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Slutwife Terry Webb Has Sex in Risky Places

If you have read about my many different adventures you already know risky is normal for me. One of my all time favorite places for public sex is public beaches and public swimming pools. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve included water (beaches, pools, lakes, etc) in our sexual play in public.

Ive enjoyed sex in public bars on the pool table, pinball machine, or even on the bar by as many willing partners as time allowed. I still enjoy being naked while riding in a vehicle even when going thru a fast food drive thru. Ive had sex on several boats within sight of other boaters or even next to very busy highway bridges. I love sex in public places. Maybe one of the more riskier places is in an elevator after pushing all of the buttons so the doors open on every floor.

But as I think about it maybe the riskiest place was a historic museum while on vacation. Hubby and I was enjoying the different displays when we noticed one display case was left slightly open. Inside were several mannequins wearing old dresses. Hubby dared me to try on my favorite so we slipped behind the glass and into the case. I was going to slip the dress over my teeshirt and shorts but hubby suggested only my birthday suit. So I quickly stripped naked and into the ball gown. I modeled it and loved how it fit. Hubby was enjoying it too before lifting the skirt up in the back, dropping his shorts, and taking me right there in the case.

Before long I was more out of the gown than I was in it and it wasnt long güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri before we both climaxed from the thrill of where we were. We were careful not to soil the dress before returning it to the mannequin. We had just stepped out of the case when a group came in. Man that was close, than we noticed them, cameras in the ceiling. Had our little show been recorded? We hurried our little tour just in case. Thankfully no one ever said anything. So you see risky is the norm for me and trying to recall the riskiest is kind of hard to say. Im willing to try it all with no limits so there isnt no telling just how risky my next adventures will be.

Just the other day one of my girlfriends and I were discussing how many times we’ve been “caught in the act”. She is a lot like me and enjoys the thrill of sex in public places with the possibility of being caught or seen by others. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been “caught” as I do love sex in public places especially on the beach. But it made me remember my earliest time of being caught which was a very risky place to be having sex. Hubby and I enjoy sex outdoors. We have found we like public parks. They usually have secluded spots where there is some risk yet most of the time we can find a nice quiet out of the way location.

On this early occasion in our marriage we weren’t so careful in choosing a spot. We were in a public park with a public beach area with a hiking trail around the marshy area. We hiked a short distance from güvenilir bahis şirketleri the beach and noticed a “perfect spot” in the tall grass just next to the trail. Someone had cleared a small area just long enough for a person and barely wide enough for two. It was only a few steps off the trail. We spread out our straw mat and towels on the ground of our little clearing. Hubby removed his swimsuit and was laying on his back fully naked. I removed my swimsuit bottoms and lowered myself onto his stiff cock. Hubby pushed my top aside to expose my breasts so he could enjoy them as we were having intercourse. I’m not sure why I left my top on as I usually remove it too but I’m glad I did.

No sooner than we were really into a rhythm a group of people were headed our way. There was no where to hide and it was too late to dress without calling attention to ourselves. So I readjusted my top covering my breasts correctly as I just remained there sitting on my husband with his cock still buried deep inside my vagina. To my own surprise I started talking to my hubby as I sat there acting like nothing was going on with my bare ass shining for anyone to notice. We just acted “normal” like a loving couple just talking. The group walked right by us not missing a step or hardly looking our way. We wondered once they were gone if anyone saw anything or knew what we were actually doing. Maybe the tall grass gave us some concealment or maybe every one in the group was being nice by just ignoring us. I was sure they canlı bahis şirketleri saw everything as we were parallel to the trail facing them as they walked by and my butt was shining if they looked back once they passed us. I was very nervous and scared as it was the first time anyone had ever caught us. Would they call the cops or did they even see anything?

Hubby being my hubby simply popped my breasts back out and suggested we finish what we started. Being “caught” put him right over the top with only a little more grinding from me. We quickly slipped our swimsuit bottoms back on and hurried back to the beach in the opposite direction that the group was heading.

After recalling this early adventure as my girlfriend and I talked it dawned on me to share it here as I detail a few of our more risky places we have had sex. It was our first risky place where we got “caught”. We enjoy finding little hidden away spots in public parks even to this day and I suppose they are some of the riskiest places I have had sex.

Maybe the time we were on a camper trailer lot and used one of the display models for some afternoon fun was a bit risky. We were in the back bedroom of the trailer having sex when we heard the door open. We had to quickly get back into our clothes (thankfully only shorts and shirts) before the sales guy and another couple walked back into the same room. Hubby asked the salesman about the price trying to appear interested in the trailer and hoping no one noticed the ruffled covers on the bed. There isnt a lot more to tell about that adventure but it just adds to the fact that I have had sex in so many risky places that it is hard to choose just one as the most risky. I’m sure part of the thrill is the possibility of being caught but then again I love being exposed in public places so the more riskier the better.

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