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Sue’s First Visit
The first of my UK friends to visit me in Spain was Sue, we have been friends since I was 15 and she was 17, we met because I was at school with her brother, my best friend.

I picked her up from the airport as agreed and I had some light tapas prepared for when we got back to my place as it would be after 10 in the evening. Not a problem if you are used to the Spanish way of life but if you’ve just flown over from the UK it’s a little different.

I showed her to her room, showed her where her bathroom was and left her to freshen up. She found her way back to the kitchen when she was ready and we took our drinks out onto the patio while the food cooked in the oven. We carried on our conversation from the drive back and discussed what she’d like to do during her stay. She didn’t stay up too long and as she went to her room we agreed no wake-up calls.

In the morning I was just enjoying a sit down and a coffee when she appeared fresh from her sleep and a shower. We had breakfast and then I showed her around the place, the house itself, then my private courtyard, the pool, the casitas and the olive and almond groves. I told her she had the run of the place as I had no one staying in any of the casitas at the moment.

Later that morning we went into the local town, I gave her a tour and we stopped at a café for a drink and some tapas. Later I did a quick bit of food shopping and then we were off home.

We had a swim together, dried off and then sunbathed. I offered to put sun cream on her back which she accepted. bahis siteleri Later she did my back and, to my surprise, the backs of my legs right up to my trunks! She hid her intentions with a joke and a laugh. For dinner we had BBQ and ate al-fresco. Conversation flowed and then it was off to bed, separately.

Next day I had some work I had to do so I left Sue by the pool. She could work the drinks and food out herself. I got back at about 5 to find dinner prepared and a drink waiting for me. Sue was sunbathing by the pool, almost naked. I stood quietly watching, nice view. I took my drink and got out of my work clothes, through a shower and into some trunks. Then it was time to top up my drink and get out to the pool. Same view, still very nice. After a little chat I got in the pool, Sue joined me, still almost naked. After the swim I let the warm early evening sun dry me off, so did Sue.

Sue cooked the dinner she had prepared, I put on some music and we had a pleasant evening. Having a nightcap on the patio by the pool, Sue asked if she could do something she had never done before, namely, get an all-over tan. The pool and my land were all very private and I had no other visitors during Sue’s stay so I said it was okay by me, I liked sunbathing naked so I said that as long as she didn’t mind me doing it as well, it would be fine.

Next day the view got even better, I didn’t know if she shaved or waxed, but her bald pussy looked good. We swam first then sunbathed and went in to shower before the sun bahis şirketleri got too hot. We had planned to go into Viella, a town about 30 minutes away, as we walked round it we stopped at several watering holes for refreshments and food.

By the time we got back, at about 4, the harshness had gone from the sun and it was a perfect time to do some more sunbathing and swimming which Sue decided to do au-natural. If she was going to skinny-dip, I was going to as well.

Skinny-dipping and naked sunbathing led, you guessed it, to some long awaited lovemaking.

She was timid, not always sure if she was doing the right thing, I probably wasn’t any better, but we got there in the end and it was good for both of us.

We wore nearly nothing for dinner, I had a sarong on and nothing else, Sue had a wrap and that was all. After dinner we got to know each other better and our second attempt was much more fun and afterwards we fell asleep.

Sue turned into a real hottie, clearly having some sexual fun after going without for a very long time was having its effect. There was also a sense of complete freedom. In the privacy of my home she was able to sunbathe and swim naked, she could walk about and eat meals with nothing, or next to nothing on, she told me she found it all very liberating. She overcame the self-conscious thoughts she had about her body.

One of the rooms in the house is a sort of den, though I don’t tend to spend much time in there, the outdoors is much nicer, but it is a room lined with shelves on two illegal bahis walls and I keep most of my books, CDs and DVDs there. She found my selection of books on sex and had picked out a couple to read. Well one was reading material, the others were photographs.

Conversation started around them. The two books of pictures were to do with BDSM (Bittersweet Sex) and general kinks (Kinks), one of my galleries has pictures of the book covers. Sue had never seen or experienced anything like it and, while she found the subject matter fascinating, she didn’t seem interested in trying any of it. The third book was called ‘The Greatest Sex Tips in the World’. It’s a small book but it covers a wide range of sexual activity for a couple to try out. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to spice up their sex life, it’s worked for me for many years. Sue decided to try everything it mentioned at least twice, as the book suggests.

The upshot was daily lovemaking and almost always different, she was a fast learner with a lot of catching up to do. It was great fun, she’d read a bit and then say, ‘let’s do that’, and we would. As the book suggests we did everything from experimental kissing to exploring her clit in some detail.

Her favourite position was on her back on the dining table, or similar surface of that height. With her legs up and open so I could get in very deeply and because of the angle, it got to her g-spot. Her orgasms were a sight to behold, it was like she’d never had one before, but I don’t think it was all down to me, the atmosphere was highly charged and the charge was sexual.

She visits regularly, she gets the book out and it starts again, I always look forward to meeting her at the Airport, it’s always clean, fresh, honest and dare I say it, healthy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32