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Tom, Kimmy, & Shemeeka Pt 4
As I wake up on a bright and sunny, Sunday morning I think back on what happen yesterday and those lovely words that Kimmy said just before we went to bed. Smiling at me she said, “I love the taste of cum in the morning.” As I am sitting up, I hear her start to stir so I bend down, give her a kiss, and say “wake up, I’m going to pee and then feed you a little breakfast cum.” “Shake that cock dry big boy, or there will be no morning suck for you!”

As I come back to bed, thinking about her warm wet mouth, my cock is rock hard, she looks at it and smiles patting the bed next to her. Stroking my cock, she starts kissing me and whispers in my ear, “I’m going to suck your nuts out of you big boy, you won’t be able to fuck for a week when I am done with you!”

Going back down to my cock, she starts kissing the tip and then she moves down to nuts. Gently squeezing and then kissing them. She starts purring a little as she licks the length of the shaft and starts to run her tongue around the lip of the tip. Covering it she pushes it deep into her throat, putting her face flat to my stomach, she starts to bob her head. The pressure in me starts to build. She comes back up to where the tip is on her tongue and I see her cheeks draw in as she starts to suck.

Kimmy knows men. She knows when to go harder and when to back off. She knows how to make them last longer for her own pleasure. And that is what she did for both of us this morning. All I could do was to lay there and moan while I stroked the back of her head. Then I could feel the change in her sucking. Harder and harder, with no let up at all, sucking and jerking my shaft, the pressure builds higher and higher, not even trying to hold back, I allow the explosion, filling her mouth with hot, sticky, thick cum. She swallows! Still sucking and stroking she doesn’t stop and all I can do is shake and groan. She starts slowing down, savoring every suck while bobbing her head, she pulls it out of her mouth and smiles. As I relax, she says, “are you happy now, big boy, and how soon before it can cum again?” “I don’t know,” I mused, “what time do you have?”

After cleaning up and having some breakfast, the conversation returns to Shemeeka.

“Kimmy, why don’t you text her and see if we can figure out her schedule and how it matches ours? It would be cool if she could spend the night with us.”

“Spend the night? Just what do you have in mind?”

“You know, the usual, oral, anal, pussy eating, pussy fucking, face canlı kaçak bahis sitting, ass licking and a whole bunch of girls licking girls, oh, and maybe a spanking or two!”

“You can always spank me, but you can’t spank her unless she agrees to it. I’ll send the text and we’ll figure out something.”

So, we spent the rest of the day running errands, doing some shopping, and when we got home, I kept busy with some yard work. After dinner, I put a big hug on Kimmy and said, “want to fuck?”

“You mean that thing is finally reloaded” she smiled “I’ve been waiting all afternoon.”

As we’re walking up the stairs, I put my hand between her legs and start rubbing her pussy, she laughs and pushes her ass back against my hand. As we reach the top of the stairs and go into the bedroom, she turns and as we embrace and I whisper to her,

“I’m going to eat you until you go crazy,”

“I have to pee first.”

“Why is it that every time I want to suck your pussy, you have to pee?”

“Well, I could skip it, but I could also loose control, and that means you would have a very wet face.”

Smiling she went into the bathroom. I hear the shower, as I put on some music to fuck by and got out of my clothes. Thinking about the upcoming fuck gives me a monster hard-on. She walks into the room naked, looks at me and giggles, “well, I see you are happy to see me. Embracing, we fall into bed and I roll on top of her and push her legs open. Moving down on her, she giggles, as I stop and suck on both of her titties. Placing my face and nose in the middle of her bald pussy I push her legs back and put my nose up against her asshole and breath in her delicious scent.

I rim her for several minutes before I move up to her pussy and start to lick her pee hole. She relaxes and moans and starts squirming as I pull her clit into her mouth. Sucking and licking her, I don’t let up and put more pressure on her love button. Gasping and trying to push me away, I relentlessly suck her.

She shudders! She shudders again as she closes her legs, gripping my head and pulling me closer to her.

Enough! Enough! ENOUGH, she cried!

Stopping, I bury and rub my face into her dripping wet pussy and start to move up her body. Using my legs, I open her legs up and start to rub her pussy with the tip of my cock. Pushing into her, I feel the walls of her pussy surround and grip my fat, hard cock. She wiggles her ass to find a comfortable position as I am pushing deeper and deeper into her. As I push up against her cervix pinbahis giriş she gasps, and moans and I start to pump her. Thrusting into her, I go harder and harder with each thrust. Rolling her head side to side and groaning “fuck me, fuck me, harder, HARDER! Banging her like a drum she senses that I am about to cum. “Cum in my cunt! Cum in my cunt!” Pushing into her, I empty both balls and fill her with my cum and continue to pump her for a few minutes longer. Getting off her I look down at her pussy with it’s pink, swollen lips and clit with my cum dripping out of it. I collapse on the bed exhausted.

As we’re resting her text notification goes off. “It’s Shemeeka and she has to work until noon on Saturday and she can spend the night!”

“That’s good news, Saturday can’t come soon enough!”

Saturday finally arrives, and we’re both excited when her car pulls up in the driveway. We both go to meet her and while the girls are hugging, I pick up her overnight bag and we all go inside. Shemeeka looks at us with a coy smile and says, “what are you two going to do to me?” Kimmy embraces her and gives her a long, wet kiss, I walk over and do the same and say, “we’re going to fuck you all night long!” We all go upstairs and as soon as we are in the bedroom the clothes start to come off! I sit back and watch the show as I slowly undress.

Not waiting for me, Kimmy puts Shemeeka on her back and starts to finger her while talking dirty to her. Sliding down her body a little she starts sucking and playing with her tits. Going down on her until she gets to her pussy, she pushes her legs apart and pulls her clit into her mouth, and sucks like crazy. Shemeeka is squirming and moaning all over the bed and has Kimmy’s head held firmly between her thighs. Two beautiful women in a very sexual, lovers embrace. This goes on until Shemeeka gasping and shuddering begs her to stop. They both just lay there panting and kissing and holding each other.

I think to myself, it’s my turn. Standing, my cock hard and sticking straight up, I cross the room. Shemeeka looks at me and spreads her legs and pulls them back opening up her beautiful pussy. Gleaming with her cum from Kimmy’s visit, I bend down and give it a long lick. Pushing my cock deep into her and giving her a long kiss. As I start to pump her as she is moving her ass all over the bed. Two people hugging and fucking and kissing. Every time she would wiggle, I thrust deep into her, the walls of her pussy were gripping and pinbahis güvenilir mi squeezing my cock trying to massage every drop of cum out of me. Finally, when I can no longer hold it, I squirt it deep inside her, filling her with hot sticky cum that surrounds my cock as I continue to pump her. It was a hard, slippery, cum covered cock that stood up when I rolled off of her and collapsed on my back. Kimmy started clapping and said, “you two should make a movie” as she took me into her mouth and started to clean me.

We lay together, with Shemeeka between us, for about an hour as we rested, making some small talk, when Shemeeka rolls over on top of Kimmy and announced; “now it’s your turn.” With a long kiss, Shemeeka starts squirming on top of her. Grabbing a tit in each hand, she starts sucking them and using her legs she forces Kimmy’s apart. She starts to rub Kimmy’s clit with her knee as she continues to squeeze and suck her tits. Letting go of her tits, she moves down to her pussy and puts her tongue deep inside her. Moving up a little she takes her clit into her mouth and starts to suck and lick her. Meanwhile, I grab Kimmy’s tits and start to play with them and suck on them. Shemeeka is relentless and it isn’t long before Kimmy is begging her to stop. Kimmy’s eyes catch mine and as I give a long kiss, her whole-body shudders. “No more, please no more, STOP IT, PLEASE STOP IT!” They lay together for a long time, holding and kissing, then they both looked at me and Kimmy said, “feel left out?”

“Not really, I have plans for both of you.”

“Really, like what?”

“Two beautiful women taking turns sucking my cock sounds good to me.”

They both crawl on top of me, one on each side, and start kissing me. Kimmy is playing with my balls while Shemeeka is stroking my cock. Giggling, and kissing me they move to my nipples and start sucking them. As they get closer to my cock, Shemeeka says to Kimmy, “show me how it’s done.” Kimmy takes me in her mouth and forces my cock down her throat until her face is against my belly, she then repeats several times, sucking hard as she does it. “See how easy that is, now you give it a try.” Shemeeka smiles at me as she starts to suck. Up and down, sucking like crazy. And I start to feel the pressure in me build. At some point she stopped going so deep and just kept the tip in her mouth, all the time sucking hard. With no hands on the shaft, my cock held tightly by her tongue and cheeks, sucking harder and harder, I can hold back no longer. Looking into her eyes, I let out a loud grunt and filled her mouth with my cum. Returning the look, she swallows every drop, and keeps sucking. Finally, she pulls it out and looks at me, “all better now?”

Three exhausted people cuddle up and fall to sleep.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32