longer … Poor, Bill, he will be tired tomorrow.

The next morning, I arrived at work early as usual. It was a time when I could get some real work done uninterrupted before the men arrived. Again, I was the first in the parking lot. I was just pushing the elevator button when I heard someone call out to hold the elevator. It was Kevin. What was he doing here so early? It’s certainly out of character. He informed me he had to get a few things for a meeting later this morning across town. The elevator door opened and he followed me in, then dropped his briefcase on the floor and unzipped my dress. I elected to wear a tight mini-dress with a deep scoop in front and a hem that ended above mid-thigh. It wasn’t exactly office professional, but our office wasn’t exactly that, anyway … at least for me since I might just as likely be seen naked or partially dressed moving around the office.

I exclaimed very non-submissively, “Kevin … in the elevator?” Despite my protest, I dropped my purse so he could push the dress over my shoulders and down my arms to bunch at my hips.

“You saw the parking lot. It was empty so nobody else is here, yet.” He was working on the clips of my bra as he spoke, peeling the straps down my arms. He reached around me to fondle my tits. A bell sounded and the doors opened. We were still on the ground floor. He chuckled, “I think we want floor nine.” Still somewhat flustered, I reached for the button and felt his hands working my dress and panties over my hips. I stepped out of them as his fingers pressed between my legs from the rear. I parted my legs and leaned against the front over the control panel. I gasped as a finger found its way into my cunt. “Damn, Carol … I caught you outside the office and you are still wet and ready.”

I gasped as a second finger entered me. “Bill insists I … be a good … slut for you … all.”

The elevator dinged at our floor and the doors opened. He pushed me out and I saw my clothes fly out after me. I scooped them up in my arms, looked back to find him picking up his briefcase and my purse. I led the way down the hall to our office door basically naked carrying my clothes. Not having my purse, I stood at the door and waited as he fumbled in his pocket for the key. Once inside, he dropped my clothes and our bags into one of the visitor chairs and bent me over my reception desk. Normally, the guys would have me suck them off, first. That apparently wasn’t going to be necessary. I heard his zipper lower, then felt his cock pressing at my wet cunt, sliding over it in search of the hole. Once he found it, he thrust in hard, sinking much of his shaft in one thrust.

He pressed down on my upper back with one hand and held my hip with the other as he thrust urgently into me. He pounded me. As he pumped into me, he removed his hand from my back and began slapping my ass. I slipped a hand canlı bahis şirketleri to my clit, but, “No fingers. You can get yourself off, later.”

And, he meant it, too. After a few short moments later … he came inside me … and unceremoniously pulled his cock out. “Stay right there like that until I get the papers I need and leave, again.”

I dropped my chin on my crossed hands on the desk, “Yes, sir.” Asshole. I didn’t understand Kevin. Of all the guys in the office, he was the least effective, certainly the least caring, and … nastily … the least attractive. He’s the one likely to treat me like a whore. I’ve almost said something to Jerry a couple times, but … I don’t want to be a whiner and cause trouble.

Just then, the door to the office opened. Oh God. “What’s going on, Carol?” Ethan.

Before I could think of a diplomatic response, Kevin walked back out quickly, “Okay, cunt, you can get up.”

I stood up, turned, and watched Kevin leave the office. I looked at Ethan and shrugged. He asked what that was about, but I waved it off. I grabbed some tissues from my desk and obscenely wiped my pussy in front of him. I gave him a nasty smile, then a kiss as I walked to my clothes and stepped into my panties. With my hands behind my back clipping my bra, he offered, “Perhaps you should talk to Jerry.”

I stepped into my dress and shimmied it up over my hips, slipping my arms in, and turning my back to him. Without questioning, he zipped up my dress. I looked him in the eyes, “Excuse me for saying this, sir, but he’s not worth the effort of explaining it to Jerry.” I dropped my purse on my desk, turned on my computer, and headed for the breakroom to start the coffee. I heard the office door open, again. By the time I returned to my desk, I walked past Jerry’s office. His door was cracked open and I heard the voices of Ethan and Jerry. Damn it! I should have told Ethan not to bother, too.

Much later … “Carol, is your phone on?” I turned from Brian who I had been showing the corrections I made to his letter.

“What? I think so … what?”

Ethan chuckled, “Well, Bill called my office to find you …” Bill? That devil. He was already taking action on the conversation we had last night about Ethan. And, that was a quick story Ethan came up with to explain why Bill was on his phone. I looked up at Brian.

“Go ahead. I like all the changes you made, Carol. Thanks for catching those.”

I smiled at Brian and got up walking to Ethan’s office. Ethan motioned for me to close the door. He was behind his desk but wasn’t holding the phone. “Okay, Bill, she’s here now.”

I heard Bill’s voice from the speaker, “How’s the office slut this morning? You been fucked, yet?”

I blushed and glanced at Ethan. I blushed at the blatant question about what happen here from my husband with one of the men with me. I glanced at Ethan because he knew about earlier. “Yes, sir.” Ethan made a motion of zipping his lips and I mouthed, ‘thank you’.

“Honey, I decided to act on our conversation last night. I just came out with it. I told him you felt like he had been taunting you about his friends. I also told him you were more than interested. Was I out of line, honey?”

I looked at Ethan and blushed profusely, “No, sir. That is what I told you.” Boy, talk about humiliating.

“By the way, Ethan, my wife isn’t dressed right now is she?” Ethan smiled at me and told Bill I was indeed dressed. “We can’t have that … if we’re going to be talking about getting you fucked, you need to be undressed.” I looked at Ethan. He sat back. He was enjoying this … the interaction between a husband and his slutwife. I asked Bill if I should completely. “Down to stockings and heels.”

I unzipped the dress, shimmied it off, unclipped my bra, and pushed my panties down. Naked, I stood before Ethan and Bill on the phone. Ethan informed Bill, “She’s naked now, Bill. I have to say, again, she has magnificent tits and her cunt is visibly shiny with her feet parted.”

Bill laughed, “She is a good slut.” He went quiet for a moment. “Sorry, got caught behind a slow camper and passing traffic. Oh, yes … slut. Speaking of her being a good slut, Ethan, she talked to me about your comments about how your friends could have fun with her. Only a slut would say that to her husband, right?”

Ethan smiled. I was still blushing. “Well, Bill, only a slut would be fucking in the office to begin with.”

“True … very true. Anyway, I’m glad to have had this talk, Ethan. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your friends soon. I’ll leave the arrangements up to you and Carol.”

Ethan thanked Bill and they said their goodbyes. Ethan motioned the chair and I sat down. He smiled, “I have to say, Carol, I am truly looking forward to meeting your husband. I’ll admit I have been a little nervous about ever meeting him given what happens here, but … he sounds like a hell of a guy. And, he obviously loves you.”

I smiled back at him. “Thank you, sir. I happen to think he is the best man there is.”

We came to a quick understanding. I couldn’t really believe I was sitting across from a man I really enjoyed fucking and we were talking casually about arranging a meeting for him, his two friends, and Bill to fuck me. My nipples were rock hard and my cunt was drooling by the time we agreed on meeting for dinner Saturday night at the local Hyatt. It has a restaurant on the roof with magnificent views. He and his friends would have a suite for the night for Bill and me for after the … ah … activities so we wouldn’t have to drive home so late.

I uncrossed my legs and spread them as far as the chair arms allowed. “Sir … would it be too forward of the slut to ask to be fucked?”

He laughed, pushed his chair back, and patted the top of his desk in front of him. I smiled and walked around to his side of the desk and hopped onto the surface, lying back and spreading my legs. I was counting on him being as excited as I was … well, almost as … and I was pleased to see his cock hard as he pushed his pants and shorts down to his knees and move between my legs.

He took hold of his cock and slid it up and down my slit. He placed it at my hole, lodged there but not entering. He looked down at me and asked, “I suppose Kevin didn’t help you with an orgasm?” I shook my head, my eyes on his cock head at my cunt. “That’s no way to treat a willing woman.”

I made eye contact, “Sir … can I ask a favor?” He nodded. “I might be a willing woman, but … fuck me like I’m a slut.”

He smiled and drove his cock deep into my ready cunt. I gasped at the sudden fullness and almost came right there.

* * * *

Early Saturday evening. “Honey, you about ready?” I called back I would be there in a minute. I looked in the floor-length mirror one last time. I was wearing the most obscene dress I had ever worn. Bill chose it just today just for this evening. The hem was so short I was nervous about sitting in it. I turned around one more time to be sure my ass cheeks were covered. I saw, again, that there was no back to it. Meaning no bra. Turning back to see the front, it scooped deeply between my giant tits. The top was loose folds of fabric. Bending over would have the effect of gapping the top and exposing my tits. With no support, my tits moved anywhere they wanted. In the store, when I tried it on, I challenged Bill that I might be arrested in this. He just laughed.

I grabbed the small overnight bag I had packed. A change of clothes for each of us to come home in and our toiletries. When I entered the living room, Bill gasped.

“I told you it was too slutty.”

“No. It’s not that … God, you’re beautiful, honey.”

I walked up to him. He took me into his arms. I asked, “We’re really doing this? You’re sure you are okay with this?”

He nodded. “This is all about shared experiences, right?” He kissed me. I kissed him back, taking his hand, and we left.

At the Hyatt, Bill pulled up to the front entrance to use the valet parking. The young man stepped forward quickly to open my door, stepped back to allow me to get out, and I saw his eyes bug out. There was no sense in looking down or trying to do anything about what I was exposing. I had mistakenly put my right leg out first rather than pivoting around. Just not experienced with these very short skirts. I thanked him and tried to act like nothing had happened. I waited for Bill and took his arm as we stepped to the entrance.

“God … I flashed him!”

He laughed and patted my arm in his, “Good thing you had panties on, then.” I giggled.

As soon as we walked through the lobby for the bank of elevators, my grip on Bill’s arm tightened. I was now comfortable being a slut with Bill’s friends and at the office. Now, I was heading up to the restaurant to meet men I would be fucking soon. And … these men who were strangers who knew that was why we were meeting. The dinner was just a preliminary.

Bill was my strength. As nervous as I was about the idea of extending my being a slutwife to complete strangers, Bill exuded the confidence of our decision and his physical contact as we rode the elevator calmed me. We were alone in the elevator and he asked if I was nervous, which I was sure was obvious to him. When I admitted I was, “Try to relax. That’s what the dinner is for, to get to know them a little. Besides, think about the fun you’ll have. And, if they are anything like Ethan, they’ll be great guys, right?” He had an excellent point.

We entered the restaurant door, Bill told the hostess we were meeting three men, and I spotted Ethan standing tall and waving. He said something to the other two men and walked to meet us. We met halfway through the room. He gave me a hug, shook Bill’s hand and fawned over him, telling him how much he looked forward to meeting him. The relaxing look on Bill face indicated the tension he apparently had also been carrying.

The table they had was against a window and the two chairs still open were next to the window so we could easily see out. The other men were Devon and Mason, both about the same size as Ethan, about 6’ 3” and 230 pounds. They were quite dark skinned and handsome. They both politely stood, shaking Bill hand first, then accepting canlı casino siteleri a hug from me. The two men both had management positions in local companies. Ethan, the consummate sales guy, put everything at ease by introducing a bit of history about the three of them going back to high school. The other two quickly took up the opportunity to add some slightly embarrassing stories about Ethan who had some success in college football but nothing close to going further.

Then, with our after-dinner drinks nearly completed, Bill reached across the table to take my hand. I looked at him, smiled and nodded my head. I looked to the end of the table where Ethan sat and smiled at him, giving him the same nod. Devon and Mason noticed the exchange and the vibe at the table became charged.

Bill leaned into the table while I glanced nervously around to the other tables. I knew what he was about to do. “Guys, everyone knows why we are here. Thank you for the wonderful dinner, but we know that was to allow Carol the opportunity to get a feel for the kind of men you are.” He looked at me and I gave him another reassuring smile. “As Ethan has undoubtedly already told you, my wife truly enjoys sex. How about we find out just how much she enjoys it.” As they all stood, I blushed as Mason assisted with my chair and offered his arm. We received a lot of looks from men and women in the restaurant as we made our way out, one white woman with a white man and three black men. The fact that I was wearing a very short dress that I had to pull down after sitting and my large tits seemed to going in different directions at times undoubtedly gave some an impression about our group.

As we walked across the hall area to the elevator, Mason commented loud enough for all of us to hear, “You drew a lot of attention from people in that dress.”

I turned to the group as we waited, “With this dress and alone with you four, they all thought I was a slut or something.”

Bill, who came up behind me, took me in his arms from behind and aggressively cupped my unconstrained tits and kissed my cheek, “You are a slut, dear.” Then, to the three men in front of us, “Guys, start making use of her as a slut.”

The elevator dinged as if on cue, Bill stepped aside and Devon and Mason led me into the elevator with Bill and Ethan following. I saw Ethan push the button five floors down just as I felt hands sliding the straps of my dress off my shoulders. The top of my dress dropped to my waist, instantly. Devon turned my face to the right and we kissed. I felt lips on my left nipple. It seemed like instantly my pent-up arousal held in anticipation jumped to near orgasmic levels. Surrounded by men in the confines of the elevator, two consuming me and someone else lowering the zipper at my waist. I opened my eyes to find Bill leaning against the far wall with a smile on his face that exuded pleasure, comfort, and pride. I broke the kiss just long enough to mouth, ‘thank you’, to him before being turned to Mason for a kiss and Devon taking the other nipple and my dress pushed down off my hips. I lifted one foot, then the other, as the dress was removed, presumably by Ethan.

I heard the ding and the door opening. I was afraid to even look, afraid that some older couple would be standing there offended, but there was nobody. Bill stood in the way of the door, but I wasn’t allowed to move until my panties were also removed. I didn’t look back, assuming they were picked up by someone as I was led out into the hallway. I was moved to the floor-to-ceiling window in the alcove and pressed up against the window with my front pressed against the cool glass as one after another of the guys, including Bill, pressed up against me, kissing my neck and shoulders, and caressing my ass, hands snaking to my tits and between my legs, which I spread willingly for them.

When I turned around, I was gasping, my chest rising and falling. I was flushed with excitement and desperate need coursing through me. Ethan handed me the room key and told me the number. As I led the way down the hall, the guys all following behind me, a naked woman in stockings and heels, I realized the room must be at the very end. I wondered if they had somehow managed to arrange that intentionally. It was a tense walk down the long hallway as I was sure one of the doors almost certainly would open, but nothing happened.

Inside, the room was indeed a suite with a living area and a separate bedroom. I moved to the sofa in the living area and sat down. “You guys have seen me, now show me what you have.” I pointed at Bill, “All of you.” There was no way I was going to let Bill not be an active part of this. There was no way anyone was going to mistake Bill for a cuckhold because he was sharing me.

All four guys quickly shed clothes until four naked men stood before me. I smiled. They might have thought I was merely lusting after the four semi-hard cocks but I was really thinking that Bill’s, the lone white guy, was not the smallest cock. So much for the black cock mythology. I moved to my knees before them and they formed a tight semi-circle around me. I took each cock in turn, spending a minute on each before moving to the next one, and continuing until there were four hard cocks. I sat back on my heels and looked at them. I knew Bill was 7.5 inches and Ethan was a full 10 inches (I’ve measure both). Devon’s was about in the middle and Mason was very slightly less than Bill.

I sat back in anticipation of someone deciding how this should begin, but nobody did, so I resumed sucking cock. It wasn’t long, though, before one of them moved behind me and felt between my legs, commented on how wet I was to which Ethan grunted something sounding like, ‘she always is’. I couldn’t see who was behind me at the moment since my mouth was balls deep on Bill’s cock, but he soon had his cock buried in me. Someone else moved my hand to his cock and the remaining guy began working my tits and nipples. Soon, they switched. It almost seemed choreographed by the smoothness of the transition from one to the next. No sooner was the cock out of my cunt than the hands on my tits disappeared and he entered me. The new cock in my hand was slippery indicating he had just come from my cunt. After a couple of shifts, I saw I was in trouble … not literally in trouble because I was literally surrounded by cock, but figuratively because my arousal was steadily increasing from the continuous fucking and stimulation of my nipples and, occasionally, my clit. The switching was holding their arousal in check while mine continued to rise.

It wasn’t long before I had my first orgasm. The cock in my mouth muffled the vocal effects sufficiently, but the bodily effects were evident. And, they kept up the pace of fucking, switching, and manipulating. Then, Ethan got behind me to thrust into me and paused. I wondered why … then, he turned me onto my back, splayed my knees out and moved between them, thrusting deep in one stroke. The other guys fell into place with someone in my hand, someone else back into my mouth, and the other now sucking nipples and aggressively stimulating my clit.

Another couple switches and I came a second time and they still were going strong. Then, it was Bill’s turn to move us around. He lay on his back with his cock standing straight up. I crawled over him and sank down on his cock, the others forming around us, again. At the next switch (I was wondering how that would happen), Mason lay alongside Bill. I smiled and moved with the obvious. Pulling off Bill, I straddled Mason and sank down on his cock, everyone forming up, again. I came a third time before I knew the guys were getting close to not being able to hold out much longer.

Ethan was on his back and I was aggressively fucking him when his cock jerked inside me and filled me with his cum. I looked to find the other guys lined up on the floor, boldly stroking their cock. I pulled off Ethan and moved to the next cock, Devon, then Bill, and finishing with Mason. Four loads of cum in my cunt and another orgasm. I collapsed to the floor alongside Mason. I rolled half on top of him and muttered between gasps, “Thank you … thank you.”

Bill suggested a short break to rest. The mini-frig was opened and small bottles of alcohol, soft drinks, and water were passed around. I headed for the bathroom after claiming a water. I immediately returned with several towels I placed on the couch to sit on. I was leaking terribly … or wonderfully.

After finishing the water, I returned to the bathroom to wipe some of the cum from my cunt and thighs. As I approached the door to the living area, I heard talking. I peeked into the room to find the four men huddled together in a conversation, all of them again stroking their cocks. When I entered, the conversation stopped. I stood with my hands on my hips and asked what was up. Bill broke from the group, put his arm around me, and led me into the bedroom. The other guys followed. Bill didn’t elaborate, but it was clear the men were ready for more. Devon and Ethan pulled the covers down to the foot of the bed, then they gathered in a semi-circle next to floor-to ceiling window in the bedroom. I smiled. As I sucked their cocks, I would be directly in front of the window. Yes, it was the weekend and late at night, but there were still lights on in building across the street. But they were exposed, too … if not as clearly as me.

I sucked their cocks hard, then Ethan moved me to the edge of the bed and gently pushed me down until I was on my back. He opened my parted legs further and moved his cock head over my slit. He pressed into me easily and after several strokes was fully embedded. I was moaning from the initial penetration and looked up into his face as he began long, easy strokes into my cunt. The other guys gather around like before and that became my expectation as Mason put his cock to my cheek and I turned with mouth open to accept it. Other hands were touching my tits and nipples, but I didn’t see Bill in the mix. Then, everything changed.

Ethan, still penetrated deep in my cunt, pulled us to the edge kaçak casino of the bed. He pulled my legs to his waist and I naturally hooked my ankles behind him. He then bent down and asked me to grab him around the neck. I thought we were going to kiss, but instead, he moved us the very edge and pulled me with his body as he stood up. I am not one of those women who is petite and light as a feather so I was immediately impressed, but the impressed part wasn’t nearly over.

I saw Bill as I looked over Ethan’s shoulder. He was smearing lubricant over his cock as he approached us. I looked questioningly at him and, when he saw my expression, he smiled in a way I now understood they had a game plan established. Ethan’s cock was deep in me and the pressure of his pubic bone on my clit as I fell on his cock was amazing. I had long since given up any concern about being with these men and allowed my body to be manipulated in any way they were intending to try.

I felt lube being applied to my puckered hole, then pressed inside, fingers sawing in and out. Ethan’s cock in my cunt made even a couple of Bill’s fingers tight and I knew this was going to be a double penetration more intense than any I had previously had with Bill and his friends.

With my legs clamped around Ethan’s waist and my arms tightly around his neck, Ethan moved his hands to my ass and spread my cheeks. I soon felt Bill pressing his cock at my asshole. I looked at Ethan and he had a devious smile on his face. I just closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on relaxing. Ethan’s cock already gave me a feeling of fullness and Bill’s wasn’t a small cock. Ethan raised me up his cock to give Bill better access and I felt the cock pressing firmly, my hole and sphincter begrudgingly opening. When it finally pressed through, I gasped out. One of my hands moved back to Bill, touching him anywhere to indicate for him so wait and, of course, he already was, giving my body the chance to adjust. He was pressed into my back and found spots for his hands to assist in hold me. I returned my arms around Ethan and murmured an, ‘okay’. Both pressed up into me, Bill going a little deeper with Ethan. Then, they lowered me rather than them fucking into me, gravity did the job for them. They released some of the support on me and my body dropped to cover both cocks in my holes. I cried out, gasping and moaning at the intensity of the full double penetration.

“Oh … FUCK!” I shuddered and quaked as an orgasm crashed through me. I clutched Ethan around the neck not just to hold on but some sense that I needed to in order to avoid my body exploding apart. My two holes clamped tighter around the cocks more than the fullness required as my cunt soaked Ethan’s cock and clamped on Bill so hard I think he had a hard time pumping into me.

Bill chuckled behind me as he and Ethan drove their cock up, occasionally lifting me to drop me down over both at the same time, my passages slammed full of cock with an intense feeling of fullness. With his chuckle, Bill replied, “Fuck, yes, dear. That’s the point.”

The others chuckled and I looked to see Devon and Mason standing nearby, both stroking their cocks. I wondered how this was going to play out. But, why would I spend any effort thinking about that when I was being consumed by two cocks in my holes.

Bill came first. It wasn’t surprising given my ass had him gripped like a vise as he slid in and out. He grunted with a primal sound coming deep in his throat. When he slammed deep into me, even Ethan stopped with a mighty thrust to fill my cunt deep with his cock, though he wasn’t cumming, yet. Bill grunted, gasped, and moaned as his cum spurted into my ass. I could feel every twitch, pulse, and spurt as his climax began and finished. He paused deep inside me, his lips finally finding my bare shoulder before pulling out. Suddenly, I weirdly felt only half-full, but that wouldn’t last.

I was holding onto Ethan with my face buried in his shoulder still recovering from my own orgasm and feeling a moment of calm to recover when another cock was thrust into my ass. It wasn’t the normal anal penetration, a little at time, but a mighty single thrust deeply into me. Of course, I had to be gaping from Bill just vacating that hole and his cum was an additional lubricant as this cock slid in deep and easy, but I swore at the suddenness and I heard the voice of Devon behind me.

“O000hhhhh … damn, this is … good.” Ethan chuckled and held me tight.

I was panting now, panting like a bitch in heat (if that’s what bitches do). “OOOHHHHH … FUCK … YOU … GUYS!” I was already nearing another orgasm with Devon behind me pressing aggressively into me and pressing my clit firmly into Ethan. I was being held in position and their cocks were alternating into me, one deep and out, then the other. Then, just as I began anticipating that action, they shifted to lifting and dropping me … literally dropping me … Ethan’s cock jamming deepest, but Devon’s feeling very deep because of the tightness.

Ethan was the next of the guys to cum. Devon slowed as Ethan slammed into my cunt, his cock hitting deep inside, his pelvic bone jamming my clit with each powerful thrust. He slammed in and held himself deep as his cock erupted, filling my cunt with his seed. An orgasm was just cresting for me when Ethan pulled out of me, his cock seeming to slide forever out, and leaving my cunt feeling very empty. Before he was fully out, though, he assisted Devon in holding me as Mason came up in front of me. I put my arms out and raised my legs to wrap around him. He aligned his cock to my gaping, dripping hole, and slammed his cock in. It was one strong thrust that embedded him fully inside, immediately cramming Devon’s cock in my ass, and resurging my orgasm.

It started as a small ripple with that first powerful thrust from Mason and each coordinated thrust from these two increased the ripple to waves until it was a full-on storm wave crashing through me. I clung to Mason for dear life and they continued pounding my two holes. I felt wasted by that orgasm that had probably been building inside the entire night.

Devon was next to climax and he stayed inside my ass with gentle, smooth strokes as Mason continued to fuck me strongly. The continuous stimulation from Mason in the tight hole must have kept him hard and me full of cock. After Mason came inside me, adding his seed to all the others, I held onto him desperately as I fought for control of my quivering body and ragged breathing.

He tried to gently lower us to the bed, but … failed. We flopped onto the bed, his softening cock pulling out and we bounced alongside each other. I turned and kissed him deeply as the other guys teased him about being so smooth. I whispered into his mouth, “Thank you. It was amazing.”

Bill was spooned into me from behind. His hand cupped my tit as it always did when we cuddled. It was late and we had taken the guys up on their offer to use the room for the night and charge breakfast to the room in the morning. It had been several hours since the guys left and we had made soft, lazy love rather than trying for sleep immediately.

We had left the curtains open with only the sheers closed over the window which allowed some city light into the room. He kissed my shoulder and softly said, “I love you.”

I rolled in his arm and hugged him tight. “Oh, God, Bill … I love you so much.”

“What’s wrong?”

I smiled at him in the soft, filtered light, “Nothing’s WRONG … it’s just … all of this is so damn exciting and it is fueling an increasing fire of need within me. But …” He looked at me questioningly about the ‘but’. “As much as I like what is happening, I don’t want this to come between us. I don’t want you to look back and regret anything.”

He laughed loudly, loudly enough I wondered that another room might have heard in the deep quiet of the late night … early morning. He rolled us over and I found myself somehow straddling him and my messy cunt covering a hard cock. I looked down between my legs, though in the heavy shadow of the defused light I wouldn’t really see anything.

He pulled my face to his and we kissed. “Does that tell you anything? This excites me, too, Carol. A lot! It’s a mix of feeling, I think. Foremost, it’s satisfying, fulfilling, exciting to see you evolving so easily and naturally. I think you truly were meant for this. Maybe there is an ego thing, too. I see men lust after you and I get to see some men act on it and they are just wild in need when it happens. It is a tremendous turn-on, Carol. But, do you know what the biggest turn-on for me is?” I shook my head. His hips rose up against me and I realized I had been stroking his hard cock under my cunt, his cock gliding between my messy lips. I rose, he flexed his cock up a few inches, and I moved back, capturing his cock head in my hole and sitting back onto it. We both gasped. God, I loved this man! He continued, “The biggest turn-on for me is when I am watching you with another man inside you, maybe two like tonight, and see you look for me and, when we connect, I see the love you have for me in your face.”

I am fucking him with long, slow strokes. I leaned forward and kissed him. With our lips mere inches apart, I responded, “That’s because it is just sex with them. It’s love with you. Sure, you just fuck sometimes, too, but we share more than body parts. I’ll always be your wife, lover, submissive, and slut, sir. You are the one. The only one. If you never had me fucked by another man, I would still happily be all those things for you.”

We fucked for a long time, turning into different positions to continue it and delay our final climax for the night. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, bent me over the edge and fucked me doggy style, before shocking me. He pulled me up and walked me to the sliding door to the balcony, still being fucked. He leaned me over the wrought-iron railing overlooking the city and finally brought both of us to orgasm.

Snuggled up to him in bed moments later, I said, “Wow.”

He replied, “I know, right?”

“I mean, that was …”

“I know, right?”

That’s my Bill … he has a real way with post-fucking banter.


* * This is a story that certainly has the potential of being added to, but this felt like a decent stopping point. We’ll see if something gets added. At the moment, I have other story ideas to try. Thanks for ready this story. * *

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