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The Soldier
Darnell was anxious to get home to his girl, whom he’d not seen in three years, due to his tours in the army. Now that it was over, he was able to spend time with his family and friends once again, but this very moment was a special occasion. His white girlfriend, Jill, was especially excited after telling her he was coming back, despite the fact she’d been worried sick about him all that time he was away. Once the long awaited reunion took place, the mood changed in a hurry.

Darnell knocked on the door to her apartment, with his heart beating up a storm and his nerves catching up to him. He caught the sound of the door unlocking, and the door itself slowly opened by a long haired blonde beauty, who stood there wearing only a white sleep shirt. They looked at each other as though it was the first time and neither said a single word. Jill placed her hands on his cheeks, giving him a wet kiss just to get things going. Darnell grabbed her butt cheeks and lifted her up, carrying her back inside while she giggled in delight and slamming the door shut with his foot.

The kissing and tongue lashing grew hot and heavy. Jill’s legs were so tight around his waste that she refused to let go, not even giving him a chance to breathe or make himself comfortable.

“I can’t believe you’re here”, she said. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you, too”, said Darnell. “You smell so nice.”

“I washed up just for you.”

“Come down. I want to see the rest of you.”

Jill did just that; giving him a view of her sexual beauty he would soon succumb to.

“You got all dressed up for me?” He asked.

“You like?” She asked.

“I love it. You got anything else for me?”

“Your favorite beer. Nice and cold.”

Jill led him into the kitchen where they each grabbed a bottle, talking up a storm that would go on all night. Jill made herself comfortable on the kitchen counter, listening to every word coming out of his mouth, paying attention to any move he made. She missed every little thing about him, including what he looked like without his clothes on or what he felt like during sex.

“So what you been doing lately?” Darnell asked.

“Oh, just thinking about you. Wondering if you would ever touch me again. Feel every part of my body from head to toe. Feeling that big cock digging deep into my pussy. Back and forth. Back…and forth.”

Darnell nearly choked on his beer. For as long as he’d known her he had never heard her speak in such a way that would make any man blush.

“Whoa”, he said. “Hold up, girl. What’s gotten into you?”

“I missed you”

“I know that.”

“Didn’t you ever think about me while you were out there in the desert?”

“It’s kind of hard to do that when you’re looking over your shoulder, watching bullets go by your head.”

“So you never jerked off while you were out there?”

“I did a few times when I received your letters, or that one photo you sent me.”

“You still have that photo?”

“No, it got burned. Sorry.”

“That’s all right. You know what I did to keep myself entertained? I got me a dildo.”

Darnell had to stop drinking the rest of the bottle. Finishing it had become difficult once Jill continued with her exquisite way with words.

“You did what?” He asked.

“I got me a dildo”, said Jill. “A nice, big, black one. It matches your size…and color.”

“Is that what you did? You replaced my black dick with a rubber black dick?”

“I illegal bahis named him after you. Honey, you weren’t around and I was lonely, and so horny. Every time I used it all I could think about was you. You deep inside me, stretching my pussy, and getting me to beg for more. What’s a girl to do while she’s all alone?”

Jill got his full attention massaging her bare foot on his cock, already swelling up in his pants.

“Oh, yes”, she said., enjoying what she felt under the tips of her toes. “That’s what I like to feel.”

Jill used the toes of her other foot to grab his shirt, pulling him up close, almost touching nose to nose. They went back to their kissing and sucking each other’s tongues out.

“You missed me that much, huh?” Said Darnell.

“I missed”, said Jill, kissing his lips and whispering in his ear, “having you…inside me.”

The kissing got bigger and hotter than before. Darnell began unbuttoning Jill’s night shirt, but soon changed his mind as he was now in a hurry.

“Fuck it”, he said, ripping the shirt open and letting the buttons fly in all directions.

Jill giggled and couldn’t care less about her shirt. Darnell got to work on her luscious tits and fully erect nipples, sucking and licking each one, admiring the taste of her soft flesh.

“That’s what I like”, said Jill. “Your mouth all over me. Your tongue. Your teeth. Oh, yes that feels so good.”

The sucking sounds filled her with delight, and she would get more as she had imagined. Darnell went lower, all the way to her belly and to the pink undies that stood in the way of his conquest. Quickly, he took them off and tossed them aside, making quick work on her pretty pussy with a neatly trimmed bush. He opened up her pussy lips wide enough to stick his tongue all the way inside, feeling and exploring every corner of her pink flesh.

“Oh, shit”, said Jill. “Right there. Oh, fuck. Leave that tongue in there and devour me. Oh, yes my pussy hasn’t been eaten for so long. Oh, that feels so good right now. Your tongue is so nice and wet. So good between my legs. Oh, shit. I want to taste every part of me on your big cock. I can’t wait to suck on it.”

Jill’s eyes rolled back and her soft breathing grew heavily by the minute. Soon her eyes grew wide open as though in shock at what she was experiencing up close. It was an experience she sorely missed and receiving in an intense way like never before.

When it came time for Darnell’s turn, his pants were already off and Jill’s night shirt was tossed aside. Even though she warmed up using her dildo, it just wasn’t the same as the real thing. Nothing pleased her more than having the real thing in her mouth, and she went at it like she never had before. Darnell was surprised at how good she was just now compared to other times in the past. Of course he didn’t remember the last time he had head this good. It looked as though three years away was worth the wait.

The surprises kept coming as Jill went deep throat on him and having his balls licked and sucked for good measure. He started realizing that this was not the same girl he left behind. This girl had blown off her sexual energy in a way he had not felt before.

“Damn, girl”, said Darnell. “What the hell happened to you while I was away.?”

“I’m starving. babe”, she said. “Go with the flow.”

“You’re going to kill me before the night is done.”

Jill took bedava bonus veren siteler that as a compliment and continued on. After she was done, Darnell needed a breather before he had a chance to continue. Jill wiped aside her lips, planting them on his while they both breathed heavily. Darnell picked her up again, with her slender legs dangling behind his own, taking her straight into the bedroom. Their lips remained locked tight until he dropped her on the bed, leaving nothing but giggles from her.

“What are you laughing at?” Darnell asked. “You think you’re getting what’s coming?”

“Oh, I know what I’m getting.”

“That right?”

“Why don’t you show me what you got, sergeant? I surrender to you peacefully. I’m waving the white pussy flag right now.”

What Jill did was open and close her legs, teasing Darnell and exciting him even more. He grabbed her knees and opened up those legs, approaching her with his fully grown cock and slapping it on her trimmed bush.

“I hope you’re ready”, he said.

“Three years, babe”, Jill said, growing anxious. “Three fucking years I’ve waited.”

“All right. I’m about to hit that target right now.”

“Fire when ready.”

Gently, he slipped it inside. He started off slow, moving back and forth, giving Jill time to fully take it all in.

“Oh, shit”, she said. “Oh, God. Stretch it like you mean it. Shit. It’s starting to feel good right now. Fuck.”

Darnell went deeper and faster, back and forth as she hoped and dreamed. Jill cupped her hands on his ass and felt every inch of his hard dick inside her.

“Oh, shit”, said Jill. “Oh, fuck I can feel all of you inside me. Oh, my God. You’re all the way inside me.”

“You feeling me?” Said Darnell, going further as he could.

“Yes, I can feel you. Oh, shit. I feel that hard dick all the way in. Oh, fuck you’re so much better than my dildo. Oh, keep it in there. Keep digging that hole.”

“Oh, I’m digging. I’m digging deep.”

“Yes, that’s it. I missed that hard meat so much. Oh, shit.”

Jill let out one big sigh of relief, but she was far from done. It was time for her to do some riding of her own and Darnell was all set. Jill got his hands to grab her tits while she jumped and gyrate all over his massive cock, taking more in as much as she wanted to.

“I love being on top”, she said. “I love being on top of your dick. It feels so good when I’m riding you. You’re going to make me cum before I’m done with you.”

“I don’t mind that.”

“I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you. Your dick will be small by the time I’m done with it.”

“I hope not.”

“Oh, fuck. I’m going to own your hard dick. Fuck. Your big dick is mine to keep. Oh, shit.”

Darnell didn’t know what to think of Jill, but so far he was enjoying the experience of being back with her.

“You love that didn’t you?” Jill asked.

“Fucking A”, said Darnell.

“I want you, doggy style.”

“Yeah? Then get into position.”

“Sir, yes sir.”

Jill got herself into position, waiting for her next remaining hole to be filled up. With his hands on her hips, Darnell began his assignment of fucking her deep in the ass. Jill went on complimenting his incredible performance and how his cock felt inside her once again.

“That’s it”, she said. “Fuck my ass up. Oh, you feel so good behind me than you are in front of me. That’s it. Right there. Tear me a new ass hole. Rip yatırımsız deneme bonusu me a new one with that hard dick. Right there. So fucking better than my dildo. So much better than a rubber dick. So good to have a real dick inside me. Oh, shit. This is so much better.”

Darnell pumped her up so much he was going to have her forget about her precious dildo. In his own strange way he was starting to grow jealous of his replacement.

“Deeper” said Jill. “Deeper. Can’t wait to feel your cum all over me. Oh, you fuck me so good. You fuck me better than the last time. Oh, shit.”

“You like that?” Darnell asked. “You like a real dick in your ass?”

“Oh, yes baby. Your dick feels better inside me.”

“Yeah? My dick is not done with you yet.”

“Really? What are you going do?”

Darnell removed his cock from her ass and turned her around, letting her know what he had in mind. Jill just laid there, smiling, fully aware what was coming next.

“You want to fuck me again?” She asked. “You’re spoiling me.”

Once again he opened up her legs, sliding his hard dick inside her without even using his hands. Jill received a lot more than she bargained for, but it was still the best evening she’d ever had in so long. Darnell was just happy being in the arms of a beautiful woman once again, rather than worry about going out on the field in the middle of a gunfight.

“You’re fucking spoiling me”, said Jill, feeling more of Darnell’s dick inside her pussy. “Oh, yes spoil me. Spoil me with that hard dick. Shit. So fucking big and deep. Stretch my pussy more with that hard dick. Oh, I can’t wait to feel your cum all over me. Your creamy cum all over my body.”

“You want that?”

“I want it. I want to feel it. I want to taste it. Every last drop all over me. Do it. Give it to me. Give it to me, baby.”

He did just that, squeezing every drop in her mouth, leaving a bright smile on her face. Darnell could tell she was now fully satisfied and the evening was well worth the wait.

“Oh, fuck”, said Jill, letting out a sigh of relief. “You fucked me real good.”

“That was the plan”, said Darnell, forcing a giggle from her. “But you, you blew my mind.”

“That’s not all I blew.”

“Damn right.”

Both of them had a good laugh before Darnell headed for the shower. He stopped for the moment before going in, remembering something he needed to take care of first.

“So”, he asked, “where is he?”


“My replacement. You know, the dildo?”

“Top drawer, but don’t disturb him, he’s sleeping.”

Darnell did just that; opening the draw with Jill giggling on the bed. What he took out was exactly as she described it earlier on; a complete replica of an ebony rubber dick.

“Really?” He asked.

“Are you jealous?” Jill asked, smiling.

Darnell place the dildo next to his cock, measuring the two side by side.

“He’s a couple of inches shorter than mine”, he said.

“Really?” Jill giggled. “I didn’t noticed.”

“Okay, little man. You’re out of here.”

“Where are you taking him?”

“I’m throwing him away. You got real meat in your bones now.”

“Don’t throw him in the garbage.”

“Better yet, I’ll throw him out the window.”

Darnell left the room determined to eliminate the competition. Jill just laid there laughing up a storm.

“Don’t kill him”, she said. “Please, please don’t kill him.”

“You’re right. Some dog might find him. How about next door? Is the old lady next door still single? Ain’t she horny, too? How about that gay guy upstairs? Is he seeing anyone?”

Jill laughed as if she was being tickled. Her sides ached and bursting in tears. In the end she felt better than she had in awhile and all worth the wait.

“Put some clothes on”, she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32