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Sweet Story Of Being At Glory Hole
Sweet Story Of Being At Glory Hole
By: Londebaaz Chohan

While growing up, the best outlet for a quick blowjob for me was an adult bookstore or the adult play boutiques. There were plenty of such businesses around and I was almost addicted frequenting them, especially those with the video booths and the glory holes in between them. Slowly with the restricted laws and overzealous policing by the owners as well as by the cops; the things started to change and it was getting harder and harder to get a safe clean place for fun and play. The glory hole play was such an intense experience for me. Having a wall between the guy sucking my cock and me, not being able to see who was actually sucking my cock, allowed me to imagine, it was the girl in the video, sucking me. Anyway the things changed and by the time I graduated from High School, the true glory holes in the adult entertainment places were either shut down or they were made almost useless for anonymous blowjobs by removing their doors.

Now fully hooked to receiving a blowjob at such places was proving to be a hectic burden and then some genius came with an idea of glory holes in the public rest rooms. Some of these public rest rooms were watched and so the carving of holes was not possible and these facilities also became quite a popular meeting places. They afforded the chance for the both partners to be in the same booth or stall, which was absolutely non discreet but offered lot better conditions for lot more play than just blowjobs and cock plays.

For the last 3 years that I had visited the various glory hole places; I had very rarely considered being on the giving end of the blowjob but truly I was finding myself paying a lot more attention to the cocks in the videos that I watched in such video stores. I actually mentally critiqued the men doing the fucking and their cocks. I also found that more cocks fucking the chicks, it made me more turned on, so my preference was leaning towards the videos with gangbang shows or the orgies.

Now in first year of college, new town, new surroundings and had no clues where and how far there was an adult entertainment store and did they have the glory holes or have changed according to the new rules and laws. Well, I was not giving up easy. I had also discovered that after some drinks, it was rather very easy to indulge because this usually lowered my inhibitions and now I could even let someone in my booth to suck my cock and I could still concentrate on the video and the hard fucking shown.

In my quest, this particular adult books and video store; I discovered was not far away down the highway from the dorm facility. Other than the video arcade facility, they had 2 small theaters which continuously ran the straight and gay films in separate rooms. I started visiting this place with a regular frequency. Soon I discovered that getting a blowjob there, usually made you the center of attention but now after the use of couple of drinks; it did not bother me. Of course with live sex show going on the side, few people paid attention to the action on the bigger screen.

One Saturday night, after having little too much to drink, I made my way to the bookstore to get my cock sucked off. There were a decent number of cars in the parking lot and I figured my chances were better than good to get what I needed. I decided to try my luck in the back area where they had videos showing, rather than the theater. Being the busy night, I found that the booths, I usually used at the end of the hall were very crowded and I had to settle on the ones in beginning but these too in very high traffic area but in my dizzy tipsy condition, I really did not give a fuck.

After dropping several coins in the slot, I started to flip through the movie choices to finally, find something to my taste. An interracial gang bang film with a gang of black thugs, giving a serious pounding to a hot little white blond. I always loved the ending of such flicks when they all showered her fucked up face with their juices, at the end. I took my cock out and started to stroke it to the full over 8-inch length and horrifyingly dangerous thickness for the cock suckers in the hall way to see, what I had to offer. It did not take long for someone to come in and start the ritual of stroking my cock before taking it in his mouth.

It was kind of too late for me to figure out that this guy did not look like the ones that would suck the cock; big leather belt, huge metal buckle, leather boots and the whole nine yards. Being a little whacked, I figured, what the hell; if he wants to drain my balls and suck my juices through my cock hole, so be it; I was not to be complaining at all.

While he stroked me, he undid his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled out his own monster but still it did not bother me much, thinking that if he could suck me while stroking himself, it won’t bother me a bit. It was going to be different all together; I feared when he suddenly stopped stroking my cock and stood up straight, almost pushing me into the wall with his chest, with his larger than mine cock and bull balls hanging in front of him. I was really, truly mesmerized by his really healthy, beautiful, perfect looking man machine and did not realize; how long, I gazed it. It was exactly like the huge cocks, I kind of liked to watch in the movies.

Surprisingly, he was not hard, still hanging down and little pushed up straight too. His mushroom was quite a big one even in this state. The circumference of the shaft was much more than my damaging, destroying thickness. His balls were totally shaved but the pubes were trimmed above the cock. His balls could easily be seen moving and dancing in excitement inside the clean looking sack. He kept slow stroking himself and I kept staring at it. I wanted to make him realize that he had the wrong idea but what happened next did shake me with shock and real fast too. He reached with his right hand behind my head, pushing me down hard towards his cock. I thought no; I was not going to do it here and quickly turned to face the video screen. This did not deject him, instead he pulled even harder and I really had to make a good effort to stay away from him, thinking that as soon as the movie stops, I shall be out of there.

This surely angered him, as he let go his cock from his hand and grabbed my head with both hands and turned my face back to him; forcefully pushing my face down towards his cock, which was now hardly inches away. I could not resist his arms power. I have no explanation but right before his cock head touched my lips, my mouth opened and his cock head slid in. This was the moment to fight and show him, who the fuck, shit he was and who was the boss but I found myself giving in completely and all my senses for everything around me were evaporated except for the big forceful hands behind my head and his beautiful cock in my mouth. I was enjoying his clean musky smell as his cock fitted completely inside my mouth and his balls hanging down my chin. Now I could feel his cock grow longer and harder; filling my mouth. Now he was holding my head completely still and started fucking it slowly but sharply. I realized that now, I was not resisting; rather started to like the feeling, my mouth was lowered to and lured to being his personal fuck hole.

As his cock grew it would not fit completely in my mouth and I had to use my tongue to block it from penetrating my throat and gag me. I was not resisting but he still held my head firmly and started fucking my mouth with increased speed and intensity. I was again feeling his cock grow in my mouth; I lost every sense of my surrounding and could not care less what anybody thought of me doing. I was so happy being a cock slut. It had been quite some time, I had not sucked any manly cock and now I was granted with the best. I vividly remember, reaching up with one of my hands and started to hold, tickle his balls. He appreciated my move and gave me a long, deep moan as a reward.

He kept holding my head and worked a steady rhythm of skull fucking me without ever letting the tip of his cock slip out of my lips. I was totally lost in the lust; till I felt his ball tighten in a knot and his rhythm getting erratic. I knew, he was close to empty his balls in my mouth. I wanted to stay but the fear of getting drowned took me over; when I tried to pull away but he had a solid grip on me and came on to my face as hard as his muscles let him for one more time and began to release the fury in my mouth. With every grunt and every spasm, he held my head still and splashed against my throat making my mouth feel, being packed with his hot, salty cream.

After a while, when he was finally finished ejaculating I swallowed and tried to pull away but he would not release his grip, even as I held his thighs and pushed away hard. Instead, he held a firm grip and shoved more zealously in my mouth, causing some of his sperm to leak out of my mouth and smear all around as he grinded his crotch on my face. It was obvious that he wanted me to swallow all and not spit out even a drop and so I did, hoping to loosen his grip and leave. Finally, he let go and backed off but by then another man had come in and put some coins in the slot and stood over me jerking furiously above my face to release and feed me. I looked away as long as I could but soon my gaze was focused on his hand sliding back and forth on his hard muscle. The dripping pre cum in sight from the tip of his uncut cock just involuntarily made me reach and lick it clean.

He rapidly reached out with his other hand, made me lean forward and take his cock in my mouth. He did not have to do anything because I was sucking his cock, willingly; and making it feel as best as I could. I bobbed up and down on his meat pillar until he started breathing hard and held my head from behind like the guy before and started fucking harder and deeper and faster. Good for me that he did not last as long as the first man and soon pulled out, stroking furiously, making my mouth open with the other hand. I actually did not resist and kept my mouth open, hoping for some different texture, taste and aroma. He could hardly mutter to put my tongue out and then the cum started flying. This bastard was a true shooter. He should have asked me to take it all in my mouth, with my lips closed tight around his meat shaft instead of telling me to take it on my tongue as he shot all over me and himself. Thankfully, the first guy stood guard; enjoying all this and did not allow anyone else to come in. After this man got done with me, he pulled a sheet of paper towel from his pocket and handed it to me to wipe myself clean before we all came out of the booth.

Wow, the scene of the hard core movie had just happened to me, with 2 guys cumming all over me in the booth of a sex shop. When we came out, the first guy patted me and took me to a side and cleaned my hair, cheeks and neck area with a paper towel, he had pulled out of his pocket while asking me if I was a regular here and how soon, he could come back to use my mouth once again for his deposit of sperm and hopefully we could fuck as well. He said, he was a very good bottom and lived alone; not far from there. For no fucking reason, I did not want to answer him and shoved his hand, walking away as he stood there being stunned at my reaction.

I wanted to get back to my dorm, have a bath, enjoy a slow and long cock rubbing session and spill my essence before sleeping naked. I was damn paranoid as I walked out of the book shop, thinking as if everybody in the crowd knew, what I did; making a promise to myself of never returning back. I swear, I did not go back for at least 2 weeks.

The End. Your comments are welcome. Londebaaz Chohan June 8, 2019.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32