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I woke up suddenly, jerking up from my spot on the floor. I looked around and tried to piece what had happened together. I was at Samantha’s house. I pulled myself up from the couch. I was naked, naked, and in Samantha’s home.

It started to come to me slowly. It was Sunday, and I had volunteered to help Samantha take out some of her old furniture to the front of her lawn. The church was going to send someone to pick it all up. Samantha had bought all new furniture. I nodded as I remembered lugging all the furniture out the door.

We waited for the donation truck, and I helped them load everything up. We came back inside and started drinking. Was that the reason I passed out? Well, if so, why was I naked? No, we started making out, she gave me one of her bra tit fucks right here on the couch. I loved her tit-fucks. Samantha’s breasts were huge, bigger than huge. They still amazed me every time I saw them.

That’s when she pulled me down to the floor and got on top. I shook my head, every time Samantha got on top of me. She scared me. It felt like she was going to rip my dick off the way she could ride me. That’s when I tried to stop her.

“She did it again,” I said, remembering what happened.

I had tried to stop her, and she grabbed my head and shoved it between her tits. She made me blackout again.

“You’re up,” Samantha said with a towel wrapped around her. She had come from upstairs, and she looked like she stepped out of the shower. Her red hair was wet as she pressed a towel to it. A large towel was wrapped around her.

“You did it again,” I said, shaking my head.

“Don’t shake your head like that,” Samantha smiled. “I told you I wouldn’t do it again, and you told me…”

“I know,” I nodded. There was a part of me that liked that one of my friends with benefits could literally face fuck me with her tits.

“How long was I out for?” I asked.

“Thirty-four minutes,” Samantha said, looking at the clock.

Better than the last two times. The first time was almost three hours, the time after that was just over an hour.

“Do you want to see it?” Samantha said as she held the remote.

“You videoed it?” I asked.

“Wanted to show you what it looks like,” Samantha said as she got next to me.

She pressed a few buttons, and it showed the two of us drinking and talking on the couch. She sped forward to the point when she got down on her knees in front of me.

“Wow!” I said as I looked at Samantha’s immense boobs. Even from the back, they looked huge. I could see her red hair and the back of her body, but at the sides was her big boobs bouncing up and down on my dick.

Samantha had told me she had stopped measuring after she graduated from college. At that time, she was a P cup. When she said that, I nearly fainted. A fucking P, I didn’t even know they had bra’s that were that size. Samantha laughed and said she was sure they had grown a little since then since she had put on some weight since college.

On the screen, she had stopped tit fucking me and taken off her bra. I got down on the floor as she straddled me. I had seen her face before many times as she rode my dick, but not from this angle. Usually, I was looking up at her, not at her from the side. She was thoroughly enjoying riding my dick.

“Damn,” I said, shaking my head. “If it only, it didn’t feel like you were tearing my dick off and pleasuring me at the same time.”

Samantha could give some of those pornstars a lesson on how to ride a dick. Her hands were on her hips or in her hair as she bounced up and down, only using her thighs and legs to bounce her. Her feet were on the ground on either side of me.

Not like many others that sat down and rocked back and forth. Samantha could truthfully ride. That’s when she put her hands on my chest and started to go faster. “Here it comes,” Samantha smiled.

Sure enough, as I tried to stop her from bouncing, Samantha fell forward, pushing my head between her chest. Then she slowly pushed one boob than the other around my head and then locked it in place with her arms.

“Holy fuck!” I said as Samantha paused it. There it was, my head was entirely between her chest. All I could see was the top of my head and parts of the back. “You engulfed my head!” I said with a smile.

“That’s not all,” Samantha said as she pressed play.

Samantha kept riding me with my head locked away within her cleavage.

“I was still hard?” I asked.

“As a rock!” Samantha said.

On the screen, Samantha fucked me until I came. When she let her arms free, I immediately fell backward unconscious.

“Damn,” I said as Samantha turned it off. “Looks even sexier than I thought,” I said.

I knew most men would say it was scary or that they were too big. But to me, it was sexy. I immediately started looking at her sitting next to me.

“What?” Samantha teased with a smile.

“You know what,” I said as I poked a finger between the towel and her chest.

“You want to see them?” Samantha smiled as she looked at me.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“You want to see my absurdly huge canlı bahis tits?” Samantha asked again. “Tits so big they engulf that big head of yours?”

“Absolutely,” I nodded.

“I can fucking eat you up,” Samantha shook her head. She released her hands from the towel as I pulled on it.

“Damn,” I said, staring at her massive tits pressed against her chest and nearly coming down to her stomach.

“What are you going to do with them?” Samantha said, staring down at her chest then up at me.

“What do you think I am going to do?” I asked with a smile.

“Oh,” Samantha said as she laid back onto the couch, dropping the towel altogether.

I straddled her chest as I laid my hard dick between her breasts. “Say goodbye to it,” Samantha said as she pushed both her boobs over it.

My dick was utterly hidden under large breasts. “Fuck my tits!”

I started to fuck Samantha’s large chest as she locked her breasts in place by folding both her arms across them. How big did boobs have to be that even with two arms across them, they still looked huge?

“Harder!” Samantha shouted up at me, her red hair sprawled out under her head.

I grabbed the arm of the couch and started to fuck her tits as hard as I could. As if I wasn’t fucking them hard enough. Samantha started to match my thrusts by moving her tits back and forth. “I love to be tit fucked! Fuck my huge tits, my massive, ginormous fucking titties!”

Her dirty talk made my dick throb between her tits. “You love me talking about your big black cock, fucking my pale white tits, look how big and pale they are!” Samantha said as she looked up at me. “I can’t even see the head of your big dick, between them!”

“I’m cumming,” I said as I pushed my dick forward and hard between her tits.

“I still can’t see it,” Samantha teased. “I can feel it. I can feel you shooting another big load of cum between my tits.”

I sat back down on the couch as Samantha held her tits together. Already cum was leaking from the bottom of her tits. She let them go, and they fell down, showing a large amount of cum between them.

“Now, you are going to have to come upstairs and help me take another shower,” Samantha said. “You messy boy!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

“Can’t wait for this season to be over!” Tiffany yelled as she stepped into the office.

The holiday season was the worst for us. With all the online shopping and the stores ordering like crazy and the distributors sending everything and anything to us, it was non stop. All seven of our bays had trucks, either shipping or delivering. Twice this week, we had to wait for our forklifts to get gas up or a new battery. They were running back and forth all day and night.

Luckily this year, with the job boom around the nation, we were able to hire some good seasonal help for the warehouse. Last year we had to teach some of the office personnel how to operate a forklift so that the regular workers could get a day off.

“Three months,” I smiled. I was glad I was no longer in her shoes. It was easy for me now to direct traffic from up here.

“My feet are killing me,” Tiffany said as she sat down.

“You know you don’t have to go down there as often,” I said. “He can run it without you,” I said, talking about her replacement.

“I know,” Tiffany said. I knew she was saying it, but she was like me in that she wanted to be hands-on and not just a wallflower.

“So?” Tiffany said, looking up at me.

“So, what?” I asked as I looked at the monitor. Another delivery of stupid Christmas couches was coming. Who bought couches that had Christmas themes on it?

“You know what,” Tiffany said. “You can either tell me, or I can hear about it on Friday.”

I shook my head. I couldn’t believe that the three of them had started getting together on Fridays. Mostly they talked about work and other stuff, and other times it was about me.

“You three kill me,” I said, shaking my head.

“Not yet we haven’t,” Tiffany said with a smile.

“Okay,” I said as I looked at her. “She made me blackout again,” I admitted.

“Damn her,” Tiffany said, shaking her head. “I bet Lauren can do it too.”

It was funny when they talked about each other like it was a competition.

Lauren had tried to get her legs behind her head two days ago while I had her on the floor of her office. Neither of them ever said to stop or that they didn’t want to hear about the other.

Having three women utterly comfortable with the fact that they were fucking and sharing the same guy was something I would have never thought would happen to me. Satisfying all of them was another job, more like three separate jobs on top of my regular job.

My regular job was accelerating at a breakneck pace. I was asked to apply for a position at one of the newly built warehouses. I didn’t want to do it at first, but thinking of the pay raise and the ability to move up further inspired me to put my application in for the position.

“So,” Tiffany said as she circled the table. I knew that look on her face. It was the same look bahis siteleri that she had the first morning after we had sex for the first time. It ended up with me fucking her face on this very table.

Tiffany had become addicted to me filling any of her holes with my cum.

I couldn’t believe I was the first guy she had allowed to cum inside of her. Before me, she had never let any of them cum inside her. She always gave handjobs to finish a guy off or used condoms.

“My throat is feeling awful dry,” Tiffany said as she sat on my lap.

“Oh, really?” I asked as I looked down at her chest.

As usual, she was wearing her typical buttoned blouse with a few buttons left undone. I put a finger between the buttons and pulled forward. “See anything you like down there?” Tiffany asked as she looked at me.

“Yeah, two things, actually?” I replied, staring at her chest.

“You sure?” Tiffany smiled. “They might be too small for you now.”

Tiffany always joked about the size of her chest compared to Lauren’s and Samantha’s chest. But she knew I still liked hers.

“Definitely,” I nodded.

“Maybe, I should give you a better look,” Tiffany said as she turned completely around, so her legs straddled my chair while she was facing me.

Slowly she started to unbutton all of the buttons. “Not bad for only DD, right?”

I never knew a woman to say only when it came to DD sized breasts, especially a woman built like Tiffany. C or D cup would look huge on her frame, and DD made them look immense on her athletic frame.

She pulled her blouse off and sat on my lap with just her bra and skirt.

“They look great!” I said, staring down at them.

“They would look even better with your dick between them,” Tiffany said.

I shook my head as Tiffany got off my lap. “What do we have here?” she said as she took my dick out of my pants. She leaned forward as she stood.

“Someone has been thinking about naughty things he wants to do to his innocent assistant,” Tiffany said as she stroked my cock while looking at me.

Innocent, was not a word I would use to describe Tiffany. It was like a freak button had been pushed the moment I had put my dick inside her. There wasn’t a thing she wasn’t willing to try. She went ass to mouth the first time we did anal. She even said she wanted to fuck me in public with other people watching.

“I have had a few ideas,” I smiled.

“I know what I want,” Tiffany said as she climbed on top of the desk. She rolled over onto her back and laid her head off the desk.

“Again,” I said.

Tiffany quickly nodded her head as she opened her mouth. “Addict!” I laughed as I stood up. I lined my cock up with her mouth and pushed it inside. Immediately watching her throat swell as my dick entered it. I had to admit I took pleasure in fucking her mouth.

I started slow, then slowly I began to go faster, watching the bulge in her throat disappear and reappear.

I started to squeeze and play with her chest as she moaned. A tap on my leg let me know she wanted to take a breath. Saliva came out of her mouth as my dick came out of her mouth. Before it was entirely out, she was already pulling it back into her mouth. The freak inside of her wanted me to use her mouth as a fuck hole.

I pounded my dick inside her mouth, hearing the sounds her mouth made as I fucked it. Again I pulled it out just before she tapped my leg. This time I slapped her face with my dick. “Want it back in?” I asked.

“Yes,” Tiffany said as she reached for my dick.

“Say it louder,” I said, squeezing her nipple.

“I want your dick back in my mouth,” Tiffany said. “I want to feel you fuck my throat and coat my insides with your cum,” Tiffany said with her eyes filled with tears and saliva dripping down her face. “Fuck my mouth! Now!”

I pushed my dick back into her mouth. When I started to fuck it again, the door sprung open. “Relax,” Lauren said as she came inside. “It’s just me.”

Lauren acted casual as she moved across the room. “Nice!” she said as she looked at Tiffany with dick in her mouth.

“Did I miss a meeting?” I asked as we stopped.

“I didn’t say stop,” Lauren said casually. “I know when I have your dick in my mouth, the last thing I want you to do is to stop.”

“Exactly!” Tiffany said as she reached for my dick.

I returned to fucking my assistant’s mouth while one of my bosses sat on the edge of the desk, looking down at her. “Does my throat swell like that?” Lauren asked as she reached out and grabbed the bulge in Tiffany’s throat.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Really?” Lauren said.

What happened next was a blur. Lauren shoved most of the remaining things off of my desk except the monitor, then laid on her back. “Fuck it!” she said.

I took my dick out of Tiffany’s mouth and into Laurens. Tiffany sat up and looked at her. “It does look good,” she said as she wiped her mouth. I pulled Tiffany back and stabbed my dick back into her mouth. Back and forth I went, fucking both of their mouths.

“Fuck!” I said as I felt myself ready to cum. Which mouth to bahis şirketleri cum in was my dilemma, which was quickly solved as Lauren sat up and looked at me fucking Tiffany’s throat.

She wrapped her hands around Tiffany’s throat and began jerking her hand back and forth. “I can feel him throbbing,” Lauren smiled as I came deep within Tiffany’s mouth. Slowly I pulled it out. Tiffany let out a slight gasp.

“Well,” Lauren said as she got to her feet. “The real reason I came in here was to tell you that they have approved your application, so you should be getting a call soon.”

“Was that the only reason you came in here,” Tiffany said, wiping her mouth.

“Oh, what could be the other reason?” Lauren said.

Both of them were flirting with each other. They leaned towards each other, then the unexpected happened. They kissed.

I thought that I wouldn’t be seeing two of them together, but here it was. The two of them leaned closer to each other. Then they started making out, tongues clashed and teased each other. Then clothes began to come off.

As I sat back in my chair and watched the two of them undress, the intercom chirped. “Is Tiffany up there?” it was one of the members from the loading dock.

“Yes,” I replied. Tiffany looked at me with venom in her eyes.

“We have a situation,” the member said.

I knew it was too good to be true. We couldn’t be at the busiest time of the year and have time to ourselves.

“She’s on her way,” I replied.

Tiffany shook her head. “I hate the holiday season,” she said as she picked up her clothes. She quickly got dressed and then looked in the small mirror. “Damn, I have to stop by the bathroom, my make up is ruined!”

“Sorry,” I shrugged.

“Well, worth it,” Tiffany said as she exited the room.

“Then there were two,” Lauren smiled.

“Feels like old times, huh?” I laughed as it was the two of us in her old office.

“Not quite yet,” Lauren said as she scooted her feet off the test. She turned around and slowly lowered herself on my hard dick.

“Got this hard watching the two of us?” Lauren said as she rode me reverse cowgirl in my chair.

“Yup,” I said as I reached around and squeezed her tits.

“You bad boy!” Lauren said as she bounced on my dick.

“No,” I said as I lifted her off me and bent her over the desk. “A bad boy would do this,” I said as I slammed my dick back into her.

“Wrong hole for a bad boy!” Lauren said as she pushed her ass back at me.

“You’re right,” I said as I pulled my dick out of her wet pussy and put it up against her ass.

“That’s where a bad boy like you belongs,” Lauren said as she pushed back onto me.

My dick slipped into her tight ass. “Fuck, it’s been too long,” Lauren said as she began to bounce back on my dick. “My ass has been waiting for a good pounding.”

The last time I fucked, Lauren’s ass had been in this room. That was over a month ago. Now I was balls deep inside her. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back as I fucked her ass. “Fuck it,” Lauren said through gritted teeth. “Fuck my ass!” she said as I yanked on her hair. “Fuck it hard!”

I slammed my dick in and out of her ass as hard and as fast as I could.

“Fuck, so fucking tight!” I said as I felt her ass clenching around my dick.

“Fuck my ass, like you did last time,” Lauren begged. “I want to feel all of your dick in my ass!”

“Like this?” I said as I climbed onto the desk. I straddled her ass as she aimed it high in the air. I slowly lowered my dick into her ass.

“Yes!” Lauren said with her face on my desk. “Yes, fuck my ass, deep and hard!”

I slammed my dick in and out of her ass as hard as I could.

I loved fucking Lauren. She loved the feel of me using her body for my pleasure. I could tell she loved knowing that I was watching my dick in her ass.

“You love it, don’t you?” Lauren said with her ass in the air, and her body twisted so that I could fuck her ass as hard as I wanted. Her face lay sideways on the desk. “You love seeing your black dick in my white ass!”

“Yes,” I said as I slowly pulled it out then pushed it in. “I am going to cum in your ass!”

“No, wait,” Lauren said as she pushed herself up. “I have a meeting with all the department heads, I can’t have your cum leaking out of my ass, or I will have a lot of explaining to do,” Lauren smiled.

“You would like that,” I laughed.

“Yes, I would,” Lauren said as she knelt before me. “I would love to keep my job more,” she grabbed my dick and jerked it as she aimed it at her face. “Cleaning it off my face will be a lot easier.”

I came hard shooting cum on her face. Lauren smiled as she looked up at me. “See so much better!” she laughed. “Now, you have a call to make, and I have a meeting to attend to,” she said as she got up.

She wiped her face clean with some of the hand towelettes I kept in the office. Then she put on her clothes. “See you later,” Lauren waved as she exited the office.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was still on hold for Jackson. First I had called Neil, but he had told me he had nothing to do with my application being pushed through, so I called the district manager, he said he had received from Joanna, who was the regional manager. She then told me that it had come directly from Jackson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32