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Visit at a hypnotist
This is a story that I write together with a member a long while ago. It has an open ending — so if anyone wishes to fill in the blanks, you are very welcome 🙂

It is Saturday and I am on my way to a hypnotist. This is quite extraordinary for me since I don’t usually believe in this hocus pocus, but two things came together. First, I really want to get rid of my smoking habit [disclaimer: I don’t in real life], but I didn’t manage to do so with normal means and second, a good friend of mine praised this hypnotist and told me that he had helped her greatly. Since it was a nice day, I was wearing m tight jeans and my blue low-cut top. When I arrived at the hypnotists place, the waiting room was empty. I waited only some minutes, before the door to the office opened and the hypnotist came out with another female patient. They shaked hands and she thanked him for the good session. When she was gone, the hypnotist focused on me and said “Ah, you must be Miss Dominique Natascha, I hope it is alright, if I call you by your second name? My front desk indicated that you prefer Natascha. Please follow me into the office.”
I stood up and went into his office. I took seat behind his desk and motioned me to sit in the chair in front of the desk. When I was seated proper, legs closed hands folded on top, he asked “So, Miss Natascha. What can I do for you today?”. I explained my smoking problems and my mistrust of hypnosis and that I was only here because my friend praised you. The hypnotist smiled “Oh, trust me, all my patients praise me. And I am sure I will be able to help you. We might need several sessions, but you will be cured. Now, please move over the sofa and lie down.” I nod and moved over and layed down, hands folded on my chest. The hypnotist came over and began with the session…

First he assured me that there was nothing to fear from hypnosis, and that there was nothing to distrust; I could not be made to do anything that was against my own beliefs or morals. That made me feel a little better. He then noted how nervous I was, and asked me to unclasp my hands from my chest, and place them at my sides. I did so. His voice, while gentle and assuring, was sort of “no nonsense, here.” My breathing slowed some. I was relaxing without his saying anything else. I looked up and saw a small bauble hanging by a silver chain from the ceiling, directly over my head. He reached for it and gave it a slight nudge, and it began to swing, back and forth, back and forth. He told me to concentrate on it and on his voice, and on nothing else. He told me to relax more; that he could see that I was still a bit nervous, although better than before. “This is all for your good, Natascha,” he said. “Part of the reason you smoke is that you can’t properly relax. Let us get you fully relaxed, without more, and you will see that your desire–to smoke, that is–will diminish all by itself.” That made me feel good. I concentrated on the bauble. My breathing slowed. His voice continued, softly but strongly in the background, urging me to be calm, to be at peace, to relax even more, to the point at which I could barely hear him, it seemed, and yet his voice was there, inside my head but not coming through my ears. It was a weird sensation for a few seconds, but then it seemed entirely natural, and I began to enjoy it more and more. It seemed intimate, and I had just met him.

I stared at the bauble, back and forth, back and forth, and enjoyed his voice. “Quiet, relax…; still, breathe deeply, concentrate, tired, sleep…”

Listening to the hypnotists voice I began to relax and slowly drifted off into sleep. At the back of my head I heard him saying, “I will count from 10 to 0 and when I reach 1 you will be completely relaxed, sleeping but yet aware of my voice. 10…9…8…” With each number I drifted off more and more into sleep and his voice grew more distante “…7…6… when you are asleep you will be susceptible to anything I will tell you. You will obey whatever I tell you to do …5…4…3… in your sleep you will be active and responsive and not in the slightest tired …2…1… you will be do, say, act just what I tell you and if I wish so it will stick after the session … 0”

You look at me, sleeping, breasts slightly moving up and down and decide to check if the hypnosis worked. “Natascha, lift your left arm.” My body follows your orders and lifts the left arm. “Good, put it down again.” You rub your hands together and think “Mh, a good subject. Let’s see what we can do with her…”

[his perspective]
‘Well, well, well. A distrusting maiden who passes out like an old hypnosis pro. The perfect subject. Not only can I cure her smoking; I can have lots of fun with this one. I wonder if she’ll enjoy it. Oh, I will see to that. I wonder if she güvenilir bahis siteleri has a secret wild streak that I can bring out in full flower. I’ll bet she does. Look at that top, nice and low cut, showing off that, I must say, very impressive pair of tits. I will like getting to those babies. How much time do I have left? Forty-five minutes? Hmmm; I’ve just barely recovered from that last chick. I’ll need a few more minutes to work up a full load for this one. Maybe if I play for a bit and see how she reacts.’

“Natascha, I wish to see how your years of smoking have affected your physical well being. I want you to take a deep breath and hold it until I tell you to release it.” You immediately comply. ‘Oh, my; those tits really are something.’ “OK, release. Good. Now I need to check for discoloration or other problems. Please lift your top; in fact, take it off, and take off your bra. You will not need a gown.”

You immediately sit up, looking right at me, and off comes your top and your bra, and your breasts spill out in full view. “Smile, Natascha; there’s nothing to worry about. Nothing to fear. You are relaxed, very comfortable. Very beautiful. Lift your breasts so I can see the undersides, and your chest under them.” You do as I say, without hesitation. You are even smiling, as I have commanded. As you lift your breasts, your areolas and nipples point right at me. I want to suckle them, but plenty of time for that. “Now I want you to gently pinch your nipples, Natascha, and roll them betwen your thumbs and forefingers and tell me if you experience any pain.” You comply, and your nipples begin to harden and stand out almost immediately. “Any pain, Natascha?” “No, Doctor Fisteris, none at all. In fact, that feels pleasant.” “Good. Keep going. I need to see what happens with some manipulation. You can pull on the nipples gently, Natascha, and massage your beautiful breasts. I need to see how your blood circulation is to your chest area. I think you know that years of smoking can alter circulation, don’t you?” You promptly begin to massage your orbs with some vigor, pulling on the nipples when your hands reach them. ‘Nothing wrong with your circulation’, I think, and as I well knew. Lots of color begins to appear on and around your areolas. You are still smiling as I told you to. Matter of fact, your smile broadens. So does mine. And then there is that stirring in my groin.

“Very nice, Natascha; you may stop holding your breasts now, and relax. How do you feel?” “I feel fine, Doctor. Very relaxed, very content.” That’s good, Natascha. That is just how I want you to feel.” I pause a litte. “Tell me: did you feel any other sensations when you were roilling your nipples between your fingers? Did you feel any tingling anywhere? In your breasts? In your stomach? Between your legs, perhaps?” “Well, yes, I did. It felt..very nice. It felt…as if…almost as if… someone else was touching me; as if someone was preparing to…make love to me. I felt funny in my stomach, and I felt, I don’t know, sort of twitchy between my legs, in my…” “In your pussy, Natascha? Did you feel stirrings down there, almost as if it had a mind of its own, was getting warm down there, wet, very pleasant?” Head dropping just a little, “Yes, in my…vag…” “In your pussy, Natascha. Say it. In. my. pussy.” You reply slowly “In…my…pussy. And I still feel it. And it is getting stronger as we talk of it. It makes me want to squirm, to rub my legs together. It feels lovely. Is that good or bad?”

“Oh, it is very, very good, Natascha. Do you have any c***dren?” “No.” “Are you married?” “No.” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Not at the moment.” “Are you sexually active, Natascha?” “Well, not really, Doctor. You mean with someone else? You mean, with men?” “Yes, Natascha, that is exctly what I mean. Are you telling me you may be sexually active by yourself or with a woman, but not with a man or men?” “Oh, not with a woman; I could never do that. But yes, I do sometimes…touch myself down there. And I like that. It makes me feel the way I am feeling now.” “What do you mean with `down there`, Natascha? Say it, as I have told you. And look me in the eyes when you say it.” You look straight at me and quietly say ” my pussy.” “That’s the girl, Natascha. Don’t be ashamed of the names we will use when we talk about your body, or about my body. Speaking of names, Natascha, I very much prefer you first name, Dominique, that suits you much better. I think I will call you that going forward. Don’t you like it, Dominique?” “Yes, Doctor, I like it.” “Good, little Dominique, we will be very candid with one another. There is nothing we won’t be able to say…or do, Dominique.”” “We will be talking about you as well as about me? Why is that, Doctor?”

“Because we are both important tipobet parts of this process, Dominique. You need to trust me completely; to do exactly as I tell you; to enjoy everything that we do together. It is all very important. Are you comfortable without your shirt and bra, Dominique?” “Yes, very comfortable.” “Are you warm enough? Too warm?” “Maybe a tiny bit warm, especially in my cheeks, and in my breasts, and…between my legs, in my…pussy.” “Well, then, Dominique, feel free to slip off your jeans and your panties.” And you do. ‘Mmmmm. She is magnificent. She will be just perfect. Better than most.’ “Now I would like you to stay standing and turn around, Dominique.” And you do. “Now I would like you to bend over and hold your ankles if you can.” And you do. And your pussy is exposed, peeking out between your ass cheeks. There is just a slight trace of moisture on your nether lips. “Now I would like you to reach back and touch your pussy lips, Dominique. Caress them. Feel how warm and slippery they are. And I want you to tell me how that feels, Dominique….”

[my perspective]
“They feel wet and slightly enlarged.” I reply, but my answer doesn’t seem to satisfy you “Yes, but how does caressing your pussy lips make you feel?” – “Touching them already sends a slight arousel through me. Rubbing over them only helps to get me more stimulted. This feels very enjoyable.” As you watch me standing in front of you, rubbing over my pussy lips a smile broadens on your face. “Good, this is exactly the result we are looking for. Now, please continue to caress your pussy lips for further arousel. Oh, and please smile again, you’ve got such a lovely smile, Dominique.” As my lips broaden into a happy smile, I begin to rub more energetic between my legs.

You stand up, caress one of my butt cheeks and start to reflect. ‘This is going perfectly. I wonder whether I should shoot some `educational material` for use later on.’ You pat my butt, ‘Hm, maybe later. I still have lot’s of plans for her. Hm, she really is quite bushy. I wonder whether I should do something about this.’ Sitting back behind me, facing my butt and pussy, you ask “So, how are you feeling now, after doing this for some time?” “It feels still good. In fact, it makes me extremely satisfied.” “What does make you so satisfied, Dominique, Domi?” I pause a bit before answering “Rubbing my; my pussy lips satisfies me.” You smile at me “Yes, this is just how it should be. Rubbing your pussy and enjoying it should become something natural for you, just as kneading your tits as we did earlier. I think you should practise both daily from now on. Do you understand, Domi?” “Yes, I will rub my; my pussy lips daily and massage my breasts.” “Ah, now there is another word for you to add to your vocabulary, you don’t massage your breasts, you knead your tits. Say it Domi.” I gulp. “I; I will knead my, my tits every day.” You smile broadly. “Good, that is a good girl.” You give me another clap on my butt and I smile.

[his perspective]
“Our session is almost half over, Dominique, and we have said nothing about your filthy smoking habit. Are you ready for some therapy?” “Yes.” I want you to sit down on the couch again and close your eyes. Good. Now you go deeper, deeper asleep. Until the next time I see you, next week, you will have no desire to smoke. In fact, it will sicken you to even think about it. Tomorrow you will not even think about it, nor at any time until we meet again. At that point I will test you to see how well you are doing. Do you understand, Domi?” “Yes, doctor.”

“And now, as your reward for being such a good patient, I have something to show you that I think you will like. In fact, you will like it so much that you will wish to touch and caress it.” “What is it, Doctor?” “Be patient, my good girl. Just wait, and you will see. I want you to keep your eyes closed, reach down and put one finger into your pussy, and extend your other hand straight out, palm up. Good. Now I want you to slide that finger up and down and into and out of your pussy, and each time you do you will be more and more aroused. Gooood, Domi.” ‘Very compliant, this one. Look at her squirm.’ “But I do not want you to cum, Domi. I simply want your arousal to build until your pleasure is exquisite.” Your head goes back; your breathing gets quicker and shallower. Your hand plunges in and out, around your clit, back in. Your legs part. You actually rock your pelvis back and forth, trying to draw your hand in. You start to utter little squeaks. All the while, your other hand is extended, palm up.

“Domi, you like playing with your pussy?” – “Yes, doctor.” – “Domi, you now feel the urge to have something better to fill you up.” I can see her working herself harder and harder. “Domi, what would you like inside tipobet güvenilir mi you? Inside your hot, wet pussy? “Anything that is better suited than my fingers!” “Dominique, you like something soft and hard at the same time, something smooth and warm, something long and stiff, to fill you and penetrate you as your finger cannot?” “Mh, that sounds wonderful!” My belt is already open, and I undo my pants and unzip the fly. I am hard, hard as I have been all day. I approach and place my coock into your hand. A large drop of precum sits on the head, glistening in the light from the window. Your fingers involuntarily close around it and start to move about it, trying to figure out what it is without being able to see it. Your thumb circles the head and touches the precum. “Mh, this feels just as you described. I would love to have this in me.” Open your eyes, Domi, and look at what I have for you, you will like it.”

[my perspective]
I open my eyes and look at my hand that clutches your shaft. “Mh, this looks wonderful. Just as you described.” You smile, “Yes it does. Now, how would you like to feel my cock spreading you from the inside?” – “Mh, this would be great.” – “Well then Domi, you should start begging for it.” – “Please, would you put your penis in me.” – “Oh, you can do better than that, Dominique. Say the words I want to hear.” – “Oh please, put your big dick in my pussy and fuck me, please, I need it!” I almost shout at you. You smile broadly. “With pleasure, my dear.” You move around and position yourself in front of me, take my legs and spread them further, your cockhead pointing directly at my bush. “Are you ready, Domi?” I simply nod…

[his perspective]
“But first, Domi, we need to talk about that bush you have between your legs, around your pussy. I do not find that attractive, Domi. I find it messy looking, unkempt. It is not nearly as attractive as the rest of you. I do not know if you deserve to have my big dick, as you have learned to call this, inside you with all of that hair to get in the way. Look at my dick, Domi. Feel it. Feel my balls. Clean. Hairless. Smooth.” You look directly at my crotch, and run your hand up and down my length, around it, under it, down to gently cup my balls. You bring your other hand to it as well, caressing it, lifting it to point directly at your face, bringing both hands under my balls and lifting them and my prick in the cradle of your soft hands. You lean toward it as if to get a closer look. “See how smooth that is, Domi? Is that not much prettier than your hairy bush?” “Yes, it is beautiful. I want it in me. Please, Doctor?” “Would it not be much better if your pussy were smooth and clean like my cock and balls, Domi?” “I…guess …it…would.” “Well, then, Domi, we will wait until next week before you get to enjoy me down there. In the meantime, I want you to shave or wax or otherise remove all that nasty hair, so that we will be smooth together when I penetrate your pussy. “No, Doctor, please….”

“Domi! Never, ever contradict me. You will do as I say, always, without hesiation, just as I tell you. Do…you…understand me?” You drop your head and almost whisper “Yes, doctor.” You are so close to my dick, still holding it with both hands, that your hair is almost touching the tip. “Lift your head, Domi.” You comply. The tip is inches from your mouth. I want to tell you to open your mouth, and plunge my cock down your throat. But that would be mean, and I am not mean. You deserve some pleasure for being such a good girl, and after all, I have sprung the pussy shaving idea on you without warning. “Let go of me, Domi, stand up, turn around, and spread your legs just a little.” As you do, my rock hard shaft rubs against your hip and your ass cheek as you turn. I move in and insert my dick between your legs. Because of our height difference, it rubs up against your pussy lips, but does not penetrate you. It is long enough that the tip sticks out from between your legs, and without my asking, you reach down and curl your fingers around it as it protrudes from between your legs. You press it to you and lift slightly, as if to wedge it into your entrance.

“No, no, Domi, not until next week. Close your legs on my cock, Dominique.” You comply, and the wetness and warmth of your hot box surrounds me, envelops me. I hold your hips and begin to gently thrust against your ass cheeks, my dick sliding forward and back, well lubricated by my copious precum and your juices. I can feel your legs start to tremble as you lift the tip as it comes into view, to your growing clit. You start to moan, and match my thrusts with your own. I reach around you and firmly cup your tits with my big hands, closing my thumbs and forefingers onto your nipples, rolling them between my fingers and gently pulling them as we fuck without fucking. You are more and more and more aroused with each stroke. Your pussy is virtually dripping wetness. You approach the edge, pressing me into your lips and your clit, hard, harder….

[ fill in the blanks :p ]

My outfit at that day:

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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