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The next morning I am awakened by Wolf. But this is different, this is the morning after my successful survival of The Hunt. And not just any Hunt, the first ever Hunt when the hunted has survived the full three days and nights. The concept of The Hunt is very specific, but I wonder if any of the leaders who established the criteria, rules, and rewards had any anticipation that someone might actually evade capture all three days. Was the outcome even defined for this condition? Would my unique situation create conflict? There was only one way to find out and that would be very soon.

The sounds of the forest waking had not been enough to wake me this morning. There was no tension in me last night or this morning. There would be nobody searching for me, trying to capture me, or establishing a trap for me to happen into. Today, they would simply be waiting for me to return to the village. I stretch my body out while lying on the ground and I feel aches in many parts of my body. The effects of my ordeal over the past three days is now very apparent, especially yesterday from jumping into the trees, running naked through the forest, and going through the rapids in the river. Wolf comes to me, though, and my worries about my body quickly dissolve under his attention. He begins licking my face, then to my neck and shoulders, and to my breasts and nipples. He then moves down over my belly and I open my legs for him, giving him access to me completely. He is my first, and so far only, lover; the only male to have touched my body with mouth or cock and in just three nights I have given myself completely to him, yielded my body to him much the same way I would sometimes see my mother do with Dog. Wolf has been my protector and constant companion during these times since coming to the village, suffering through the death of my mother, the long alone times of not knowing or feeling a place within the village. And, over the past three days, he was repeatedly my salvation in evading the men seeking me out, trying to trap me and capture me. So, yes, I opened myself to him, gladly, willingly, and with deep desire that I have only felt for him. And, for his part, the core of my womanhood now spread before him, he focuses his tongue’s attention on my pussy. And I moan out in response to that attention.

His tongue is so good, so very good. But I want more now, not a want for myself, but a want for him; I want to give more to him, to thank him, to reassure him of our bond together, because I know our lives will be changing in many ways when we return to the village this morning. So, I put my hands down between my legs and hold the sides of his face, his massive head, and I raise my shoulders to look at him. What a magnificent b**st. How did I end up with a wolf as my protector and lover?

I pull my knees up and roll over to kneel in front of him. Holding his head, I kiss his snout, put out my tongue in offering to him, and we lick each other’s. I hug his head to me and stroke his neck and shoulders. I kiss his snout, again, before patting the ground for him to lay himself before me. I stroke his side down to his hind leg, then move to his belly, stroking him further and further until I graze his sheath. There is no mystery about what is happening now, not after the past nights together. He raises his hind leg for me, like I opened mine for him only moments before. I smile at him, at his reaction, at his assumption. No matter what happens today, no matter how I might be accepted or rejected by the Warriors, at least I knew Wolf and I would have each other.

With there being no mystery as to what was about to happen, there was also no real surprise at seeing that his cock tip was poking out of his sheath. I looked at it intently as I slowly bent forward to get even closer, even as my tongue was coming out of my mouth, I was looking at it for the first time in full light of day. It had felt different than I imagined and it now looked different. Mother and father were always very open and casual about their bodies and encouraged the same response from me. As a result, the sight of a naked penis was not completely unfamiliar to me. I had even gotten a glimpse of my father’s hard one on occasion when I unexpectedly came upon him and mother in the field or in bed when I wasn’t supposed to be around. But, Wolf’s was different. The tip was pointed, the shape in general was different and the color was certainly different. But it felt wonderful in my mouth, on my lips, on my tongue, and very definitely inside my pussy. And, the knot … what a powerful, full feeling that gave me.

It all made me wonder what a man’s cock would feel like when I finally got the chance. The Hunt was an indication of coming of age for young women, the time of taking her place in bringing the needed young into the village to grow our community, establish families, and to establish the beginnings of tradition. It was a role of all women in the village and, like my mother, I was willing to do what I could, but I also wanted the freedom of choice to determine how and where and with whom I lived. That was the purpose of wanting so badly to survive The Hunt, to earn that freedom to choose.

But these thoughts and musings didn’t really detract me from my current mission. I had my tongue on the tip of his cock and I was lightly stroking his sheath. More cock was showing and as soon as there was enough, I took it between my lips and sucked, lightly at first, but then harder. That gave me more cock and I took it deeper into my mouth, stopping only when my lips touched his sheath, then pulling back and taking more, again. Over and over, I took him into my mouth and then pulled back and sucked the tip. His pre-cum was nearly running out of the tip and I licked and sucked it out. I wondered if a man was like that, too. Would he produce pre-cum like that or would it be different, also.

I now had nearly a full mouth of Wolf and I wanted him somewhere else, a different hole, I wanted us joined as male and female were designed to reproduce. I wanted to be his, again. I wanted to be bound to him, to be tied by his knot, to be his as if he really was breeding me, to be joined to him as only a canine a****l can do. So, I released him from my mouth, but I continued to look at it, to study it, and admire it. Then I knelt up and looked from his cock to his head. He raised his head and looked me, waiting for my action, waiting to determine his next action.

I didn’t make him guess, I shifted onto my hands and knees and turned so my ass was pointed directly at his head and patted my ass to further indicate my intent. I didn’t need nearly so much for him to take the hint. Before I could pat my ass the first time, he was already rising to approach me. And in only a few breaths he was on my back. I remembered what helped the previous times and put a hand between my legs to assist him in finding my pussy hole. When he penetrated me, my breath was literally taken from me. I gasped and moaned at the sudden and deep penetration. After only a few strokes at the furious pace I had already come to expect from him, I could feel his knot forming and hitting the outside of my pussy, beginning to stretch open my lips and then my hole, insistent in his determination to fully enter me, and to tie me in our mating.

I orgasm quickly, as soon as his knot passed inside me, in fact. My need is pent up and my senses completely relaxed now, after The Hunt and after my coming of age, and finally in the light of day, even more aware of the act we had only done in the dark previously. But, I am not done and he certainly wasn’t. He is still pounding into me, smaller strokes restricted by his knot, but pounding at me nonetheless. When I feel him jerk and his hips drive into me hard, pushing his knot and cock into me even deeper, then holding himself there with his front legs squeezed even tighter around my waist, I feel it, the spurt of his canine cum into me, I feel the new wetness drench my pussy and undoubtedly my womb. He is so deep, deeper than I have ever felt him before, forgetting that this is still only the third time. He seems to be nearly at my womb, nearly about to try to enter my very womb, to send his sperm directly into my most womanly of places. And, with those thoughts coursing through my brain … I explode into an even more powerful orgasm. I cry out, no longer caring for hiding where I am but for the moment forgetting that this might not be completely understood by others in the village. But, it is a physical and mental reaction not to be denied and my body’s release sends a verbal response that seems matched by Wolf’s own guttural sounds.

When he finally releases me, I fall to the ground, my legs splayed, one side of my face in the grass, and the other side being licked by Wolf. I smile. What a guy. He’s just given the best fuck of my short, sexual life and he is now showering me with kisses. At least, that is how I was taking it.

I rolled over from under that tongue, laughing and giggling as I do. I come to my knees and give him another hug, I then stand up. I can still feel some soreness from bruises that will show more later in the day, but for some reason Wolf has made me forget most of it. It is still early morning and it is time to return to the village. This was about my future in the village; and, it will begin to be decided today. I am anxious to see what that will be.

I am still naked. That hasn’t changed. My clothes floated down the river as a ruse in the poor light of previous evening to confuse where I was in the water. It worked very well, but it also left me, once again, naked. I am now coming out of the edge of the forest, walking to the village, and I realize that I have not accounted for this in my planning. I will enter the village, victorious perhaps, but also naked. Hopefully, I will get some consideration for my ordeal, but I remember that I also ran through the village naked early yesterday. But there is nothing I can do about that now.

Once I have cleared the forest edge, which is nearly at the edge of the village, I see a crowd of villagers waiting and a loud, long applause goes up as they see me. Then, it dies off as they see me naked. The whole crowd goes hush.

Tupac is standing in front of the village with Herve and Dreng. He is looking at me, smiling even, then his face changes and he comments to the other two, “Look at the insides of her thighs.”

“Is that … is it? She’s been by herself. Except …”

“I do believe it is. She has cum leaking from her pussy … and she has only had the a****l for company.”

Herve chuckles, “Well, I for one thinks she is going to fit into the team very nicely, if that is her wish. And, ours. But, I think I know where my vote is now.”

Tupac laughs. He then steps away from the others and is taking off his shirt. I stop and by the time he reaches me, his shirt is off. He has a powerful chest and flat stomach. His arms seem nearly the size of my legs. His body seems hard and chiseled. Even Rayner didn’t look like that. He puts his shirt on me and I button it up; it hangs down below my ass and does a good job of covering my body. He is smiling at me, “I certainly wouldn’t want the village men getting any ideas.”

I look up at him, “That makes it sound like you have some ideas of your own.” Damn, did I just bat my eyes at him?!?

“Dear, girl, it most certainly does. In fact, all three of us do.” I smiled at the thought. And his smile got bigger. There was no apparent conflict with these Warriors. Their inability to capture me did not appear to have hurt their egos enough to damage my chances to join their group on good terms.

The council members had discussed this most unusual of outcomes in The Hunt and had concluded that the conditions that can be set by the warriors were limited, very limited. My success in The Hunt had given me the ability to have my own options and decisions.

I want to be a full member of the Warriors, they agree on a trial basis, of course. But, at this point, based on the outcome of The Hunt, their expectations are that I am the right person for their group, even if I am small and a woman. Their inclination was to make the conditions severe enough to discourage others from having similar thoughts, but my performance has taken that away from them. But, Tupac has recalled having met my father and me on the other side and that additional point gives them extra reason to believe I will succeed with them. They only admit all this to me after leaving the village, however.

They still want to test me, however, and I have been expecting this all along. I hoped only that my performance in The Hunt would give the chance to be with them, not that it would be a guarantee to be with them. I want to now earn the right to be a part of their group. They have a dangerous job for the village, but they have their freedom and they are nearly revered and looked to in awe, if not also some element of fear, by the villagers. The Warriors are made up of three men, all strong, fierce fighters, and experts in cunning, stealth, and weapons. Except for some draft horses for plowing and hauling logs for cabins and making wood for various uses, they have the only other three horses. As part of their group are two dogs, also large, strong, and fierce. The men I met with my father several years ago were this group, I now realize. It is a hard and dangerous life. Some die, some retire to the ‘Hunters’. This group has been together for five years. It is the leader who, having güvenilir bahis known my father, is particularly interested in seeing me succeed. I do not remember him, though, those were fleeting meetings and so much was happening with my father’s anxiousness about discovery and my mother’s failing health.

They exist for the most part away from the village. They, by their natures, do not fit well into village life or mix well with other people. They prefer to spend most of their time alone, protecting the only access to the valley, which would appear to most on the other side as an impassable mountain range. Yet, they originally found it and have led others though the secret and nearly invisible passageway through the mountain. It is also the route used to bring my mother and me to the village. They also are watchful of runaways that can be rescued and brought to the safety of the valley. Both situations sometimes are best accomplished by leading the slave owner’s trackers on wild goose chases rather than actual combat. But, if combat is the only option, that is acceptable, too. But, since largely closing off the opening, they have also begun to focus their attention further south, now concerned that others might find their way from the coastal lands as people spread in search of new opportunities.

They come to the village periodically to replenish supplies when they cannot raid it from the plantations. They also come to get drunk and have some women. It is just their way of supporting the village’s need for c***dren. Like other single men of the village, the communal women are available to them, as well. Their long intervals away from the village means that their arrive is nearly always a source of turmoil and chaos for the few days they visit. As revered as they are for the danger they face for them, the villagers are also tentative of their wild natures. And, it is not just the communal women who are tentative about their arrival; it is joked that even the female dogs of the village disappear when the warrior’s male dogs arrive.

This is what I was getting into by wanting to join the Warriors. No other group seemed suited to me and, yet, no other group seemed so unsuited for a young woman. But, I didn’t think of myself as ‘like a young woman’. This was a way for me to live in the manner like my father had prepared me for. The only other option seemed to be to leave and explore further West, perhaps over the next range of mountains, far enough away from all the elements of people owning other people and performing unimaginable horrors upon them. Unimaginable, that is, until you have seen it.

Normally, they would stay in the village for more days than The Hunt. But, this time they want to leave right away. I am told that if I want to come with them, to get my things together and be ready by noon when they plan to leave. It isn’t going to take me nearly that long. I go into the woman’s communal cabin, take off Tupac’s shirt and put on my only other dress. I walk back outside, hand him his shirt and go to the communal kitchen building for what may be my last meal in the village for some time. I then go back to my bed, take up my bow and the quiver of arrows. The quiver contains twenty arrows. I also have the makings of another twenty consisting of the blank wooden shaft, arrow points formed from antler, feathers, and cordage used for tying it all together. Then, with the knife Rayner gave me, I have everything to my name.

I am back outside and waiting within only two hours, which is still two hours until noon. I sit on a patch of grass with Wolf and spread out my arrow pieces and begin making more arrows. It isn’t too long before Dreng sees me and wanders over to me. He stands in front of me, but I don’t look up until I have completed the tying of the arrowhead I was working on. Wolf, however, has been watching him closely and when I do look up, I can see him glancing furtively at the a****l.

He sits down, “May I take a look?”

I give him not only the one I am currently working on but also one from the quiver. “You can see the in-process and the completed.”

He checks by looking down the length, checking straightness, the point, and the feathers. Then he puts the arrow on his finger and checks the balance. He hands them back to me, “Are you good with them?”

“I think so. My father was afraid of using guns for fear of drawing attention to our cabin and my mother. We hunted almost exclusively by bow and arrow and trapping.”

“The same with us, at least from the perspective of the guns.” He picked up my bow and felt it, then pulled on the string. “This is a tight string and strong pull. You’re able to handle this?”

I was busy with the arrow, again. I didn’t bother to look up to acknowledge the question, except to say, “It’s my bow, isn’t it?”

“May I?” I indicated for him to go ahead. He took an arrow, threaded it onto the string and looked around for a target.

“That oak to the Southeast, the growth about fifteen feet up.” He just looked at me, then again at the tree.

“That’s a ways away.”

I didn’t say anything, just nodded as I finished another arrow. I put it in the quiver and stood. “If you want me to, fine. That’s what this is all about anyway, right? Tupac is watching from somewhere, isn’t he? Give that to me.” I took the bow from him, took my stance, pulled about half way, studied the leaves on the tree I was targeting and the leaves on trees in-between. I adjusted, pulled back the rest of the way, the muscles in my arms and shoulders taunt from the pull. I drew in my breath, slowly exhaled, and held it. Just like Rayner taught me. Only then did I release the arrow. It flew true and stuck in the upper middle of the growth. From my left came a whistle. I turned to find Tupac and Herve.

I was going to be tested a lot. I was expecting that and I would just roll with the challenges and questions. I didn’t care what their questions were or what challenge they threw up, I only hoped my calm response would be sufficient answer.

Tupac was a man who wasn’t used to beating around the bush. I was going to find out that it wasn’t always true, however.

“If you are ready, let’s get going. Is that all you have? Bow, arrows, a knife, and the dress you are wearing?”

“That’s it. I don’t have anything else.”

He walked to the building I had come out of, my former barracks. He came out with a cloth bag and a blanket he was folding and rolling. He tied it to his stuff on the horse. He put my arrow making items into the bag with some food he also had. He pulled up my dress nearly to my waist, took some cordage from his waist and tied the knife to my right thigh, dropped my dress back in place. Herve and Dreng were getting onto their horses, Tupac got into the saddle of his and reached down with his left hand. I grabbed it with my left while holding my bow in my right. He swung me up behind him on the horse. He kicked the horse and I grabbed tightly to his waist as we left the village. I didn’t even look back. This is where I wanted to be, there was nothing back there that held any meaning to me.

At the far end of the lake, the opposite side from the village, they pulled up and milled around. It was as if they were waiting for some kind of sign, then they proceeded along the river coming out of the lake, riding through a long meadow land that covered the distance from the river to the forest along the mountain slopes. Over a rise to shortcut the bend in the river, we came to a stand of trees alongside a quite pool of water in a slow part of the river. Further downstream, not far, I could hear what must be either heavy rapids or a waterfall. The land was teeming with game and abundance for living off the wild. Even more than we had known on the other side of the mountains where there were people. This was almost like virgin land, as yet unspoiled by the advances of man.

Tupac put out his hand and I grabbed it. He eased me off the horse to the ground. This was where we were staying for at least some time. It was also a location they had used numerous times in the past. The fire area was well used, a lean-to shelter stood to the side, and makeshift table and wood stumps for seats.

From hiding places everywhere, they started pulling containers, baskets, and then they pulled some matting off and opened up a cool storage underground. Dried meat and fruit. Herve didn’t seem real pleased, though. “We could have stayed in the village a few more days, Tupac. Get some good meat and food. Some alcohol, maybe.”

Tupac looked at me, then the sun. He looked at Herve, “You want fresh meat for dinner?”

“Yeah, I think that would have been good.”

“Maia, there is hours left of the sun. You think you can get us some meat to cook?”

“What do you want? Fish, deer, turkey, anything I find?”

“Not just anything you can find, but the best you can find.”

I looked at them and smiled. Another challenge. I grabbed my bow and the quiver, put both over my head and shoulder and left at a jog up to the edge of the forest and made my way downstream. I edged around a stand of trees running further into the meadow and gazed over the rise. There was what I really wanted. A small herd of deer. Several fawns that I ignored. Mostly doe that were promising. A few bucks and a large buck. The large guy would be tempting but I eliminated him, too. It would be flashy to down a large buck, but it would be too much and even skinned and butchered he might be too big for me to get back to camp. The doe were the most promising. Chances are that the meat would also be better. I got down onto the ground and started crawling along edges of brush, small ravines in the ground, etc. But, I kept silently cursing the dress. I was forever crawling into the dress and having to pull at it. Finally, I took the quiver off, then the dress. I put the quiver back over my head and shoulder. There, that felt much better and more familiar from the hunting expeditions with Rayner.

Soon, I was within easy distance of them. I crouched on my knees, took an arrow out of the quiver and put it onto the bow string and peeked over the grass. They were right where they should have been if they weren’t spooked and they weren’t. I knelt on one knee and went through my ritual of aiming, seeking hints of the wind, adjusting, breathing, exhaling, and … the doe staggered for a moment as if it didn’t know what had just pierced its heart. Then she dropped to the ground. The others seemed just as bewildered at first, then became wary. When I stood, content with the one that I had, the others run away from the river and into the forest.

I approached the doe, first retrieved my arrow, then went to work gutting, taking the hide, and laying it in the sun. It would have to be sc****d and worked before it could be used for whatever we would need: moccasins, clothing, bags, or a blanket. Then I went to work on the meat, slicing off large chunks and placing them on the hide. After rolling the carcass and trimming off every decent piece of meat I could find, I wrapped the hide over the meat. I then went to the stand of trees and found two saplings large enough for the job. With them I quickly constructed a travois. I used my ever present cordage to tie the ends together at one end, then with several others tied across them to form an ‘A’, I rolled the hide of meat onto it. I raised the peak end, got inside and pushed against it and moved it a hundred yards before I remembered that I had left my dress behind. I put the travois down and ran back for my dress. I hated to even put it on.

As I came out from a small stand of trees and brush, Dreng spotted me. All I could tell was his pointing and the others coming to him to look. I could see Tupac smiling and he pushed Dreng, the youngest, in my direction, too help, I hoped. The load had become heavy.

With his help, the travois was dropped by the fire pit, which Herve was busy getting started. Tupac moved the hide pack off the travois, then inspected my construction of it. He stood and opened the hide, seeing the cut up meat he looked my way, again. He stood and moved to stand directly in front of me, “Maia, you are a constant source of surprise. You were during The Hunt, then in actually making a good kill, and finally in getting it back to us without help. Is there anything you can’t do?”

“Of course, I suspect a lot. I am not as big or strong as you three so there will be plenty that you can handle that I would struggle with or not be able to manage. But, in terms of wilderness skill, survival, hunting, tracking, and evasion, I am expert as you should know by now. You can certainly continue to challenge and test me or we can start working together as a team.”

That was spoken boldly for a new member and such a small one compared to them, but it seemed I was constantly being tested and evaluated. It was time to make the point that I belonged. Both Herve and Dreng watched with sideways glances at the exchange, now waiting for Tupac’s response and reaction. He looked off into the distance over me, then at the smiling other two before returning his attention back to me. I looked up at him and he was now smiling, too.

“Good for you, Maia. You have spunk and ability to back it up. You’re right.” He called the other two over to us, “We made the decision we needed to make it rough on you to see if you really belonged out here. But, frankly, that was before we couldn’t capture you in The Hunt. As I said, you continue to surprise. So, the challenging and testing ends. Life out here is enough of a challenge. There are things that she can türkçe bahis do better because of her skills or size and there are things we can do better for the same reasons. Those aren’t better or worse, they just are and we will take advantage of being able to combine them into a more functional unit.”

Herve let out a long breath and we all looked his way, “Well, that’s a relief to have out of the way. Now, let’s get some of this meat cooking.”

I looked around the area, “Is there something to put the meat onto? I want to start on scr****g the hide.” They looked at me like it would not have occurred to them to actually use the hide. While others worked over the fire and around the camp, I spread out the hide on a packed section of ground and started pulling the edge of my knife over the surface of the inside of the hide. Cleaning the residual fat and muscle from the hide was a necessary first step in preparing the hide for tanning and eventual use.

After an early evening meal of venison, some boiled roots, and nuts, I returned to the hide. I soon felt the others watching from a discrete distance. “It will make it go faster if you help rather than watch. Each one of you take a corner and we’ll work into the center. That way we are pulling against each other and it will keep the hide taunt.”

Dreng went to an opposite location from me, took his knife out and started duplicating my actions. “What do you do with the hide when you are done?”

I looked up at him. I took off my moccasin and flipped it to him. “Compare my moccasin to yours.” He caught mine and felt it, then looked at me. He took his off and compared them closer.

The others were looking over his shoulder and Herve asked, “You made this? It has ties on it. To hold it to the foot better?”

“Yes. Dreng, what happened to your moccasins when you were in the river and got into trouble?”

“They came off. How did you know?”

Tupac was watching the exchange, “The branch that trapped his foot didn’t just suddenly move away from the rock, did it?”

I smiled at them, “No. It never would have. The pressure of the water on both sides had it secured where it was. I had to pull with everything I had to get the pressure unbalanced onto his side so it would float downriver.” They kept looking at me and I kept smiling. Another surprise, Tupac?

They were quiet but moved to separate parts of the hide and we were now all scr****g the hide. It remained quiet for some time and that was fine with me. I had given them enough to think about over the past days. Wolf came from somewhere and lay down next to me, his big head nudging me periodically so that I stopping pulling the edge of the knife long enough to give him a long pet. Then he settle down for a time. There was a topic that had not come up for consideration or discussion since the tease when Tupac gave me his shirt this morning. It needed to be out in the open or it was going to be a very large, preoccupying distraction. Quite possibly for all of us.

It had been even more time without any significant discussion about anything important. I also knew that the way my dress was on me, my legs crossed, knees spread, that the bottom of my dress in well up my thighs and all three of the men were looking my way frequently. I decided to give them a test, I shift several times in quick succession and got the bottom of my dress pulled up to my hips and I continued to act like there was nothing wrong or that I knew how much I was exposing. That move brought all scr****g to a stop except for mine. I let it continue like that for a little while longer before confronting it.

Without looking at them, still focused on my scr****g, “At least now I know you like what you see.” They seemed nervous that they were caught. “I know what you guys are like when you come into the village looking for women. I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me.”

Tupac was going to lead this, “Maia, there is nothing wrong with you. But … well, if you are part of our group, I didn’t know how … well …”

I smiled, these big, tough men were suddenly like butter. “Let’s talk about this. I know it is on your minds. It is on mine, too. The village has an expectation of the women.”

“You mean the expectation to have babies?”

“Yes. I know you guys have been very ‘helpful’ in assisting the single women in becoming pregnant on your stays in the village.” They laughed. That was a delicate way of putting their activities. “It is also said that the bitches in the village hide when you bring your dogs into the village with you.” More laughs and I had their complete attention now.

“Maia, being a part of the Warrior group means nothing about the village rules apply to you. We pick and choose what we abide by and what we use for our convenience.”

“Like the women and taking supplies?”

“The supplies are to make them feel like we need them. But, the women, yes.”

“If you had your choice, do you like being at the village? Or, would you rather just stay away and remain free and alone, your own selves without answering to the others?”

“What are you suggesting, Maia?”

“Let me be direct and to the point because you aren’t seeming to want to address this. When you gave me your shirt this morning, you teased me about the other men getting ideas about me. And you said you already had ideas, yourself. You said that all three of you did. I’ll be plain, I have not had a man, this was my coming of age. I know I like sex and I want more of it. So, I have some proposals for you, if you are interested in where my thinking is going.”

Tupac didn’t need to check with the others, “Interested? Are you k**ding? Yes, we would just as soon stay away from the village except to deliver freed slaves occasionally and when we need to for a number of reasons. But we have needs.” He was setting an expectation. An expectation I had been waiting for.

“You have needs … well, that might work out then. I worked hard in The Hunt to avoid the village life, to be a single woman of one of the groups that labors and is available to the single men for making babies. I wanted more, I wanted choice of who and what the life would be like. I wanted this, this life, free to live and to live free. I know you have already figured out that even though I have not had a man, I have had Wolf. And that is how I know for a fact that I like sex, multiple kinds of it, but my experience is still limited.”

“You want to have sex with us? All of us?”

“Yes, all of you. And I mean all of you, including them.” I pointed in the direction of their dogs. “After all, if Wolf and you are, how can I exclude them?”

“You’re serious? One woman and six males. How would that be managed?”

“With no jealousy. That has to be critical. That you don’t mind sharing me, even with the canines. I think I have a large appetite for it, but only if it is satisfying and my choice to give.”

This time Tupac did look to the other two to be sure. The stipulation of no jealousy and sharing, even with the dogs, was unexpected. They quickly were nodding their consent. “What do you want from us Maia? This was not a part of any expectation. Tell us, how would you manage this for us and for yourself?”

“It is going to be easy as long as we all get along. It appears that you three already have an easy and comfortable relationship, you trust each other, respect each other, and work well together. If that is no longer the case, it will be assumed because of me. I don’t want to cause that conflict and I will leave, but I will likely not return to the village. I may go somewhere on my own, try myself against the wilderness somewhere. I will have Wolf.”

“I can assure you, Maia, that will not happen with us. We have been together for years now. We will not ruin this opportunity.” They all were nodding and watching me intently. Wolf had sensed something occurring and rose to sit by my side. I shifted from sitting to on my knees, pulling the dress from under my knees.

“I hope not because … I confess to you that I am getting excited by the situation and would not like to see it end. Here is my proposal, since I have been thinking about this. We can discuss it after. We will all have things to do, responsibilities that will have us busy and we must all be sensitive to pulling our own share of the work and not to allow this to distract from that. But … when we are not busy with other requirements, I will be available to you. This is my freewill offering, so I am not to be forced or thought of negatively or my offering taken for granted. As long as it is fun and satisfying for all of us, I will enjoy it as much as you if it is anything like with Wolf. And, I expect that in some ways it will be better. My mother certainly thought so, anyway.”

“Your mother? Your mother also loved a dog?”

“Yes and she loved loving it. She called it ‘fucking’ and I knew it was wonderful to experience from listening to her, father, and Dog. They made me promise to wait until I reached the age, though. Now I am and I have experimented already with Wolf.”

“We’ll be pleased to assist you in experimenting.” That brought a smile to my face and my responding released theirs, as well. We were past the uncomfortable part and Tupac was comfortable joking.

“That is good to hear. I was afraid I might have to force you.” Now we were laughing. “There is one more thing and it might be even more different than what you are used to, so you need to let me know if it will make you uncomfortable. These dresses are awful, it gets in the way and I can’t move like I want sometimes. I actually like and prefer being naked when the weather is warm. Besides … you are going to be seeing me naked a lot, anyway. That way we don’t have to pretend about my modesty.”

They were quiet. They just looked at me but they also glanced down my body. I smiled at them, knelt up, took hold of the dress and pulled it up over my head and tossed it behind me. I stayed straight up so they could look at me, and look they did. I was very excited, my body was telling me things I was still trying to understand completely, but I did know that my body wanted them, all of them. Wolf put his nose in the air and sniffed, then licked my arm.

“Not now, Wolf. Later, I promise. I think I am about to be very busy.” I put a hand between my legs and felt myself. Yes, that’s what that feeling means. I was dripping wet. I stood up, separated my legs to shoulder width, opening myself to them. The sun was low in the sky but it was still light, for a time still. I absently put one hand to a breast and the other between my legs. “Would one of you please show me how a man feels?”

They didn’t utter a word, but Tupac stood up and walked around the hide to me. I knew it would be him. He took my face between his hands and kissed my lips, then again and again. He picked me up, it was as if I weighed nothing to him. I wrapped my legs around him like I had done this before but I hadn’t. He continued to kiss me. This was all new to me, but it was almost instinctual and it was extremely enjoyable. This was already better. Wolf was a wonderful fuck, but there was none of this softness and shared intimacy. I already love this difference, but I also loved the a****listic nature of being fucked by Wolf and I knew that I would always continue that.

He walked me over to the fire and lay me on the grass there. I lay there before him, one leg stretched out toward him, the other knee bent and raised. He took off his shirt and I watched closely. Since my father, I have not seen a naked man. I smiled at him. He took off his trousers and, finally, I was looking at a naked man. But this time he wasn’t just naked, he was about to fuck me and that was very evident by the appearance of his cock. It was hard, very hard, standing straight up from him. He was looking at me but seemed to hesitate. I dropped my knee to the side, opening myself again, inviting him further with my arms outstretched to him. He immediately responded by kneeling between my legs, kissing my lips, then each breast and sighing.

“Please, I want this so much.” He smiled, took his cock in his hand and placed it against my pussy. He moved the head up and down along my lips, coating it with my juices. He pressed forward and was inside me. “Ohhhhh, yessssssss, yes, yes, yes!” When I looked up at him, he was smiling at me. I think I might have blushed, although that might seem peculiar since I had just offered myself to all of them and he was just the first, but it was so good and I was so verbal. “Love me, fuck me, whatever you like, please.” And he did. He pressed into me fully in one smooth thrust and he was fully embedded in me. I continued to moan my pleasure as he stroked in and out of me, driving hard now, pulling nearly out of me, then thrusting hard and deep back in, mashing our groins together. I was going ot cum and soon, this was so much, so stimulating, so intense. After him I had two more men and … could I all in one night … and … three a****ls!

That thought combined with my first man fuck sent me over into a new world of pleasure. I felt my pussy clenching and spasming around the cock inside my pussy, much like I have around Wolf’s. And while I was in my orgasm, squeezing him inside me, he was now frantic in his fucking, now almost like the actions of Wolf, not gentle and smooth as before, but driven and needing. Then, I felt him cum, also. I felt him jerk, his cock twitch and then jerk again. I felt the new wetness as he came, spurting his seed into me. And the orgasm I was in, just peaked anew, causing me this time to scream out my pleasure.

He collapsed onto güvenilir bahis siteleri me. What a feeling! From intimate, almost careful, to all out wild fucking, all in the same act. I rolled him over and followed him, still inside me and ending up with him on his back and me riding on top of him, his cock still inside me and … wow, this was different … and nice. He somehow felt deeper but it was the same cock inside me … it must be the position. My mind was going crazy with all the thoughts. Tupac as going soft inside and I wanted more. I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. It was only then that I realized I was rising and falling on his softening cock. I smiled at him and he returned a weak smile, “Thank you, Tupac! That was wonderful.” But I was already getting up off him. I turned around to find the next one. Both of them were standing there, both of them were already naked and looking a little sheepish.

I only smiled, “Who’s next?” I had wanted to fuck for so long and had put it off, waiting like I had promised, but now it was real. And I wanted more. Herve came toward me, they were apparently going in an order of seniority in the group. That was fine for tonight, but after tonight it would be as it was needed or taken. I smiled at him, “Lay down on the ground, Herve. I want to try a full fuck riding you.” It wasn’t a request or a suggestion waiting for his response or acceptance. It was my wish and he complied immediately. He was on his back and I approached him, stepped over his body and knelt over his mid-section. I took his hard cock in my hand and held it up in the air, I rubbed the head along my slit like Tupac had, getting the head covered in my juices and the cum given to me by Tupac. Soon, Herve’s would also be in there. I sat down slowly and sighed, moaned and sighed, again. He duplicated my sounds. After I was completely seated on him, I knew this was a good position, too. It felt so deep inside me. I smiled at him and bent over to kiss him and we kissed for a long time. Now, I had more control over this action and I raised and lowered my hips, generating the fucking action with my body.

He was looking at my breasts bouncing and swaying above him. “Take them, fondle them, play with the nipples. Do what you want to them.” Oooooooooooooo, so good. He played with my breasts and nipples, squeezing and pinching. This was new for him, to play with a woman, instead of just thrusting his cock into a woman and cumming. And the different positions were amazing to me. I was so energize by the experience, the difference, the options and possibilities.

When we had both cum, I kissed him and thanked him, but was up, again. Now I was looking for Dreng. He actually almost retreated slightly at seeing the look in my eyes, but it was all going to be good. He looked at my body, not my face or eyes, “What … what do you … should I … do?”

I smiled at him, “Have you ever done a woman like a doggy position?” He gave me a funny look. I got down on my hands and knees, then looked over my shoulder, “Here, like this. Get behind me and fuck me.” He saw the possibility and I swear he got just a bit harder, rising closer to vertical along his body. He knelt behind me and put the head of his cock at my pussy and drove it into me in a smooth, if not gentle, stroke. I sighed, again. He moaned. He leaned over me, thrusting evenly in and out of my already well used pussy. This was going to take just a little longer with all the fluids already deposited in me. When he came, I felt him, too, twitch and jerk. And that sent me into my third orgasm of the night. I had the feeling I was going to be very tired.

When he was done, he pulled out and just sat back where he was. I fell to the ground, but with a very satisfied and contented smile on my face. I looked at them and they were all just watching me. “What?” I was still smiling.

“We’re wondering if you will be taking care of all the males, tonight.”

I looked at him a little puzzled and then saw one of the dogs sitting beyond Tupac. I smiled at the thought. Could I? Could I fuck three men and then follow that with fucking three a****ls? Wolf was the biggest by far and I mean his cock and certainly his knot. So, by the end it will be even easier to take his knot if he is the last. I sat up and looked at the three men, “You want to see me take the dogs now? Is that it? You believe I have been with Wolf, but now you want to see me do it. And you want to see me fuck all three of them. You are all three wicked men.”

“You’re the one who talked about taking care of all six males, Maia. We would have been happy if you were just for us. It is so much more exciting that the dogs will also get to mate with you. So, yes, we want to watch.”

“It’s okay, guys! I said you were wicked, I didn’t say that I didn’t like you being wicked in your thoughts. I like the idea of it being open. My being with the dogs will be real then for you, not just me. It will be a part of us and a comfortable part of our relationship.”

I called to the dogs, got onto my hands and knees and patted my ass. “You might need to help them for the first time.” They seemed very willing to play a role in this taboo act about to be played out in front of them. A dog was placed behind me and he sniffed, then licked and licked some more. I sobbed out a groan. My pussy and clit were a little sensitive, already. I suspected that would change as time went on.

They encourage the dog onto my back and my hand was between my legs, guiding his cock to my hole, my open cum drench, gaping hole. He got the idea quickly, though, and once inside me, he thrust, seated himself and began frantically thrusting his hips at me and his cock into my pussy. His knot formed and I felt it hitting the outside of my pussy, spreading the outside lips and pushing, stretching my hole for entrance. This was another difference, a huge difference, with dogs. The knot is such a unique experience, but an experience I was already familiar with. I chuckled at the thought. Herve asked what was funny, they were all sitting in a semi-circle around me, not three feet away.

“Oh, I just … mmmmmmmmm … I just had a … ooooooooooooo … a thought about the dogs. Yesssssssssss, doggggggyyyyyyyyyy, like that … most women would have … have a big adjustment to take a dog … mmmmmm … take a dog for the first time. But … the dog was … was my first … mmmmmmmm … I already know the knot.”

I don’t know what they thought from that rambling, but when I glanced up, they were smiling at me. Dreng was holding the next dog, partly holding him back. I wasn’t going to get much rest in-between.

The knot pushed into me easier than I remember Wolf’s getting inside. I suspected it was all the cock I already had use me and all the cum, theirs and mine. With the knot inside me, the strokes were shorter and more like spasms of energetic thrust until he drove into me and held himself there. He cock started jerking and the knot was now large. He came and that was the final stimulation I needed for my own orgasm. And, it was great, again.

I just stayed as I was when the first dog pulled his knot out of my drenched pussy. The next dog started by licking my dripping pussy, his tongue occasionally even slipping into what I was sure had to be a gaping hole in my pussy. I came on his knot and cock, too. So far five cocks had deposited their seed inside me. Only three could actually impregnate me, but all five were trying to do just that.

I fell to the ground after the last dog and Wolf came up to me, licking my face. The men watched this exchange. They could see the familiarity that existed between us. I rolled over onto my back, my legs splayed. He licked my face, then my breasts and nipples. He looked at me, then my splayed legs. He walked to between my legs and licked at my dripping pussy. It had to be. With just the cum from the men, it had to be enough to leak out. The dogs, though, provided much more volume of cum each time. I raised my upper back off the ground and touched the side of his face, “Are you ready, boy? You want me now, too?” Clearly, he did. I was about to get my sixth cock of the night, and fittingly, it would be Wolf.

But, first, I needed to take care of something else. I stood up and stretched, walked to where Tupac sat, “I need to go pee so I can enjoy Wolf.”

“Are you going to be okay out there by yourself?”

“The last three nights I have been out there and I am not alone as long as Wolf is with me. I’ll be right back.”

When I returned, Herve and Dreng had given up and were asleep. Tupac was standing by the fire and turned upon hearing our steps. He was still naked, as was I. I walked directly up to him and wrapped my arms around him, the side of my face pressed to his wide chest. I looked up at him, took his face into my hands and applied just enough pressure for him to follow them down to my lips where we kissed. I broke just far enough to speak, “Thank you, Tupac. Thank you for accepting me into your group, but thank you for tonight, too. I hoped it would be wonderful when it finally happened, but you guys made it better than wonderful.”

“We’re the ones who should be thanking you, Maia. Very selfishly on our part, you are the perfect woman for men who want to be away from other people.” His hand was on my lower back and he pulled my body into his as we kissed, again.

I felt him this time, pressing into my abdomen. I made a little separation between our lower bodies, my breasts still pressed into him. I slipped a hand between us and held his hard cock. I looked up into his eyes, “You’re hard, again.”

“It’s going to be a recurring problem with us, Maia. You are very beautiful, sexual, and … naked.”

I smiled. Beautiful … that’s not been part of my psychology before. I was beautiful …

“I think I can take care of that for you, if you would like.”

“What about Wolf? It’s his turn.”

“No, Wolf is next, but there is something I did for Wolf one night that I remembered my mother doing for Rayner and Dog. Lay your handsome, naked body on the ground.”

I went to my knees at his mid-section and perpendicular to his body. I smiled at him and saw the perplexed look on his face. I didn’t offer anything to clarify my intention. I supported myself with one arm, patted my ass with the other and then slipped it between my legs. Wolf was immediately on my back, I felt his cock, and guided it into my pussy. I sighed at the penetration, waited for him to release his grip slightly and readjust himself further into me and then grip me tighter. Already I was getting used to the rhythm of his mating.

With Wolf now working his cock in and out of my well-used pussy, I looked below me and the hard cock straining there. I shifted my hand from my groin to the cock in front of me. I lifted it up and descended my mouth to it. I kissed the head and licked the hole. I heard Tupac, “You saw your mother do this? An interesting family approach to education.”

I smiled and lifted my mouth slightly to look at him, “We were a different family. Slave and free man, they vowed to always be open and accepting of each other’s needs. Then, that I should be brought up in the same openness. You’ve not had this done, before?”

“No. When a woman pleased us, it was always with her pussy for fucking. You are a constant source of surprise, Maia. Maybe, between the four of us we can discover more new ways of enjoying our bodies.”

“Mmmmmm, sounds delightful. Now, lie back and let me please you.”

Wolf was still plowing into me from behind and in front I was now taking the cock fully into my mouth. When the head of his cock went to the entrance of my throat, deeper than I had taken Wolf, I gave a clench with my throat and he groaned. Meanwhile, Wolf was doing his thing on me, driving his wonderful cock deeply and frenetically into me until I felt his knot bumping into my lips. I moaned myself around the cock in my mouth. As I anticipated, the formation of his knot and its passage into me was much easier this time than it had been the previous three nights. Something about already having taken five cocks and two knots and having five loads of cum deposited into my pussy. I came, again, for the sixth time tonight, as Wolf’s cock jerked and went into spasms inside me before spurting his cum too into my filled pussy. As I orgasmed, I pulled my mouth from Tupac’s cock but did not release it from my hand. As I calmed down just a little to regain my focus, still tied to my wolf, I returned to the cock with my mouth, redoubling my efforts on him. It wasn’t long before I had a load of cum, my first man cum, in my mouth. Hmmmm … not bad … not bad, at all.

Released by Wolf’s knot, my pussy gaping and leaking, I crawled to Tupac. I don’t even ask, I just curl along his, pressing my bare back into his naked front. He seems slightly taken aback at my comfort and presumption. But, his reaction is perfect. He puts an arm around me and pulls himself and me tightly together. I feel his breathing and beating heart against my back. I feel his shrinking and wet cock against my butt. I wiggle in closer, though there is no closer to be gotten. I am smiling. Completely content and satisfied with the indications of what my life will seem to be. And, rather than being scared or frightened, I see my destiny forged by my mother’s strength of character and her penchant for kinky pleasures; and by my father’s insistent and effective training of my wilderness skills. The conditions I have set for myself while with them: I am to remain naked except for moccasins when away from the village and the weather is conducive; I service all the men when they want; and I am their dogs’ bitch. And, I not only proposed these conditions myself, but I am eager and excited for them to be a part of this new life.

* * CHAPTER 5: LIFE WITH FREEDOM will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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