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I was eighteen years old when I got my first spinner. I’d been two weeks at college – long enough to work out that there were plenty of cute girls around, and plenty of those liked to party. But I was on the lookout for a particular kind of girl – a spinner. For those of you who don’t know, a spinner is a petite, cute girl, so small you can almost literally have her sit on your dick and spin her around on it. So she had to be short, she had to be skinny – almost crack-whore skinny – and she had to be a nasty little fuck. Suzy matched the description perfectly.

We hooked up at a party, but left after a few minutes to go back to my place. She had a short little skirt on, and a halter top that showed her belly. She was pretty flat-chested, but that kind of goes with the spinner territory. Anyway, I’m not really a tit guy. Asses are my thing, and hers was smooth and tight, just the way I like them.

She was perfect spinner material. Besides the look, she was horny as fuck. She was just wearing a thong under that skirt, something she confirmed as soon as we got into the car, by pulling it off and throwing it out the window.

“If I need these again tonight, you haven’t done your job,” she grinned. Fuckin’ A! My kind of slut, or what? She leaned over as I started driving, and played with my cock through my jeans. It was already rock hard and ready to go. She told me if my jeans weren’t so tight, she’d already be swallowing my cock.

Suzy started fucking by blowing guys in her college class when she was eighteen. She got a reputation as a cocksucker par excellence. Despite her small size, word got round that she could – and would – swallow all of your dick. She even blew a guy in class once, hiding under the desk in lab class and throating him until he came. Then she sat back in her chair with cum dripping in her hair. The boys went fucking crazy about it. She got sent to the Principal for it, when a starchy female teacher noticed the cum dripping off her face onto the desk.

But that was part of Suzy’s plan. She was bored fucking boys. She’d realized she liked big dicks, and the boys weren’t cutting it. She wanted teachers. After a couple of weeks, word travelled round the staff room that this cute little eighteen-year-old was sent out with cum on her face. Some teachers were disgusted, of course, by the age thing as much as the act. But a few made a mental note to get her in a corner, and see what she could do. Next day, she was dragged from an empty corridor into a broom cupboard. It was dark, so she couldn’t see who grabbed her, but she understood from the hands pressing down on her shoulders what they wanted. Happy to go along, she knelt and started sucking on the biggest dick of her short life. Fuck it felt good, getting her mouth totally filled! She gagged the first couple of times, until she got used to the size, then it slipped down her throat as easy as pie. The guy, on the receiving end of a world-class blowjob from a little slut, blew right there and then, pulling out to hose her face. She lapped it up.

“Wanna fuck my ass too, mystery man?”

He dragged her up and slammed her against the wall, pressing her body against the cold brick as he lifted her skirt. His cock, slick with cum and her throat juice, slid easily into her ass. It was the bahis firmaları first cock up there, but she’d been practising with fingers, bananas, and latterly a coke bottle, for about a year. She grunted and pushed back, so he let rip and started slamming it to her. Christ, she looooved this! It was awesome, and she knew what she wanted to do. Just take it up the fucking ass, all fucking day! When he came again, he pulled out and she spun around, to catch another load, tasting her ass juices. She always did that with the objects she’d used for practice, so she already loved the funky taste of her own juices.

By the time she was nineteen she had eight tutors, and the janitor, nailing her every chance they got. The boiler room became favourite, and a series of notes and coded messages ensured the Principal never caught on. They abandoned any pretence at keeping their anonymity, since she was clearly a nasty little cock-puppet who just wanted to fuck all day. She wasn’t going to throw away a ready-made gangbang anytime soon. For her twentieth birthday she got all nine of them, for six hours, cramming their dicks up her ass, triple-teaming her, and watching her fist her own ass.

By the time she was twenty one, she’d moved on to piss-drinking, too. A couple of teachers loved pissing in girls’ mouths, and the thought of it made her wet enough to give it a try. She figured it couldn’t be any worse than tasting her own ass on a cock, and she loved that. Pretty soon she was swallowing all the piss they had, and deep throating them to make sure she got every drop. And guys just loved it. She was the nastiest slut in town, and young enough to make it even nastier.

So by the time I hooked up with her she thought she’d pretty much done it all. I was about to show her different.

We pulled up outside my apartment, but I grabbed her wrist as she tried to get out.

“Not yet, babe, we’re going to have some fun right here, first.”

She looked surprised, but then smiled and asked what I had in mind. I told her to kneel on the seat with her head out the window, and I’d show her. Of course she complied. I love it when they go all submissive on me straight away.

Kneeling like that, her ass was too close to leave unattended. I pushed up her little skirt and stuck my tongue straight into her asshole. She moaned, and her ass relaxed enough for me to get my tongue in about an inch. I swirled my tongue around in her shit-hole. She squealed but pushed back at me, trying to get my tongue further in. I licked the inside of her asshole a while longer.

“Oh yeah, get that fucker right in there…..oh God, I fucking love getting reamed…..yeah…..right up there…lick it good baby……treat my fucking ass good…..yeah….oh you’ve got a great tongue baby…….get it ready to be fucked…..yeah….I’ll open so wide for you……”

Oh yeah, I knew she was going to do that, all right. Just to make sure, I withdrew my tongue and slid two fingers into her ass. Easy. She only weighed about ninety pounds, and she was under five feet tall, but this little whore knew how to open her crap-hole. Three fingers slid in next. She moaned again.

“That’s three fingers, Suzy. How many more do you think you can take?”

Her head was out of the car, so anyone nearby could hear her begging for kaçak iddaa more fingers in her ass. I was hoping someone would come along, so she’d be exposed and humiliated by being seen acting like a whore in the middle of the street. But I was beginning to sense she’d probably just offer them her throat, and let me carry on. Like I said, my kind of slut!

I put three fingers of my other hand in there as well, pulling on either side of her sphincter to open her out. Fuck, this girl could gape! It probably didn’t bode well for her long term health to be this wide open when she was only twenty one, but it was fucking horny. She could only be this wide from a lot of practice, and a lot of fucking around. Unless she’d taken a few totally huge guys up here, I guessed she’d probably been an anal little bitch from a pretty early age. Which only added to my excitement.

With her ass stretched open by my six fingers, she could feel a cool breeze working right into her guts.

“Oh yeah… me up like a bitch, baby……..I wanna be wide open for you…..Look right into my ass…..yeah…taste it some more…..gimme more fingers….”

I put my last two fingers into her ass and opened it up again. What a fucking sight. This sick little girl, offering me her asshole in the middle of the street, letting me stick eight fingers up her shitter! I leaned forward and spat a big one into her ass. She moaned and wiggled her ass, so I did it again. And again. When she had about ten loads of spit up her rectum, I released her ass, which slowly slid shut. In my book, good girls snap tight as soon as they can, bad girls close slowly, as if their ass can’t stop gaping. She sounded disappointed.

“I could have that done to me all night, baby. Why don’t you fuck it?”

I got out of the car, and she got out on her side, her skirt still up around her waist. Still no-one had come by, and I was regretting not living in a busier neighbourhood. But I could fix that another time. Right now I was bursting to fuck this little bitch senseless. And I knew she’d be more than happy to go along with that.

I had her lie on the hood of the car with her head hanging over the edge. She grinned, knowing exactly what I had in mind. She opened her mouth as I leaned forward and slid right in. After a couple of goes we got the angle right, and I slid into her to the balls. I knew a little slut like her could take it down her throat. I didn’t realise that my little bitch had been practising for years.

I nailed her throat for a good ten minutes, until I saw the lights of a car approaching. I knew this was my chance, so I spun her around. She had her whole fucking hand in her cunt, fisting herself while I fucked her mouth. The little whore!

I told her to keep fisting, as I took aim and slammed my dick straight up her ass. I knew she could fucking take it. She screamed as my dick slid past her fingers on the way through, feeling every inch of my pole through the thin membrane. She was fucking stuffed, now.

“Oooohh….shhhhiiitttt……ohhhh yeah…..fucking do me like that……oh God, I love being full like this……..oh yeah…..nail my slut ass…….God yeah…… it, do it, do it……..treat me like a bitch…..yeah……harder…..hurt my ass you bastard…..harder…”

The car swooshed past – three college brats. kaçak bahis The brakes screamed as they slid to a halt, the another squeal of tyres as they did a donut to come back towards us. I kept fucking her ass, and Suzy kept fisting her hot little cunt. We both knew the guys were going to get out, and it suited us both. I wanted to show off my new sick little slut spinner, and she wanted more cock.

They climbed out of the car, whooping.

“Look at this shit, man.”

“What a fucking whore”

“She want some more, man?”

I looked at Suzy, who was coming for about the tenth time.

“Get up on the hood and piss on her, she’ll love that.”

Suzy opened her eyes and looked at me, grinning. Then she licked her lips, and told them to get up there and piss all over her. I ripped off what was left of her clothes, telling two of them to piss in her face, and the other to piss on her little tits.

They’d all had a skinful of beer, as I’d hoped they would. With a dick up her ass, and her fist in her cunt. Suzy opened her mouth and gave them a piss target. They fucking drowned her in it. Her body glistened with fresh, yellow urine as it flowed down her body and onto the car. She got mouthful after mouthful. Each time her mouth filled up, the guys stopped so she could swallow it, then she opened her mouth for more. They couldn’t believe what she was doing.

When they finished, she beckoned them down. She took her hand out of her cunt and licked the juice off it. That, and the sight of her asshole still welcoming my pounding dick, got them hard, and she began a round-robin deep throat, taking one after the other to the balls in a sequence, tasting their piss. In about two minutes, they were ready to blow, and she again laid back and opened her mouth.

They each gave her a faceful. Anything in her mouth got spat out, so a mixture of cum and saliva developed on her face. After the third, she cleaned their dicks with her mouth, then scooped all the cum and saliva into both hands. She could barely hold it all, as it sloshed and threatened to ooze between her fingers. I’m sure the guys thought she was going to throw it away, or even spread it on her tits, but I knew what she was going to do. A total fuck-slut like this was going to go one step further.

She threw the mixture back onto her face, making sure she slapped herself hard at the same time. The slimy ooze slid back down her grinning face, as she scooped it up and swallowed. This was my fucking limit, so I pulled out, noticing again how her nasty little ass didn’t want to close up.

She slid forward and crouched down in front of my dick, as I blew shot after shot into her open mouth. When she was sure I’d finished, she swallowed me down to the root and stayed there. I motioned to the guys to go, and they left, their eyes on my little spinner whore. When she took her lips off my dick, they were gone and we were alone on the street. She stood up and I kissed her for the first time. She wrapped her arms around me as our tongues clashed, and I tasted piss, ass juice, saliva and cum in her mouth. She jumped up so I was holding her up, her legs now wrapped around me. She grinned as I reached down, and slid first one, then two, then three, then four fingers into her crapper. Her tongue came out, and I slid the same four fingers into her mouth, pushing them deeper until she gagged.

When I withdrew my hand she slid off me and grinned again.

“My ass is still horny. Got any coke bottles at home?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32