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Have I ever told you about the time when I lived in South Carolina for a while? I don’t think I have. Well, that was a few years ago, I was 25 then. People remember South Carolina for its beaches, it’s quite, friendly environment. I remember South Carolina for Sandy. She was amazing. I have seen very few girls as gorgeous or as passionate in all my life. There was this time when she actually…oh, but I am jumping ahead of my story. Let me start in the proper order.

I was glad it was a sunny day as I was moving in, weather-wise May is always dicey, one day it’s warm and sunny and by evening you can expect clouds and showers and what have you. Those were the simple thoughts in my mind as I was carrying stuff from the truck to the house. Setting down the lamps in the bedroom, I heard someone knock at the door, still trying to fix the cords so it wouldn’t trip me every time I came into the room, I just called out “Come in!”, I was coming out of the bedroom and she was walking into the living room, I will never forget that moment. She was all woman, and what woman, I could not help licking my lips. Her full breasts were simply not content to stay bound in the tight confines of her brief top, I could see the shiny smooth tops, the nipples poking out of the knotted top…as I moved my eyes lower on her sexy, tempting body, I noticed she had equally appealing thighs and they were more visible than hidden by her shorts that were just a hair-breadth bigger than panties. Even though I noticed her sexy body first, her face was nothing to sneer at. Full, luscious lips, soft cheeks just begging to be caressed and sucked, brown brunette hair framing her face in a free-flowing way. The dark glasses hiding her face were so becoming but as she took them off, I could see she had really sexy eyes. Eyes that had interest in them, I was in my shorts too, with a t-shirt made almost transparent by the warm sun. She was delicious as a dream and enchanting like an angel, on top of that sexy, beautiful figure and that look in her eyes was making me hot and I could feel my cock already stirring in my shorts. I had nothing on except the bahis firmaları shorts and I was sure she could see the tip poking into the shorts as she licked her lips.

“Hi, I am Sandy, I live next door”, even as I took her outstretched hand in mine, we were both conscious of a subtle current flowing through our bodies, “I live next door, thought I should meet my new neighbor”.

She smiled a dazzling, sexy yet sweet smile. “So, nice of you, I am Romeo.”

“Nice to meet you, Romeo”

“The pleasure,” I said with what I hoped was a seductive smile, “is all mine, m’lady”

She smiled that lovely smile of hers again, “You need any help?”, “No thanks” I couldn’t imagine putting that lovely vision to this grimy work, “But I’d really appreciate a woman’s perspective on this arrangement”, I couldn’t let her go, either, “what do you think, should I put the lamp in this corner or there beside the bed?”

She thought for a second, “Beside the bed. But what does it matter”, her smile was mischievous, “It’ll be lights out in this room anyway.”

“Not unless my date is shy”, I said equally mischievously as I passed behind her to carrying the lamp to get to the other side of the bed. When I passed behind her, she moved to make space for me and suddenly my bare arm brushed against her bare back and it was like electricity passed through our bodies. I put the lamp beside the bed and looked at her, her eyes was saying yes, yes, take me, and her breasts were heaving, damn it, I could no longer control myself, I advanced a step and as she moved forward towards me, I took her into my arms and kissed her hard.

Holding her body tight in my arms, feeling her soft breasts pressed on my chest, I was aware of how lovely she smelled, my hands were roaming all over her body, feeling her bare back rubbing her soft flesh with my hot palm, the other hand on her butt caressing and squeezing her firm round ass cheeks by slipping my hand under and inside her shorts. It was so hot, my hard cock pushing into her hot pussy, her full breasts flattened on my chest and getting hard with excitement. I pressing kaçak iddaa my lips on her and pushed my hungry tongue into her mouth, licking and massaging her tongue, sucking her sweet mouth, my tongue so hungry to devour her, licking every inch of her mouth darting in and out, licking her lips and again her tongue. I could feel her hands on my body holding my butt and my neck with the other hand, pressing me into her making the kiss even more intense, more heated.

As I felt her hand on my cock rubbing my long hard penis in my shorts, I figured it was time to move forward, I slipped my hand inside her top and cupped her soft warm breast in my hand, squeezing softly at first then harder, her nipple pressing into my palm. As I started kneading it harder, she started moaning into my mouth, her body hot and horny, I untied the top from her back and let it fall, exposing her supple, firm breasts with the nipples erect like hard points. I took them both in my hands and start kneading the breasts hard, the nipples pushing into my palms. I took her hard nipples in my thumbs and fingers and rolled them in my fingers, pinching hard. She responded by arching her body, pushing her firm breasts into my hands, her moans loud and passionate, the more I played with her nipples the louder she moaned, “Fuck me, oh, fuck me please.” She opened my shorts and dropped them down on the floor revealing the hard, erect cock. My hand was already on her shorts, I let them drop and her pussy was dripping with juices. I put a finger on the bottom tip of her wet pussy and started running it up, pressing just a little so it opened her tight pussy lips and run inside her pussy touching her wet cunt making it wetter and so much hotter. She gasped as I pushed the long finger all the way into her wet pussy. Pushing my long finger all the way into her tight wet pussy I kissed her even more intensely, my hungry hot tongue exploring her mouth all inside, licking and massaging her tongue and sucking her deep. I pulled out my finger and rammed it hard and deep into her pussy. She moaned loudly as it reached deep into her wet pussy. She was begging now, “Oh please, kaçak bahis please fuck me, please, I beg of you! Take me, take me now!” Quickly I pushed her on to the bed on her hands and knees and got behind her. Putting the hot wet head of my hard cock on her pussy I rubbed a little and she moaned so loudly as her horniness reached the extreme. Then I pushed a little and the swelled head parted her tight pussy lips and slipped inside, she could feel the throbbing as it was a very tight fit in her hot pussy. I kept pushing it in deeper, forcing open her tight pussy with my thick hot cock. The deeper I went in the louder she moaned, “ohhhh, yes, fuck me, deeper, harder”. Her moans made me even harder and wilder. Suddenly as half my cock was in her pussy I grabbed her ass and pushed hard, ramming my long hard cock into her tight pussy. She screamed, “aaaaaaaaaaaaah!” and then, “oh yes baby, fuck me hard, fuck my pussy!” I pulled my cock half out and slammed it harder into her tight pussy, harder and deeper. Then I started fucking her hot pussy in long hard strokes, pulling out almost all of my cock and then ramming it into her tight cunt hard and fast. Again and again! I gripped her shoulders hard as I started fucking her pussy even more wild and fast. The fast rhythm of in and out hurting her pussy as my thick huge cock penetrated her tight little pussy and went in hard and fast. Then I felt her getting wetter and I knew I was close, I reached down and grabbed her tits and fucked her hot pussy wildly fast and so hard. In and out, my hard cock was so hot and throbbing in her tight pussy. Suddenly I exploded in her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh”, she moaned, “I am cumming, I am cumming!” She was coming at the same time her hot and wet cum so good on my hot cock as shot my hot cum into her pussy. I kept fucking her, short really wild thrusts. Soon we were both spent and exhausted.

That was the beginning of a long and juicy affair of two passionate wild creatures. Later I learnt she was married but by then I didn’t care! And she was divorcing him anyway. But Sandy and I had fun together. A lot of fun.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32