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Cathy felt dismay when she heard Dr. Connor’s words. Her punishment by Dr. Connor was supposed to end today but instead, he found a way to extend it once again. She felt resentment rise in her as she gazed upon the young tanned Asian girl, lying half awake from her earth shattering orgasm. It was this Asian girl’s fault for not filling up the entry form correctly, thought Cathy. She did not know that Ana’s father had filled it up and submitted it for her or she might have felt less anger at the dazed Asian girl.

“Bend over,” ordered Dr. Connor.

Cathy leaned on to his desk as her short uniform slid up to reveal her fair ass. The doctor caressed her butt cheeks before smacking it hard, leaving his palm print. She was wearing a very weird contraption, one you might find in a fetish sex shop. It was like a g-string, the front was elastic chords connected a piece of latex with a hole from which the upper part of her vulva was exposed while the back was just an elastic chord and a metal ring connecting the three chords. weird thing about it was the metal cylinder that was poking through the latex and her pussy. It was a hollow vibrator and Dr. Connor unscrews the cap and pours the aphrodisiac in to it before closing it and switching it on. The vibrator was small tiny holes canlı bahis in it which opens up when it is vibrating to expel the liquid it contained into the pussy. Cathy wriggled involuntarily as she quickly became aroused and nearing orgasm when the device shut itself, preventing her from cumming.

“Now that we have you ready, please ready me up, Nurse,” said Dr. Connor as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his soft cock.

Cathy kneeled down in front of him and took his cock into her mouth, licking first around the tip of the cock as she knew the doc liked it that way. She then sucked her way down to the base of his cock and held herself there as her tongue played around the bottomside of his shaft from inside her mouth. What happened next surprised Ana who was now awake and watching with curiosity. When Cathy pulled back to breathe, Dr. Connor’s cock had become aroused and erected inside her throat and was at it’s full glory of 7 inches. Cathy started bobbing up and down, slurping all over the large cock. She left trails of saliva whenever she completely pulled away from the cock. Dissatisfied, Connor grabbed on to her red hair and drove his cock all the way in. She choked and tried to pull back but Connor held her there for awhile before pulling out and leaving bahis siteleri her gasping for air.

Connor grabbed Cathy by her elbow and helped her to stand before stripping her uniform off. She was left standing naked in front of Ana who was now able to see that Cathy was not fully shaven and had a small tuft of red hair on top of her pussy. Connor grabbed Cathy’s large D cup breasts from behind and fondled it before shoving her face onto Ana’s pussy. “Lick it!” barked Connor as he smothered Cathy on to Ana’s pussy.

“But I’ll become even more aroused with the liquid I’ll swallow,” said Cathy.

“That’s the point,” said Connor with a sadistic grin on his face. “Now Ana, you need to learn about this special oil. It’ll make you feel aroused and it makes you very very easy to please, just like how I fingered you till you cummed. However, it’s arousing factor only works on the pussy. It doesn’t matter how or where you apply it. Once the body absorbs it, it’ll only arouse the pussy. I could fuck her ass all day but she’ll still be feeling horny as hell. She can rub her clit too but as long as nothing goes in and out, stimulating her vaginal walls, she’ll be horny.”

As he finished his speech, he crammed his saliva coated cock into Cathy’s asshole. Her surprised bahis şirketleri scream was muffled by Ana’s newly aroused pussy. “Did you know Cathy was anal virgin till she was transferred to work here on this island under me. Imagine that! A lovely 23 year old girl like her and her anal cherry was still available. I soon showed her the errors of her way. Isn’t that right, Cathy?” asked Connor as she whimpered into Ana’s pussy.

Slowly, he pounded Cathy, each thrust bringing more moans and screams from her. Ana stared as the tight asshole of Cathy stretched and wrapped Connor’s cock as he thrusted inwards and relaxed everytime he was halfway out. He was grunting more and more as he thrusted faster and faster, his cock pistoning in and out of Cathy’s ass. As Cathy’s moans got louder and louder, Connor thrusted faster and faster till he suddenly stopped.

“It gives me not much pleasure to punish her,” said Connor as he looked at Ana. “Watch.”

He pulled his cock out of Cathy’s ass with a pop. He opened the cap of the vibrator, pushed the tip of his cock into it and jerked himself. Ana watched in fascination as this man stroked his wet, slippery cock till he cummed into the cylinder. He was gasping and grunting as he emptied his balls into the container, he cummed so much till it was overfilled and started to spill. He closed the cap and switched it on before wiping his cock on Cathy’s uniform and putting his pants back on.

“Now, get dressed nurse and send this young lady to her class.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32