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The Fill In
The Fill In

I just finished having sex with my 65 year old grey fox. I have to say we have been married for close to 45 years and neither one of us strayed away. Our sex life has always been good, in fact I could honestly say my wife wants it just as much as the day we got married. Which does cause me a little problem.

I could see the wife still wants a little more from me in our lovemaking sessions. Not that I am not performing but I am not up to the speed of my younger days.

We were laying down in our bed with me looking over my wife’s body. She still had it. About a size 2 dress, slight tummy but I just love it, her breast a full B cup and they still had that ski slope shape with her large eraser looking nipples. Still had a nicely shaped little ass and I just loved the trimmed grey hair around her pussy. She is a short little thing standing at 4’ 10”.

I could see she still wanted to have sex with me again. I told her laughing I am getting too old for this.

Maybe I should get a fill in for round two I told her.

“Sounds good to me” replied my wife as she was stroking me

You really mean it I asked ?

“I would considered another man’s penis only as a sex toy” Gwen, my wife’s name replied.

My dick got hard. My wife did mount me riding me from the top. As she riding me she placed her hands on her hips.

“As hard as your dick is and how good it feels we may have to find a fill in on your off days” Gwen moans as she talked and came right after.

I camed for my second time for the night. Been awhile since I did that in one night.

As we were laying down for the second time we talked about what just had happened. We both agreed most probably we won’t do such a thing but if it was to happen we both have to want it and agreed not to hold it against each other.

The following weekend the wife wanted to go out dancing. We do make plans to go dance next weekend.

The weekend is here.My wife walks out to show me her outfit for the night. It was a black skirt with a white button shirt. Shirt was button to the top and skirt was down to her knees. She had a white lace push up bra with matching panties. I knew this because I watched her get dressed.

The outfit showed how toned she was. I looked at her telling her she looks fantastic in it.

She blushes some and thanks me for the compliment. A guy still has to tell his wife she still looks good after all these years. Makes them feel good about themselves.

We get to the dance hall. It was a mixed club of young and old with blacks and whites drinking together. Not like in our younger days where you went out to a club within your age group and race.

I ordered a couple of drinks for us. After downing our first drinks the wife and I get up to dance. Just as we were dancing I happened to glance up at the big screen and see basketball game on.

It was a game I really wanted to see. The wife notices I am more interested in the game than dancing with her. Once at the table she looks at me and shakes her head.

“Am I going to have to get a fill in for your dancing too? May as well get this fill in to pull double duty for your wife” Gwen says.

At first I did not know if Gwen was mad or really wanted a fill in to pull double duty. I will take a chance maybe she wants a fill in to dance with.

I looked over at the 4 college age guys standing next to me. Two were white and two were black.

Hey are you’ll watching the ball game ? I asked the four.

No we are not. We are here to dance with the ladies one of the white guy replies.

Good. I have a deal for you four. If each one of you four dances with my wife so I can have some peace to watch this game, I would buy 2 round of drinks After that you still can dance with her if you want or go your merry way. Of course all this will be up to her I finished with.

Sounds good to us the white guy replied back.

I looked back at the wife and told her I have 4 fill ins for her to dance with as I introduce her to the group.

She looks at illegal bahis the group and laughs.

“Good choices you had picked out for me. Yes these 4 will fill in nicely. You want me to take home all four?” Ohh you are talking about dancing” she laughs

All four guys were handsome. All four looked to be in shape. Any young woman would find these guys very attractive much less a mature woman would.

The first dance she was asked by the white guy doing all the talking. I got all their 1st round drinks plus another one for my wife ordered.

Gwen was a little stiff at first on the dance floor. I can’t remember when it was the last time she danced with another man. She did get into the rhythm of things by the end of the 1st song. Next up was the other white guy. The wife was more at ease and I went back to watching my game.

The last two dances in this deal were now the black guys. I don’t think Gwen ever danced with anything darker than me. This should be interesting.

Our drinks came to us right as she finished dancing. Next up was one of the black guys. My wife wanted to wait till she had her drink and then dance the next song.

The two did get on the dance floor. They danced together. I had to stop watching the game so I could watch them two.Wish she goes back to white guys so I can watch my game. After the song they both walked back. I got another round of drinks coming to finish my end of the bargain as Gwen now was going to dance with the last black guy.

This last black guy was named Len. Len was the tallest out the bunch standing in at 6’6’’. He too was in great physical condition and had that very dark blue black skin tone. I would consider him to be the best looking out the bunch but my wife my think otherwise.

Again the wife wanted to down her drink before going to the dance floor. She now had 3 drinks in her. I can see she was very relaxed and enjoying herself.She had a little excitement in her voice as she finished her drink and grabbing Len’s black hand to go to the dance floor.

For some reason this time I don’t mind watching my wife dance with a black guy. Looked so funny to me the height difference besides the skin tone match by their age spread. Maybe funny was not the right word I was looking far. I was getting a little excited watching the two dance. They stayed on the floor for a couple of more dances. A little more bumping going on this time.

The two came back. The deal was done. The two white guys wandered off with the first black guy following. Len said he had to go to the bathroom but wanted to come back to dance.

I looked at Gwen. She had a smile on her face.

“If I knew it was this much fun to have a stand in for you I would have done it a long time ago” my wife said.

You should be ashamed of yourself. I wanted to watch the game but enjoyed watching you on the dance floor more I said.

“With Len” the wife asked

Yes I replied as I unbutton the top 3 buttons on her blouse. You can now see a good amount of cleavage and her lacey push up bra.

The wife smiled at me.

“You know Len will be looking at my boobs” my wife said.

Len comes back. Len eyes lights up when he sees my wife cleavage. That did not take long.

Gwen again grabs his hand and leads him to the dance floor. This time Gwen really starts shaking her boobs giving Len a good show. Len starts grinding Gwen from behind. Looks like he grinding against a doll considering the height difference.

They danced about 4 more songs with Len grabbing my wife a little more with each song. My wife does the same to him.

Then a slow song started playing. The two took into each other arms. Erotic looking as I could see both of their groins were rubbing against each other considering the height difference. My wife did place one of Len’s coal black hands on her exposed cleavage. His other hand was cupping her ass. If it was not for the clothes I would have swore Len was fucking my wife.

After the song I could see the tell tale signs of two perabet people in heat. Len made sure to walk behind my wife straight to his chair. He was trying to hide his hard on. Gwen did not try to hide her large eraser nipples poking out her bra and blouse. Her nipples only get like that when she gets sexually aroused. She wanted to make sure I saw them.

It was last call. We had another round of drinks. We were going home. Len said goodnight as he walked towards his car parked at the far end of the lot like ours.

As we all walked by Len’s car I told my wife she should give Len a goodnight kiss for dancing with her. She gave him a light kiss on the lips.

I looked at her laughing and saying I think Len should have a better kiss than that.

With the extra encouragement from me my wife gave Len a big smile. I gave Len a wink signally to him I was okay with it.

The two embraced. It was a little awkward with him being so big and tall with my wife being so short and small. Then there was the contrast of their color of their skin as their lips met. Len’s face so coal black and my wife’s face so pale white.

Their tongues started dancing in each others mouth. It was getting hotter and I was getting hotter watching my older wife being kissed by a younger black man.

Len then lifted my wife up and placed her on the trunk of his car. To my pleasure my wife responded by opening her legs and hiking up her skirt making it easier so the their groins can meet. They were dry humping on the car. Len had his hands underneath my wife’s ass while my wife wrapped her legs around him.

A car started to drive towards us in the parking lot. Len pulled Gwen off the truck of the car. Gwen pulled her skirt down. Len said sometimes the police patrol this parking lot. It was not the police but was just enough to throw water on the fire.

Gwen then said I guess I should go home. She then gave Len a peck again like the first time and went sit in our car.

I looked at Len thanking him for taking the time to dance with my wife. We should get together again. Len said he will and then told me I had one hot wife and maybe he could finish what he started. I told him I would like that once the wife gives the go ahead.

We head home. I bet a lot of people reading this thought Len would be fucking my wife tonight but it did not happen.

Gwen put her arms around me as I was driving.

“I hope I did not disappoint you tonight. I just felt funny with you there and another man was playing with me” my wife said.

You did not disappoint me. Maybe next time I will give you a little alone time to make you relax and let nature take its course I told my wife.

We get home. We were fucking like rabbits. After I camed a second time I was laying next to my wife. I asked her if she would love to have a black cock in her. Maybe let Len fuck her.

My wife said yes she wants to fuck Len and next time she will.

My dick got hard for a third time. We fucked again.

We made plans to go to the same bar. We were taking a chance Len may not be there but he did say he goes just about every Saturday night. I joked with the wife we will just have to go every Saturday till we hit pay dirt.

“Why don’t we just call him to meet us there?” my wife asked

You got his number? I don’t even have his last name.

In our moment of excitement nether one of us got Len’s last name or phone number. All we knew was he was a college student.

Late Saturday evening arrives. The wife went to get clean up and wear a new Sun dress I bought her. She comes out all fresh and ready to go. Again I told her how great she looks.

I loved how the dress looks on her. All of her shoulders were exposed. The elastic on the top part of the dress was low enough so you can see some cleavage. Very little resistance top so my wife’s breast explored by Len. The bottom was short and airy making it easy for Len’s black hands to roam on my wife’s white legs. It would be easy for Len to hike up her dress perabet giriş if needed. All we needed now was for Len to be there.

Right before we left I noticed my wife had no bra on. I asked her if the bra matched the panties.She told me yes.

Gwen was all excited and chatty as we walked into our attached garage to get into the car. It took a second for her to realize Len was leaning against the back of the car.

Surprize! I told my wife.

She ran over to Len to give him a hug and kiss. With her arm around his waist she was so happy I did find Len.

I then told my wife Len wants to pick it up where they left off from. I will leave the garage to just the two of you till you feel like you then can come into the house and let my fill in do what I wanted to see before.

My wife told me no. At first Len and I had a wtf look on her face.

No I don’t want you to leave.

With that said Len and Gwen started kissing again. Ken then lifted my wife on the truck of my car. Again my wife opened her legs but this time her pussy was easily exposed to Len. Len pulled down the top of my wife’s dress exposing her welled shaped 65 year old breast. Her nipples were rock hard.

Len stepped back taking off his shirt then his pants. He was completely naked sporting a coal black, tall, hard body being match with his coal black, long hard cock. His black cock will look magnificent inside of my grey haired wife’s pussy.

My wife removed her dress throwing it at me. Now she is completely naked in front of a black man for the first time. It took 65 years for this to happen. Better to be late than never.

My wife leaned back on the trunk as Len position himself between her legs. The trunk was the right height for Len as he started to work the purple head of his black cock into my wife’s grey haired pussy. The sight of his black cock contrasting against my wife’s grey haired pussy as it entered her was almost enough to make me cum without touching myself.

I could hear a moan coming from my wife as Len buried his black cock all the way into her. At first given the size difference of their bodies and how big his black cock was I thought it would never fit. I was wrong.I guess nature did have a way for a small white woman to take on extra large black cocks.

I watched as Len started to stroke in my wife on the truck. My wife again wrapped her legs around Len like before but this time she had something hard and black in her. She arched up her pelvis so Len could plant his black cock to the base of his large root. Any deeper and his balls would have been in her too.

My wife camed. It was one of the fastest and hardest cums I ever saw her have. This tells me she does love having a black cock in her. There is no going back now. Looks like she will be having a black cock often if not every time. Sound good to me.

Len started to grunt. His young black body dumped its sperms in her. She again raised her pelvis up to receive his sperms as though she was a young white woman getting bred. We should have been doing this when she was fertile in her life.

Now that they each got to cum on the trunk of my car it was time for us to just go inside to fuck like adults instead of like acting this is your first first date.

As my wife was walking inside cum was leaking out her pussy. I had to stop her as I got on my knees so I could eat her pussy out. First time in my life I ate another man’s cum out my wife’s pussy. I bet I will be doing this more in the future as my wife fucks more black men.

The rest of the night was spent in our bed with Len and I taking turns fucking my wife.I must had cum 6 times in her like the day I married her. Lost track how many times Len came in her.

The next morning Len had to leave. He fucked my wife one more time before letting himself out.I looked over at my naked 65 year old wife. She looked beautiful from having being fucked by a black guy ? her age.

You know you and I did it six times last night. I guess we do not need a fill in anymore I told my wife.

“Oh no you are not. I want a young black fill in every weekend and maybe during the week too. You better get busy collecting some phone numbers” my wife said as hard on number 7 rose up for my wife to mount.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32